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LLS Chapter 541 – Illiterate, go back to the countryside and collect dung!

Chapter 541 – Illiterate, go back to the countryside and collect dung!
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Heaven Realm, Ancient Battlefield Ruins.

This was a desolate, uninhabited and lifeless place. Within the radius of a thousand miles, there was absolutely no living creature.

Although it had been 10,000 years, the dimensional fracture caused by the legendary gods in the ancient times was still unable to recover. It was a shock to the eye. The sky was split into half by an unimaginable power. There were two types of power from the Ancient Code which were entirely different. In the deafening silence, they resist each other continuously. From time to time, a whip of purplish blue lightning would be released, piercing through the sky, and eventually explode onto the ground.

The surface of the earth was covered entirely by solidified lava which formed creepy shapes. Since the ancient times until this very day, there were no plants that could survive here.

Most of the areas here were plains. There weren’t any volcano craters at all. The reason, why the surface of the earth melted, was entirely due to the violent burning of the flames.

Other than the legendary gods, no one else could cause thousands of miles of land to burn and form liquid lava.

Gazing into the distance, one could see deep pits which seemed to be formed from the collisions of meteor.

These huge pits were the result of the clashes between the powers of the gods.

The only miracle within the Ancient Battlefield Ruins was the ‘Ancient God Statues’ which stood at the center of the ruins.

There stood a huge headless statue, which was two hundred meters tall. It was enormous, sitting right in the middle of other statues. At present, no one knew which god this statue represented. However, based on the fact that it was right at the center, it was obvious that his status was high. Perhaps he was the legendary King of Gods. Beside this headless statue, there stood about a dozens of smaller statues with and without limbs. They were similar to the headless statue. Although they stood upright, all of the statues were damaged. There seemed to be no means to restore them.

The dozens of god statues were split into two big groups.

Faintly, they seemed to show hostility towards the other group.

Even the most knowledgeable person wouldn’t be able to identify these god statues. However the entire Heaven Realm seemed to be able to recognise one of the gods. It was the God of Arbitration.

No one was sure if the God of Arbitration was real, even including the disciples from the Central Palace, who worshipped the God of Arbitration. They only vaguely heard that the God of Arbitration was a formidable god that determined the lives and deaths of the living beings in Heaven Realm. During that time, he suggested the idea of having the four lower worlds to compete in the ancient war in the death arena until this very day.

On the left group, standing at the third position in line was a blind folded God. His left hand was damaged, while, in his right hand he held a huge golden scale.

He was the God of Arbitration.

Under his foot, was the ‘Four-sided Divine Stele’ which initiated the ancient wars.


A beam of light rose from the War Altar in front of the Four-sided Holy Stele, soaring into the sky. After reaching the highest point, it fell downwards just like fireworks.

Falling onto the ground, Cang Yan, the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King and the four Ancient Slaughterer Commanders appeared. Due to the fact that the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King and the four Ancient Slaughterer Commanders were too huge in size, they could not react quickly enough. They knocked over a few hundred Ancient Slaughterers which were standing on the War Altar waiting to enter the death arena, and sent them flying. This caused a disturbance.

Upon seeing the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King’s return, all the Ancient Slaughterers roared with excitement.

Thinking that they won, they all cheered for the Beast King’s return.

“Were there no talents in the Soaring Dragon Continent? Cang Yan, it must have been a disappointing trip!” A middle aged man who’s surroundings sparkled with azure ripples appeared in front of the War Altar. He also had a purple cloak over his body. His light green skin was abnormal but his elegant appearance was just like that of a human. He has a pair of special eyes. His golden pupils could enlarge just like cats, and it exuded a trace of ruthlessness. With great confidence, this middle aged man with golden pupil mocked Cang Yan, ”The Soaring Dragon Continent has already fallen. Six thousands years ago the Prison Emperor fell into our trap and fought with the Three Great Leaders of the Western Heaven Realm. Numerous of his subordinates died. The ancient inheritance was practically completely lost, there is no way that there could be another elite! Merely just seeing that in this six thousand years, no one from the Soaring Dragon Continent could set foot in Heaven Realm, there was no need to initiate the ancient war…”

“Hei Hu, take a look at the number of people that returned!” A man who was like an invisible man, who also had with a purple gold cloak, snorted: “Arrogance, is sometimes the synonym of foolishness.”

