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LLS Chapter 547 – I won’t compensate you even if I scared you to death

Chapter 547 – I won’t compensate you even if I scared you to death
Translated by: Last

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Hei Hu died just like that?

Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing were stunned. Although they had personally seen the entire process, they still felt as if they were in a dream.

The Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, who was not yet a Heaven Ranked Ranker, had actually killed Hei Hu, who was at Heaven Ranked Level 5…… Who would even believe this! But this was actually the truth! Even though Hei Hu only died after receiving attacks from Zhi Zun, Night Empress, the World Exterminating Demon Wolf and the Western Heaven Realm’s War Goddess, and even attacked by Yue Yang’s Divine Equipment, Huang Quan and the others still could not believe this.

For them, Cang Yan, Hei Hu and people at that level were simply too high to reach.

What kind of figures were the Fire Palace Elder and the Water Palace Elder in the Central Palace? They were ranked among the highest in the entire Heaven Realm, yet Hei Hu died just like that?

“What are you people staring blankly for? Your points are not yet enough, yet you are just standing around like that? Quickly kill them! Cang Yan that bastard will quickly return with a large number of reinforcements……” When Yue Yang looked at Huang Quan and the others, who were still watching with a stupid expression, he couldn’t help but perspire. These people didn’t even have a sense of crisis.

“Ahh!” Huang Quan and the others were instantly startled as if they had woken up from their dream.

Not only them, even Elder Nan Gong and the Emperor of the Underworld begun to attack the weakest Amphibious Fish Demons. No matter what, they must first fill up their points so that they wouldn’t get killed by the Ancient Code.

The Ancient Code of the death arena did not care about the course of events.

As long as their points were not enough, then they would definitely die.

The Emperor of the Underworld had given up on the Abyss Manatee. It wasn’t something he could kill in just one or two days. But, being able to perfectly abuse a Heaven Realm life form was enough to make him proud. The Heaven Realm had many strong life forms. However, being able to fight the strong as the weak proved that reaching Heaven Rank may not be unreachable. It was only because he had not yet found the best opportunity to do so.

The most important thing was that, after this great battle, he wouldn’t be bewildered when he attempts to climb up the Innate Elder Realm again. This time, he understood that it was just around the corner.

In the future, he would definitely come back here!

The Abyss Manatees ran away in all directions.

Since their master, Hei Hu, had died, they had lost their greatest support. Since their huge power had left them and the situation was hopeless, their capacity as guards were naturally abandoned. As Heaven Ranked Level 2 monsters, no one blocked them. As for those Innate Ranked Level 6 or Earth Ranked Level 6 Amphibious Fish Demons, they had met with great misfortune. They were different from the Innates in the lower realm. They didn’t have grimoire nor did they have intelligence. Once their owner died, their entire group became chaotic and everyone of them began to panic…… With Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing and the others beginning to kill them, their entire group became completely tragic.

“Spread out the net!” The three-eyed tiger man rotated like the wind. His claws tore his opponents apart whenever he hit them.

“Charge Canon!” the half human half robot already had half of his body broken as many parts fell down. However, killing a few Amphibious Fish Demons and weak Abyss Manatees was still an easy task.

With one shot of the energy cannon, more than 10 enemies were utterly defeated.

The one who killed the slowest was Weng Jin.

After he finally killed up to 100 points, everyone congregated beside Yue Yang and prepared to bid farewell.

Cang Yan could return anytime. Moreover, he would definitely bring the Supreme Rankers from the Central Palace. The situation was that critical so they didn’t try to be modest. After waiting for Weng Jin to arrive, Huang Quan nodded hi head towards Yue Yang: “We are prepared to leave. Third Young Master, when you climb up the Heaven Realm in the future, just give me a call. No matter when, I, Huang Quan, will rush over and go through water and thread on fire to arrive.

“The entire Fire Clan will welcome warriors from the Soaring Dragon Continent as important guest. Especially the Third Young Master, we will definitely treat you like a relative!” Fen Tian was extremely grateful.

“An exchange of blows may lead to friendship. In the future, we are brothers.” Yun Xing nodded his head.

