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LLS Chapter 54 – The definition of a beast’s strength?

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Chapter 54 – The definition of a beast’s strength?
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango, Zaza
TLCed by: Zaza

The audience had unlimited expectations while looking at Yue Yang.

Who knew that one sentence from the Yue Yang would cause them to fall flat on the ground.

“Actually, I’ve been doing nothing but sleeping here, has three hours passed so quickly?” Yue Yang swept his gaze across everyone present with a feigned look of innocence on his face. Seeing Yue Yang’s expression that was really just looking to be beaten, the Golden Armour Guard Captain really wished he could just throttle him to death. Sleeping anywhere would’ve been fine, but why would he go to the Twelve Zodiac Temples to sleep? Sleeping at the Aries Temple meant throwing oneself into a bloody battle, and breaking a record after nearly losing one’s life. Was there any person in this world more abominable than this brat?

“Didn’t you go in and see?” Ye Kong was confused. Could it be that this Yue Clan’s third young master wasn’t curious about it at all? He didn’t want to go in and see the Three-headed Chimera?

“I went in, but wasn’t able to get out. Since I was bored, I took a nap.” Yue Yang lied without batting an eyelid.

“Impossible!” One of the Golden Armour Guardians standing next to the Golden Armour Captain denied this in a loud voice.

“If you went in, you would have been eaten in one mouthful by the Three-headed Chimera, how could you survive?” One of the mercenary leaders who had bet that Yue Yang would definitely die was also shaking his head in unbelief. “Even with the Shield of Absolute Defense that lasts ten minutes, it’s impossible to stay here for three hours, definitely impossible!”

“The Shield of Absolute Defense that lasts for ten minutes was sufficient for me to walk around here. As for the Three-headed Chimera, it never cared about me from the very beginning, neither did I care about it. The both of us just slept and minded our own business.” Yue Yang’s lying technique was extremely good, and spoke it as if it were the truth.

“What did the Three-headed Chimera look like?” Another Golden Armour Guardian asked skeptically.

“A dragon head on the left, a lion head in the middle, a goat head on the right and a snake tail. Oh, that’s right. Below the neck of the sheep head, there was a golden bell too.” When Yue Yang was lying, the truth was mixed with lies, and normal people were completely unable to differentiate the both of them. Even if everyone doubted him, nobody could find any inconsistencies in his speech, not even a tiny detail.

“How did you get out later on?” A bald mercenary asked.

“Hui Tai Lang lured those Sheep-head Monsters, and at the mouth of the passageway, the Sheep-head monsters did not dare to enter due to fearing the Three-headed Chimera. Hui Tai Lang bit them one by one to death, then lured the Battle Golems away and I entered. However, because of its extremely low work efficiency, the passageway wasn’t cleared even after I took a few naps, and i waited until I was really bored.” Everyone spit blood at what Yue Yang said. If this youngster actually went in to sleep, everything was what his pet wolf had accomplished?

“Liar, a single wolf couldn’t kill every single Sheep-head Monster, there are dozens of Sheep-head Monsters inside there alone.” One of the warriors who had lost their bet shouted loudly.

“How can you prove that you were sleeping there, and not sleeping at the teleportation circle?” Someone questioned.

“Regardless of what you say, as long as you’ve come out, it’s fine.” Ye Kong did not care where Yue Yang was sleeping, as long as this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was fine, that would do. If he had died, the Yue Clan would never let go of Ye Kong, and even his parents might not have kept their lives. In the three hours that Yue Yang did not come out, his heart was tormented to the point of him planning to kill himself. Now that this Third Master came out all well and unscathed, Ye Kong’s heart was finally at ease.

“You’ve played in the Twelve Zodiac Temples already, let’s go back.” The Li brothers were so frightened both their bodies had started sweating. They quickly advised Yue Yang to leave this place.

“Right, right. We should go back now.” Ye Kong quickly chimed in, by all means this Young Master could not be allowed to go into the Twelve Zodiac Temples.

“Don’t move from there! The few of you deliberately came together to scam people!” One of the mercenary leaders who lost his money till his eyes were red angrily bellowed out.

“The ones who bet were you, we had nothing to do with it. Anyway, why are you all coming around here to see us rushing into the Twelve Zodiac Temples? Why do you need to care about what we did? Can’t we go in and sleep if we like to do so?” Ye Kong was also angry now. Those guys had been mocking them since just now. Their mouths were extremely repulsive. Now that the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master had unexpectedly come back out, they dared to use sleeping and swindling money to talk to them, and not giving them any face at all? It was fine to be shameless as a person, but not to this extent!

“…” The mercenaries who heard it became embarrassed.

Indeed, the bets were made up by this group of people, and was completely unrelated to this youngster.

But, this situation could not be carelessly glossed over, and they had to be clear on what happened. Otherwise, the people who won would not rest easy and the people who lost would not accept it. Within the crowd of people watching in a circle, the mercenary leader who lost the most money sneered, saying, “Let’s make another bet. I bet that he was only sleeping at the side of the teleportation circle when he went in and did not go into the Aries Temple at all. Who wants to bet with me? I’ll bet two gold coins.”

