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LLS Chapter 535 – Surrender on your knees?

Chapter 535 – Surrender on your knees?
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The death of a teammate triggered the death penalty. The hunters would receive a greater advantage.

Yue Yang hadn’t even sat down to chat with Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian before what seemed to be the consciousness of the creator of the Ancient Code flashed in his maid again. It notified him, as the team leader, a reasonable yet unexpected piece of news. Yue Yang understood in his heart that with the blatant enticement of the interferers, there would be some Innates who would switch sides… But he just never expected it to be so fast!

Could it be that these guys didn’t even use their brains to think about reality?

Did the he threat of death rendered them brainless?

What was even stranger was why would the enemy attack so fast? They had not even tried to entice him before they began to kill people?

“What’s wrong?” Princess Qian Qian suddenly noticed Yue Yang’s abnormal expression.

“I have to go outside to look around.” Yue Yang had no idea how many people had died out there.

“Be careful.” Xue Wu Xia knew Yue Yang the best.

When Yue Yang left the Grimoire World, he found Elder Nan Gong and Emperor of the Underworld outside as well, sensing the events that was happening in the central plaza with violent emotions.

Yue Yang felt his heart lightened up upon seeing his strongest ally, Elder Nan Gong, unhurt.

As for Emperor of the Underworld, Yue Yang was also happy that he was not fooled.

This proved that Emperor of the Underworld valued teamwork and would be true to his word in addition to being smart. He was a trustworthy teammate. In front of the threat of death, in front of such a wonderful enticement, it wasn’t easy but the Emperor of the Underworld had managed to withstand temptation and stand firm.

“Little Yue Yang, I’m sorry I couldn’t convince them.” Elder Nan Gong looked down and shook his head disheartenedly.

“We are the only few left.” Emperor of the Underworld hinted that a massacre was happening at the central plaza and the chance of survival for thoses who were lured in were low.

“Those who could leave but did not leave would also leave in the end. You two rest first, I will check out the situation. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Yue Yang nodded at Elder Nan Gong and Emperor of the Underworld. With the breakthrough of his mental state as well as being secretly accompanied by Zhi Zun and Night Empress, Yue Yang left for the central plaza calmly.

Central plaza.

By this time, it had already became the site of a slaughter.

The families and friends of Fen Tian and Weng Jin were all killed. What had been left of the Ancient Warriors were also killed in this huge massacre.

The Ancient War God guarding the Eastern Heaven Realm, the 50 meter tall 12-Winged Angel and the Western Heaven Realm’s 80 meter tall Tiger-lion Man were both knocked down on the floor. The Ancient Slaughterer Beast King had brought 4 commanders and 6 captains as they ganged up to beat the War Gods until they were heavily injured and breathing to their last. Huang Quan, Yun Xing and Fen Tian desperately tried to stop the assault, hoping to save their comrades but to no avail as the arbiters had flanked them continued to attack.

The mysterious man Cang Yan emitted a special domain which enveloped the entire central plaza.

Within his domain, the weakest insect man was knocked down and heavily injured to the point of dying.

The Golden Rigid Emperor was chopped into 8 pieces.

He was the first Heaven Realm Innate to die in battle… Soaked in blood, Fen Tian fought bravely. Despite putting his life aside to intercept the attack, not only could he not save his comrade but he also placed himself in imminent danger.

“Kill me too, you god-damn liar!” Fen Tian was different from Huang Quan and Yun Xing. Turns out he had trusted Cang Yan unreservedly. However, he only received cruel deceit in exchange. He had wanted to share with his beloved wife the joy of success, but he only brought her nightmarish deceit and even her death!

“Damn it!” Although none of their loved ones were killed, Huang Quan and Yun Xing, who had chosen to trust their enemy in the end, were just as furious.

It was because of the disparity in skills and the success of the enemy’s conspiracy.

Huang Quan knew.

This was a battle that cannot be won.

All they could do was to do their best to kill the enemy, to make every effort to avenge their extreme shame and humiliation.

“Black Hell, save me!” Sky Emperor Ba Yi was still alive. His power would never have been able to keep him alive until now, but he was not the main target of the massacre. Taking a fatal hit head on from the Sliver Armored General, his face shattered, teeth hell out and stained his beautiful face with blood.

“I’m sorry, but, I can’t help you.” Confronted with the pleading of his good friend, Black Hell King turned his head away and shook his head slowly in refusal.

“I’m willing to switch to your side. Would you please, give me a chance…” Sky Emperor could not return to the Grimoire World. Under the strange domain deployed by the mysterious man Cang Yan, nobody was able to leave that easily.

“Is that so?” the mysterious man Cang Yan dismissed the plea with a wave of his hand and then, in the tone of a savior, he said: “Get on your knees and beg me.”

As a chief officer of the Guang Ming Continent and as one of the Five Emperors of the Tong Tian Tower, the Sky Emperor had never knelt in front of anyone before ever since the moment he was born.

Was it really possible to exchange his life with his humiliation and surrender?

