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LLS Chapter 544 – Either you die or I die

Chapter 544 – Either you die or I die
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The Prison Emperor Divine Sword, cut right through Hei Hu’s Holy-ranked helmet, striking him right on the top of his head.

While, the Prison Emperor Divine Seal, smashed right onto his heart.

Hei Hu just broke free from Xiao Wen Li’s [Binding Chains] Inherent Skill. He unleashed his energy instantly, sending Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian into the air. Night Empress suddenly appeared. Her beautiful image flashed and she appeared right behind Yue Yang. She waved her delicate hands, causing the stars in Starry Sky Domain to stream right behind her, forming numerous shooting stars. They produced an endless Starry Sky Gravity, absorbing all of Hei Hu’s energy. They even started dragging Hei Hu’s physical body, which was being flanked by the Prison Emperor Divine Sword and the Prison Emperor Divine Seal. Hei Hu lost all control. His Holy-ranked armor also begun to slowly crumble under the power of the two Divine Equipment and the suppression of the boundless Star Power.

Hei Hu’s muscles ruptured, even his bones were rattling…

Yue Yang once experienced Xu Kong’s Hundredfold Gravity, however, comparing it to the Night Empress’ Starry Sky Domain ‘Star Force Pull’, the terrifying Hundredfold Gravity was somewhat inferior.

Of course, at the time, Xu Kong had just broken free from the Prison Emperor’s seal, so he was still weak and had not recovered his true ability. If not, Yue Yang may not have faced Hundredfold Gravity, but two hundred times, three hundred times or perhaps even stronger gravity.

Regardless, Night Empress’ Star Force Pull created enough impact on Hei Hu, who was also being flanked by the two Divine Equipment.

The Night Empress’ intention, was not to kill Hei Hu.

What she really wanted to achieve, was to create an opportunity.

Zhi Zun, was actually the last Grim Reaper.

A Rune Circle with six dazzling stars appeared on Hei Hu’s back. Space gradually fragmented. Everything, including his helmet, skin, blood, flesh as well as energy, were all absorbed by the black bullets. The black bullets condensed to form smaller granules and was shot out from Zhi Zun’s palms as she released them.

Hei Hu could only watch, a terrifying black bullet, penetrating his chest…


The fear of death flooded his heart.

At this moment he did not bother to strike back, the only move Hei Hu wanted to make was to flee.

He had already fallen into the enemy’s trap, if he did not escape quickly, he would definitely die on the spot. Hei Hu did not consider why the enemy decided to surround and target him first, nor did he consider why Cang Yan did not come and rescue him. He also did not consider why the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master had two Divine Equipment that he himself was unable to obtain. He did not even think about his own injuries…

He did not have time to think. Relying purely on instincts, Hei Hu dropped onto the ground with all his might.

He forcefully drilled into the hard earth.

He tried with all his might to get rid of the Prison Emperor Divine Sword and the Prison Emperor Divine Seal. Hei Hu did not know what exactly these two Divine Equipments were but he knew very well that if any of them were to release their powers, it would be fatal.

In a thousandth second’s time, the ground replaced Hei Hu’s body and became the new target for Star Force Pull.

While, Hei Hu kept crazily digging deeper underground.

Hei Hu had never thought the he would try to escape like a mole…However, as long as he could escape, it did not matter how ugly he appeared now. This was the best choice already! Right, drilling underground was ugly as compared to flying cooly in the air. Flee by flying? Drilling was actually the best technique for one to survive.

This was because, other than the Prison Emperor Divine Sword waiting to attack him, there was also the terrifying destructive ray and the Star Force Pull from the Starry Sky Domain.

No matter how idiotic Hei Hu was, he would not escape into the sky where he would get attacked more easily.

“Stomp you to death!” The giant loli did not react fast enough a moment ago, but now she finally caught up. She saw the ground shaking and stomped hard with one foot.

“Ouch!” Hei Hu felt as if his entire body was stepped over by 10,000 huge mammoths. His bones were yelping in pain.

