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LLS Chapter 537 – Ray, World Exterminating Ray

Chapter 537 – Ray, World Exterminating Ray
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
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Zhi Zun killed the Sliver Armored General instantly when she struck. With this, she shattered everyone’s doubts on her as she made everyone awe at her power.

All except the mysterious man Cang Yan who still held on to his haughty attitude.

The rest of the hunters all had their expressions ashened and were intimidated by Zhi Zun.

She could even kill a Heaven Ranked Level 3 instantly?

Doesn’t this means that all other hunters, except the Heaven Ranked Level 5 Cang Yan, wouldn’t be able to defend against her and would suffer the same fate as the Silver Armored General? How powerful was this woman? Her strength is simply too unfathomable. Facing the danger of death coming from Zhi Zun, Lich, Tiger Man and the 12-Winged Angel from the hunters camp were extremely vigilant. They immediately struck together as they besieged Zhi Zun with the triangular offense tactic. They decided to use their joint power to get rid of this strong opponent!

They would definitely not be able to win by fighting against her individually.

But they were still quite confident towards flanking and killing Zhi Zun.

They wouldn’t deny that the strong opponent before them could kill them instantly if she were to strike.

But they were extremely astute… While they were shocked, they immediately judged that the achilles’ heel of this female Innate was that she was slow to strike. If the Silver Armored General didn’t underestimate her just now, he wouldn’t have waited her to finish drawing her hexagram chart, nor let her condense the terrifying black bullet made from shards of the shattered void and be insta-killed by her.

The terrifying black bullet was immensely powerful and couldn’t be defended against.

But it wasn’t hard to avoid it.

The black bullet wouldn’t be successfully condensed if they were to interrupt her.

The process required her to be fully focussed, she wouldn’t be able to completely condense it under the state of being distracted.

As the 12-Winged Angel, Lich and Tiger Man went up to her, the Ancient Slaughterers also charged towards Zhi Zun under the lead of their Beast King.

“Night Empress, don’t be modest with tackling the opponent now, go help out quickly!” Yue Yang deeply wanted to dash forward to help, but he was worried that he was not powerful enough and would become Zhi Zun’s burden instead, so he chose to request for Night Empress’ help.

“Actually I’m not a combat type… I’m not specialised at fighting, and my level isn’t high. I have just ranked up to Elder Innate Level 2 not too long ago, you think everyone improves as fast as you and Zhi Zun? Don’t worry, Zhi Zun will have a way, although I have never fought against her, I know that Zhi Zun is the direct opposite of me and similar to you. She is a combat type warrior, so she will become stronger when she meets with stronger opponents!” Night Empress didn’t reveal her power as she continued to maintain the air of mystery around her.

Her words made Yue Yang perspire profusely.

Night Empress was only Elder Innate Level 2?

His Heaven Eyes Divine Vision couldn’t see through her even though she was only Elder Innate Level 2. He couldn’t even see her when she was hidden. Compared to the Black Hell King, wasn’t she superior by miles? Not even the Heaven Ranked Level 3 Hunag Quan, Lich, Tiger Man, Angel, and Silver Armored General could escape Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision… Night Empress could keep her air of mystery so well even though her level wasn’t high, could it be due to the way she cultivates? Or could it be that she possessed certain Divine Equipment that could help to hide her status?

Yue Yang couldn’t arrive at anything and was very puzzled.

Although they conversed quite softly, Huang Quan and the rest could still hear it.

They were all upset and were so ahsamed that they wanted to bang their heads onto the wall and die…

They had just realised that there was another Ranker behind Yue Yang’s back. If they hadn’t spoken to each other, everyone would still be kept in the dark.

If this person were to be their opponent, would they still be able to survive?

“Roaaar!” The Ancient Slaughterer Beast King roared furiously at Zhi Zun. Even though she was small, she actually made it feel extremely threatened. This made it surprised and angry at the same time. It couldn’t suppress its anger any longer as it led all the Ancient Slaughterer towards Zhi Zun instinctively, indicating that it wanted to get rid this threatening opponent ahead of them.

“Go up together, kill her!” Lich, Tiger man and Angel from the hunter camp were secretly alarmed when they realised that Zhi Zun wasn’t bothered at all.

Could it be that she still had other trump cards which allowed her to be fearless towards all attacks?

But they couldn’t chicken out now, they could only brace themselves and continue the fight.

If they were to back off, they would be killed instantly once Zhi Zun managed to successfully gather the black bullet.

Nobody wished for this outcome! So other than Lich, Tiger Man and Angel, even the Black Hell King and the mysterious man Cang Yan were secretly taking precautious against Zhi Zun’s sudden attack. The battle between the two parties could start at any moment. Just as Hunag Quan, Fen Tian and the rest were thinking of retreating, they realised that they cooudnt move as a foreign feeling of losing control over their bodies emerged.

They turned pale with fright. They initially thought that it was Cang Yan activated his strange domain but it was actually caused by the Night Empress.

Night Empress’ soothing voice echoed. “Zhi Zun is going to strike soon, and it isn’t something you people can defend against, come hide in my Starry Sky Domain!”

Stars twinkled one after another.

They were brilliant like the Milky Way.

They suspended in the space a few hundred meters around Yue Yang. Although it wasn’t as vast as Cang Yan’s strange domain, it was extremely powerful as it drove his strange domain out of the starry sky easily. The mysterious man Cang Yan sensed it too as his expression changed immediately. Never had he thought that an opponent far weaker than him could actually drive out his domain… The level of shock he felt was akin to the time when the Silver Armored General was instantly killed. Everyone knew that a domain was a direct representation of its master’s power. The stronger the master was, the more powerful the domain would be.