“Cough. This Wen Jin had lost to you before. You have won over me so I hope we can put aside past grievances. The Bone Clan will treat you as a friend.” Weng Jin quickly expressed good will towards Yue Yang. In reality, if Yue Yang was not this impressive, they would have all died in the death arena and absolutely not live to this day. The Yue Clan’s Third Young Master did not only try hard to save the desperate crisis, he had also win against the powerful Hei Hu to create a chance for everyone to live on. In short, if Yue Yang was not there, the three lower Heaven Realms would have been finished.

“I, San Yan, will not say too much. Next time something like this happens, count me in! It is too exciting!” The three-eyed tiger man laughed loudly.
(Author has slightly bad naming sense; san yan = three eyes)

“……” The last person, light man, did not speak. However, he cordially bowed towards Yue Yang.

Huang Quan and the others used different teleportation scrolls to leave, declaring the the battle has ended.

The Ancient Code approved and did not give out any penalties.

Huang Quan and the others safely left.

The others also quickly came over. The Emperor of the Underworld, Elder Nan Gong, Southern Goblin King, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wu Xia and the others, not only obtained enough points, they have also caught a lot of Amphibious Fish Demons.

Actually, most of the Amphibious Fish Demons had surrendered. One they saw that the situation was bad, they cleverly lied prostrated on the ground.

Since it was just a change of owners, the stronger they are the better.

They were after all a vassal clan.

Although they had followed Hei Hu for a long time, their loyalty was not that high. Hei Hu’s relationship with them was also not that good.

“Shooting Star.” The Night Empress’ voice sounded.

A fantastic change happened to the Starry Sky Domain as countless stars soared upwards.

Those enemies that had run away for their live to more than 10 kilometers away were suddenly shocked as they saw this scene. In the sky, countless shooting stars fell like rain. Compared to Zhi Zun’s destructive ray, the power of the rain of shooting stars naturally fell short. However, its attack range was further compared to it…… Moreover, no matter how far the target was the power of the shooting stars did not decrease at all.

The shooting stars carried the Night Empress’ will. No matter how the enemy evaded these shooting stars, they have already locked on to them so none of them could escape with their lives.

Yue Yang was also flabbergasted when he saw Night Empress’ move.

Wasn’t the Night Empress’ control too strong?

The distance was more than 10 kilometers and not just a few meters!

“Wu Xia, Qian Qian, stand closer to the Starry Sky Domain. Senior Nan Gong and Emperor of the Underworld should also stand closer! Yue Yang, go kill all of those cow monsters.” Zhi Zun faced towards the southeast and loftily raised her white hands: “You people hiding your heads but showing your tails, do you want me to personally drag you out?”

“Although I couldn’t understand why the Soaring Dragon Continent could give birth to strong rankers…… However, you are indeed very strong. This was truly unexpected.” A giant, whose entire body was covered in flames and whose face cannot be seen, appeared from the empty space in the southeast direction. Only when he appeared did Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision discover the flame giant coming closer. From this, it can be seen that the flame giant’s strength had far surpassed Yue Yang’s range.

“How about the other one? Is he not prepared to come out?” Zhi Zun then turned her head to the south west.

“Not bad. Cang Yan had told me that a few interesting rankers from the Soaring Dragon Continent have arrived. I did not dare believe him but it was actually true. Haha. It seems that I can play properly. By all means, don’t die too early. I have already lived for thousands of years and never met anyone that could match me!”

In the southwest direction, an extremely human-like blue man, who was releasing a high temperature, appeared.

Once he appeared, Yue Yang and the others felt as if their entire bodies were being roasted.

Although he was in midair, the surroundings melted into magma.

On the contrary this did not happen on the flame giant’s side.

As if explaining to Yue Yang and the others, the Night Empress’ soft voice sounded: “Although we don’t know whether these two are from the Central Palace, their levels are already at Heaven Ranked Level 6. They should be to ranked people in the Heaven Realm. In addition, Cang Yan is also here. This battle will be difficult!

The flaming man waved his hand and spoke with absolute certainty: “No, this will not be difficult. You people will quickly be free from worries.”

Elder Nan Gong and the Emperor of the Underworld did not speak as they silently entered Yue Yang’s Grimoire World.

