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LLS Chapter 539 – Trap Domain? It is nothing much!

Chapter 539 – Trap Domain? It is nothing much!
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Cang Yan’s presence changed slightly, great waves rose in the grey domain.

Tigerman who was suppressed by Gui Cang Sword in midair was thrown high into the sky. Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing felt incredibly embarrassed. They could not even defeat the Heaven Ranked Level 3 Tigerman, while Yue Yang, who had not yet stepped into the Heaven Ranked, actually pushed him to the point that he needed Heaven Ranked Level 5 Cang Yan to assist him.

Yue Yang’s eyes flashed, taunting his enemy. He concealed the condensed Gui Cang in his hands.

He raised his hand and hit Tigerman’s neck with Whip of Agony formed from Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus. Even though the damage was not huge, it was enough to slow Tigerman down.

Huang Quan did not really understand, why does Yue Yang want to fight with Tigerman in close proximity?

In terms of realm, ability and body, Yue Yang was far from Tigerman’s level. Why must he fight with Tigerman in close combat?

“Howl!” Tigerman who turned into a monster roared at the skies. The soundwave exploded outwards, shattering the whip that Yue Yang was hitting him with. Even though Yue Yang had the Nirvana Flame armor and Innate Invisible Qi, he was hit with dizziness and his body was swaying. Even so, Tigerman did not dare attack Yue Yang. He only opened his mouth to puff out a thick black smoke. In the dense smoke, a tiger shaped monster that was hidden behind the smokescreen pounced at Yue Yang, waving its claws.

“Spears of Light!” Huang Quan opened his eyes wide, and shot out almost 100 spears of light from his pupils. At almost light speed, it shot through the tiger-shaped monster behind the smoke screen.

Light and dark were extremely incompatible.

Huang Quan was confident that his Spears of Light was able to instantly kill that ‘ghost tiger’ that was hidden behind the smoke screen.

However, something strange happened……. It was as if those spears of light did not touch anything and directly passed through the body of the ghost tiger. There was no damage at all. That ghost tiger continued to pounce at Yue Yang, the sharp claws that clawed out from the smokescreen was even able to cut through air as the wind gave a terrifying hiss.

Not only was Huang Quan stunned, even Fen Tian and Yun Xing were shocked.

It was obviously a ghost tiger, why was his Spears of Light ineffective?

Time did not permit them to mull over it. When the ghost tiger was about to finish Yue Yang who was still in a daze, a blazing ball of fire rose from Yue Yang’s body. This was not Nirvana Flames. It was a beast that possessed elements like burning flames, smoke, storm, lightning, ghost and spiritual attributes. She was one of Yue Yang’s Guardian Beasts, the Spirit of Earth Fire!

While the Spears of Light could not even touch the ghost tiger, once the Spirit of Earth Fire appeared, she flung the ghost tiger away.

Only she was the same kind of beast like ghost tiger was.

Even though the ghost tiger was much stronger than the Spirit of Earth Fire, the Spirit of Earth Fire was not afraid and was not injured. She was not very intelligent, instead, she mostly fought based on her instinct.

The ghost tiger was easily able to tear her body into a million pieces, but Spirit of Earth Fire’s body was able to recover in a split second. As long as Nirvana Flame that was her source of life was still burning, she would never disappear. As long as her owner Yue Yang did not die, she would never really die. What ghost tiger was destroying was just her elemental form. This sort of attack had the same effect Spears of Light had on ghost tiger just now, it was completely ineffective……. The only way ghost tiger could cause damage to Spirit of Earth Fire was by engulfing this enemy that would never die.

Spirit of Earth Fire was doing this exact thing.

She did not care that the ghost tiger was stronger than her by a hundred times, she was making use of Nirvana Flames to suck up her opponent’s energy bit by bit.

Even if ghost tiger did not retaliate, if she wanted to completely engulf the opponent, she would most likely need three days and three nights.

The ghost tiger was furious……

It flew around wildly, clawing at the air with its sharp claws. The flames from its mouth burned the entire sky.

No matter what property it was, it was completely ineffective towards Spirit of Earth Fire. Struggling was futile.

