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LLS Chapter 543 – Surround and kill, with all your might

Chapter 543 – Surround and kill, with all your might
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Hei Hu seethed with anger when he saw Yue Yang attack and kill two of his Blood Slaves.

Although the two Blood Slaves were extremely weak, they were very important.

Especially since, they were irreplaceable for boosting the Golden Runes.

Hei Hu could have his powers increased by at least 50% after their special boost. For them to be killed in a single stroke by Yue Yang pained Hei Hu’s heart. Hei Hu couldn’t care less about the two Abyss Manatees that died since they were elite imperial bodyguards offered by the Abyss Vassal Clan every few hundred years. Let alone the Central Palace, there were over a few dozen of them in Hei Hu’s Grimoire World so the loss of two of them could not be felt.

Contrarily, the weak Blood Slaves were not bred naturally and required large amount of manpower and resources to raise.

It took an extremely slow process.

Hei Hu had spent thousand of years with great difficulty before he had managed to breed these two Whale-feeler Dwarves proficient in the Heaven Runes to become Blood Slaves. He did not expect them to be killed by the enemy in one stroke.

What blew Hei Hu’s top was that the Whale-feeler Dwarves had a special type of tapeworm, a parasitic Beast within their bodies which could regenerate their bodies no matter the extent of damage as long as the body was not destroyed. However, the goddamned Yue Yang used his legendary Nirvana Flames to refine the orb of the dwarves right after he killed them.

Like this, these two Blood Slaves would be dead forever.

They could never be resurrected.

“Damn you!” Hei Hu cursed Cang Yan under his breath. If Cang Yan had not interfered with the ancient war of the death arena, then none of the subsequent problems would have arose. Regardless of the woman who emitted the destructive rays or the woman who possessed the Starry Sky Domain, they were both not to be trifled with. Now, when he saw that this human boy possessed Nirvana Flames, he knew that he was also also not easy to deal with… he had the Nirvana Flames, purifying flames which the Fire Palace Lord did not even possess. If the flames were to fall into his hands, there might not be anyone who could survive from his wrath.

“God Rune Boundary…” Yue Yang learnt from others quickly. When Hei Hu rushed towards him, he already combined the technique of the Blood Slaves together with his own comprehension of the secret of the Runes and drew the rune of the Four-sided Divine Stele.

Sure enough, the form was as Yue Yang expected.

The rune that guarded the Four-sided Divine Stele was a super defensive runic war circle.

It was unbelievably thin and seemed to be unable to withstand Hei Hu’s attack as he punched. It was like a shirt caught in a violent tornado, at the risk of tearing and shattering. However, as Hei Hu landed his fist, it only dented a little, dissipating the scary strength of the punch.

The power which Hei Hu attacked with disappeared completely.

Not only for Hei Hu, but such an effect was unexpected by Yue Yang as well.

“Awesome!” Yue Yang celebrated quietly.

The rune formation he just drew was only learnt just moments ago and had not sunk in completely yet. What would the defensive power be like if he could fully grasp the meaning of the rune circle? Yue Yang didn’t dare imagine. Of course this ‘God Rune Boundary’ had its weakness. After drawing it, the user was unable to move nor counterattack, he could only defend.

A purely defensive shield was not that useful for Yue Yang.

Still, Yue Yang could use it somewhere else.

For example on armors, Battle Dolls, buildings and also teleportation circles. If this ‘God Rune Boundary’ could be used to provide long lasting protection, these things would be able to work perfectly.


Hei Hu was a little taken aback.

He had thought that he could instantly kill Yue Yang with one punch or at least injure him tremendously. Who would’ve thought that Yue Yang did not only blocked the blow but also had the free time to perfect the techniques he copied from the Blood Slaves. This lad actually dared to steal the secret of the runes from his Blood Slaves right before the battle. When this sank in, Hei Hu became even more furious and a murderous look appeared on his face.

In his other hand, he waved a double edged blade. It spun like a wheel and flew out of his hand like lightning as it sliced through the air and towards Yue Yang with thunder and lightning.

“Your opponent is me!” Night Empress’s voice sounded through the skies.