Although everyone knew that Yue Yang had been inside for three hours, they did not dare to bet on whether or not he was sleeping at the side of the teleportation circle or if he had gone into the Aries Palace.

The Golden Armour Captain furrowed his eyebrows slightly. Only he who had challenged the Aries Temple multiple times and knew of a little secret.

If one did not enter the Aries Temple within half an hour, any challenger would be thrown out of the Twelve Zodiac Temple by its Law Guardian. It was impossible to stay inside the Aries Temple while not doing anything. Within half an hour, if the Battle Golem and the Sheep-head Monsters were not gotten rid of, or if one did not enter the Aries Temple, that would be viewed as a failure to complete the challenge.

He was absolutely sure that this young man had entered the Aries Temple. Otherwise, there was no way to stay for up to three hours inside.

Of course, as a guard captain of the Twelve Zodiac Temples’ portal, he would not leak this secret out.

“I’ll bet with you.” Yue Yang smiled widely. “Do you dare to?”

If the Master of Luo Hua City was here, Yue Yang would ignore these trash-talking mercenaries. However, she was not here. Yue Yang thus decided to take this opportunity to trample on these condescending, arrogant mercenaries. If they ran, that would be even better. It would let Hui Tai Lang establish his might, and cultivate it to become his first hired hand in front of people.

Of course, the Level 4 Bronze-ranked Hui Tai Lang could not fight against the Three-headed Chimera.

But, if it were to be used to battle against the mercenaries’ beasts, its strength would be more than sufficient.

You have guts. How about you take out the evidence that you went into the Aries Temple and defeated the Sheep-head Monsters? Do you have their weapons? Do you even have any proof? If you have anything in your pockets, take them out.” The mercenary leader looked at Yue Yang being empty handed and felt that his chances of winning were extremely high. If this youngster actually went into the Aries Temple, he would not necessarily bring an item of proof with him.

“Of course I have guts, but do you? If you have guts, increase the amount that you’re betting. How about upping it to ten gold?” Yue Yang smiled like a little fox.

“…’ The mercenary leader started to lose confidence. Ten gold was not a small sum, what if this youngster had really brought a item of proof with him?

“This world has too many people who talk big. People with guts are few and far between eh.” Yue Yang disdainfully looked at the mercenary leader. His expression was like an emperor seeing an eunuch. This kind of disdain made people unable to stand it. The mercenary leader and his teammates had the impulse to slice him up into pieces.

“Leader, I can’t stand this guy’s tone.”

“We’ll bet with him!”

“This youngster is too cocky, if we don’t give him a little lesson, he’ll still think that he’s the world’s strongest.”

A few of the mercenaries were crying out due to how angry they were. They took out their own money to give to the mercenary leader, and swore that they would stake themselves until either one completely lost. Living in this world, people’s lives were meant to vie for some reputation. If others looked upon them, and nothing was done, could they be counted as men? Although ten gold was a lot, everyone was still able to gather up that amount of money. Using all they had, they would fight against this youngster until they reached a conclusion.

Not all of the mercenaries who gathered around were so impulsive.

More people did not participate in this matter, but only looked from the sides and watched the scene unfold.

They could even lend money to the mercenary leader for betting. But, for them to raise the bet was not a joke. Who would bet against a man that stayed within the Aries Temple for three hours before coming out. Who would bet against him? Even without considering whether he had challenged the Three-head Chimera or killed the Sheep-head Monsters, just sleeping inside for 3 hours was a feat of its own.

In the many years that the Twelve Zodiac Temples had been challenged, who would have ever heard of a top level person who would sleep there for three hours?

No, only this little thief.

“I’ll be the witness for this.” The Golden Armour Captain did not ask for any proof from Yue Yang. He knew that this little thief was bound to win. Afraid that the mercenaries would be unhappy at the outcome, he stepped up to be the witness.

“Take it out, take the item of proof outside. How can you prove that you went inside the Aries Temple afterwards?”

He felt that Yue Yang did not necessarily bring an item out as proof seeing that Yue Yang was not up to scratch.

Even if Yue Yang did, he could just refuse and say that it was not. After all, nobody had seen the items in the Aries Palace. If he asserted that that was not an item from the Aries Palace, who could prove that it was?

Yue Yang extended his hands. On his hands was a peculiar rune crystal that was faintly glowing white.

The crowd did not know of this gem, and did not understand. “What is this?”

The Golden Armour Captain saw it and drew a breath of cold air. “Good gracious, you actually managed to get the Blindness Rune? How did you get it?”

“This, this is the Blindness Rune?” Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

Nobody could believe that Yue Yang had obtained the Blindness Rune which was said to be guarded by dozens of Sheep-head Warriors. Wasn’t he a Beginner?

Not only that, this youngster’s beast was one of the world’s weakest – a Thorny Flower.