“Stomp, Stomp, Stomp Stomp Stomp Stomp…” The giant loli stomped on the ground crazily as if she was stepping on groundhogs. She attacked Hei Hu, who was hidden underground. Her mad and violent stomping shook the entire Ancient Battlefield Ruins, it was as if there was a magnitude 10 earthquake. The Amphibious Fish Demons and the Abyss Manatees that were the weakest lost their balance although they were fighting in the distance. 

Yue Yang did not have the time to turn and look at the Night Empress. In one hand, he held Princess Qian Qian’s hand, in the other, he held Xue Wu Xia’s.

The Prison Emperor Divine Sword’s Qi criss-crossed on the ground, causing the earth to tear, forming fractures.

While, Xue Wu Xia supported the Prison Emperor Divine Seal using the ancient book.

After getting hit just now, she has slowly restored back to her calm state. She waited for the next opportunity to attack.

The Prison Emperor Divine Seal was not like the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, it was unable to attack at anytime. However, it was more powerful. Every strike from it would be fatal.

The Night Empress hid herself once again, and vanished.

It was as if she had never appeared at all.

Zhi Zun shot a cold glance at Cang Yan, who was watching the fight from a distance. She slowly flew towards this cunning enemy.

Cang Yan did not show much emotions, as if he did not see his companion being beaten. However, deep down in his heart there were in fact torrents of emotions. It was not that he did not want to rescue him, but he guessed that if he did, he would fall into the enemy’s trap and replace Hei Hu as the enemy’s striking target.

That Zhi Zun and Night Empress did not give their all to kill Hei Hu… What did this mean?

Their real target was definitely him.

It was only because he did not get duped so they changed to attack Hei Hu!

Cang Yan shivered, and secretly exclaimed to himself that he was lucky. If he was unable to think calmly just now and rushed in to save Hei Hu, he would had been in deep trouble!

“You people, don’t be so proud of yourselves for too long.” Cang Yan suddenly took out the Staff of Return. A beam of light shot through the sky. As the Central Palace’s Fire Palace elder, he actually left his teammate and escaped from the Ancient Battlefield Ruins alone. This action stunned Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing. It was not because there were no army deserter from Heaven Realm but a powerful Heaven Ranked Level 5 deserter was something none of them had seen before.

It can be said that fleeing from the death arena back to Heaven Realm was considered as a tactic to borrow the Code’s powers to defeat the enemy.

Then now, fleeing when one still had the advantage, right before the situation gets worse, was totally a selfish act!

“Quickly kill Hei Hu, that guy is going to call for reinforcements!” Yue Yang knew that Cang Yan was a vile character who would definitely take revenge. Yue Yang knew that Hei Hu would not admit defeat so easily. He quickly warned everyone,” Those who are below Heaven Ranked, stay away. Be careful of Hei Hu’s final struggle.”

“Understood!” Not just the Emperor of the Underworldside, even Huang Quan and his allies listened to Yue Yang’s words at this moment.

The giant loli stopped trampling as she stared at the ground carefully.

Her cute expression was just like a little girl who was observing where the cockroach went.

A flood of blue liquid started seeping out from the ground that was riddled with scars caused by the Prison Emperor Divine Sword . It was not spring water nor was it sea water… It was the water source from the Ancient Battlefield Ruins. It must be Hei Hu’s doing.

More and more blue liquid started to seep out. At first it was just like a spring when there was not much, but after sometime more and more accumulated on the surface of the ground. In the end, the indented regions on the ground were filled with blue liquid. It was just like a deep blue lake. The Amphibious Fish Demons and Abyss Manatees receive a boost in their combat powers thanks to the blue liquid.

Zhi Zun furrowed her eyebrows slightly, and remained silent.

Instead, the Night Empress’ heaven like voice rang softly,” This is a domain power. A type of domain that could transform physical matter.”

Yue Yang unleashed his Hui Jin Magic Blade, a bunch of Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus filled the sky. Like fiery meteors, they struck the center of the blue lake.

The lifeless dark colored lake spouted out a huge geyser that was ten meters tall, stopping the attacks from the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus.

Water and Fire, collided in the air.

There were strange sounds echoing.

Numerous blue coloured gases steamed out, filling the entire battlefield.

