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LLS Chapter 546 – Hei Hu’s death

Chapter 546 – Hei Hu’s death
Translated by: Last, want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Huang Quan and the others stood still as if they were dreaming.

A Bronze Rank Level 3 Iron Back Demon Wolf was able to eat up the Heaven Ranked Level 5 Hei Hu in just a single bite. This was even more shocking than a small ant eating a huge dragon.

They all stood there like idiots and didn’t know how to respond at all…… Hui Tai Lang, who had opened his mouth to devour Hei Hu, quickly shrunk down. The power of the Ancient Code had gradually disappeared. When his body had shrunk down to about ten meters, vomit suddenly sprayed out from his mouth. Half of Hei Hu’s body appeared from Hui Tai Lang’s mouth. It appeared that Hei Hu had not yet died and kept struggling.

What made everyone perspire to death was that, Hui Tai Lan raised his neck and once again swallowed down the struggling Hei Hu.

“Slow down, don’t rush it……” Yue Yang flew over.

“Vomit!” Hui Tai Lang, who had shrunk a bit more, had disperssed the power of the Ancient Code from his body. Hei Hu, who had been struggling in his stomach, was once again vomitted out. This time, befrore Hui Tai Lang had the chance to swallow him back, Hei Hu madly struggled and fell on the ground. When Yue Yang caught up, Hei Hu escaped high up, staying away from Hui Tai Lang, who had shrunk back to his original size.

“You idiot. Who told you to quickly digest him. I wanted you to hold him in your mouth and wait for me to kill him. Could you even digest a living Heaven Ranked Level 5 in an instant?” Yue Yang was angry. He begun beating up Hui Tai Lang, who had his head lowered in apology.

Previously, Hui Tai Lang’s surprise attack was within Yue Yang’s plans.

As Yue Yang possessed the Ancient Code power from the Cards of Fate, he could make Hui Tai Lang morph into its real form, a World Exterminating Demon Wolf that could devour everything instantly.

Because Hui Tai Lang wasn’t strong enough, the amount of time Yue Yang could control the Ancient Code power on Hui Tai Lang was limited. Coupled with the lack of experience and knowledge on the exact time limit, Yue Yang’s original plan was to make Hui Tai Lang bite down Hei Hu as everyone besiege him and beat him up and injuring him severely before Hui Tai Lang would devour him. However, who would have expected that once Hui Tai Lang reverted back into his real form, he swallowed Hei Hu instinctively.

With the body of a World Exterminating Demon Wolf coupled and the power of the Ancient Code, the best choice would undoubtedly be to digest the opponent.

But it was a pity that time was limited, if not Hei Hu would be dead meat for sure!

“Okay, don’t blame him anymore, Hui Tai Lang knows that he’s at fault already.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty went forward to comfort the furious Yue Yang. She felt that Hui Tai Lang’s performance was impressive enough, and with this experience, he would definitely perform better next time.

“Woof, woof woof!” Hui Tai Lang quickly nodded his head. He quickly acted like he was an obedient and loyal mercenary as it wiggled its tail.

“…” Everyone was left speechless.

Was it really a wolf? It’s too smart to be one!

They looked at Hei Hu in the sky and shuddered uncontrollably.

Hei Hu looked extremely sorry in the air. With the joint strength of the real form of the World Exterminating Demon Wolf and the power of the Ancient Code, the power created was unfathomable. He wouldn’t be able to withstand it even as a HeavenRanked Level 5 Ranker. If it weren’t that the duration was too short, Hei Hu would definitely be Hui Tai Lang’s poop in the Heaven Realm. He had already lost his left arm and right leg. His skin was blood red as if corroded by strong acid. White bones creeped out from certain areas on his face, scalp and certain parts of his body due to the corrosion… He couldn’t even maintain his power at Heaven Ranked Level 5, as he downgraded to Heaven Ranked Level 5.

Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing guessed that as long as Hui Tai Lang could turn into a World Exterminating Demon Wolf and engulf Hei Hu once again, he would surely be dead.

But the problem was if it could devour Hei Hu again?

“Go and redeem yourself now!” Yue Yang kicked Hui Tai Lang into the air.

“Awooooo!” Just as Hui Tai Lang was kicked away, a pair of wings spread out from his back as his body expanded quickly. Hui Tai Lang reverted back to his real form as the World Exterminating Demon Wolf. Huang Quan and the rest finally understood that Yue Yang wasn’t really beating Hui Tai Lang up when he kicked him. He was channeling a certain form of energy into hiss body in order to make Hui Tai Lang unleash his potential.