How did he manage to get the Blindness Rune?

“That’s impossible, he’s lying! This must be a scam! This Blindness Rune must have been bought from somewhere else, then set up this scam for us to make us fall for it! I don’t believe it, even if I die, I don’t believe this!” The mercenary leader howled exasperatedly, and looked like a gorilla who had failed at copulating continuously and had his companions look at him extremely disdainfully.

“Shut up, this Blindness Rune is a special object that can only be found in the Twelve Zodiac Temples. It can only be used within Tong Tian Tower. Once it’s brought out of Tong Tian Tower, it’ll immediately become an ordinary stone. You’ve lost, now leave the ten gold behind.” The Golden Armour Captain smiled coldly and interrupted the howlings of the mercenary leader.

“This is impossible, he can’t have obtained the Blindness Rune! He’s a Level 1 Beginner, how could this be? He’s definitely a liar!” The mercenary leader’s heart was dripping blood. He was unable to accept the reality presented to him.

“You’ve lost. If you don’t leave the ten gold behind, I will leave your head behind.” The Golden Armour Captain warned him: “Although I don’t understand how he had got the Blindness Rune, this is the truth. Furthermore, any warrior who is able to get either treasure from the two halls beside the Aries Temple are reputable challengers, and are worthy of respect by people. Now that this young man has gotten the Blindness Rune, he has proven that he is more outstanding than me when I challenged the trials in those days. If you continue to insult him, I’ll kill you.” The Golden Armour Captain’s sight was like a sword, and his killing intent rose in an instant, scaring all the mercenaries until they were shivering.

“Isn’t it only ten gold? You beggar, just count it as my reward to you.” After dragging this matter around, Yue Yang acted like an obedient child again. He gave a stack of letters, a ring and daggers to the Golden Armour Captain. “This was what I got from the energy cauldron. They’re all the possessions of previous challengers. Since this guy doesn’t want to honour his bet, I’ll let it pass. I’ll trouble you to give these back to their families.”

The Golden Armour Captain’s hands were shivering as he received these items.

Especially when he saw the marriage ring, his tears had welled up, and said to Yue Yang emotionally: “The owner of this ring, this challenger, was my older brother who had died in battle ten years ago. I had always been wanting to fight through the right hall and get what he left behind, but my strength was not enough, and my wish had been unfulfilled for ten years…On behalf of my sister-in-law and my nephew who will never see his father, I offer you my thanks.”

He brought five Golden Armour Guards and with a ‘Pa’, gave him an army salute for a long time.

Yue Yang smiled and prepared to slip away.

That mercenary leader howled loudly in despair: “Hold it! I’ll make another bet with you! I want to duel against you, and decide the victor in a battle!”

“You idiot, you can’t even win against Hui Tai Lang, stop shaming yourself further.” Ye Kong sneered as he heard him say it. He mercilessly mocked him, “Your Battle Wolf is an ordinary Level 4 Battle Wolf, Hui Tai Lang is a Level 4 Bronze-ranked Ironback Demonic Wolf. A Bronze-ranked beast is stronger than an ordinary beast of the same grade by at least 1 level. How would that ordinary Level 4 Battle Wolf dare to raise its head against Hui Tai Lang? Hui Tai Lang, stand up and let them see… See, this guy’s Battle Wolf would definitely be so scared that it would pee itself.”

“Awoo!” Hui Tai Lang who had been obediently resting on the floor for some time stood up. The crowd finally realised that this wolf was actually abnormal.

It normally kept quiet and kept up the image of a low-grade pet dog.

Who knew that when its eyes let out a fierce glint, the mercenaries’ beasts hurriedly retreated. Some of the low graded beasts were so intimidated they fell onto the ground immediately, not daring to move. Hui Tai Lang howled to the sky, and the Battle Wolf that the mercenary leader had immediately lowered its head and tucked in its tail to express its surrender.

Yue Yang kicked Hui Tai Lang directly, “ Why are you dragging it out, can’t you be more low-profile? There aren’t any girls around now, wait till there are beautiful women around to perform your best.”

The crowd fainted. He was willing to kick even a Level 4 Bronze-ranked Ironback Demonic Wolf, was this youngster insane?

Ye Kong, Li Qie and Li Ge had already grown accustomed to this and acted as if they did not see it.

“What do you mean when you say that a Bronze-ranked beast is stronger than a normal beast of the same level by a level? Then, how much stronger are Silver-ranked and Gold-ranked beasts compared to normal ranked beasts?” Yue Yang had not went to school before, and was not familiar with the common knowledge of beasts in this world. He was afraid that Yue Bing would be suspicious, and did not dare to ask her about these types of common knowledge. If the tragic guy had already known all this basic information, then Yue Yang would be exposed if he asked her these questions.

Of course, Yue Yang knew that Bronze-ranked beasts were stronger than normal ranked beasts, and that gold and silver were stronger than Bronze-ranked beasts. But with regard to how much stronger, he really did not know.

How were the beasts’ strengths defined?

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