The fearless Spirit of Earth Fire left the blue lake area in disgust. She used her storm to blow the blue coloured gases away and refused to get any of it onto her body.

Hei Hu’s body rose from the deep blue lake.

He was tattered and battered.

Fresh blood gushed out from the top of his head. There was a big hole on his chest. One could clearly see the front and rear of the hole. His organs disappeared.

Although deeply wounded, Hei Hu was still not dead… He did not rage, instead directed some words at Zhi Zun:” If I do not die today, then I would swear to eliminate all living things on the Soaring Dragon Continent.” He then faced towards the direction of the Starry Sky Domain and said:” I have remembered your name, Night Empress. You are an opponent who is worth my vigilance for a lifetime. Anyone who belittles you is an idiot, just like me previously! Today, it’s either your death or mine!”

Yue Yang listened for quite a while. Seeing that he did not mention him at all, he decided to remind him,”Oi Oi, uncle, I am the most talented one, please praise me too!”

“No problem, after I kill you, I would compliment you in front of your grave every year!” Hei Hu nodded and replied: “There had never been a human, who had not even reached Heaven Ranked, capable of pushing me to the edge like this. That person was right, you are probably the new Prison Emperor. No matter what, I cannot let you live!”

“Who is that person?” Yue Yang furrowed his eyebrows and asked.

“I would answer you after you die.” Hei Hu stood at the center of the deep blue lake, slowly raising his power. He kept his head down. The injured golden pupil that lost sight just now was sparkling once again. While, the injuries caused by the Prison Emperor Divine Sword as well as the bloodied hole on his chest were quickly being repaired and healed. “You people are all talented opponents, however, let me tell you people a piece of bad news. That is, the gap in level. Absolute gap in power. It is not something you can face with tactics and numbers!”

A powerful wave of energy rushed up into the air, bringing along the flood of blue liquid into the air. A liquid giant with a height greater than two meters appeared.

This blue giant stood in the center of the lake.

Its attack power rose all the way to Heaven Ranked Level 5.

Even if Emperor of the Underworld, Elder Nan Gong and the rest backed away by a few thousand kilometers, they still felt the suffocating pressure and had difficulties to breath.

Huang Quan and his allies also retreated quickly. They were unable to directly combat against such a powerful aura.

The giant loli still wanted to remain. The blue giant extended its arm. Just like water serpents, numerous arms formed and wrapped around the giant loli’s arm, forcefully dragging her away from the ground and flung her out by a few thousand kilometers. This result not just stunned the spectators, but also the giant loli who was dizzy from the fall. None of them believed that the giant loli lost so easily to the opponent in terms of strength.

As the Ancient Titan, who also had the Titan War Armor to protect herself, how was it possible for her to lose to some guy made of water?

“Ha!” The giant loli charged, wanting to fight with him once again.

“Do not be impulsive. He is leveraging on your power.” Yue Yang could tell, although the blue giant in the black lake was tough, but it would definitely not be as strong as the giant loli, who was an Ancient Titan. It was just that the giant was composed of liquid and could eliminate the opponent’s power and use it against them. Physically striking this liquid giant, was just like punching the ocean, there were actions that work to no avail.

“…” Zhi Zun was silent.

“I have no good solution at the moment, little Yue Yang, I’ll leave it to you!” The Night Empress did not seem to want to waste energy to deal with the blue giant which was in the black lake.

“Okay, afterall I am the captain!” In fact, Yue Yang was an expert at water conflicts.

Of course, this personal strength was only known to a few. Everyone thought Yue Yang, who possessed the Nirvana Flames was the best at fire attacks.

He waved his hands.

Not just Xiao Wen Li, Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid and the others appeared. Xue Wu Xia, who has been quietly waiting, could also unleash her greatest combat power! She had already flipped open the platinum ancient book that was leveled up from gold and had already summoned her Guardian Spirit Beast ‘Blizzard Lady’, who had became one with the ancient book. Under Yue Yang’s Yin energy’s help, the entire Ancient Battlefield Ruins became a world of ice and snow!

The wind howled.

Snow filled the sky.

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