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LLS Chapter 549 – What was Zhi Zun best at? {editted}

Chapter 549 – What was Zhi Zun best at?
Translated by: crayon, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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What made Yan Zong want to vomit blood the most was that Yue Yang gave most of the Dark Cloudy Sky Flames he created to a beast he summoned.

The Spirit of Earth Fire.

Yan Zong had an urge to slap himself as he watched Spirit of Earth Fire devour the Dark Cloudy Sky Flames, which he could not obtain even if he tried for thousand of years. If he had known, why would he have attacked Yue Yang with his Skyfire? He was just asking for it! Yan Zong felt regret twisting in his body. If it wasn’t for his Skyfire, Yue Yang would have taken forever trying to learn the Dark Cloudy Sky Flames, so didn’t he basically just helped Yue Yang level up for free?

Yan Zun shuddered after seeing the tragedy of Yan Zong’s actions.

If he wasn’t careful, he could be the one in trouble.

Yan Zun decided to be wise and not provoke this disciple of Empress Fei Wen Li. Maybe Yue Yang had Divine-ranked treasures to protect himself and Yan Zun would be utterly embarrassed if he tried his best but still failed to hurt Yue Yang.

The woman with the Starry Sky Domain was also a difficult opponent as she probably was an expert in manipulation which worked against his own close-combat style.

As for the woman who Cang Yan mentioned to be skilled in the Destruction Rays and condensing shattered voids into black grains, she had more of a long range attack style which gave his close-combat style a slight advantage. Moreover, she was one of the most powerful of them and if he defeated her, he would gain a lot of prestige. Most importantly, since this woman had defeated Hei Hu and Cang Yan in succession, his value and status in the Central Palace would surge if he could defeat her.

Having made up his mind, Yan Zun began to increase his powers.

Yan Zun, with his Pure Blue Fire Form, did not dare to be careless after witnessing the tragic outcome from Yan Zong’s attack.

He levelled up to the peaked state of Heaven Innate Level 5, even more powerful than what Cang Yan possessed, before he stopped.

Yan Zun’s Pure Blue Fire Form released even more horrifying temperatures. The ground and rocks beneath him melted and red hot lava spread rapidly before finally forming a bubbling and churning shallow lava lake.

Even so, Yan Zun did not immediately rush to attack.

He summoned a few Mirror Flame Bugs. They reflected light like mirrors, suspended around his Pure Blue Fire Form and rotated automatically.

Although they were not able to fully eliminate the power of the Destruction Rays, they would be able to resist most of the rays when they become mirror-like. To deal with the devastating black bullet, Yan Zun had to know their type of attack. If they were penetrative attacks, then he couldn’t care less since the Pure Blue Fire Form was not a tangible form. It was an unique flame that could be returned to its original state even if it was cut into a thousand pieces…

Normal methods of attack would never affect the Pure Blue Fire Form.

Only attacks of energy that could cleanse and destroy all living beings like that of the Nirvana Flames and World Exterminating Wheel could cause the Pure Blue Fire Form to receive doubled damages. For this matter precisely, Yan Zun was unwilling to go against Yue Yang. He hated to meet such opponents who had power levels like a divine equipment.

“Weeping Blood Wings.”

At the other end, Zhi Zun bit into her index finger elegantly.

She drew an Ancient Rune Circle on the tiny Blood Winged Angel with her bloodied finger, the mystery behind her actions eluded even Yue Yang.

Zhi Zun then began to level up for the first time since the battle began.

She leveled up rapidly from Innate to Innate Elder Level 1, then Level 2 and finally Level 3. She was now much more powerful than Huang Quan’s Heaven Ranked Level 3. Yue Yang felt that his foundations still lacked when compared to Zhi Zun’s. Zhi Zun had practically reached a level of perfection where her energy was pure perfection and when she condensed her energy, there was her unique intent that intimidated people.

Perhaps a legendary goddess could also reach this level.

Cang Yan immediately became solemn. Although Zhi Zun had merely reached Heaven Ranked Level 3, a feeling of insurmountable defeat blossomed in his heart.

Zhi Zun definitely reserved a part of her energy, masking her real prowess.

