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LLS Chapter 542 – Your mom is calling for you to eat dinner!

Chapter 542 – Your mom is calling for you to eat dinner!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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After a long time, the wave of light finally gradually receded.

Cang Yan was in an extremely sorry state.

Although he was prepared, his underestimation towards the new power of the destructive ray caused him greatly suffer.

Before that, Zhi Zun had already released the destructive ray once. Although she managed to kill more than ten Ancient Slaughterer instantly, Cang Yan wasn’t alarmed as he realised that the seemingly terrifying ray couldn’t hurt him. It had never occurred to him that it was Zhi Zun’s tactic to hide her true power previously.

This time round, Zhi Zun did not reserve any of her power.

She was ten times stronger than the previous round!

Under the help of Night Empress’ Starry Sky Domain, coupled with Zhi Zun going all out, the power of the destructive ray was expected to boost up to eight times. But what surprised even Zhi Zun herself was that the strength of her destructive ray had been boosted by another level by the War Altar! This natural aid boosted the power of the destructive ray to ten times and beyond… So Cang Yan and Hei Hu turned into a sorry state!

Being so close to the destructive ray, the cloak, that was a Holy Equipment, was thoroughly destroyed turning into ashes in the air.

Cang Yan’s previously beautiful curly golden hair were charred even under the protection of his Holy Equipment and his Domain.

The purple gown that was a Holy Equipment was already torn and tattered.

It was like a beggar outfit. Coupled with Cang Yan’s charred appearance, he looked extremely tragic. It was a huge contrast to his previously cool appearance!

But he was strong enough, hence he wasn’t injured fatally. But those who knew Cang Yan would be shocked since no one had made him look so sorry for thousands of years already.

As compared to Cang Yan, Hei Hu was more severely injured.

Hei Hu who wasn’t aware that Zhi Zun could unleash such a powerful blow was directly exposed to the ray, and as a result, his golden pupil was burnt.

Even if he could recover, it would take many years, or even longer… The appearance of Hei Hu who lost his vision and turned blind was even more sorry than Cang Yan. There were bloodied wounds everywhere on his body. Most of them were charred, giving off a barbequed meat smell.

If it weren’t because he was at the same level as Cang Yan, he would have collapsed from the blow.

The Ancient Slaughterer beast King had already collapsed!

Both of its eyeballs exploded and as its eye sockets became two bloodied holes… As it was nearest the region Zhi Zun attacked in, its head and face were charred and disfigured as fresh blood oozed out from its nose and mouth. Other than the external wounds, it suffered internal injuries. Zhi Zun was aware that she couldn’t kill the cunning Cang Yan and Hei Hu, so she focussed on attacking the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King the most. Although the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King wasn’t as shrewd as Cang Yan, it was the ruler of the Ancient Slaughterers after all, so he had a large number of followers.

As long as it was still alive, it would be a huge threat to the entire situation.

If she couldn’t kill Cang Yan, she chose to kill the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King instead.

It would be better to break one finger than to injure ten fingers.

This was a plan initiated by Yue Yang.

The Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was an important key. Cang Yan would run away, so she couldn’t let him take Ancient Slaughterer Beast King away. It was superior to all other people apart from Zhi Zun, Night Empress and Yue Yang. It was a deadly threat even to the Heaven Ranked Level 3 Huang Quan.

If they could get rid of the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King, Huang Quan and the rest would be able to help them. Yue Yang, Night Empress and Zhi Zun could then be more focussed on attacking Cang Yan.

But it wasn’t dead.

It possessed such a strong body that even when it was blind, it was full of life. Being heavily injured temporarily meant nothing to it.

The four Ancient Slaughterer Commanders also didn’t die… They laid on the ground on the brink of death. The previous destructive ray almost killed them. Now with an even more powerful destructive ray, the reason why they weren’t killed instantly was because of their strong body. They wouldn’t be able to recover in the short term, so everything was going well according to Yue Yang’s plan. The only thing Yue Yang did not expect was that there were almost one hundred Ancient Slaughterers in the War Altar. Most of them collapsed under the destructive ray.

Instant kill!

Even with the shelter of their teammates, not many of them manage to survive the blow.

A few Ancient Slaughterer captain were still alive albeit already on the verge of death. But they were at their limits already.

Even if everyone ignored them with them, they wouldn’t be able to survive…

“Goddamn it, this is too annoying! I hate people from the Soaring Dragon Continent the most! Die, all of you shall die!” Hei Hu, who was blind, roared crazily as he reached his hands to summon his Platinum Grimoire. Numerous beasts instantly appeared. A multi-eyed monster that looked like an octopus with numerous tentacles fused into Hei Hu’s body. With its help, numerous pairs of eyes grew on Hei Hu’s skin. There were more than ten pairs of them in various sizes, causing Hei Hu to look very eerie.

Two monsters with cow heads, lizard bodies and snake tail glided towards Zhi Zun, waving weird long blades in their hands.

They were all Heaven Ranked Level Two.

They were on par to the Ancient Slaughterer Captains.

Through the waves of energy generated from them waving the weird blades, it could be judged that they had intelligence. They weren’t like the Ancient Slaughterer who lacked cognitive development..

Yue Yang also saw two dwarves with lower jaws that had whale feelers. They were carrying huge baggages on their bags. They quickly assembled their weapons in their baggages, forming a holy-ranked double edge sword spanning over ten metres. They then brought out armors out of their huge baggages and assembled them orderly, covering Hei Hu in the armour within ten seconds. This wasn’t the end. The two dwarfs then sprinkled golden blood around, as the blood condensed in front of Hei Hu, forming a Heaven Rune. Their efficient actions boosted the armor’s power by more than ten times.