Southern Goblin King still wanted to speak to Yue Yang but Phoenix Fairy Beauty quickly pulled her.

With a bit of reluctance, the Southern Goblin King returned to Yue Yang’s Grimoire World guided by Xiao Wen Li. Originally, she had wanted to tell him to be careful but she was afraid of disturbing his concentration.

Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian hugged Yue Yang and quickly returned to the Grimoire World. They knew that the real enemies had arrived. They were not something the girls were capable of handling. Other than Zhi Zun and the Night Empress, Yue Yang also needed to pay extremely close attention. With just one mistake, he could be instantly killed by his opponent. Xue Wu Xia wanted to call for the Qilin Girl to protect Yue Yang, but unfortunately, the Qilin Girl was an Immortal Beast. She would normally have a noninterference policy unless he was truly in danger. Bloody Queen Red, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, Hornless Dragon Jiang Yin and the other girls, who were currently cleaning up, retreated one after the other.

Other than Xiao Wen Li beside Yue Yang, Hui Tai Lang also remained.

The giant loli, who was at Heaven Ranked Level 3, wanted to remain. Yue Yang glared at her and scolded: “Stop making trouble. If you don’t return, see how big brother will hit your butt until they are swollen!”

“Meanie brother!” The giant loli was startled and quickly covered her butt. With a rumble, she quickly retreated and even pulled a face as she disappeared.

“……” Towards her actions, everyone, even Zhi Zun, was speechless.

She understood the brat’s charm.

Towards royalty, this was still tolerable and not that exaggerated. However, towards pure loli’s his existence was unrivalled! Not a single loli had ever disliked him before. This could also be counted as one of his characteristics! Other than him, who else could exercise control oven an Ancient Titan Loli?

Cang Yan appeared.

He had now recovered his calm appearance as if he had obtained the best cure.

His curly golden hair gracefully laid on his shoulders. His arrogant face once again appeared and no longer as tragic as when he was burned by the destructive ray.

Cang Yan, who left and returned, frowned and sized up the battle ground. With a bit of doubt, he asked: “Where’s Hei Hu?”

Cang Yan felt that Hei Hu definitely used his domain and escaped using the teleportation circle at the bottom of the lake. But before that, he must have been beaten into an extremely tragic appearance. Seeing that Zhi Zun and the Night Empress did not have any wounds, he guessed that Hei Hu must have suffered a lot. Moreover, the opponent still had energy left over. Without two strong people coming to help, Cang Yan would not have returned. This was because, whether it was Zhi Zun, who had a terrifying attack, or the mysterious Night Empress, he could not provoke them…… Naturally, Cang Yan did not forget about Yue Yang, whose destructive power simply left people stunned. He could not forget about the Nirvana Flame that was unrivalled in the world.

“What a waste of words.” Yue Yang simply did not put Cang Yan in his eyes. He raise the God Killing Dagger as he killed the few Abyss Manatees that were not instantly killed by the shooting stars.

“That brat is the new Prison Emperor?” The scorching blue man asked.

“Senior Yan Zong and Yan Zun, the scariest one is that woman. Other than being bad at close combat, her other abilities are very strong. Moreover, she possesses an extremely unusual ability. She could easily shatter the void and condense it into a particle.” Cang Yan looked at Yue Yang. He could not understand why he was still killing cows when death was at hand.

“Are Tian Lun, Qia Ye and Wu Se still well?” The flame giant suddenly opened his mouth and asked three unknown names.

“……” Zhi Zun did not answer.

“Could it be that the strongest rankers from the Soaring Dragon Continent, Heaven’s Stairway and Demon Abyss have all died?” The scorching blue man voiced with surprise.

“Tian Lun, Qian Ye and Wu Se are not much. My other master is Empress Fei Wen Li.” Yue Yang shouted as he flew back. When he said this, Cang Yan, flame giant and the scorching blue man couldn’t help but be startled. Cang Yan even wanted to run away on impulse. Only after seeing that the flame giant and the scorching blue man didn’t move, did he suppressed his fear and continue to stay.

Yue Yang gave a cold sneer and mischievously laughed. He wanted to scare them to death.

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