Unless she really believed that she was able to go against Yan Zun with just her powers of Heaven Ranked Level 3 when he had already increased his powers to the breaking point of Heaven Ranked Level 5? In addition to winning in terms of his rank and powers, Yan Zun still had the Pure Blue Fire Form and the destruction rays and the lethal black bullet would become ineffective. Even if Zhi Zun had other attacks, Yan Zun still had his hidden trump card. Therefore, Yan Zun would never be defeated!

If this were a bet, Cang Yan would totally bet everything on Yan Zun.

Yue Yang summoned the Spirit of Earth Fire back and flew into Night Empress’s Starry Sky Domain, his face expressionless grim.

The tiny Blood Winged Angel which accepted Zhi Zun’s blood grew slowly. Within a minute, she grew to be human-sized. 6 blood red wings fluttered gently as she raised her powers to Innate Level 10. She was actually a beast. A Level 9 Diamond-ranked Beast at that, with enormous room for further improvement. Her powers were close to those of Zhi Zun, with strength like the Sky Emperor and the Emperor of the Underworld… The Blood Winged Angel drew out the holy sword hanging at her waist. She held the sword in front of her chest and closed her eyes slowly, as her left hand brushed over it gently.

The sharp Sword Qi cut through her delicate skin.

A trail of blood appeared on the holy sword like the beautiful ray of a rainbow.

Colourful lights shone out from the holy sword and gathered on the Blood Winged Angel, as she further grew to become a 3 meter tall giant.

Even Yue Yang could not understand why Zhi Zun brought the Blood Winged Angel along. No matter how powerful the angel was, her presence was only a burden on Zhi Zun. She was unable to assist Zhi Zun so why did Zhi Zun insisted on bringing her along? Yue Yang wanted to ask Night Empress but he feared to reveal Zhi Zun’s secret.

Yue Yang was willing to believe in whatever Zhi Zun does as she would never do stupid things.

Despite the questions he had, Yue Yang still decided to trust her.

“Let us fight to determine the winner.” Yan Zun was puzzled as well but he just could not see through his enemy’s secret. He could only unleash all his strength and fight with all his might.

Heatwaves hot enough to set the world on fire burst forward. Yan Zun, under the protection of the Mirror Flame Bugs and with help from some kind of special beast, raised his fist and charged towards Zhi Zun like lightning.

The punch was imposing and invincible.

Full force ahead!

Yan Zun had no form of defense at all.

He believed firmly in his Pure Blue Fire Form; he believed that it can withstand all attacks from his enemy. For someone with a long range attack like Zhi Zun, her greatest fear would be hand-to-hand combat. As for her shield, Yan Zun had faith that he could destroy it with one blow. There was no shield in the world that cannot be breached; no enemy in the world that cannot be killed. As long as one has sufficient power, cities and even entire countries can be destroyed within seconds.

The human body was one of the most fragile among other races.

Close combat would always be a tragedy for weak bodies.

With her Starry Sky Domain, Night Empress summoned the Aries and Taurus constellations.

Although Yue Yang and her were protected, Yan Zun’s powerful hit still forced the entire Starry Sky Domain to drift miles away.

Compared to Cang Yan’s Trap Domain, Yan Zun’s punch was more than 100 times more powerful. This, was still only an indirect fire energy hit through the air.

Having taken the hit directly, just how much pressure was Zhi Zun under?

Yue Yang could not imagine at all!

“Stupid!” Zhi Zun tilted her body slightly, moved her head and avoided the deathly hit from Yan Zun skillfully.

She struck back immediately. She flicked Yan Zun’s hasty second hit away with her right hand while her left hand pressed down on his forehead. Multiple expressions appeared on Yan Zun’s face in that second. He was first startled that his plan to suppress Zhi Zun with his powerful punch had failed. His shock was closely followed by his astonishment when his second punch was easily deflected by Zhi Zun and left him defenseless. How could he not be stunned after witnessing such mysterious close-combat skills on a woman with a long range attack style?

His expression changed again when Zhi Zun’s left palm landed on his forehead.

It was indifference.

