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LLS Chapter 534 – Yue Yang’s breakthrough

Chapter 534 – Yue Yang’s breakthrough
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Night Empress’ words shocked Yue Yang.

When did she come in?

How could he not have sensed anything? Even if it was Tong Tian Tower’s Ultimate Killer An Xi was invisible, Yue Yang could still sense him.

Now, even after Night Empress entered his Grimoire World that was entirely under his control, he was unable to sense her presence at all…… What did the mysterious Night Empress look like, Yue Yang was extremely curious. He quickly turned around to take a look at Night Empress.

Who would have thought, there was no one behind him.

“Even though your eyesight and perception seem to be quite refined, you cannot see us.” Night Empress’ words made Yue Yang sweat profusely.

It turned out that other than Night Empress, Zhi Zun was also here.

In fact, Zhi Zun was also invisible.

Even Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision could not see them…… What level were they really? What sort of invisibility trick was this? Did they borrow the power of Divine Equipment, or was this their innate skill?

Yue Yang could not get an explanation no matter how hard he tried. He only knew that both Zhi Zun and Night Empress were in front of him.

Whatever, instead of trying to figure out how the mysterious Zhi Zun and Night Empress can became invisible, he should be thinking of what strategy he could use to deal with the enemy. Yue Yang quickly pushed aside the matter of invisibility and greeted the space respectfully in front of him like an obedient kid. Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia also respectfully bowed after Yue Yang.

“There is no need for formalities, go straight into updating us all on the situation!” Zhi Zun’s voice rang out. It sounded clear as a river stream, extremely unique.

In front of Zhi Zun, even the fearless Phoenix Fairy Beauty did not dare to make a sound.

She could only hold her breath.

Southern Goblin King was very excited, you must know, Zhi Zun was her idol.

Yue Yang quickly explained the current situation of death arena. He also shared the information he got from Empress Fei Wen Li and his own speculations: “The arrival of the interferers is not a good thing for sure. Their target could very likely be us. If Jiu Xiao and Xu Kong did not escape from Prison Emperor Divine Palace, the people in Heaven Realm might not know that rankers from Tong Tian Tower have already fallen to such a disastrous state…… I suspect that it was either Jiu Xiao or Xu Kong who used my blood to begin this ancient war. It could also be Scarlet Emperor since he might have also escaped to Heaven Realm.”

“Scarlet Emperor should still be in the Soaring Dragon Continent. Compared to going to Heaven Realm, he might as well think of how to obtain the secret treasure in God’s Ruins.” After Night Empress said so, Yue Yang suddenly understood why Night Empress and Zhi Zun were so ‘late’. The reason was because Scarlet Emperor was still in Soaring Dragon Continent, with their departure, there would be no one left to guard Soaring Dragon Continent.

“Actually we have enough points already…..” Yue Yang suddenly felt that it was better for Night Empress and Zhi Zun to not come. With them gone, problems might easily arise in Soaring Dragon Continent.

“Let us not think about the Scarlet Emperor for now.” Zhi Zun urged Yue Yang to forget his concerns: “Since things have come to this, let us put our all into the fight! You have trained well, your wit and innate skills are completely unmatched. You are just too calm, and too much of a perfectionist. You are too concerned about the wins and losses. This does not mean that being resourceful is not good. It is just that a tyrant should turn his nose up at the whole world, the heavens and the ground. He should look down at the strongest in the world as blades of grass, and see tens of thousands of enemies as nothing but air, to become the Zhi Zun of this world!”
(remember, Zhi Zun is a title not a name)

Zhi Zun’s words shook Yue Yang’s heart.

Just like a strike of lightning, it lit up Yue Yang’s heart.

To be the Zhi Zun of the world.

Yue Yang had just been caught in a bottleneck, and her words completely shook Yue Yang, enlightening him.

It was as if a heavy door in his heart had been open.

Zhi Zun had easily and directly pushed open the door.

Yue Yang closed his eyes. Zhi Zun’s words aroused a completely new insight in him, his body was burning with excitement: She is right. If he was strong enough, why did he have to worry about any arrangements or any plans? When facing the ultimate power, no matter how good, how clever a plan, it was all useless! His concerns all arose because he was not strong enough. The one who was really powerful was not just strong physically, he was also strong mentally!

It was not that he was not strong……

It was just that he did not have the same powerful mindset as Zhi Zun.

This sort of mindset was not arrogance. Rather, it was a clear understanding of one’s own power. It can be said to be the real awareness of oneself.

Maybe Zhi Zun saw that he was still in the dark about his true self, and so intentionally said those words to enlighten him!

In an instant, after receiving Zhi Zun’s enlightenment, Yue Yang’s mentally upgraded in an indescribable way.

His previous mentality broke through immediately, and levelled up to a whole new level.

Yue Yang’s qi had been suppressed.

It was like a sleeping dragon.

