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LLS Chapter 550 – Humanoid Divine Weapon

Chapter 550 – Humanoid Divine Weapon
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Yang was completely focussed on the battle. Although he was secretly worried, he firmly believed in Zhi Zun.

It was the same for Night Empress.

Yan Zun who possessed the Pure Blue Fire Form body rained punches like crazed person. He completely gave up on defending. The failure of his previous attacks did not lower his confidence at all. On the other hand, the flame giant Yan Zong, who was preparing to launch a sneak attack, also gathered his greatest power and sent a fire punch ferociously.

“….” Yue Yang’s heart rose to his throat.

“It’s fine, Zhi Zun can handle it.” Night Empress comforted Yue Yang discreetly.

She made him stay in her Starry Sky Domain. If Yue Yang were to dash out in a moment like this, it would cause an adverse impact on Zhi Zun instead.

Zhi Zun waved her slim hand as she skillfully directed Yan Zong’s fire punch towards Yan Zun’s incoming punch. Her hand showed a combat skill which made use of the opponent’s force to counter the opponent’s attack, one which Yue Yang had never seen anywhere else. It was similar to the marital art move “four ounces yields 1000 catties” from Yue Yang’s memory, in addition, it even carried a guiding intent. The entire battle proceeded as if under Zhi Zun’s command as Yan Zun and Yan Zong’s punches collided together.

The two clashed together, resulting in a world shaking boom.

Yue Yang was euphoric when he saw it.

Zhi Zun was indeed impressive!

Although she might pale in comparison in terms of level with Yan Zong and Yan Zun, her skillful combat tactics were sufficient to compensate for the gap in power and level.

Talking about her weakness, it would be that she wasn’t protected by any Divine Equipment, so it was somewhat imperfect. If she were to own an invincible Divine Equipment, then it would be perfect. If Zhi Zun were to possess Divine Equipment, the Heaven Ranked Level 6 Yan Zong and Yan Zun would have been beaten to a pulp by her.

The only thing that puzzled Yue Yang was that the Blood Winged Angel summoned by Zhi Zun with her blood hadn’t been utilised.

What could it be used for?

“No, danger.” Night Empress screamed suddenly.

Yue Yang who was previously pondering was shocked when he heard Night Empress and saw what happened.

The boom between Yan Zong and Yan Zun paused eerily like a video that was lagging. The entire space wasn’t moving. It could also be said that the explosion was still continuing, but it was happening at a pace a hundred times slower than an ant. It was occurring at a speed not observable by the naked eye. Zhi Zun appeared to be in slow motion as she seemed to want to defend against an opponent but her reaction speed was greatly reduced by the strange force.

Their opponents must have used a kind treasure, it could be a Holy Ranked one or a Divine Ranked treasure, to control the entire battle.

A shadow shot out from the huge body of Yan Zong. It was moving at a breakneck speed as it waved a punch.

Although Zhi Zun reacted to it, she was too slow.

Although she made an action to dodge, the other party’s punch was just too fast. It subsequently landed heavily on her back that wasn’t protected by any armour.

Fresh blood splattered out like cherry blossom and landed on the ground, forming a gruesome red pool.

Yue Yang felt that his head was bursting as if his head was hammered. As if his soul just shattered, an uncontrollable violent energy was unleashed.

He shot out from the Starry Sky Domain and ran to her aid dauntlessly.

He was moving as fast as a meteorite initially. But as he got within hundred meters from the battlefield, he realized that there was an eerie energy controlling the entire battlefield. Yue Yang’s body became slower. No matter how hard he tried to fly faster, driven by the violent energy, he could only fly slightly faster than a crawling snail. Just when Yue Yang was on the brink of madness, Night Empress had already caught up with him. Pressing her fair hand on his back: “Go! “

An extremely huge star exploded behind his back. This explosive energy counteracted effectively against the eerie pausing energy.

Numerous stardust opened up a path before Yue Yang.

Moreover, most of the star power had enveloped Yue Yang as he quickly shot towards Zhi zun like a comet.

The shadow waved a punch again, as Zhi Zun wasn’t able to defend herself due to her slow movement, she could only choose to turn her body to dodge, allowing her a narrow escape from the lethal punch. The shadow was unrelenting. Not only did it rained punches, it kicked Zhi Zun in the abdomen, attempting to beat her to death before Yue Yang could rush to her aid.