With his Pure Blue Fire Form, he was most comfortable with close-combats. Unless he was under attack from Divine-ranked treasures, the Nirvana Flames or the World Exterminating Wheel, normal attacks would never hurt him.


Yan Zun was smashed into the ground, his entire body embedded deep in the rocks.

Before he could shake off his dizziness, Zhi Zun lifted him up and tossed him far away… Flying at least 2000 meters away before he hit the ground with a thud, Yan Zun could not get back on his feet even after a long time.

Witnessing such a scene left Cang Yan, Yan Zong and even Yue Yang stupefied.

Damn, what the hell just happened?

Night Empress could almost hear the question in Yue Yang’s heart. She explained gently to him: “Actually Zhi Zun is a close-combat fighter, she’s most knowledgeable in combat skills!”

Yue Yang felt faint.

Zhu Zun’s forte wasn’t destruction rays, not the black bullet, but close-combat skills instead?

If he hadn’t seen Yan Zun being blasted off himself, Yue Yang really couldn’t believe it.

Cang Yan was even more surprised. Fortunately he didn’t fight her himself, otherwise the person who was pummeled to the ground would be him… He didn’t have Yan Zun’s Pure Blue Fire Form. If he were the one fighting her, Zhi Zun might have torn his body to shreds! Cang Yan swore that he would never lay a hand on Zhi Zun, this formidable lady. In the future, he would run far, far away whenever he saw her. It was too scary to fight against such a woman. It was like he was seeking death!

“Phat’s imphoshifle!” Yan Zun, whose face was pummeled and teeth had fallen out, was bleeding with a blue-colored flame blood. His words were a little unclear due to his fallen teeth, and he sounded a little terrified: “You shouldn’t have been able to hit me with your hands, my body is made of Pure Blue Fire, I’m immune to any kind of physical attacks. Other than Divine Weapons, nothing should be able to harm me!”

“You have Pure Blue Fire Form?” Zhi Zun unfolded her palms and revealed a blister that seemed to have formed from a burn.

She was injured.

Yue Yang felt a twinge in his heart and immediately jumped out to her worriedly. Grabbing her hand, he channelled his Innate Qi to heal her.

Zhi Zun was stunned, and her cheeks started to redden with a blush. But they disappeared shortly as she freed her hands from Yue Yang and indicated for him to move back: “It’s a small injury, no big deal.”

Yue Yang was also surprised with his courage. He actually dared to touch her hand? If it was last time, he would definitely never touch her. Seems like after he managed to push down Phoenix Fairy Beauty and the others and became a real man, his boldness in pursuing women has gone up to a whole new level!

“Ah, I thought you were Sky Law just now.” Yue Yang pretended to be dumb as he recalled the wonderful sensation of Zhi Zun’s hand and slipped back into the Starry Sky Domain.

“Unforgivable!” Yan Zun was beyond furious. Yan Zun, who was miserably defeated, immediately powered up to a higher level.

The fight started once again. This time, not only Yan Zun, even the Flame Giant Yan Zong also launched a sneak attack suddenly.

Yan Zun pounced like a lion as he released all of his strength. He charged forward, attacking with fury.

At this time, Yan Zong was waiting at the side, his shady face showing a snake-like expression.

blame crayon for delaying my edits since she left the chapter half done

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  1. Alterdrak says:

    “That’s impossible!” Yan Zun, whose face was pummeled and teeth had fallen out, was bleeding with a blue-coloured flame blood. His words were a little unclear due to his fallen teeth, and he sounded a little terrified, “You definitely couldn’t hit me with your hands, my body is made of Pure Fire Blue Form, I’m immune to any kind of physical attacks. Other than Divine Weapons, nothing should be able to harm me!”

    Here fixed his words according to his teeth X3 (Kinda)

    “Phat’s imphoshifle!” Yan Zun, whose face was pummeled and teeth had fallen out, was bleeding with a blue-coloured flame blood. His words were a little unclear due to his fallen teeth, and he sounded a little terrified, “Yuu befinidely couldn’ hiph me wid your fands, my bophy is mae of Fure Fire Flue Form, I’m immune fo any kind of physical aphaacks. Ofher phan Divine Weapons, nothin’ shoul be afle fo harm me!”

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