Sky Emperor had no idea but he also had no choice… Under the stunned gaze of War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North, he knelt down, the sound of his knees hitting the cold floor of the central plaza rang out.

Humiliation filled his heart but his face remained indifferent. His tears mixed with his blood and dripped onto the floor as he bent his head and kowtowed.

To save his life, he had abandoned his honor as an Innate.

Yue Yang arrived just in time to see this scene.


Although this had nothing to do with him and the Sky Emperor was also not someone good, they were still teammates.

As one of the Five Emperors of Tong Tian Tower, it was the greatest disgrace for Sky Emperor to humiliatingly beg for his life like this. If past generation of Innates from the Soaring Dragon Continent ever find out, they would probably curse this later generation for losing their face! A warrior can be killed but not humiliated. Yue Yang did not know why Sky Emperor did it, but he knew that even if the Sky Emperor did this, Cang Yan would never let him off that easily!

Weaklings had no human rights!

No matter what the Sky Emperor did, he would never be pitied nor pardoned.

Cang Yan wanted to humiliate the Sky Emperor before killing him, to gain more satisfaction from abusing the weak.

“Sky Emperor, Sky Emperor Ba Yi, what you are doing is useless…” Yue Yang sighed sadly. Compared to the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan, the Sky Emperor’s skills were not all that bad. However, when it comes to an Innate’s pride and honor, the Sky Emperor was still far away. The Ocean Emperor chose to fight to the death even when he knew he had lost, he was unwilling to surrender. Even if he died, he would be heroic and hold his head high, to repay the grudges he owed An Xi many years back.

The Ocean Emperor Guan Lan had died valiantly.

Although Yue Yang carried out Elder An Xi’s wishes to the end and killed the Ocean Emperor, he personally deeply respected this man who had the courage to face up to his misdeeds instead of judging the man by success or failure.

Sky Emperor, was also a part of the Five Emperors of Tong Tian Tower. But he had, at the final moment, knelt to beg for forgiveness from his enemy.

This action filled Yue Yang’s heart with disappointment…

This also made Yue Yang realize that what defines a powerful Innate was not their skills but their mentality. A lamb that possessed the strength of a lion was still nothing but a lamb! Sky Emperor may be considered a was still qute strong in terms of power. Although he was not the strongest, he still had the ability to protect himself. However, instead of fighting for his life, he began begging on his knees. The Sky Emperor’s mentality had fallen to that of a weakling.

“Leave me alone. Since you can’t help me, then leave me alone!” Sky Emperor trembled abnormally in extreme pain.

Having always been at the top, he would obviously be endlessly humiliated.

Yet, when faced with an enemy he could never defeat.

What choice did he have?

Sky Emperor did not want to die here. He wanted to be alive like the Black Hell King.

“Good job, I like smart people. Now, the benevolent me will offer each and everyone of you a choice to be like him, kneel and beg!” draped in his amethyst cloak, Cang Yan spread his hands in an act of mercy, showing his willingness to accept them.

“Pooh! You god-damn liar, I want to drink your blood and skin you!” Fen Tian, who had the utmost respect for Cang Yan, could only ssee red as his eyes were shooting flames.

“This is a bloody battle that we will fight to the death.” Huang Quan was as firm as a boulder.

“Ah Hu, Feng Shi, come over!” Black Hell King called out for his two loyal subordinates.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North looked at each other.

Suddenly, both of them knelt down.

Their knees on the floor…

Comparing the representatives from the East, South, West, North Heaven realm, Yue Yang was slightly speechless. Did West Heaven Realm specialise in producing people with no backbone? So be it with Sky Emperor but even War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North knelt for forgiveness? However, it was really no surprise that they knelt since their master was originally Black Hell King. Now that Black Hell King was on the enemy camp, it was only reasonable and expected for them to switch sides. This was not completely outside of Yue Yang’s expectation.

“Hell King, Hu Tou and Feng Shi have followed you for years. We have always been loyal and never went against your wishes.” War Tiger of the East kowtowed.

“Good, now get up and come here!” Black Hell King also hated to part with his two able subordinates. It was easy to find capable people but not as easy to find loyal ones.

“We are not yet finished… Hell King, we were once your servants, everything we have had been bestowed by you. If this incident today had not occurred, we would have followed you forever and not let you down after your kindness towards us. But, we are on different sides in this battle today, so forgive us for our disloyalty. We are unable to follow you any longer, our skills and favor, we shall return them to you now… Feng Shi bids you farewell here!” Fierce Tooth of the North kowtowed and in a flash, grabbed his dagger and plunged it into his heart.

Twisting it with Sword Qi, he reached into his body and dug out his heart.

He crushed his heart to smithereens in front of Black Hell King’s confused gaze.

War Tiger of the East closed his eyes…

He increased his power explosively to his limit. He flew towards the nearest Ancient Slaughterer Captain, self-detonated and died.

Even if War Tiger of the East knew self-detonation was useless, he still choose to die in battle, instead of surrendering docilely!

They were willing to kneel to repay the favor but would never beg for their lives!
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