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LLS Chapter 55 – Whistleblowers will be beheaded!

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Chapter 55 – Whistleblowers will be beheaded!
Translated by: Zaza
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Zaza

Towards Yue Yang, everyone was speechless, they really could not comprehend how there was someone in this world that did not know about how to define a beast’s strength.

Putting aside adults, even 8 year old children knew about these.

However, Ye Kong thought differently. He felt that this was the reason the Yue Clan’s third young master was called trash by others. It was not that this third young master really was trash, it was the people’s misunderstanding.

The third young master was perhaps too obsessed with the Clan’s Puppet Making Technique, or was too engrossed in cultivating the Yue Clan’s battle skills, having no interest in contracting a Grimoire or beasts, neglecting them excessively, so the world thought of him as trash. Of course, it could be that due to the Yue Clan’s internal affairs, no one told him anything about beasts. Therefore, this outstanding third young master was a piece of trash who did not even understand things that are basic knowledge in the eyes of ordinary people.

After a short 2 days of interaction, Ye Kong felt that this Yue Clan’s third young master was not trash, but was a genius in terms of concealment.

He himself used to be labeled a genius, but if they were compared, Ye Kong would be red with shame.

Even if it were 2 years ago, when Ye Kong was in his prime, if compared to Yue Yang, there was no competition at all.

At Yu Long Valley, when Ye Kong first saw that sea of worms that stretched as far as one could see, both his legs trembled in fear, but this third young master who had been called trash by the world charged in daringly, and even came out virtually without a scratch on him… At Star’s Domain, after he had achieved 19 consecutive wins, did he have the resolve to enter the Twelve Zodiac Temples, but before half an hour had even passed, the team of 10 elite’s, which included him, had been exterminated. This Yue Clan’s third young master who had been mocked and ridiculed by the world, having contracted only one stalk of Thorny Flower, had dared to enter alone, and had even successfully got the Blindness Rune that no one in the past 5 years had been able to get… Leaving the other things aside, there were many self-proclaimed heroes who had come, the Golden Armour Guard Captain had never looked them in the eyes, yet he had saluted this ‘trashy third young master’.

Although Ye Kong had no idea what the battle situation inside was, he knew that Yue Yang had played it down and it was definitely not that simple.

Thinking about it this way, Ye Kong saw Yue Yang in a different light.

Faintly, it carried a sense of worship.

“To define a beast’s strength, although there is no absolute standard, but at the same level, Bronze-ranked beasts are stronger than normal beasts by at least a level, while Silver-ranked beasts are stronger than normal beasts by at least 2 levels, and Gold-ranked beasts are stronger by at least 3 levels.” Seeing Ye Kong’s blank stare, Li Qie hurried to give an explanation.

“Yes, in usual situations, that Bronze-ranked Level 3 is equal to at least a normal-ranked Level 4, Silver-ranked Level 3 is equal to at least normal ranked Level 5, Gold-ranked Level 3 is equal to at least normal-ranked Level 6. However, normal-ranked beasts cannot reach Level 8, only elite-ranked beasts, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold and above ranked beasts can reach Level 8 and above.” Li Ge further elaborated on his elder brother’s explanation.

“I somewhat understand now, but how do you calculate this? If a Gold-ranked beast’s egg just hatched a Larva state beast, what level is it? If it is Gold-ranked Level 1, and its in its Larva state, does it strength still equate to a normal-ranked Level 4 beast?” Yue Yang asked again.

“No, a beast in its Larva state’s strength is slightly weaker. However, young elite-ranked beasts are extremely precious. A Larva state Gold-ranked beast that is born has a higher potential for growth than a Silver-ranked beast that evolved into a Gold-ranked beast. At the same level, a born Gold-ranked beast’s battle strength is also stronger. Warriors pursue beasts that are born elite-ranked for a lifetime. In large-scale auctions, an outstanding young Gold-ranked beast can often be auctioned at several thousands or even over ten thousand gold coins. Some small countries even empty their treasury to buy a young Gold-ranked beast. Among the fully grown beasts, don’t even talk about Gold-ranked beasts, even just the Bronze-ranked beasts don’t have any that are below Level 3. All these elite-ranked beasts, they are at least Level 3 and above… Except for young beasts, Gold-ranked Level 2 beasts could not exist, the level of Gold-ranked beasts after they grew up were generally all Level 5 and above, there were no low leveled Gold-ranked beasts, if it was a Golden King Beast, they were mostly Level 6 and above.”