“Shake.” Zhi Zun spread out her four limbs and did an action to shoot the destructive ray.

Even before the destructive ray was shot, the shadow was repelled more than hundred meters away.

Yue Yang brushed past the shadow that was repelled away.

When he rushed to Zhi Zun’s aid, he saw that Yan Zong and Yan Zun were waving two punches jointly onto the two arms of Zhi Zun which were trying to defend herself.

If not for the eerie energy that slowed down Zhi Zun’s movement, the two punches wouldn’t have been effective at all. Zhi Zun who specialized in counterattacks wouldn’t have fought against them forcibly. Under the halting energy, Zhi Zun couldn’t use her combat skills, so she could only use her hands to take resist the blows.

How strong would the joint attack of two Heaven Ranked Level Six rankers be?

Yue Yang couldn’t fathom.

After Zhi Zun’s forced retaliation, she was injured again, and blood splattered out her her cherry lips.

Yue Yang finally arrived and protected Zhi Zun with his body.

“You are asking for death!” The shadow that launched the sneak attack laughed coldly. Yan Zong, Yan Zun together with it went up together and waved heavy punches, as they attempted to beat Yue Yang and Zhi Zun to a pulp and kill them.

“Get lost!” Yue Yang lost control as a World Extreminating power of the Ancient Code burst out from his body. The power of the Cards of Fate rose to the peak in an instant. The suppressive force caused the trio to be pressed onto the ground as the eerie energy controlling the entire battlefield cracked like an eggshell by the power of the Ancient Code that exploded from Yue Yang’s body.

A golden giant bearing an uncanny resemblance to Yue Yang grew from a few meters to over hundred meters.

Its head was touching the sky and its feet were standing on the ground.

It continued to grow.

Nobody was able to raise up their heads, so no one could see where it grew to, but they knew that it was definitely more than 1000 meters.

As the golden giant grew like mad, Xiao Wen Li floated out of Yue Yang’s body. There was a similar golden image that appeared on Xiao Wen Li. It was even taller than Hui Tai Lang. It looked like a perfectly mature Xiao Wen Li, or it can also be said to be extremely similar to Empress Fei Wen Li. Following Xiao Wen Li’s will, the golden lamia furiously waved its golden arm. It sneakily slapped the shadow away easily… What was even more baffling was that a huge golden giant was born on the injured Zhi Zun, who was below Yue Yang, too.

The giant female giant looked lost at the start, as if she couldn’t believe it was real.

But she quickly regain composure as she immediately caught the shadow when the golden lamia slapped it. She then squeezed it with all its might and smashed it onto the ground.

This wasn’t the end. In the instant the shadow was smashed towards the ground, the golden female giant that looked exactly like Zhi Zun bended over and reached out her hands to dig out the shadow from the ground. Together with the soil, she hurled it 1000 meters away. The shadow was buried nearly 100 meters underground, forming a huge pit that was even more terrifying than the crater formed when a meteorite smashed on the ground.

Although Hui Tai Lang was fast to respond, the speed where it went over to help wasn’t fast enough to adapt to the rapid changes on the battlefield.

When it arrived and morphed into the World Exterminating Demon Wolf, the power of the Ancient Code on Yue Yang’s body had already started to disappear.

The golden giant that was more than 1000 meters tall quickly dimmed, and disappeared into thin air after.

Before Yue Yang exhausted all his energy and fell intoa coma, he instinctively took out the Three Realms Compass. But even before he could boot it and take everyone back to Tong Tian Tower, he had already lost conciousness onto Zhi Zun’s embrace.

“Boom boom!” When the eerie halting power disappeared, Zhi Zun regained freedom. The furious Zhi Zun didn’t let Yan Zong and Yan Zun off as she controlled the golden female giant with her will and slapped Yan Zong and Yan Zun onto the ground as if they were flies. As Yue Yang fell unconcious and the power of the Ancient Code disappeared, the golden lamia on Xiao Wen Li’s body and the golden female giant on Zhi Zun’s body disappeared.

Only Hui Tai Lang whose body became larger was able to maintain his shape slightly longer.

