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LLS Chapter 536 – Zhi Zun’s impressive appearance

Chapter 536 – Zhi Zun’s impressive appearance
Translated by: crayon
Edited by:Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Yang felt very surprised at the actions of War Tiger and Fierce Tooth.

At the same time, he felt a surge of respect for them.

Despite that they were the enemy.

Still, no matter who they were, as long as they were faithfully loyal, they would earn the respect of other people. This world would never lack of geniuses nor the mighty. What it truly lacked were subordinates like War Tiger and Fierce Tooth, who had remained loyal to their death. It’s not easy to be subservient and even harder to remain loyal to both sides. War Tiger and Fierce Tooth had chosen death instead of betrayal when they were unable to approve of Black Hell King’s beliefs.

Pain flashed in Black Hell King’s eyes. He could have prevented the deaths of War Tiger and Fierce Tooth.

But without a doubt, no matter what he did , the ending would be the same.

He did not want War Tiger and Fierce Tooth to kill themselves, but he also did not have the power to keep these two unmovingly loyal subordinates alive.

Firstly, the factions had changed but War Tiger and Fierce Tooth had refused to abandon their pride as Innates and change sides to be with the Heaven Realm arbiters; secondly, with his strength, Black Hell King had no say in matters over on this side.

“Black Hell King, you’re such a failure!” Yue Yang could not hold back his rage at the silence of this traitor of 6000 years ago and sneered at Black Hell King.

“…” Black Hell King only maintained his silence as pain momentarily shined in his eyes before it instantly disappeared.

“I am truly sincere about pledging myself to this side, please accept me.” Sky Emperor Ba Yi no longer had any care for everyone’s derision. He had already knelt down so it did not matter to him if he begged Cang Yan.

“Very well, for those who are sincere in switching allegiance, I will definitely not reject.” mysterious man Cang Yan waved his hands: ”You are 2km away from the crystal passage. If you can prove your abilities by reaching the crystal passage within 10 seconds, then I’ll take you in. Not only you, everyone has to know that I will never accept useless subordinates.”

“Yes.” Sky Emperor Ba Yi had enough confidence with his speed and believed that 10 seconds was sufficient.

“You fool…” Yue Yang was speechless.

“Shut up, leave me alone, I’m sincerely in pledging loyalty to Lord Cang Yan. Don’t drag me down, I don’t want to die together with all of you, I want to live well. I will not die here for nothing! Your human behaviors are meaningless to me. I only want to live nicely and not die a heroic death!” Sky Emperor Ba Yi angrily roared at Yue Yang. He knew that Yue Yang despised him and in truth he also despised himself. However, he had no choice. Reality was harsh.If he did not surrender, he would die. War Tiger and Fierce Tooth had died in front of him, so he was absolutely unwilling to reach this kind of end. He wanted to live and continue doing big things!

Yue Yang kept silent and Black Hell King only wanted to save himself.

Sky Emperor could only depend on himself now.

He summoned his Guardian Beasts with some other beasts and increased his power to the limit.

He levelled up without reservations to the peak of Innate Level 10, just to take a chance at his life… At the wave of the mysterious man Cang Yan’s hand, Sky Emperor shot out like an arrow.

The force had split the air. becoming a sonic boom.

Sky Emperor’s body streaked across the sky like a shooting star as he travelled at an extremely fast speed.

Having went all out, Sky Emperor reached the crystal passage before his 10 seconds were up. He even had time to return to his original position in 10 seconds. He sneaked a peek at Cang Yan and when he saw the admiration on Cang Yan’s face, he knelt down immediately and bowed to Cang Yan, hoping to gain favour.

“Very well, pretty good speed. I announce that you are my subordinate from now on.” Cang Yan’s words moved Sky Emperor to tears.

“I swear my loyalty to Lord Cang Yan, faithful until death!” Sky Emperor pledged his loyalty hurriedly as he raised his hand.

“Since you’re one of my men, you belong to me in entirety, including your life… now, die for me!” Suddenly, the mysterious man Cang Yan raised his right hand and clenched his fist. A giant hand appeared around Sky Emperor inside the strange domain Cang Yan created. The hand tightened around the Sky Emperor like he was just a wooden puppet and with a blood-curling scream, the Sky Emperor’s body was crushed like a wooden puppet in the hands of a giant. All his muscles and bones were crushed to mush and his body fell to the ground.

Before he could beg for mercy, Sky Emperor’s body exploded with a ‘boom’.

Blood, bones and flesh splattered across the sky.

The Silver Armor General and the other arbiters burst out in laughter like they had just seen the funniest fool in the world.

Black Hell King’s expression changed slightly but he still remained silent.

On the other hand, Fen Tian, Yun Xing and the others were burning with rage.

Even Huang Quan, who was the most cool-headed of them, widened his eyes in anger, he could not restrain himself: ”Cang Yan, you’re too much. Even if you are from a higher Heaven Realm, you shouldn’t toy and humiliate us like that!”

“You ant-like creatures, don’t be too naive.” Cang Yan mocked. ”Besides death, the only treatment you can get is humiliation. Because eternal humiliation is best matched with weaklings. Huang Quan, I’ve heard of you. You want to challenge me with your mediocre Heaven Ranked Level 3 skills? You’re overrating your abilities… When you all started the ancient war of the death arena joyously, you were doomed to this fate! To think that you still believed that we were the arbiters from Heaven Realm. I will tell you one truth before you all die! We are actually Ancient Slaughterers. The real arbiters died millions of years ago!”