A Heaven Ranked Level 2 woman could actually drive out his domain with her own domain?

This was simply too absurd!

This was even more ridiculous than an ant turning over an elephant! Their power differed by at least three levels but her domain could actually win against his. This was too inconceivable!

“Hmph!” Cang Yan snorted as he emitted a large amount of dark qi from his body. It shrouded the entirety of his strange domain. He shook slightly as a shock wave was instantly unleashed from Cang Yan’s body, and then it started to expand, engulfing everything like a hurricane.

The Starry Sky Domain, that was 100 meters in radius, immediately got struck head on.

It started to shrink continuously as Cang Yan’s strange domain shrouded it.

Under the dark hurricane-like shock wave, the weakest Ancient Slaughterers at Heaven Ranked Level 1 couldn’t even stand up straight as they wobbled around. The immense power of the shock wave could be seen from this. However, Yue Yang, who was in front of the blow, did not feel the slightest amount of pressure. The Starry Sky Domain had already shrunk to eighty meters but it was as steady as Mt. Tai. The domain did not shake up anymore no matter how much shock wave was unleashed from Cang Yan’s domain.

“Be born Big Dipper….” Night Empress’s voice was soft like water.

In the dark, her fair finger seemed to point at the empty void.

She appeared like a goddess, using her supreme power to create a star in the dark.

The brilliance of the star burned brightly.

A star that was exceptionally bright was born. It was located in the northen sky of the Starry Sky Domain.

An undescriable energy was channeled into the Starry Sky Domain when the star was born. The Starry Sky Domain that was initially suppressed by the other party expanded and reverted back to original.

The stars that were initially dulled in the few hundred metres of the domain once again shined with renewed vigor.

The previously strong shock wave was engulfed and was rendered useless.

This retaliation made Cang Yan’s expression ashened.

Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xin and Weng Jin in the Starry SKy Domin were all flabbergasted. Without showing herself, Night Empress, who claimed to be Heaven Ranked Level 2, could actually drive back the Heaven Ranked Level 5 Cang Yan’s domain attack directly? Could it be that everyone from the Soaring Dragon Continent were all abnormally strong freaks? How could this be possible? Forget about her managing to defend herself, she could actually retaliate and emerge victorious, this amazing performance of winning as the less powerful party made the higher levelled Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing want to smash their head onto a piece of tofu and die!

This made them too inferior!

How could they raise their head in pride again?

Yue Yang was similarly stunned. Although Night Empress claimed that she wasn’t a combat type warrior, she could drive back Cang Yan with just her domain, if the Night Empress were to use all of her power, then…

Nevermind, Night Empress was one of them.

The stronger she was, the better. The best result would be that she could fight hand in hand with Zhi Zun and get rid of the extremely arrogant Cang Yan!

On this side of the battlefield, it was a fight between domains.

On the other side, the battle had also started. The Lich, Tiger Man, Angel and the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King along side with his followed attacked Zhi Zun together.

The Ancient Slaughterer Beast King led four of his commanders, eight captains and more than ten Ancient Slaughterers. They were all ready as they opened up their mouths widely, shooting out waterfall-like fire pillars. It resulted in overwhelming flames filling up the atmosphere and towards Zhi Zun, who was floating in the air. The Lich waved its White Bone Staff to form a giant skull as it earily bit towards Zhi Zun; The Tiger Man on the other hand hurled its tiger-shaped shock wave, while The Angel used its Golden Great Sword and sent a heaven splitting sword wave, flanking Zhi Zun.

None of these attacks were defendable by a human being.

Huang Quan and the lot watched anxiously.

They definitely wouldn’t be able to defend against these attacks. And they wouldn’t be able to escape from this battle that left them little chance to run away.

Most importantly, Zhi Zun was still in Cang Yan’s strange domain, so she couldn’t even use her own domain to protect herself. In other words, Cang Yan could control his domain of power anytime and even use it to attack her…

Although Huang Quan and the lot felt that the situation was unsalvageable, it didn’t mean that Zhi Zun had no more moves.

Even Yue Yang felt that death wasn’t guranteed for Zhi Zun.

Yue Yang knew that Zhi Zun would definitely retaliate.

He was anticipating it. Zhi Zun would definitely give the most impressive counterattack. He wondered how would she react to their attacks.

“Insignificant tricks!” Zhi Zun rose 100 meters higher. When the attacks were extremely closeby, she extended both of her arms in a series of beautiful actions.

The domain Cang Yan used to restrict her shattered like the shattered void in an instant.

A burning glow that was tens of thousand times brighter than the sun was given off from her.

A giant golden light wheel appeared with her body in the center of it.

Millions and millions of rays with world exterminating power radiated out densely like light arrows and spears. It obliterated all forms of life it touched. Everyone was instantly blinded as they couldn’t see anything before them. Forget the Ancient Slaughterers that were in the center of the battlefield, even the visions of Huang Quan, Fen Tian and the lot who were hiding in the Starry Sky Domain were stolen from the brightness of the rays of light. They landed in a state of confusion.

Their minds were in a daze.

They stood in the Starry Sky Domain blindly like zombies who had lost their souls.

If not for the protection provided by the Starry Sky Domain, they would have been obliterated into thin air under the direct exposure to this world exterminating ray!

“Orochi’s ‘Divine Light’? Crap!” Yue Yang was stunned as if a computer system that had just crashed. Damn, he knew that Zhi Zun’s comeback would be impressive, but he never expected it to be so impressive!

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