When everyone was at a loss, Yue Yang’s qi completely exploded like a volcano.

Countless rays of splendor shone from Yue Yang’s hands, body and face. A portion of those rays naturally formed Flame Lotuses, another portion formed Frost Snowflakes. The lightning that was originally dissociated outside Yue Yang’s body suddenly shone in Yue Yang’s eyes, interweaving with each other, turning his irises a peculiar purple. His Star Explosion Domain rapidly expanded from a extremely small area into the size of a nebula, turning into constellations like an entire galaxy.

Runes started to appear on the surface of his skin,

Forming many different patterns.

As for his gift from the Phoenix Sisters, the Nirvana Flame Phoenix, it raised its head and flew towards the skies and dived down to fuse with him. It turned into Nirvana Flame Armor and Nirvana Flame Wings that were covered with a stunning phoenix motif.

This Nirvana Flame Armor and Nirvana Flame Wings were more beautiful and powerful than last time.

Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and Phoenix Fairy Beauty who had practiced [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang before could not help but float up and dance around him like heavenly maidens. They automatically entered the realm of complete synchronisation with Yue Yang. With his enlightenment, they also upgraded at the same time. Even though they did not level up as fast as Yue Yang, it was also significant fast.

Only after a long time, did Yue Yang recover from his enlightenment.

His entire aura had completely changed.

Even Princess Qian Qian and the others who have been there the whole time felt that he had completely changed. Even Yue Yang himself felt like he had become a powerful ranker.

With each movement, he could feel that he was moving with the heaven and the earth. The mysterious feeling he received when he had an enlightenment in the past was also now completely within the control. Yue Yang could not even fathom how much he had improved. What can be determined today, was that Yue Yang’s power had increased by another large step.

Now, be it the domain power or the power of the Cards of Fate, or the Innate Invisible Sword Qi, the control of the two swords ‘Gui Zang’ and ‘Shuang Hua’, Yue Yang had gained a deeper understanding in all of it. Yue Yang raised his hands, he almost could not believe the power he had now. Only now did he realise that what Empress Fei Wen Li said was all true. He was very powerful, he had only used a small fraction of that power.

Even though Yue Yang was not able to use all of his power yet, he was already completely different from a mere 10 minutes ago.

His power had greatly increased!

“Even though you might not be the most hardworking when it comes to training, but when it comes to wit and innate skill, you are definitely the best. No one can compare to you.’ Night Empress was surprised by Yue Yang’s improvement. She had never seen anyone who was able to suddenly breakthrough and level up like this.

“Even though you are not yet at the level of an Elder Innate, you can still pull through with other qualities.” Zhi Zun was also pleased with Yue Yang’s speed of growth.

Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian were embracing each other in rejoice.

Even though Phoenix Fairy Beauty appeared calm and collected, her heart was bursting with joy.

Forget the results of her battle with her sister in the past, at least with Yue Yang, she had won over her sister.

In the past, she had made up her mind to snatch Yue Yang over out of jealousy of her sister. She had planned to make him fall and become evil. But after spending a lot of time with him, not only did she fail to make him evil, she had unwittingly become attracted to him. Afterwards, she trained with him and even whet through a battle of life and death with him….. And today, they were already husband and wife. Even though that fight was pointless now, she was still in the lead.

This was the only time in her entire life that she was better than her sister.

Of course Phoenix Fairy Beauty only thought of this in her heart, she would never dare to say it out loud.

“You guys have just met after a long period of separation, I believe you guys have a lot to talk about. For now, everyone take a rest for an hour before we go out to meet the guests from Heaven Realm!” Night Empress grinned, giving Yue Yang an hour break.

Up till the end, she and Zhi Zun did not reveal themselves and only left without a sound.

Ten minutes ago, Yue Yang was completely unable to sense Night Empress and Zhi Zun.

After the breakthrough, even though Yue Yang still couldn’t see them, but he could roughly feel that not far from him, there was someone likely to be the Night Empress. As for Zhi Zun, Yue Yang realised that he still could not sense her presence. Maybe he needed to level up another time, he needed to become stronger.

What level were they?

For now, Yue Yang did not dare make any presumptions.

This was because the power Night Empress and Zhi Zun displayed had greatly exceeded Yue Yang’s imagination.

Crystal plaza.

While Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian were deep in embrace to relieve the pain of separation, Elder Nan Gong, Emperor of the Underworld and the Sky Emperor were arguing in front of the Silver Armor General.

They all held different opinions, no one could convince the other.

“The Ancient Code will not change easily. I hope everyone will not choose to side with the arbiter. After all, we are still the representatives of the West Heaven Realm.” Elder Nan Gong did not trust Sky Emperor, War Tiger and Fierce Tooth. He hope that the 20 Innates would stay behind, and not leave the team easily.

