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LLS Chapter 540 – Three Realm Compass

Chapter 540 – Three Realm Compass
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Stars were born one after another, forming the stars of Aries.

Starry Sky Domain expanded.

An indescribable vast power of stars momentarily produced a boundless attractive force within Cang Yan’s Trap Domain. Under the effect of Starry Sky Gravity, the bodies of Ancient Slaughterers that were about to explode gently floated in the air. They seemed even more graceful than Yue Yang who was stepping on Eternal Wheel, their huge bodies looked as if they were as light as feathers.

With his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang could see the secret of that amazing power. This Starry Sky Domain was not amazing because of how it was able to largely disperse Cang Yan’s Trap Domain, but because of its powers of isolation.

All of the Ancient Slaughterer corpses were wrapped up in a faint star power.

Even though the Trap Domain’s trigger had astonishing power, but after being isolated by the star power, it could no longer be triggered. Trap Domain had essentially been rendered almost useless. As for Cang Yan’s chain explosions, Night Empress was able to nullify it easily.

Without a trigger, even if he wanted, Cang Yan’s Trap Domain could not cause anything to explode. No matter how powerful it was, it instantly became useless.

Trigger was the weakest point of Trap Domain!

“So much food……” The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, who had just been blown to pieces due to the explosion of the Devil-toothed Beast’s corpse caused by the Trap Domain’s trigger, appeared again. That shadow that was blown apart earlier was not her true form. A stalk of Thorny Flower sprouted from the ground. It bloomed, blooming into a flower bed of indescribable beauty. Atop of that flower bed, was the true Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen who was still yawning. She waved her jade hands, and countless thorny flowers appeared within Starry Sky Domain. Those Thorny Flowers helped Night Empress’ star power attack Cang Yan’s Trap Domain, sweeping away the floating Ancient Slaughterer corpses.

Unable to completely devour the meal, those huge thorny flowers wrapped up together in the thousands and forcefully dragged those Ancient Slaughterer bodies away.

Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was furious.

But because of his fear of Yue Yang, who had Nirvana Flames, the Beast King did not dare to stop what was happening.

In the distance, it spat fire, burning the thorny flowers. Countless thorny flowers burned to ashes from the heat of the fire. But even more thorny flowers grew, turning into an entire sea of flowers. Disregarding the Beast King, they still forcefully dragged the Ancient Slaughterer bodies away.

Cang Yan’s eyes were like ice.

He only looked on coldly, and did not interfere.

The Four Ancient Slaughterer Commanders, whose eyesight have not fully recovered, were stubbornly struggling in the sea of flowers. Even though they were injured by Zhi Zun’s destructive ray, they did not die. In fact, they still have very powerful fighting power. It was almost impossible to hold them with Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’s Thorny Flower Sea. With the help of Trap Domain, the four Ancient Slaughterer Commanders broke free from the thorny flowers brutally and escaped to Cang Yan’s side…….

With their Heaven Ranked Level 3 strength, the current Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was still unable to contain them even though they were heavily injured.

Yue Yang did not attack them.

But as for those Ancient Slaughterer Captains on the brink of death, Yue Yang would not have mercy.

Yue Yang intended to use them to train his team as they struggled in the flower sea. Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying and Xiao Wen Li came forth in succession.

Cang Yan did not care what Guardian Beasts Yue Yang summoned. He also ignored Xue Wu Xia who was holding onto an Ancient Book. He only glanced at Princess Qian Qian who was carrying Prison Emperor Divine Sword.

He was not looking at Princess Qian Qian. He was looking at Prison Emperor Divine Sword.

Other that Zhi Zun and Night Empress, Cang Yan did not care about anyone else.

Even rankers like Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing at Heaven Ranked Level 3 and Level 2, were like ants in Cang Yan’s eyes. He did not care about them.

“There is no need for me to attack you guys who do not have enough points. You all will be ruthlessly wiped out by the Ancient Code.” Cang Yan sneered and looked at Zhi Zun. He knew that only Zhi Zun had enough points to escape the punishment of the Ancient Code. The others had no chance of surviving at all. Because of this, Cang Yan decided not to attack. Firstly, it was because he was not 100% sure he could defeat the mysterious Human Zhi Zun in Starry Sky Domain. Secondly, his biggest reason for descending was to injure the elites who were going to advance to Heaven Realm, and not waste his time on the ordinary ones.

“…….” Huang Quan and the others looked sick.

Previously, when they were under the constant threat of death, they did not have time to even worry over their points.