“Interesting.” Although Yue Yang looking down on the opposite party’s foolish behavior, he did not mind learning the tricks of using Heaven Runes from them secretly.

“Okay, you have provoked me entirely!” Cang Yan also summoned a tall Fire Giant.

As compared to Hei Hu, he was much more meticulous.

He first set up his Trap Domain before slowly fusing with the Heaven Ranked Level Two Fire Giant.

Yue Yang was sure that Cang Yan definitely had other stronger beast which he hadn’t summoned yet. They were probably Cang Yan’s most important secrets and Cang Yan would only reveal them at the last moment. As for Hei Hu, Yue Yang felt that he wasn’t a fool either. Although he mightn’t be as cunning as Cang Yan, he would definitely be one who looked coarse on the outside but meticulous on the inside.

His arrogant attitude might be a form of disguise.

Zhi Zun did not retreat when she saw the opponents. Instead, she went forwards, undaunted by the strong enemies.

The two cow-headed monsters were shook more than hundred meters away when she reached out her hand. She only snorted coldly towards Cang Yan’s rapid sneak attack as a golden light shield rose like a grimoire barrier, repelling Cang Yan away.

Hei Hu, who went right after Cang Yan, couldn’t believe it. Cang Yan was an Elder at Heaven Ranked Level 5 of the Fire Palace. He never expected that he would be shook away even before he struck.

Could it be that this woman from the Soaring Dragon Continent was really that powerful?

He waved his double edge sword unbelievingly.

He slashed it down heavily.

But it only made his double edge sword shake more violently as it almost flew away… Hei Hu who was one of the Eight Elders from the Central palace was dumbstruck, even the four Palace Lord won’t be able to achieve this right? Could it be that this woman from the Soaring Dragon Continent was more powerful than the four Palace Lords?

“This could be the skills of her beast or a skill she learnt herself!” With ashened expression, Cang Yan continued, “Close combats are useless, we have to use our energies to kill her! Her body isn’t strong enough, so she’ll surely die if she were to be struck! Hei Hu, go deal with those ants, I’ll do this fight. We can settle her together later when you are done!”

“Sleep talking before your death?” Zhi Zun used her fair hands to shatter the void before gathering her destructive black bullet.

She raised her hand and struck it towards one of the cow-headed monster.

Cang Yan couldn’t even warn it as he kicked it away directly to dodge the attack of the black bullet… However, Zhi Zun moved her finger, causing the black bullet to turn and shoot right through the cow-headed monster that was kicked away. It was killed instantly!

Hei Hu angrily let out a strange cry.

But he did not dare to take the blow of the destructive black bullet directly.

Waving his double edge sword, he was preparing to vent his anger by killing Yue Yang. But numerous stars appeared before Yue Yang, slashing away Hei Hu’s energy wave.

Night Empress’ pleasant voice sounded. She did not sound angry at all. “Heaven Ranked Ranker, please don’t be anxious. If you don’t mind, I can be your opponent. Although I can’t be like Zhi Zun, who could shock you instantly, I hope that you can remember me as an opponent.”

The remaining cow-headed monster avoided the Starry Sky Domain.

It was preparing to launch a sneak attack on Yue Yang who was continuously copying down the inscriptions on the four-sided stele.

Yue Yang saw that the Four-sided Divine Stele wasn’t damaged at all under the destructive ray. The reason was that every time the destructive ray shone on it, numerous Heaven Runes and Ancient Runes would form a thin veil. All the God statues were unharmed under the veil. It remained unknown how they were chipped.

From this, Yue Yang was instantly interested in those Runes that hadn’t disappear.

Although he wasn’t entirely sure of their uses, he copied them down quickly to avoid future regrets.

Yue Yang wasn’t bothered by the cow-headed monster’s attacks at all.

Night Empress’ pleasant voice sounded softly. She didn’t sound like she was fighting. Instead, she sounded as if she was singing. “Starfall, Meteor Shower!”

Stars turned into meteorites one after another in the Starry Sky Domain. They sliced across the space and crashed onto the cow-headed monster that was about to attack Yue Yang… Without waiting for it to get up, the meteor shower smashed it into a mash of meat. Although it wasn’t as stunning as Zhi Zun’s black bullet, it was also one which could kill people instantly. It was terrifying.

“Huang Quan, what are you waiting for? There are so many monsters who aren’t dead lying around, you want to wait for them to recover before fighting?” Yue Yang saw that Huang Quan, Fen Tian and the rest were still watching the fight between Zhi Zun and Cang Yan and, Night Empress and Hei Hu bewilderedly. He was baffled. They had to know when to watch on the sidelines and when not to. The situation now was extremely urgent, yet they are still watching?

“Kill that guy, he is the mastermind behind everything!” Cang Yan hoped that Hei Hu could kill Yue Yang quickly. Night Empress was definitely not a combat type ranker, so Hei Hu would be wasting his energy if he were to continue fighting with her.

“Exchange opponents!” Hei Hu was extremely incensed. Night Empress wasn’t an easy opponent, she hadn’t even appeared in her Starry Sky Domain, how could they continue the fight?

“Two dwarf kiddos, your mom is calling for you to eat dinner!!” Yue Yang suddenly appeared behind the back of the two dwarves. He first patted them on their shoulders and then used his God Killing Dagger to slice across their short neck quickly while they were startled. Black blood splattered…

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