It couldn’t wait to land on the ground as it puked out a huge dark energy ball in mid air and hurled it at Yan Zong and Yan Zun.

Of course the embarrassed Yan Zong and Yan Zun didn’t dare to take the angry blow from Hui Tai Lang. They ran off in separate ways… As for Cang Yan, who was observing from afar, his legs shivered as he clattered his teeth. He almost peed his pants. This was too terrifying, luckily he did not do a sneak attack, if not he would have been dead.
Yue Yang could actually explosively unleash the power of the Ancient Code. If it wasn’t due to the fact that he was unable to control it, it would be fat hope for him to survive.

Compared to the power of the Ancient Code, he, who was only a Heaven Ranked Level 5, was only a grain of sand in the vast ocean.

He might be even more insignificant.

Both Yan Zong and Yan Zun were Heaven Ranked Level 6 seniors.

They were only clowns in front of the power of the Ancient Code. If it weren’t that Yue Yang was fell unconcious, they might be even more sorry than this! As for the shadow, Cang Yan didn’t know who it was, and he also wasn’t aware when it hid in Yan Zong’s flame body to launch the sneak attack, but he knew that the shadow employed a vile tactic. That was to use the legendary ‘Body Halting Pearl’. It must have wanted to use the Body Halting Pearl to make Zhi Zun stationary before killing her.

Who would have thought that Zhi Zun could still move under the effect of the Body Halting Pearl. Hence it was unable to kill her, and the Body Halting Pearl was shattered by the power of the Ancient Code in the end.

The legendary supreme Holy Ranked Treasure that was close to being a Divine Treasure, the Body Halting Pearl, was shattered like this…

This was the power of the Ancient Code.

Cang Yan realized that when the golden giant appeared from Yue Yang’s body, he wasn’t even able to raise up his head. Under the suffocating force, he could only barely look at the toes of the golden giant. He didn’t have any way to look up.

Luckily, Yue Yang didn’t know how to properly utilize this unique power of the Ancietn Code. If not, he would have killed Yan Zong and Yan Zun easily.

“I will return you a stab by my sword for the lunch I received from you!” Zhi Zun embraced Yue Yang who was unconcious. She reached out her right hand as a rainbow like light flashed across. The Blood Winged Angel amazingly morphed into a crimson Angel’s Sword.

With a sword in her hand, Zhi Zun unleashed her unmatched power.

Her sword Qi shot through the skies.

Cang Yan was utterly speechless. Could the specialty of Soaring Dragon Continent be at creating such abnormally powerful rankers? Why did he ever go to the death arena to find trouble with these people from the Soaring Dragon Continent? Forget about Yue Yang who possess the power of the Ancient Code and would become the next Prison Emperor, he had even provoked Zhi Zun who possessed a Humanoid Divine Weapon… This Humanoid Divine Weapon was the dream of many Heaven Ranked Warriors! Forget about this, the terrifying black bullet and destructive ray alone were scary enough.

What should he do next?

Thinking of it, Cang Yan was instantly upset. The rest of his life would indeed be a tragedy!

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  1. metazoxan says:

    that was weird. weren’t they only planning to beat her up to save face? This was even sad in their minds so it wasn’t just a lie meant to trick them. When did they suddenly decide to go for the kill like that?

    I feel like the author only did that because he changed his mind about keeping the “ancient code” power a secret but since he had already silenced everyone that saw it he needed to have the MC reveal it again.

  2. CCaprice says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    golden female giant that looked exactly like Zhi Zun bended over
    golden female giant that looked exactly like Zhi Zun bent over

    Before Yue Yang exhausted all his energy and fell intoa coma
    Before Yue Yang exhausted all his energy and fell into a coma

    If it weren’t that Yue Yang was fell unconcious
    If it weren’t that Yue Yang had fallen unconcious

    Luckily, Yue Yang didn’t know how to properly utilize this unique power of the Ancietn Code.
    Luckily, Yue Yang didn’t know how to properly utilize this unique power of the Ancient Code.

    “I will return you a stab by my sword for the lunch I received from you!”
    “I will return you a stab by my sword for the punch I received from you!”

  3. kirinashbell says:

    Thanks for chapter
    So yue yang can make the golden giant appear for a few seconds before he faints but at least he gets embraced by a beauty

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