“How can you say that?” the Sky Emperor criticised him with delight and anger: “No one is strong enough. Isn’t it better to side with the arbiter for now? By leaving the team we can prevent being wiped out by the Ancient Code! Furthermore we entered this ancient arena by accident, we did not want to do this!”

“Siding with them? I refuse.” Emperor of the Underworld was the first to disappear back to his Grimoire World.

Other than Yue Yang, he would not trust anyone else.

If Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was the one suggesting it, Emperor of the Underworld might consider it for a while. But this was good news brought to them by Black Hell King, Emperor of the Underworld would not even consider it.

What kind of person was the Black Hell King? Someone who would sell him, and make him count the cash, the kind of person who was ruthless, vicious and greedy – that was the kind of person Black Hell King was! Furthermore, Black Hell King had betrayed the team and was their enemy now. How could the words of the enemy be trusted?

Emperor of the Underworld would never believe him……

But unlike Elder Nan Gong, he would never persuade his companions to stay behind. Every person had their own opinion, this sort of things could not be forced!

Just as the Emperor of the Underworld thought, when Silver Armor General promised that this was only a temporary alliance that could help them escape from the Ancient Code, all of the Innate Rankers were tempted. They bowed to Elder Nan Gong who had been protecting them the whole time: “Elder Nan Gong, we are very sorry. As you know, we are all weak and can not be of much help to the team. Rather than burdening the team, it would be better for us to leave early.”

The Sky Emperor also hit his chest and promised: “Everyone should not worry, even though I do not have the same reputation as Elder Nan Gong, I am also not a ruthless tyrant. If you are all willing to side with the arbiters, I will take care of everyone as the temporarily appointed team leader. I promise to forget all of the resentment from the past. We will work together and leave death arena together.”

Even though they did not say anything explicitly, all of the 20 Innates have already gone to stand behind the Sky Emperor.

In the face of death, they were willing to believe the words of the arbiters.

They chose to leave their team, and submit to someone else’s subordination……

What else could Elder Nan Gong say?

“Good luck to all of you!” Elder Nan Gong sighed. He knew that Yue Yang would not help them anymore, regardless of whether they could or could not escape from the Ancient Code.

Because this was also a form of betrayal.

If not for Yue Yang, all of these people would most likely be dead by now.

Even though it was smart for them to leave now, and could even be considered as wisely submitting to the circumstances, this was the worst betrayal for Yue Yang, who had persisted to fight. Elder Nan Gong knew that Yue Yang would never forgive them…… Even though he knew what Yue Yang was like, and what would the outcome be, Elder Nan Gong could still not make them change their minds. Even those human Innates that he looked out for specially, they still chose betrayal.

“I am sorry!” One of the human Innates bowed to Elder Nan Gong apologetically.

“It is okay. Actually, by this age I am already use to parting. It is regretful that we are choosing different paths. From here, you all have to take care of yourselves.” Elder Nan Gong also rejected Silver Armor General’s suggestion and returned to the Grimoire World.

Black Hell King already knew that he would not be able to pull Elder Nan Gong over.

In fact, he also knew that when Elder Nan Gong shared the news of siding with the arbiters to those Innates, it was to test their loyalty.

The results of the test was obvious, everyone failed.

A glint of mockery flashed in Black Hell King’s eyes. It disappeared quickly before the Sky Emperor and the Innates even noticed. He looked at the direction Yue Yang disappeared in and muttered: “Yue Clan’s Third Young Master will be back very soon. Everyone should leave quickly!”

By the time the Sky Emperor followed the Silver Armor General to the central plaza, there was already a crowd there. They were all the relatives and friends of Fen Tian and Weng Jin who lived in the Grimoire World. There were also many Ancient Warriors, the Ancient War Gods were especially striking. When the Sky Emperor saw that Huang Quan, Yun Xing and the Three-Eyed Tiger Man we’re all here, especially the two Ancient War Gods, he was completely relieved……

It seems that this was not a trap!

Even though it was a little embarrassing to submit to the arbiters, it was better than being dead.

Moreover, this was only temporary.

“Other than the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, Emperor of the Underworld and Elder Nan Gong from the West Heaven Realm are not here, everyone else is present.” Silver Armor General reported to the mysterious man ‘Cang Yan’.

“In that case, let us go through with the submission!” mysterious man Cang Yan waved his hand, he sounded as if he was a savior who have come to save all of them.

Sky Emperor Ba Yi was about to step forward to bow to the 12-winged Angel.

Suddenly, the 12-winged Angel, Tiger Man, Lich and even the Silver Armor General, who was standing in front of him, suddenly began a massacre. The Human Innates walking beside Sky Emperor did not react at all, and were killed by Silver Armor General’s sword in a split instant. Before the word ‘escape’ even flashed into his mind, the Sky Emperor could only see the Silver Armor General’s right hand magnifying rapidly right in front of his eyes, landing onto his face……

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