Now, after Cang Yan said it out loud, they felt their scalp go numb. When Human Zhi Zun attacked and killed majority of the Ancient Slaughterer in one go, even though she saved everyone’s life, they could not avoid the Ancient Code because they don’t have enough points.

What should they do?

Even Huang Quan who was usually the calmest was frantic. Raging waves raised in his heart.

“Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, what good ideas do you have?” Huang Quan suppressed his fear forcefully. He could instinctively sense a chance of survival, and that was to believe in Yue Yang. This Yue Clan’s Third Young Master will definitely not wait for death to come, he definitely was not that kind of person. He was unwilling to die, and so he would think of a good plan to escape the punishment of the Ancient Code for sure. This time, no matter what, they had to trust him.

“Idea? I do have one, but it might not be very good……” Of course Yue Yang would not wait for death. When he saw the pleading eyes of Huang Quan and the others, he was delighted. He deliberately acted humble.

“I, we, we trust you!” Fen Tian thought that if even at this point of time anyone did not trust Yue Yang, that person was an idiot.

“You all will never escape the punishment of the Ancient Code, because I will return to Heaven Realm. No Ancient Slaughterer will come again. You all will never accumulate enough points, just kill each other in desperation here!” Cang Yan wavd his hands and the far away Ancient Slaughterer Beast King and the 4 Ancient Slaughterer Commanders around him.

A platinum staff suddenly appeared in Cang Yan’s hands.

The Staff of Return.

The Platinum-ranked Staff of Return was a treasure exclusive to Heaven Realm.

Even though there are as many as 10 of them, they could only be found in Heaven Realm. Or rather, it was an item that belonged solely to Heaven Realm’s Central Palace, no one else could own them.

A extremely dazzling white ray shot to the sky, countless currents spread inside the Trap Domain. When the white light reached the highest point in the sky, it exploded like a firework. Six white rays curved down, landing on Cang Yan, Ancient Slaughterer Beast King and the 4 Ancient Slaughterer Commanders.

Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing were unable to resist the powerful shockwave from Cang Yan’s Trap Domain and were thrown kilometers away.

Bringing with him the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King and Ancient Slaughterer Commanders, Cang Yan teleported away, disappearing from Central Plaza.

They returned to Heaven Realm.

The entire process was very strange, because no one received punishment from the Ancient Code…… From this, it is obvious that death arena was under the control of someone. They must have made use of a loophole within the Ancient Code to turn this Ancient Battlefield into their ‘slaughterhouse’ of those in the lower Heaven Realm.

If Zhi Zun did not come, Cang Yan would most likely not have to abandon Black Hell King and escape back to Heaven Realm in such a rush.

But even with the powerful support from Zhi Zun and Night Empress, it was of no use.

The enemy had long set a trap.

To wait for the rankers from the lower world and ensnare all of them.

“Now we are really all dead meat!” Fen Tian fell onto the ground in helplessness. Now that Cang Yan escaped back to Heaven Realm and no other killers were going to come, they were all going to die without enough points.

“What other choice do we have now. We should have combined forces together just now and fought to keep Cang Yan here at all costs.” Weng Jin sighed. If only Zhi Zun and Night Empress had been willing to step forward to stop Cang Yan from escaping. Even if Cang Yan wanted to leave, it was not that easy! Weng Jin did not understand why didn’t Zhi Zun and Night Empress stop Cang Yan just now. It was not good for them to let Cang Yan off either, why did they do it?

“Let us all think of another solution, no point in complaining.” Yun Xing waved his hand dismissively. He felt that Zhi Zun and Night Empress have already done what they could. They could not possible defeat Cang Yan. If not for what they have already done to scare Cang Yan away, they would all have died in Cang Yan’s Trap Domain.

“Third Young Master, what do you think……” Huang Quan looked at Yue Yang with hope.

“We could not have stopped Cang Yan from escaping if he wanted to. Moreover, I did not even intend to stop him”!” Yue Yang said. Suddenly, a gold compass that was more dazzling than the Staff of Return by a hundred times appeared.

This was the ‘Three Realm Compass’ that Empress Fei Wen Li lent to Yue Yang.

A special Divine Equipment.

The Staff of Return was quite an impressive treasure already since it was able to teleport to Heaven Realm directly from death arena. However, compared to Three Realm Compass, the Staff of Return was like a child’s toy. As long as you set target on any location or item, the Three Realm Compass could teleport anyone at will. Not only Tong Tian Tower’s Mortal Realm and Heaven Realm, even if it was the God’s Realm from legends, it was possible to teleport there. Any obstruction in this world, other than Ancient Code, Divine Grimoire Space and the unbreakable Eternal Seal, or rather those black hole seals that are called ‘Nirvana Seal’, no other space would be able to block teleportation using Three Realm Compass.

