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LLS Chapter 545 – Devour until your full

Chapter 545 – Devour until your full
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Although the blizzard continued to fill the skies, it was not an easy feat to freeze the blue giant standing where Hei Hu was.

The Amphibious Fish Demons and Abyss Manatees all hid in the lake.

The blue liquid did not freeze at all.

With Hei Hu’s control, they were able to defend against the frost very well.

Blizzard Lady was currently using the cold air to engulf the entire Ancient Battlefield Ruins. She had fused with the ancient book and ranked up to Diamond Ranked Level 1 and after an ardous cultivation with her master in the 10th Floor of Tong Tian Tower, she was already Diamond Ranked Level 2. Although it wasn’t a high rank, it was very powerful. She, who was over forty meters, controled lightning on one hand and cold stream on the other hand. She summoned forth a blizzard under the help of Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia’s Body Fusion and turned the Ancient Battlefield Ruins into a bitterly cold place.

The ground froze and became hard.

A few Ancient Slaughterer Captains, who weren’t dead before, died as a layer of frost formed on their eyeballs.

Taking advantage of the coldness, Charm Demon Queen used her mesmerising ability. Under the consecutive attacks of the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, the blind Ancient Slaughterer Beast King fell for the Charm Demon Queen as she deceitfully lead it into Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Grimoire World.

Not only it, twenty other Ancient Slaughterers that weren’t injured were also trapped inside.

Yue Yang did not have time now. He would save them to kill for later when he got the time.

If it were to be other Guardian Beasts, they wouldn’t be able to achieve this.

Kidnapping people was actually the main expertise of the Charm Demon Queen who was apt at mental mesmerisation and a Divine Beast… The remaining Ancient Slaughterer Commanders finally fell under the crazed attacks of Huang Quan and the rest. But of course the main cause of their deaths were due to the furious attacks by the giant loli.

As giant loli was upset from the fight against the blue giant, she vented all her anger on the Ancient Slaughterer Commanders.

Hei Hu who was in the blue giant was focussed on his own recovery.

He was unbothered towards anything happening outside.

On the other hand, Yue Yangwas setting down the Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar as he was circled around the blue giant.

He drew God Rune Boundaries one after another at the same time as he attempted to trap Hei Hu within the deep blue lake.

“Would it really work out for him to go against the Heaven Ranked Level 5 Hei Hu alone?” Huang Quan and the rest were baffled, surely Night Empress and Zhi Zun wouldn’t let him fight alone right? Why were they doing this? Wasn’t it better for the three of them to fight together? Of course they understood that Yue Yang, Night Empress and Zhi Zun, who were warriors from the Soaring Dragon Continent, weren’t idiots. On the contrary, they were very smart, so they would defnitely adopt the best strategy. By looking at them, they might be trying to confuse the enemy and making Hei hu lower his guard. Their well-coordinated joint attack against Hei Hu served as the best example.

Elder Nan Gong stood before the god statues and drew down everything that was useful.

He wished to bring all of these back for the benefit of the warriors in the Innate Alliance in Tong Tian Tower. The Tong Tian Tower had already sunk into depravity a long time ago, it was urgently in need of knowledge from the Heaven Realm to fill up the void in its history.

Emperor of the Underworld was still fighting. He used his unique Twilight Domain to catch an Abyss Manatee.

He wasn’t a match for the Heaven Ranked Level 2 Abyss Manatee, but he was greatly encouraged by Yue Yang, Night Empress and Zhi Zun’s impressive combat power.

Who would still dare to say that those of lower than Heaven Ranked are nothing?

Who could still say that those from the lower levels of the Western Heaven Realm are weak?

The Yue Clan’s Third Young Master wasn’t Heave Ranked, yet he killed those who were of this rank one after another. Killing them off was like slicing melons and cutting vegetables, Yue Yang even had the power to go against the Heaven Ranked Level 5 Hei Hu… Emperor of the Underworld indeed couldn’t kill the Abyss Manatee, but he had the confidence that the Abyss Manatee wouldn’t be able to escape his Twilight Domain as long as there wasn’t anyone coming to its aid.