It could also be said that Hui Tai Lang could turn into the World Exterminating Demon Wolf anytime with Yue Yang around.

The really scary one wasn’t the wolf but the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

Hei Hu was scared witless, this wolf that was capable of engulfing everything was already unfair enough, it could still fly? Taking the chance when the power of the Ancient Code surrounded him, he spurted out a mouthful of black blood which morphed into a clone. The real him escaped instantly. He descended rapidly and into the deep blue lake.

Hui Tai Lang, in the sky, suddenly summoned forth a Silver Grimoire.

His clone flew out and devoured Hei Hu’s clone.

Hui Tai Lang’s real form descended similarly and went after Hei Hu.

Just before Hei Hu fell into the lake, Hui Tai Lang reached out his sharp claws, as if trying to fish Hei Hu out from the lake.

Who would have known that Hui Tai Lang would fish out an Abyss Manatee that wasn’t fast enough to react. The real Hei Hu was already gone as he went back to his materialized domain. Hui Tai Lang was so incensed that he gulped down the Abyss Manatee in one mouthful before fishing for sea creatures in a crazed fashion. He fished out various Abyss Manatee and Amphibious Fish Demons, causing them to fly all over the place.

Everyone realized that something was wrong.

There shouldn’t be so many Amphibious Fish Demons in the lake. Could it be that they were opening a teleportation gate at the bottom of the lake to summon for their comrades?

Huang Quan and the rest were the most anxious ones. Hei Hu was running away when it was the best opportunity to kill him. If he were to escape, it wouldn’t be so easy to kill him next time!

The giant loli dived into the lake and fished for sea creatures just like Hui Tai Lang.

As a result, all the monster in the lake dispersed as if on a hot pot. They went ashore and it was then did everyone realize that there were close to 1000 monsters present. Luckily, they weren’t high ranked. Not many were Heaven Ranked as most were below that. There weren’t even many Abyss Manatees. It seemed that the Abyss Manatees were rare.

All these abyss monsters must have appeared to become a sacrificial offering.

Only so would they be able to summon for king leveled monsters over for help…

With Hui Tai Lang and the giant loli’s actions, their sacrificial offering was ruined. If not Hei Hu would have been able to call for a stronger helper.

“Hei Hu wants to run off, he wants to escape!” Fen Tian yelled as he regret that he couldn’t help out.

“Want to escape? Not so easy.” Yue Yang didn’t think that Hei Hu would be able to escape under the Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar. Ming Yue Guang who was one of the Three Great Leaders of the Western Heaven Realm was trapped for six thousand years under the Prison Emperor Divine Sword and Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar. So Hei Hu wants to go whenever he likes?

Fat hope!

A white ray rose up the sky.

In a blink, the Prison Emepror’s Seven Stars Pillar’s will distorted and turned into a ring.

The white ray shattered as Hei Hu, who tried to teleport forcibly, fell under the Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar in agony.

In front of him stood Yue Yang, who looked peace loving. Huang Quan and the rest weren’t surprised at the result. But they felt a tinge of chill as fighting against Yue Yang proved to be too tragic. Hei Hu couldn’t even escape when he couldn’t win against Yue Yang. Luckily they hadn’t fought with Yue Yang in the past, if not the consequence would be dire… Hei Hu didn’t think too much. As he saw that Hui Tai lang and the giant loli were fighting to charge towards him, he grit his teeth, flew up to the sky with his sole leg and charged towards Yue Yang.

If he could take down this guy, any other powerful beasts would be rendered useless!

He would fight with all his might!

Hei Hu exhausted his life again as he erupted to Heaven Ranked Level 5. He used the fastest speed to charge towards Yue Yang as he attempted to catch him.

Yue Yang didn’t back off but instead, he stepped forward.

The Eternal Wheel that was gathered from who knows when appeared below his feet.

When Hei Hu saw the Eternal Wheel, Hei Hu used his greatest might to stop himself from moving forward as he switched to using his sole arm to gather an energy shock wave to bombard Yue Yang. This skill of instantly changing his moves was something only he, who had the power of the Wave Domain and an elder of the Water Palace, was capable of doing. If it were others, they would have been heavily injured to the point of vomitting blood from the recoil.
Xiao Wen Li appeared behind Hei Hu’s back unknowingly.

With wide opened eyes, she unleashed her Binding Inherent Skill.

In the a tenth of a second when Hei Hu was bound, Princess Qian Qian, who was holding the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, had already slashed Hei Hu’s sole remaining arm.