“What happened?” The man with light green skin and golden pupils furrowed his eyebrows.

“There is an Elder Innate Ranker from the Soaring Dragon Continent, she might have used Divine Equipment to raise her powers. She killed more than a dozen Ancient Slaughterers. However, other than her, the rest would definitely die. Including the young boy who claims to be the new Prison Emperor!” Cang Yan sounded irritated. He really did not want his companion to see his embarrassing state after his failure.

“Even you could not kill her?” Hu Hei was really surprised.

“…” Cang Yan refused to answer this question.

“The outer palace initiated the ancient war without approval, and even forcefully meddled with the battle between the four sides of the lower world, as a result a hundred plus Ancient Slaughterers died. I would report these things to His Majesty Sheng Dian.” The invisible man did not wait for Cang Yan to explain, he lightly brushed his cloak using his hand. There was a light breeze, and in that split second, the person was gone. His high speed and mysterious techniques were something even Cang Yan, who was on the same level, and Hei Hu could not see through.
(Sheng Dian gender currently unknown but sticking to his temporarily)

“…” Cang Yan still remained silent.

“The Inner Palace has already declined!” The golden pupil man, Hei Hu snorted with anger, “The Central Palace is made up of Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, the four Great Palaces. Us Outer Palace members have occupied the three other palaces excluding the Wind Palace. We, the Eight Great Elders, are ranked 6th among the Outer Palace, we totally have the overwhelming power. If it was not because of His Majesty Sheng Dian, always favouring and helping the Inner Palace, then all those useless wastrels would have been kicked out from the Inner Palace!”

“Shi Feng is quite powerful, if not he would not dare to be so arrogant.” Cang Yan spoke with the intention to sow dissension: “Hei Hu, perhaps we can cooperate during some occasion.”

“To cooperate with you? Clever Cang Yan, I need to consider that.” Hei Hu remained cautious.

“One day you will look for me…” Cang Yan seemed to be confident. Unhurriedly, he flew and landed in front of the Four-sided God Stele, he wanted to pick up the Star of Arbitration which represented the Central Palace.

The golden-bright and dazzling Star of Arbitration was taken down from the golden scale from the statue of the God of Arbitration.

There were two in total.

Normally, the Central Palace takes away one of them, letting the golden scale to tilt to its right.

When the ancient wars start, the Central Palace would place the Star of Arbitration back to the Four-sided God Stele. When this Divine Equipment was placed on the Four-sided God Stele, it would open the War Altar in front. This allows the Heaven Realm fighters to enter the death arena as the sixth side, the arbiters. Once the Star of Arbitration is picked up, it would mean that the passage to the death arena would be closed. The Heaven Realm fighters could not open it within the next thousand years…


Cang Yan softly prayed, then slowly drew out the Heaven Runes symbolizing the arbiter.

However, the Star of Arbitration did not move. It was not willing to fly out like how it obeyed the arbitrator before.

Hei Hu was preparing to leave, he turned his head. Seeing what happened he furrowed his eyebrows,” Cang Yan, you cannot even move the Star of Arbitration? Such pretentious look, could it be that you plan to embezzle the Star of Arbitration after I take my leave? I do not want to warn you once again, Cang Yan, the Divine Equipment, Star of Arbitration cannot be messed with. If the Three Palace Owners knew, they would not mind having a new Elder…If His Majesty Sheng Dian found out, even your body will gets torn and bones crushed, you would be unable to avoid the severe punishment!”

Cang Yan did not answer. He prayed once again and drew out the Heaven Runes once again.