“Waste your life away in the Twilight Domain forever!” Emperor of the Underworld’s Twilight Domain was a grey area spanning over a hundred meters. Any image seen by the Abyss Manatee would be due to a flash caused by the Emperor of the Underworld. As long as it was inside the hundred meters, it would keep on moving forward under the mis guidance of the Emperor of the Underworld.

It would never know that all of its movement were circular and repeitive.. As it repeats over and over again.

No matter where it went and how it might change its direction of movement, it would never escape Emperor of the Underworld’s control.

It would exhaust a hundred times its greater energy for every meter it moved in the Twilight Domain. If it were to remain stationary, the Heaven Ranked Level 2 Abyss Manatee might be able to conserve its energy. However, under its rapid continuous movement, the energy within Abyss Manatee would be exhausted rapidly.

This was what the Emperor of the Underworld wanted to see the most and it was caused by his deliberate manipulation.

The Abyss Manatee who wasn’t considered dumb was like a monkey under the manipulation of Emperor of the Underworld.

Huang Quan and the rest were speechless when they saw it.

They had never placed the Emperor of the Underworld’s power in their eyes at all.

At the start, even Black Hell King’s power wasn’t held in high regard. But after this fight, Huang Quan and the rest gained a profound realization.

Forget about Yue Yang as anyone would die if they were to go up against him! The Black Hell King was terrifying too as he was extremely shrewd, even the Heaven Ranked Level 3 Huang Quan couldn’t guarantee that he could win against the Black Hell King. Now, the Emperor of the Underworld was using his Twilight Domain to kill the Heaven Ranked Level 2 Abyss Manatee sadistically and slowly. The Abyss Manatee, which was considered to be an elite from the Abyss Family of the Heaven Realm, couldn’t retaliate at all as it went around in circles like a fool. Huang Quan and the rest shuddered uncontrollably.

Huang Quan possessed a vision that made him unaffected by any form of mesmerization. So he was the only one who had a guarantee to escape out of the Twilight Domain. But it remained an uncertainty for Weng Jin from the Bone Clan and the Three-eyed Tiger Man who were Heaven Ranked Level 1.

Even the light man, who wa made purely out of light, wasn’t able to see through the greyish Twilight Domain,

Although the Emperor of the Underworld wasn’t as abnormal as the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, anyone who underestimated him would suffer the consequences.

“I’m done warming up, let us end this game!” Hei Hu floated out from the blue giant, which was made out of blue liquid. More than half of the wounds on him were healed. Apart from the ghastly-looking wound on his chest caused by the black bullet, even the crack caused by the Prison Emperor Divine Sword on his skull and the shattered heart caused by the Prison Emperor Divine Seal were healed too.

“Forcefully increasing your strength? You are drinking poison in hopes of quenching your thirst. You are digging your grave.” Zhi Zun snorted lightly as she was totally unbothered by the recovered Hei Hu.

“The blue giant can’t leave his body…” Night Empress gave Yue Yang an important clue.

“Understood.” Yue Yang who possessed the Heaven Eyes Divine Vision wasn’t able to see through the Heaven Ranked Level 5 Hei Hu, but after a long time of observation, he could see some secrets, if not he wouldn’t have been so calm.

“Insignificant ants like you will soon understand that your strength is nothing in face of absolute power! No matter how many helpers or beasts you get yourself, you won’t be able to take an all out blow from me.” Hei Hu slowly fused his body with the blue giant. He threw a punch inside. The blue giant formed purely out of liquid was exactly the same as it threw a punch toward Yue Yang.

The punch carried the will of Hei Hu and Heaven Ranked Level 5 power.

Any creatures that were below Heaven Ranked Level 5 would be killed instantly.

As the punch carrying the stored energy chopped down, all warriors apart from Night Empress and Zhi Zun felt a sense of suffocation, as if a giant hand had grabbed them by the neck, causing them agony as if they weren’t able to breathe.

The impact was already so huge for these warriors more than thousand meters away, what about Yue Yang who was facing it directly? What kind of pressure did he experience?

“Nice one!” Yue Yang laughed coldly.

The giant loli dashed forward unstoppably as her fort-like body blocked in front of Yue Yang.

As if he had already expected this, Hei Hu divided the blue giant’s arm into more than ten arms.

Some attacked the giant loli whereas others went past her and continued towards Yue Yang who was behind her.