Seeing that Yue Yang did not understand, the Golden Armoured Guard Captain automatically explained it to him.

Yue Yang nodded his head, and asked a final question: “What do the beasts’ star evaluation mean?”

This time, Ye Kong was had recovered, and nodded his head to answer: “The beasts’ star evaluation is something that the rankers of the Soaring Dragon Continent set up after thousands of years of fumbling around. It takes into account many aspects, and its main purpose is to evaluate a beast’s value.”

“Is it that the more stars the better?” Yue Yang had heard a bit from the big breasted lady, but he still wanted to understand a bit more.

“Of course the more the better, but the number of beasts that can get an evaluation of more than 5 stars is very small. 1 and 2 star beasts are all brought by normal mercenaries, these are considered pretty good in ordinary people’s eyes. But in the eyes of rankers, these are trash. 3 and 4 star beasts are already good beasts that warriors long for, and they are called outstanding beasts; but of course, in the eyes of rankers, these are just Toiling Beasts. 5 star beasts are of good quality, while 6 star beasts are considered the best quality, extremely rare. 7 star beasts are Spiritual Beasts, the kings of small countries may not even have one. 8 star beasts are Heavenly Spiritual Beasts, only the top Rankers of the Four Major Clans, Three Royal Households, and Four Great Sects had them. 9 star beasts are Holy Beasts, 10 star beasts are Divine Beasts, they had high sentience, similar to human beings. Humans has no way of contracting them, only if the beasts decides to choose them, would automatically contract with the warrior. It is said that Holy Beasts and Divine Beasts, after evolving to a certain degree, can evolve into a humanoid, and can even use a Summoning Grimoire.” Once Ye Kong said this, Yue Yang’s forehead banged onto the floor.

The little loli serpent demon, Little Wen Li, she could use a Summoning Grimoire.

Don’t tell me, was it a Holy Beast? Divine Beast?

Yue Yang suppressed his heartbeat, and surreptitiously swallowed a mouthful of saliva, asking: “This evaluation, how is it related to Bronze, Silver, Gold rank?”

“There isn’t any, because this evaluation is not recognized by the Summoning Grimoire, it is only an evaluation that the warriors of the Soaring Dragon Continent slowly figured out. Generally speaking, the amount of stars a beast gets, is a representation of how much potential or battle strength it has. For example, your Hui Tai Lang got 5 stars, then its future, has limited evolution. In theory, it should be able to reach roughly Gold-rank Level 5… How many stars did your Hui Tai Lang get?” The Golden Armour Guard Captain asked Yue Yang out of curiosity after having explained it all.

After calculating inwardly, this Ironback Demonic Wolf which was extremely clever and had dense magic could at least get 5 stars.

Yue Yang blinked his eyes and replied: “Four stars.”

Everyone fell down.

Even the blind could see that he was lying, this, could it be that this thief did not know how to lie? This lie was just way too obvious.

Even without needing Yue Yang to answer, everyone already guessed that Hui Tai Lang had gotten a 5 star evaluation.

This was because just now when the Golden Armour Guard Captain had used Hui Tai Lang to raise an example, this little thief’s face was full of surprise and had a ‘How did you know it get 5 stars’ look on it. He actually thought that if he said 4 stars, everyone would fall for his lie.

“Awooo.” Hui Tai Lang stood up, as if it were disagreeing with Yue Yang saying that it was a 4 star beast, slightly expressing its protest.

“Get lost, aren’t you a 4 star, don’t tell me you actually want to be a 5 star? 4 stars is more than you should get. Everyone, it really isn’t a 5 star, it’s just a 4 star.” Yue Yang gave Hui Tai Lang a kick, and explained to everybody urgently.

After hearing this, everyone almost didn’t fall to the ground.

