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LLS Chapter 533 – Small invisibility tricks

Chapter 533 – Small invisibility tricks
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Even though Huang Quan and the others did not receive any news that Yue Yang had new team mates, they could still sense from their presence that Soaring Dragon Continent had sent reinforcement.

In comparison, Huang Quan and the others looked to be alone in battle.

After losing their teammates, there had been no new reinforcement from north, south and east.

It was not that there were no more experts, but that none of them wanted to participate in this ancient war’s death arena given how cruel the Ancient Code was. The reason why Huang Quan and the others participated was because of the desire to obtain the Divine Equipment and increase their power.

Going by their abilities, could they be said to be the strongest rankers to represent north, south and east?

Definitely not!

“I will give you guys 10 minutes…… Gather all your teammates! What I hope to see is a truly fair match. I do not want to see too many outstanding juniors die in this meaningless battle! The purpose of this ancient arena was not to wipe out the rankers in the lower levels, but to produce more elites through such battles. You all have mistaken death arena’s purpose…… You all are the most outstanding existences. I hope that you will all strengthen yourselves during the battle, instead of wrongly fighting each other.” The mysterious man cloaked in an amethyst cloak spoke with a tone that seemed to bemoan the state of everyone on the battlefield. When he raised his hands, he calmed all of the violent Ancient Slaughterer Captains, Commnades and even the Beast King. A soft light spread out from his hand like moonlight. All of the irritable Ancient Slaughterers sat down quietly, obedient like small dogs.

After this mysterious man stretched out his hand, Huang Quan and the others were all convinced.

They could not help it.

The Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was a strong Heaven Ranked level 5 beast that could ignore everything and just attack everything.

But, when this man just stretched out his hand, it was pacified, without even any resistance, what did this prove?

If this mysterious man attacked everyone, no one, not even the strongest Huang Quan could withstand a single hit.

Around the mysterious man, there were 4 Heaven Ranked Level 3 rankers. In the east, was a 12-winged angel. He was shorter than the Ancient War God and was only around 3 meters tall. He held a Golden Sacred Sword, with a majestic presence that was pure and holy. In the west, was a general donned in silver armor who was slightly taller than a human. He looked extremely human and his imposing manner was like a war god that controlled tens of thousands of soldiers, with incomparable might. In the south, was a huge tiger man whose bare upper body was extremely built like a white horse. He was five meters tall with defined muscles. His body was covered with extremely unique battle scars. In the north stood a Lich, whose entire body glowed with an eerie light. He held a White Bone Staff, and his eyes glowed with a blinding red light.

With only the ability of these 4 interferers, they are likely able to wipe out everyone in the entire death arena.

“Forgive Huang Quan’s boldness, but are you, are you the Senior Shi Feng from the Central Palace?” Huang Quan suddenly bowed towards the amethyst cloaked mysterious man.

“Is Shi Feng the only one famous among everyone from the Central Palace?” The mysterious man denied his identity.

“Then you must be Senior Cang Yan……?”

Fen Tian begun excitedly salute: “I am from the North Heaven Realm’s Fire Clan, Burning Sun City Master’s Third Disciple Fen Tian, pays my respects to seniors!”

The mysterious man nodded his head slightly in response.

With his acknowledgement, other that Yue Yang and Black Hell King, those such as Huang Quan, Yun Xing were all in shock. What did Central palace was to Heaven Realm, they who have trained in Heaven Realm where very clear. The Central Palace did not belong to any sect, but all of its members were picked from the the most elite rankers from each sect in Heaven realm. To be a member of Central Palace was the greatest honour for any ranker.

The Central Palace was also a unique organization that any disciple from all sects could join without leaving their original sect.

There were so many powerful people, that it was extremely mysterious.

This was the more accurate description of Central palace.

Not to mention outsiders, even the members of Central Palace did not know how many people were part of the it……

When Huang Quan and the others all heard Cang Yan’s name, they were all in shock. Weng Jin and that Gold Rigid Emperor were also strangely agitated. This was because even though this mysterious man ‘Cang Yan’ was a Ranker of the Central Palace, he was the pride of North Heaven Realm since he was been born there.

Strictly speaking, to Fen Tian and Weng Jin, Cang Yan was their senior!

Huang Quan and Yun Xing secretly exchanged looks. It was not good that a senior from Fen Tian’s North Heaven Realm was here as the arbiter.

Now, they could not even hope to obtain the Divine Equipment.

They could only hope to leave safely.

Towards all that was happening before him, Yue Yang was unmoved.

What he was concerned with was his new teammates…… Once his new teammates entered the crystal plaza, they followed the agreement Yue Yang sent to Hai Yingwu in his message to quietly enter their Grimoire World and wait for Yue Yang there.

Yue Yang now understood.

Those that have come were all on his side, and not reinforcements for Black Hell King or the Sky Emperor.

As for whether it was Night empress and Zhi Zun who had come, Yue Yang was still not 100% sure. This was because with the effect of the Heaven Realm interferer’s presence and how they had quickly entered thier Grimoire World, Yue Yang was almost unable to sense his new teammates’ presence at all. But still, there was one thing Yue Yang was sure of. Princess Qian Qian was here. This was because Yue Yang had strong telepathy with the Prison Emperor Divine Sword she was carrying.

Even though it was Princess Qian Qian who was using the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, this Divine Sword actually recognizes Yue Yang as its owner.

It was only because of the last wish of Prison Emperor’s remaining soul, that caused it to be wrongly passed to Princess Qian Qian.