However, Yue Yang had already disappeared from where he previously was. He appeared in font of the blue giant as he raised rune circles on both of his hands. He held the Eternal Wheel on his left hand and the World Exterminating Wheel on his right.

The blue giant paused its movement in that instant.

The bodies that were more than ten meters away from the Eternal Wheel were still capable of moving but those who attempted to go near it were stopped by an undefiable force. The body of the blue giant deformed as its body was forced forward, causing it to become an ugly monster. Since it was made out of liquid, its deformation did not have any effect on it. At the same time, Hei Hu quickly responded as he manipulated the blue giant to lean backwards with the intention of leaving the regoin controlled by the Eternal Wheel.

The World Extermintaing Wheel rotated and flew out.

It wasn’t quite possible for Yue Yang to hit Hei Hu with it, but it was very easy for him to use it to cut the head of the blue giant.

His target was really too huge. Hei Hu’s willpower wasn’t able to resist the might of World Exterminating Wheel. So Hei Hu could only watch as it cut a hole in the giant. What was even more horrifying was that when the hole that was no longer controlled by Hei Hu appeared, a Fire Phoenix formed out of Nirvana Flames appeared from Yue Yang’s body and flew forward. It spread its wings that was over a hundred meters long as it sliced a thin red line across the neck of the blue giant.

Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus was rendered useless on the blue giant, but it was different for the Nirvana Flames.

Hei Hu did not even think as he rose up with the head of the blue giant. He gave up on the body of the blue giant completely.

These liquid were the actual form of his domain and could be recovered when he touches it. He wouldn’t let the Fire Phoenix burn it just for him to continue controlling the body. Although his body did not touch the Fire Phoenix, it was able to burn everything, including Hei Hu’s will and soul, so Hei Hu did not want to take any risk.

Its body below its head reverted back into blue liquid after Hei Hu lost control of it.

The blue liquid came crashing down.

Blizzard Lady puffed out a cold air that she had been holding in for a long time.

Without Hei Hu’s control, the blue liquid froze, miraculously forming a frozen blue waterfall that covered half of the sky.

An Iron Back Demonic Wolf, that had never appeared before, suddenly jumped out … It was an extremely weak Bronze Rank Level 3 Iron Back Demon Wolf, Huang Quan and the rest wouldn’t even spare it a glance if it hadn’t jumped out from beside Yue Yang.

If it was in Heaven Realm, it wasn’t even fit to be a child’s pet.

Moreover, it looked furtive and lazy, it wouldn’t even pass as a guard dog. It wasn’t a presentable or useful pet.

The Yue Clan’s Third Young Master actually summoned for a useless dog in such a key moment like this, what were his intentions? This abnormal summon shocked even Hei Hu, who was preparing to retaliate… Could it be that he summoned the wrong beast? And this useless guard dog jumped out itself without Yue Yang summoning for it… Could it be that his pet who lacked inteligence was too stressed and rebelled?

“Meow meow!” The wretched-looking Iron Back Demonic Wolf called out to Yue Yang in a fawning manner as it attempted to run over to Yue Yang’s side and rub its head against his leg.

“Get lost, I have no time for you now!” Yue Yang kicked it away.

Everyone was speechless.

Just when everyone thought that Yue Yang made a mistake and had embarrassed himself, the Iron Back Demonic Wolf that was kicked away turned into a world Exterminating Demon Wolf that spanned over hundred meters. It opened up its huge mouth as the power of the Ancient Code appeared from its body and surrounded the entire space.

This power from the Ancient Code that contained the power of destruction appeared and stunned everyone.

Ancient Code power?

Hei Hu, who was Heaven Ranked Level 5, was scared witless. He knew what the power of the Ancient Code meant. It was something he could not go against.

Hei Hu wanted to run away but it was too late. That ridiculous yet terrifying Demon Wolf swallowed the head of the blue giant in one mouthful. It gulped down Hei Hu together with it. When it landed on the ground again, it let out an unsightly burp. It seemed that it was suffering from indigestion issues.

Everyone was stunned.

Huang Quan and the rest almsot fainted.

Where did this wolf come from? How could it swallow even the Heaven Ranked Level 5 Hei Hu? Was this real? Were they dreaming?

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