They had seen people who didn’t know how to lie, but they had never seen someone who lied so badly, he was essentially admitting his lie…

Ye Kong was extremely scared that the more Yue Yang said, the more mistakes he would make, so he quickly dragged him to leave.

5 star beasts were good quality items that warriors longed for day and night but were unable to get, if Hui Tai Lang had contracted with this third young master, perhaps these mercenaries would give up. But Hui Tai Lang was a beast without a contract, it was unavoidable that some people would covet it. Even if they did not have the strength to snatch Hui Tai Lang, perhaps they would even report this to some Clans, using this information to exchange for some gold.

Although Yue Yang left, the Golden Armour Guard Captain ordered the mercenary captain who had lost the bet to take out the 10 gold and leave it with him. The mercenary captain had to deliver all the items, and receive a satisfactory reply from the family or a family member, before they could come back to get back the 10 gold.

Once the mercenary captain heard that it was possible to get back the sum of money, his originally crying face quickly became a smiling face, and agreed repeatedly.

10 gold was not a small sum of money, wasn’t it just sending a few letters?

A warm-hearted task such as sending a remembrance back to the family, it was possible that they would receive a gift as thanks from the family, although it was running an errand, it was still better than losing money and losing face.

There were other mercenaries that kept staring at the grovelling Hui Tai Lang that was leaving with Yue Yang, their eyes filled with greed.

Seeing this, the Golden Armour Guard Captain snorted softly, a beast that was so faithful even without a contract, how could someone even try to get a share of it? He did not bother about those mercenaries, and ordered the guards to chase them all away. He himself walked behind a secret stone, moving the door and entering, he first sealed the entrance, then gently inserted the gold token at his waist into the indentation on the crystal pillar of successful challenges in front of him.

A burst of gold light shone, and on the crystal pillar, appeared lines of golden written characters.

The last line among these appeared in bursts of coloured light: Titan, Da Xia citizen, Human Male, successfully challenged Aries Temple in the last 10 years, completion rate: 120/100.

Seeing these, the Golden Armour Guard Captain was shocked, his expression was even more ridiculous than if he had seen an Infernal Black Dragon King fly down from the sky to say good morning to him in human speech.

However, when he went out, the expression on his face was just like before, as if nothing had ever happened.

The Golden Armour Guardians surrounded him, asking him curiously: “Captain, what was the completion rate of that little fellow?”.

“20/100.” The Golden Armour Guard Captain directly reduced it by a 100.

“It can’t be? Did he spend 3 hours to kill all the Sheep-head Warriors? No wonder he could take the Blindness Rune. Heavens, that fellow is really awesome.” The Golden Armour Guardians cried out in surprise.

“Whatever happened today is a state secret, anyone who leaks this information will be killed.” The Golden Armour Guard Captain looked at his 5 subordinates, his face full of solemness, eyes as cold as daggers, and humphed.

“Understood.” The 5 Golden Armour Guardians all nervously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Another day had passed, and Yue Yang asked, bored: “Ye Kong, is there any way to receive the same Refining mission? Can I also enter the Black Stone Labyrinth to find Yue Bing?”

Ye Kong scratched the top his head, explaining with a slight headache: “Of course you can, but the Black Stone Labyrinth is a very complicated maze world, if one does not have a strong sense of direction, it is possible that one would be stuck in there for half a month. Waiting here is better than going in to find someone, if you don’t and Yue Bing came out, she would still have to wait for you. What’s more, the Refining missions of the Black Stone Labyrinth are all for plant category beasts, you can only get a Heart of Oak, it’s completely useless for normal beasts. It’s of no help at all in raising Hui Tai Lang’s level. I think, it’s still better to wait outside?”

Once Yue Yang heard this, he was even more worried about whether Yue Bing would have gotten lost inside. He was not worried about himself, because he had the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice, something like this labyrinth would be a small thing.

Although the Heart of Oak was of no use to Hui Tai Lang, it might be useful for the Thorny Flower.

Even if his Thorny Flower couldn’t use it, he could gift it to Yue Bing.

He patted his thighs, and made a decision: “It’s decided, I want to go to the Black Stone Labyrinth.”

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