The Starry Sky Domain shifted and all the stars that floated in the sky began to whirl. A galaxy with six gigantic spiral arms was created. Its formed like the Milky Way, it had an immensely strong gravitational field which pulled the spinning blade Hei Hu tossed away from its intended target.

Hei Hu reacted immediately.

He waved his hand and drew back the double edged blade to which he had a connection to.

This Holy Treasure nearly fell into Night Empress hands… The extraordinary powers of Night Empress’ Starry Sky Domain made the Heaven Ranked Level 5 water-type Elder of the Central Palace Hall wary about making moves. Even though he had the advantage in skills, he could not deal with an enemy that he cannot see. Before he figured out a way to unravel the extraordinary powers of the domain, Hei Hu thought it best if he did not waste his energy fighting the domain, to save him from being ridiculed. As for Yue Yang, Hei Hu naturally would not let such a hateful human off. His hand brushed over the Platinum Grimoire and he summoned 8 Abyss Manatees.

“Kill him, no, capture him, I want him as my Blood Slave!” Hei Hu had a change of heart. He felt that, with Yue Yang’s gift in runes, it would allow him to reach even higher levels if he had Yue Yang as his Blood Slave.

“Third Young Master, we’re here!” Huang Quan felt anxious when he realized he could not kill the Ancient Slaughterers.

The few dying Ancient Slaughterers were no big deal.

Even if they were not attacked, they would have died since their death was only a matter of time.

Yet, the Ancient Slaughterer Commanders were extremely difficult to kill. They would not die anytime soon and Huang Quan, Fen Tian and the others decided that they should be left to Yue Yang. Yue Yang would be more efficient at killing others since he possessed the World Exterminating Wheel and the Nirvana Flames. Moreover, there was still the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King. Huang Quan and the rest would not have been able to kill this fella without battling for a few hours if it wasn’t for the help of Yue Yang…

Huang Quan and the rest rushed to where Yue Yang was and intercepted the Abyss Manatees.

Although the Abyss Manatees were pretty skilled, they were unable to match up to the Ancient Slaughterers in terms of physical build, strength, vitality and so on. Huang Quan and gang were confident that they could defeat these 8 enemies.

“Grunt, grunt!” The 8 Abyss Manatees were creatures of intelligence. Even though they could not contract a grimoire, they had summoning crystals. All 8 of them fished out a purplish blue summoning crystal and muttered a string of words. Blue light poured out and countless Amphibious Fish Demons were summoned. Despite that these ugly Amphibious Fish Demons were only Innate Level 6, which Huang Quan and the rest did not even care to kill, together, they could release a special power: Fishing Net Capture.

“What the hell…” Bone Clan’s Weng Jin and the three-eyed tigerman were both trapped by the Amphibious Fish Demons’ fishnet. Only Huang Quan, with the power of his light ray eye and lightman, with his ability to become light rays escaped.

As for the Fire Clan’s Fen Tian and Liquid-form Gold Man Yun Xing, they evaded capture since they lagged behind.

The part man part robot was the most pitiful.

He was much slower so the Amphibious Fish Demons did not target him but he was then surrounded and beaten up by a few Abyss Manatees.

That happened since he was the most heavily injured among everyone and thus, the weakest. He practically became the pushover everyone took advantage of.

Cang Yan and Zhi Zun were still engaged in battle. Cang Yan did not dare allow Zhi Zun to have the chance to make a move on the others. Because other than Hei Hu and himself, nobody else would be able to survive fighting against Zhi Zun. He must keep this terrifying enemy occupied and slowly deplete her energy. He had realized that her weakness was that she was limited by her body. Being limited to being in a female body, she was not strong enough and was seemingly less skilled in close combat. If it was not for her shield, her weak body would not have been able to withstand his blows.

This woman must be killed.

If she ever matured, she would definitely be a powerful enemy on par with the Four Great Palace Lords.

She must be killed in this Ancient Battlefield Ruins before she managed to overcome the natural weakness of her body.

No, not only her but the invisible Night Empress as well as Yue Yang, who possessed the World Exterminating Wheel, Eternal Wheel and the Nirvana Flames, must not live. If not, the incident with the Prison Emperor 6000 years ago will happen again.