“Third Young Master, we shouldn’t have doubted your words.” Huang Quan apologized to Yue Yang in remorse.

“The real death arena had already changed for the worse. Moreover, this isn’t entirely your fault.” Yue Yang knew Cang Yan and oher people were messing with them and secretly controlling the ancient war. Even he himself was forced to enter this place.

“Continue your pleas like weaklings, you all don’t have much time left.” Cang Yan taunted arrogantly.

He elevated to the top of the dome and casted 10 light pillars.

Including Sky Emperor, the dead participants from the four sides triggered the Ancient Code’s penalty again. A dozen Ancient Slaughterers appeared.

Huang Quan berated a despondent Fen Tian’s suicide attempt and looked to the calm Yue Yang: “Third Young Master, do you have any plans?”

Even Black Hell King looked curious.

He also felt that Yue Yang’s expression did not seem like a loser in despair.

The Silver Armored General roared with laughter: “Is that so? Then I’m really a little curious. You’re the successor of the Prison Emperor aren’t you? You little immature human bean sprout, hurry up and use your brain to think of a solution. Don’t you people from Soaring Dragon Continent always claimed yourselves to be smart?”

“I have no solution but I do have a pretty awesome master…” Yue Yang smiled: “If the disciples were to be bullied, the master would lose face.”

“Who was it that bullied you?” Zhi Zun’s voice rang clear across the skies.

At the sound of her voice, the Silver Armored General, who was laughing hysterically, actually fell silent like he had been slapped. His mouth gaped open but no sound came from it. He was furious, he had never been suppressed by a sound and stared angrily behind Yue Yang. He thought that Zhi Zun would appear behind Yue Yang.

Standing beside the Silver Armored General were his comrades Lich and Tiger Man.

Both shouted for him to be careful!

The Silver Armored General turned around at the warning and found a beautiful strangely-dressed human female floating behind him.

He could not see through this beauty’s ability. From her appearance, she did not feel like an Innate, but weak normal human.

Other than having a tiny six-winged angel by her side, she was no different from an ordinary human female. The Silver Armored General felt that the blast waves from one of his sneezes would be enough to kill her. What could such a puny existence do? He really wanted to extend his hand and just squeeze her to death…

At last, out of caution, he looked at Yue Yang uncertainly, as if trying to seek confirmation that this human female was the master he mentioned.

Could this woman who came to die be a sacrificial blood trap?

Would her life be exchanged for some special power?

The Silver Armored General could not figure it out.

“Is he the one who bullied you?” There was no aura of a Ranker from Zhi Zun’s physical form, she was just like a normal human. She had quickly advanced just like her last meeting with Yue Yang. Now, she had returned to her natural realm. Yue Yang could not even see the level of her abilities with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, much less the general.

“I have embarrassed you.” Yue Yang faked a miserably bullied look.

“Okay then, let’s kill him!” Zhi Zun declared.

“Ah… Does the Soaring Dragon Continent only produce funny clowns?” The Silver Armored General was startled at first but immediately burst into a laughing fit, almost rolling on the floor.

The Heaven Realm Level 3 Silver Armored General aside, even Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing were doubtful of Zhi Zun.

Even if she possessed abilities equal or higher than that of the enemy, before their large numbers, how could she kill him? Cang Yan would definitely not stand by and watch. Moreover, the enemy was not a push over thatn could be instantly killed, after all the general was still a Heaven Ranked Level 3 Ranker!

Zhi Zun slowly raised her hand.

Her slender fingers drew a strange hexagram chart.

No one could figure out her intentions and they could not see how the design was formidable other than Yue Yang who had his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision.

Yue Yang could see that where Zhi Zun’s fingers had drawn across the skies, the skies had already split open. It was not an illusion and actual cracks had actually appeared in the skies. In other words, she easily shattered the void. Yue Yang needed to reach the level of being able to summon Gui Cang and Shuang Hua to be able to do this, yet she did it with just her fingers, without condensing her powers nor with the help of any weapons.

Such ability had surpassed Yue Yang’s original mental estimation.

As Zhi Zun held the hexagram chart lightly in her hand, it instantly shattered…

Tens of millions of shards were grasped in Zhi Zun’s hands.

Cang Yan expression changed red-hot as he felt the threat from Zhi Zun’s hand.

The holy sword slashed through air, the biting cold sword qi cut through the sky.

However, Zhi Zun had already disappeared.

She appeared gracefully behind the Silver Armored General as she held a black granule on her soft palm. It was formed when the shattered void was condensed… The general quickly turned around with lightning speed but his movements were like a snail’s pace in front of Zhi Zun. With a flick of her fingers, the frightening black seed shot towards the general’s forehead.

The holy armor of the Silver Armored General was penetrated like it was thin paper.

The black seed pierced through his brain.

It burst out from the back of his head.

A tiny hole appeared in the Silver Armored General head. The hole seemed natural, like the general had been born with it in his head… He seemed like he had more to say but he swayed, then fell helplessly, kneeling on the ground. His entire body soon slumped onto the ground, the holy armor clanged sonorously at the impact with the ground.

Instant kill!

This outcome was unexpected even by Yue Yang.

The Heaven Realm Level 3 Silver Armored General actually died to an instant kill in front of Zhi Zun. Such a performance resulted in awkward silence from the crowd. Everyone who witnessed the scene were dumbfounded!

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