When the sword fell, his arm was cut off.

When Hei Hu regained his freedom, he didn’t retaliate as he turned and trieed to run off.

He, who was at peak strength, wasn’t able to run off. Now with both arms and one leg lost, how could he even escape?

The giant loli wasn’t as fast as Hui Tai Lang, so she pulled up a Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar on the ground and threw it onto Hei Hu’s body. The energy of the throw was world shaking. Hei Hu used his Wave Domain as a wave of blue crashed around him. He used it to off set the energy of the throw. The giant loli became even more incensed as she pulled up another one and hurled it towards Hei Hu with all her might. It went straight for Hei Hu’s back… This time, at the same time when the Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar hit Hei Hu, Xue Wu Xia’s guardian beast, Blizzard Lady puffed out a mouthful of cold air which turned Hei Hu’s blue waves into blue ice.

Hei Hu was hit squarely by the Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar as blood shot out from his mouth like a waterfall.

Even though he was Heaven Ranked Level 5, his ligaments were torn and his bones were broken.

Hui Tai Lang wanted to devour Hei Hu, but it catch up. Hei Hu bore with the pain as he tried to dodge such that Hui Tai Lang couldn’t get him. Time was running out as the power of the Ancient Code was disappearing fast and Hui Tai Lang was shrinking quickly.

The furious Hui Tai Lang seized the chance when the power of the Ancient Code was still around as it elongated its claws rapidly and tore a huge bloodied wound on Hei Hu’s back.

Hei Hu was still trying to escape.

He knew that he had been bitterly defeated.

It would already be a great victory to him if he could escape.

Stone Element Medusa shot her golden arrow and with a piercing sound, it went into his shoulders. Greyish cement-like skin slowly expanded from the area that was hit. In the sky, a golden lightning accurately struck Hei Hu’s head. And at the same time, the Dual Icicle Blades appeared and slashed Hei Hu’s only remaining leg. The edge of the blades sent blood splattering everywhere.

They had all hit Hei Hu successfully. But due to the difference in ranks and strength, their attacks did not achieve the most optimal effect.

But of course, any attacks would be able to make matters even more unbearable and worse for Hei Hu.

Hei Hu who was severely injured could still run off. He used his sole legs to reach the sky as he attempted to escape.

He jumped out of his enemies’ besiege instantly.

A goddess-like shadow descended from the overcast sky. Her fair hand held onto the shiny golden Prison Emperor Divine Seal, as she landed like a fairy.

The Prison Emperor Divine Seal flew out from her hand and hit Hei Hu right in the face uncannily… Although the strongest sealing power of the Prison Emperor Divine Seal couldn’t be unleashed yet, the already powerful Prison Emperor Divine Seal was sufficient to make the bones on his face shatter as he fainted.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Hei Hu instinctively chose the deep blue lake in his daze as his landing area. He hoped that the lake that was his materialized domain could be his safe zone.

“Boom… “

It was unknown when a thick layer of ice formed on the surface of the deep blue lake.

Hei Hu’s fall shook the entire ground. The whole blue frozen lake cracked, but he was still unable to return to his lake which was his materialized domain. It had already been covered by the liquid summoned by the Storm Mermaid. Although both were in liquid state, the liquid summoned by the Storm Mermaid weren’t under Hei Hu’s control. Instead, it became frozen ice that was even more sturdy than metals.

Hei Hu whose face was deformed and his skull caving in was still struggling to get up, but a huge feet pushed him back into the ice cruelly.

In the last moment of his life, Hei Hu heard a name vaguely—Shuang Hua.

He didn’t know if it was the name of a person or that of a beast.

When the ray got to him, his soul which had became incapable of thinking was slowly annihilated under the ray. As he died, he felt a never-before experienced sensed of freedom that became eternal.

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  1. ChiefGamer says:

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  2. Mikan says:

    [He couldn’t even maintain his power at Heaven Ranked Level 5, as he downgraded to Heaven Ranked Level 5.]

    interesting downgrade.

    also it makes feel a bit of pity he hasn’t enough power to grant a merciful death.

    • Dummy00001 says:

      @Last is definitely more attentive to the sex chapters. hehe

      PS with so many errors, I think they have accidentally published the un-edited version.

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  5. Erudite Birdy says:

    [When Hei Hu regained his freedom, he didn’t retaliate as he turned and tried to run off. He, who was at peak strength, wasn’t able to run off. Now with both arms and one leg lost, how could he even escape?]

    I couldn’t stop laughing while reading this chapter.
    How do you run with one leg? Allegedly, very poorly.

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