If it was any other beast, the ghost tiger would have swallowed it in one mouth. The problem was the origin of Spirit of Earth Fire was Nirvana Flames. No one would be able to swallow such a lethal thing.

Under such circumstances of being unable to swallow its opponent, the ghost tiger was fleeing in depression. It hoped to escape from this fight with Spirit of Earth Fire and return to its owner’s side. But in front of a delicacy, the Spirit of Earth Fire did not care about anything else. It only wanted to unleash its appetite and enjoy the meal. As for protecting its owner, Spirit of Earth Fire never even considered this problem. This was because Yue Yang had too many Guardian Beasts.

Other than the ghost tiger, Tigerman who turned into a monster also summoned another very powerful Devil-toothed Beast.

This was a strange beast that could only be found in Heaven Realm. Once it was born, it was already Gold Ranked Level 10. From then on, it would never change ranks or upgrade. It could only keep increasing in size and its ability would keep accumulating.

Their distinctive characteristic was that they could forcefully swallow and digest anything.

After turning into a monster, Tigerman’s intelligence was still the same. He summoned out the Devil-toothed Beast that was the size of a small mountain to probe Yue Yang. For a beast like the Devil-toothed Beast that had no brain and was just like a ball of meat that was able to heal in an instant, it could hold up against any attacks from a human. If Tigerman was not scared of Zhi Zun, he would not be testing Yue Yang so carefully. He would have rushed up to finish Yue Yang off immediately…… Now, Tigerman hoped to force Yue Yang away and return to Cang Yan’s side. He did not care about anything other than avoiding a confrontation with that human Zhi Zun!

“Is this all you’ve got?” A cold ray flashed across Yue Yang’s eyes. If Cang Yan had not used the power of his domain to rescue Tigerman, it would be hard to say if he could survive Gui Cang Sword’s attack. Now he still dared to summon beasts?

Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen flew out with a yawn. She was still resting, but had rushed out to face Devil-toothed Beast.

There was no one better than her to face off against the Devil-toothed Beast.

When he condensed energy in his right hand, countless runes flashed.

World Exterminating Wheel?

Tigerman and Cang Yan were both alarmed. Thankfully, even though this boy’s World Exterminating Wheel was quite powerful, there was only one way to attack with it.

Cang Yan’s presence slightly rose. Tigerman felt a stream of energy enter his body and his battle power increase by multiple times. He was delighted and his confidence elevated. Even though he did not dare enter close combat and defend against the World Exterminating Wheel’s chops, Tigerman waved his sharp claws and tail to send tens of Invisible Air Blades, that could cleave metals and crush rocks, at Yue Yang to disturb the process of his condensing.


Cang Yan was suspicious of how Yue Yang did not even try to avoid the attack. Could it be that the attack of Gui Cang Sword was a fake? And, its true purpose was just to test them?

The extremely experienced Cang Yan suddenly had such a thought. Just now, Yue Yang was only trying to test the enemy’s limit and the control of his own domain. The real attack was going to come……

“Come back!” Cang Yan shouted to summon Tigerman back, but it was too late.

A giant rune wheel was condensed from Yue Yang’s hand. It was extremely similar to but still different from the World Exterminating Wheel.

When this giant rune wheel appeared, just like Night Empress’ Starry Sky Domain, the entire room came under Yue Yang’s control. All of Cang Yan’s domain power was stripped off. Within ten metres of this giant rune wheel, there was nothing that could affect it. Different from Starry Sky Domain, other than possessing Yue Yang’s will, this giant rune wheel possess a special power and will. It could not be negated by anything or any power.

Its existence was just like the birth of an entire universe.

It had existed since the beginning of everything.

When Cang Yan saw that the World Exterminating Wheel had changed, he cried out in shock with he saw this the giant rune wheel: “Eternal Wheel? Oh no!”

With Yue Yang as the center, countless runes quietly floated around him. After they formed the Eternal Wheel, they kept their original form. It was as if they have been like so since ancient times, and would still continue to exist like that even in the distant future forever……. This was the might of the Eternal Wheel. There were no external power in this world that could affect it.

It was the exact opposite of World Exterminating Wheel. One could exterminate everything, the other would remain eternally.