“It does not matter where the arbiter comes from, he will be fair to all parties. You all bring all of your teammates here, those that do not have enough ability to join the battle can be under our protection for now. This will prevent elimination by the Ancient Code due to not having enough points. After the Divine Equipment chooses its owner, everyone will be brought away from the death areana by the arbiters. Only those with sufficient ability to participate, no matter which party, the arbiter would fairly supervise without any form of bias.” Mysterious man ‘Cang Yan’ put forth a professional front, and generously guaranteed to get rid of everyone’s problem of being eliminated by the Ancient Code from the lack of points.

“……” Huang Quan and Yun Xing were skeptical.

They felt that things went uphill too quickly, too smoothly.

In fact, they seemed different from the interferers Yue Yang mentioned earlier. Who should they believe? They could not decide!

“Thank you Senior Cang yan!” Fen Tian, Weng Jin and Gold Rigid Emperor chose to believe without a single doubt, and bowed gratefully.

They were now brimming with confidence.

Even though this was supposed to be a fair battle, but since the arbiter came from the same home town, it was still better than him coming from elsewhere. At least the Northern Heaven Realm did not have to worry about being unfairly treated.

Huang Quan actually wanted to say something to Yue Yang, but Yue Yang pretended not to hear anything.

He communicated silently.


Of course, Yue Yang knew that all this speak of fair supervision were all bullshit! It did not matter if this mysterious man was Cang yan from Central Palace, even if he was, he was here not to save them, but to kill them. Were they really so great? That they would actually come to the death arena from Heaven Realm just to save people? Impossible! Even if he had not went into the Black Hole Space to ask Empress Fei Wen Li, Yue Yang would never believe that Cang Yan and the others were arbiters. Not to mention, Yue Yang already knew the true identity of these arbiters.

To Huang Quan and his party, Yue Yang could openly warn them.

However, his warning might not be effective. Huang Quan and his party might not believe him.

By doing so, Yue Yang was inviting trouble for himself.

He would become everyone’s target.

As they say, save oneself first!

Before Yue Yang could ensure his safety by 100%, he would never open his mouth to expose the tricks of ‘Cang Yan’.

Cang Yan definitely was not here with well intentions. Before they could communicate with Black Hell King that betrayer and set him as their target, he had to slip back safely for now to meet up with Night empress and Zhi Zun. As for how the battle will go later, Yue Yang needed to rethink his strategy because these Heaven Realm interferers had arrived earlier than he thought.

Seeing Yue Yang teleport away as fast as he could, Black Hell King’s eyes shone.

He appeared to have come to a decision.

He chased after Yue Yang quickly.

“Ba Yi, Tiger and Feng Shi, all of you come out!” Black Hell King did not attack Yue Yang, but only followed him at a distance while he called out to the Sky Emperor and his two subordinates.

Yue Yang did not care that Black Hell King sent his friends and subordinate to die. But if War Tiger of the East, Fierce Tooth of the North and Sky Emperor believed the Black Hell King, they deserved to die! Yue Yang used both hands to draw a unique rune circle made from Heaven Runes and sent it to the top of the dome.

After receiving this agreed-upon signal, a splendor shone in the sky.

Princess Qian Qian that was carrying Prison Emperor Divine Sword and Xue Wu Xia who was holding on to Gold-ranked ancient book appeared before Yue Yang.

Seeing the two women arrive, Yue Yang was both surprised and delighted: “Why are you guys here? Didn’t I forbid you two from coming?”

Even though he appeared to be blaming them, his arms pulled them into a tight embrace.

It had been a long time.

Yue Yang really missed them so much……

He originally wanted to ask ‘where were Night Empress and Zhi Zun’ before he noticed Xue Wu Xia waving her hands drawing a secret signal, and so he did not ask.

He suppressed the mad delight in his heart.

Night Empress and Zhi Zun had already came.

It was just that they had a certain plan, and did not want to reveal themselves to the enemy just yet!

When she saw Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian put down any front she had for him and threw herself into his arms. She was completely unwilling to let go of Yue Yang, as if that if she let go, Yue Yang would disappear. Her eyes were slightly red, her lips were trembling slightly, words stopping at the tip of her tongue. Yue Yang held her little face, wanting to see whether this tigress had changed in any way after not seeing her for so long. She suddenly bent her head to bite on Yue Yang’s shoulder hardly with her silver teeth: “Fool, why did you come here? We were all worried sick!”

Xue Wu Xia was calmer. Seeing that Black Hell King was approaching them with ill-intentions, she quickly reminded: “Let us talk after we go back to the Grimoire World!”

Under the guidance of Xiao Wen Li, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia entered the Grimoire World.

The Silver Armor General that represented the Western Heaven Realm arbiter flew here at a high speed.

“Wait a minute…..”

Without waiting for his voice to even reach their ears, Yue Yang and the two ladies have returned to the Grimoire World.

No matter what flowery words the enemy had, don’t think that Yue Yang would even believe a single word. To believe the enemy’s words was the same as digging one’s own grave!

Black Hell King almost completely disregarded Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia’s strength. But as for Princess Qian Qian’s Prison Emperor Divine Sword, he could not help but shudder at the sight of it. He knew better than anyone else how terrifying this Divine Sword was! Now that Yue Yang had the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, and with the arrival of the Heaven Realm arbiters, Black Hell King was having a huge headache!

Back in the Grimoire World, Yue Yang could wait no longer and asked Xue Wu Xia: “Where are Night Empress and Zhi Zun?”

“We have always been behind you!” Suddenly, Night Empress’s voice came from behind Yue Yang: “To avoid being detected by that ‘Cang Yan’, we used some small tricks to hide ourselves.”

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