Three Realm Compass was also a Divine Equipment that could be successfully used even if the owner was not super powerful.

It was a highest quality special Divine Equipment.

Even though this was her Majesty’s Divine Equipment, but because she and Yue Yang had a Spirit Blood Contract, as long as she designated it, Yue Yang would be able to borrow it.

At that time, when Yue Yang went to seek for Empress Fei Wen Li’s help, she took out this Three Realm Compass immediately after understanding the situation. She later said something to Yue Yang that shocked him greatly: “The best way to break the manipulation of the Ancient Battlefield is to attack Heaven Realm.”

To let Cang Yan escape back to Heaven Realm was part of Yue Yang, Zhi Zun and Night Empress’ plans.

Otherwise, Zhi Zun would not have let him off.

Of course, if Zhi Zun and Night Empress did not come, Yue Yang would have been helpless even if he had the Three Realm Compass. This was because Cang Yan was not someone he could handle. The enemy from Heaven Realm could not be messed with. After hearing Yue Yang’s plan, Zhi Zun and Night Empress agreed to it without a second thought. Attacking Heaven Realm was such an impressive move, that even if it failed, it would shock the entire Tong Tian Tower…… Moreover, Yue Yang was directly by Empress Fei Wen Li herself. Even if they could not attack Heaven Realm, Yue Yang still had a way to return safely.

“Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing, you three can stay behind. I will not force you all. Our plan is to attack Heaven Realm. There is no way we can let Cang Yan escape! I have already marked the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King and can immediately teleport to where it is. Decide for yourselves whether to follow me and kill Cang Yan, or to stay here!” As Yue Yang invited Huang Quan and the two, he also transmitted his Innate Qi into the Three Realm Compass.

Different from the Staff of Return, from the splendor of Three Realm Compass, a tiny smiling spirit flew out. This was the spirit of the Divine Equipment, it was a fairy around the size of one’s palm.

The spirit of the Divine Equipment had a pair of wings like rainbows, and a gorgeous fishtail.

It looked like a mini version of Xiao Wen Li.

Even though not exactly identical, it was still extremely adorable.

The spirit waved its small hands, and all life 10 metres within Yue Yang were marked with a golden Ancient Rune.

Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing exchanged looks and quickly rushed over. Of course, they wanted to join in on this ‘Crazy Plan’ to attack Heaven Realm. Even though they did not know how many enemies there will be, an extremely slim chance of survival was better than staring at the death arena.

Staying here would definitely mean death!

Not to mention those that were near, even Elder Nan Gong and Emperor of the Underworld, who were observing from a distance also rushed over. They were all determined to join the counterattack on Heaven Realm even if they might never return!

To be able to attack Heaven Realm was the long-cherished wish of any ranker.

Even if they died in battle, it was still worth it!

Before teleporting to Heaven Realm, Yue Yang shouted towards the empty spae: “Black Hell King, you gutless turtle, are you waiting to die here?”

“The Ancient Code cannot killed me, Third Young Master. You will never understand what a true betrayer really is!” After Yue Yang and the others disappeared, Black Hell King quietly appeared, floating in the sky. He slowly raised his hand, removing the sacred armor on his body and kept his Dark Sacred Sword. He kept everything in his Grimoire, leaving him standing there in the sky. Lastly, he mumbled to himself: “A true betrayer can even betray himself…… The last betrayal, is not just things like the loyalty of servants, the tears of a lover, the protection of guardian beasts and the alliance between team mates, even my own life…… I, Black Hell, do not need it!”

The punishment of the Ancient Code turned into a destructive strike of lighting, turning Black Hell King into ashes instantly.

Suddenly, a white ray appeared from nowhere.

It shot up to the sky.

A shadow the shape of the Black Hell King flashed within the white light, disappearing……

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  1. kirinashbell says:

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    [The punishment of the Ancient Code turned into a destructive strike of lighting, turning Black Hell King into ashes instantly. Suddenly, a white ray appeared from nowhere. It shot up to the sky. A shadow the shape of the Black Hell King flashed within the white light, disappearing……]

    Killing the Black Hell King isn’t permanent, so is he really an undead?
    Call for some high level clerics or a Paladin !!!

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    Anyway, when I read the title “Starry Sky Domain” I didn’t think of the real heavens, I thought of these paintings. She was creating it after all. I hope you enjoy them as I do.

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