“Hei Hu, what are you waiting for, hurry up and kill that Yue Clan’s Third Young Master!” Cang Yan panicked when he discovered Hei Hu was fighting against Night Empress.

“Shut up, Cang Yan. I know what I’m doing…” Hei Hu was super annoyed. It wasn’t that he did not want to kill Yue Yang. If only he could get out, he personally wanted to seize that human boy and make him his Blood Slave.. However, Hei Hu only realised Night Empress’ scariness after being trapped in her Starry Sky Domain. She was totally capable of killing without leaving any traces. If he took such a powerful enemy lightly, he would probably meet a tragic end.

“Don’t question anything now, don’t speak, listen to me and just kill everyone who is not our own!” Yue Yang lead the Emperor of the Underworld, Elder Nan Gong, Southern Goblin King and Phoenix Fairy Beauty out from the Grimoire World.

Hei Hu could not care less when he saw that they were tiny ants he could kill in under a second.

However, when he saw the appearance of the over 200 metres tall Ancient Titan Loli, he jumped in shock: “Hadn’t the Western War Goddess died?”

The Ancient Titan Loli had lost her memory after being sent into concussion by te Black Hell King and now obeyed Yue Yang.

When Yue Yang waved his hand, she followed, thumping.

“Let’s chop up that many-eyed freak!” Yue Yang pointed at Hei Hu and the Titan Armored giant loli very obediently lunged at Hei Hu, almost smashing him under her feet. Luckily, Hei Hu still had the reaction speed of a Heaven Ranked Level 5.

“Scram!” Hei Hu lifted his right hand and a blast of destructive shock waves shot out towards the giant Lolita.

“It hurts, it hurts…” the giant loli braved through the shockwaves unscathed and almost flattened a stunned Hei Hu with a punch.

Hei Hu avoided the attack but an Abyss Manatee nearby wasn’t as lucky.

The giant loli stepped on it accidentally when she ran.

One giant step.

The bones in its body shattered immediately and it died tragically.

Without the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King to block her, the presence of the giant loli was like computer bug. The towering body, gigantic strength combined with that unmatchable defensive Titan Armor made her an invincible annihilating war goddess on the battlefield. Especially, with the extra help from Night Empress’ Starry Domain and the War Altar, the might of the giant loli soared multiple times.

Hei Hu broke out in cold sweat but remained arrogant: “Just Heaven Ranked Level 3? What a dumb and clumsy fool!”

Lastly, Yue Yang lead Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian out.

Both stood on the Eternal Wheel.

Their heart and mind were one with Yue Yang’s and they silently awaited him to perform the Body Fusion skill.

With both women, Yue Yang could be more formidable than the giant loli with the Starry Domain and War Atlar.

Hei Hu swept his eyes over Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia, disapproving… He completely disregarded those below Heaven Rank. Even a Heaven Ranked Level 1 posed no threat to his Heaven Ranked Level 5 skills.

“Chop!” Princess Qian Qian leapt through the sky. An image of a white tiger flashed in the sky as the Prison Emperor Divine Sword chopped down with earth-shattering might.

“Too slow.” Hei Hu sneered. How could a human woman cut him, a Heaven Ranked Level 5, so easily? He raised his right hand and prepared to kill her.

“What about with addition to me?” Yue Yang appeared behind Princess Qian Qian. He leaned over, grabbed Princess Qian Qian’s delicate foot and threw her out like a human sword. His Innate Qi passed through Princess Qian Qian into the Prison Emperor Divine Sword.

The Sword Qi soared.

Hei Hu realized in shock that he could not move.

Besides the control by the gravity of the Starry Skt Domain, there was also a lamia loli staring at him. At the same time, the woman on Yue Yang’s other hand, clutched an ancient book. The woman holding the book with a Divine Seal quickly approached him and used the immense will of the seal to suppress him.


Hei Hu suddenly realized the two weak women were in fact crucial helpers of Yue Yang. He was fooled.

However, it was too late for regrets.

Not only Yue Yang and Night Empress, but even Zhi Zun, who was fighting Cang Yan had appeared behind him unknowingly.

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