Yue Yang had long inherited the World Exterminating Wheel and the Eternal Wheel. He was just more familiar with using the World Exterminating Wheel, and felt that World Exterminating Wheel caused greater damage. He did not have much time to practice using the Eternal Wheel until the Scarlet Emperor escaped from his seal.

Scarlet Emperor’s extreme speed and protection from his Divine Equipment made it impossible for Yue Yang to even hit him.

Later, Yue Yang thought of using the Eternal Wheel.

It was then did he understand, the 2 wheels had to be used together. No matter which one, there was no way to use them to their maximum if used alone.

Tigerman realised that he was at the edge of the Eternal Wheel. He could not move an inch. Frightened out of his wits, he could only watch as Yue Yang raised the black Gui Cang Sword and flew over.

Not to mention escaping, it was even impossible to call for help.

Cang Yan sent out a black gas, but he did not help Tigerman. As for the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King that only had one eye left, it did not have any intention to fight Yue Yang that was protected by Nirvana Flames. It could only feel fear instinctively. Compared to the Eternal Wheel and the World-Exterminating Wheel, it was more afraid of Nirvana Flames. Nirvana Flames was the bane of its existence.

“Watch out! They say that Cang Yan had an ability that can explode someone’s corpse!” Huang Quan suddenly remember this, and quickly reminded Yue Yang.

“Even so, I must kill.” Even though the Gui Cang Sword was not much larger than chopsticks, it was extremely powerful. The first time the black Gui Cang was used, it bore through Tigerman’s forehead. Not only did it bore through the brain, even Tigerman’s hardest horn was cut off.

“Interesting.” Zhi Zun did not show any surprise at Yue Yang’s World Exterminating Wheel and Eternal Wheel, but instead showed interest in Gui Cang.

Gui Cang Sword could also bore through the head in one go.

Even though it was not as powerful as the black bullet, she could see the potential of this Divine Sword.

Just at his current realm, Yue Yang was able to use Gui Cang Sword to almost the same power as her black bullets. If he levelled up to Elder Innate, what power would Gui Cang Sword possess? The answer was obvious!

At the same time Yue Yang killed Tigerman, a terrifying shock wave that was 100 times stronger than a volcanic eruption burst from beneath Tigerman’s feet…… In almost the same instant, Zhi Zun looked through Cang Yan’s domain and deeply muttered: “So it was only just small tricks to deceive people. It was just the [Trap Domain] that needed something from the outside as a trigger!”

Not to mention Zhi Zun, even Night Empress’ voice held a tinge of delight: “How fortunate, it needs something to trigger it. It had frightened me for a minut there but it seems that it’s not much!”

The ghost tiger that was connected to Tigerman howled in pain.

At the same time, a glacier-like snow exploded from its body, sealing ghost tiger and Spirit of Earth Fire together in ice.

The only thing it could not seal was Spirit of Earth Fire’s source, Nirvana Flames……

At the moment when Tigerman’s body was struck, the Devil-toothed Beast’s body exploded. What it shot out was millions of golden lightning snakes in Cang Yan’s [Trap Domain]. Not to mention Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen that was within the range of the explosion, even Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing were also completely numb from the electricity.

“Chain Explosion!” Cang Yan slowly raised his right hand and pointed at the dozen Ancient Slaughter corpses on the ground.

“What?” Weng Jin and the others were stunned. If these dozens of Ancient Slaughter corpses exploded, how could anyone still survive? Cang Yan’s [Trap Domain] built upon each trigger. After three explosions, the power of the the lightning was already stronger than the initial volcanic eruption by 10 times. If dozens of Ancient Slaughter corpses exploded one after another, who else could stand it other than the most powerful human Zhi Zun?

Even Yue Yang who was protected by Eternal Wheel and Night Empress who had [Starry Sky Domain] most likely cannot withstand the explosion with a power that was a thousand, a million times multiplied.

As expected, the Heaven Ranked Level 5 Cang Yan was terrifying.

If he did not attack, it was still alright. Once he attacked, he wanted to wipe out everyone immediately……

Zhi Zun remained indifferent, as if she did not see that Cang Yan was about to start a chain explosion.

Rather, the concealed Night Empress opened her mouth: “Be born, the power of the 12 zodiacs, Aries, Starry Sky Gravity!”

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