The Star of Arbitration did not move an inch. It was embedded onto the Four-sided God Stele, as if it was an integral whole with the Four-sided God Stele.

Hei Hu saw that Cang Yan did not seemed to be joking with him. He quickly stepped forward and stretched out his two hands. Being exceptionally serious, he prayed together with Cang Yan, and then drew out the Heaven Runes together. He was prepared to receive the Star of Arbitration.

However, the Star of Arbitration did not respond at all.

Now, Cang Yan and Hei Hu both realized that something went wrong. Sweat appeared on their forehead, they were both not sure what the issue was.

“What is happening? The Arbitration is over, the Star of Arbitration should return. This is impossible!” Hei Hu glared at Cang Yan,”What happened in the death arena? What exactly have you done?”

“We did not do anything…” Cang Yan was feeling extremely gloomy, he really did not do anything. Why wasn’t the Star of Arbitration responding to the summon?

“Why don’t you guys ask me? Illiterates should honestly admit, do not pretend you know when you don’t!” All of a sudden, Yue Yang appeared in front of the Four-sided God Stele. It was unknown where he came out from. Yue Yang acted as if he was taking things very seriously. He pointed at the inscriptions on the Four-sided God Stele, with a font as if he was a worthy teacher. He said: “You guys should have seen the Ancient Rune here, do you know what is written? It said that if the Ancient War was not officially over, the arbitrator could not abscond. Looking at your expressions, did I make it sound too deep? Then you illiterates should listen well. Although you guys escaped from the death arena, the real war is still on. We were still pursuing and attacking. We did not give up yet. The Ancient Code decided that this ancient war is still on. You guys want to be ostriches, it is not a problem but at least you should ask us if we agreed. Now do you understand?”

“It was you?” Cang Yan looked at Yue Yang, his eyes popping. It was just like how ordinary people react when they witness a ghost.

“Who is this little ant? A participant from the Soaring Dragon Continent?” Hei Hu looked at Yue Yang. He was also stunned.

“I, this young master, is the new Prison Emperor, just as what Cang Yan had said earlier. Of course, I have not reached the Prison Emperor’s standard yet. If not, I would have already swat you two flies with my palm! I thought you people were capable, but in reality you do not even understand Ancient Runes. Stopping living in the Heaven Realm, go back to the countryside and collect dung! Those who collect dung from my hometown are more educated that you!” Yue Yang picked his ears, looking at the two Heaven Realm Rankers who could not even read Ancient Runes, he felt that his ego wasn’t bad.

In fact, the Ancient Runes was not something common.

Cang Yan and Hei Hu could not read, this meant that only a few people from the Heaven Realm could understand. This was definitely not something any random person could read and understand!

Yue Yang was not so free, if not he would use Ancient Runes to write a letter to take liberties on ‘Ming Yue Guang’ and see if she understood Ancient Runes. Now, seeing Cang Yan and Hei Hu’s pale complexion, Yue Yang felt that it was just like the tragic expression an illiterate person would make when he or she was caught taking newspapers.

It was a really great feeling.

“How did you chase me to the Heaven Realm?” Cang Yan quickly calmed down his mind. If this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master chased after him alone, then he should just kill him. Of course, even if he ate a moronic pill he would not think this way. If the opponent was not sure, he would not have gave chase. As for Yue Yang, Cang Yan did not feel there was a problem. His only concern was the human Zhi Zun who could kill once she moves her hand.

“So the Heaven Realm was just nothing but this, this is so disappointing.” Zhi Zun’s cold and conceited voice, rang just like ice pearls cracking.

Cang Yan’s heart sank, he cried out in alarm to warn his companion,“Be careful…”

But it was too late.

Zhi Zun appeared in the sky, above the War Altar. Her two hands have already opened, she was going to release another beam of destructive ray… With the special assistance from Starry Night Domain and the extra support from the War Altar, the power Zhi Zun unleashed this time, was ten times stronger than what she unleashed previously.

Instantly, the entire Ancient Battlefield Ruins had been flooded by an ocean of light!

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