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LLS Chapter 532 – A new team members has arrived, who is it?

Chapter 532 – A new team members has arrived, who is it?
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Empress Fei Wen Li was sealed within the Black Hole Space and Yue Yang couldn’t think of a good way to bring her out temporarily.

But she had been in deep sleep for 10 thousand years, so she didn’t mind waiting for a while more.

Yue Yang returned back to the Grimoire World after leaving the Black Hole Space.

Although Phoenix Fair Beauty and Jiang Ying felt that Yue Yang’s actions were strange, they pretended not to know anything when Yue Yang didn’t tell them anything. They didn’t try to probe further. After learning various information about the death arena, Yue Yang didn’t wait further as he decided to attack. He continuously harassed the Ancient Slaughterer in the central plaza. With his power, he couldn’t kill the Ancient Slaughterer in front of the the Black Hell King and the Beast King… But due to his harassment, all the Ancient Slaughterer hated Yue Yang to the bones, so they would roar crazily when they see him. They were almost hysterical. If not for the beast king, who suppressed them, they would have chased after Yue Yang at all cost.

“What does this guy have up his sleeves?” the Black Hell King knew that there would be certain motives behind Yue Yang’s actions. He would never have done it out of boredom.

But the Black Hell King couldn’t fathom what Yue Yang’s intention was.

He didn’t have any good plans to stop Yue Yang’s harassment towards the Ancient Slaughterers.

The Black Hell King didn’t even wish to hinder Yue Yang.

Because he was afraid that Yue Yang’s true intention was to trick him and subsequently kill him, he wouldn’t land himself in danger no matter what happens.

An hour passed.

Although Yue Yang’s attacks only caused very slight injuries, the Ancient Slaughterers lost control and became restless under Yue Yang’s harassment.

They, who lacked intelligence, didn’t know that it was a scheme as they hated Yue Yang the human being who beat them and immediately escape whenever he was near them. Their eyes would even shoot fire when they see Yue Yang. In fact, no one could match up to Yue Yang’s harassment skills. Yue Yang would condense Nirvana Flame arrows and shoot towards the Ancient Slughterers, lightly injuring them every time. Yue Yang would never pick a fight with them. This made the Ancient Slaughterer felt their pride were hurt.

Under the harassment, even the Beast King couldn’t sit still.

The Ancient Slaughterers that couldn’t fly could only chase after him with futile effort.

Sometimes,Yue Yang would recklessly fly within them as he skillfully dodged their humongous body, causing them to be agitated and knock onto each other, and therefore further incensing them.

Now the Black Hell King finally understood.

Yue Yang wanted to make the Ancient Slaughterers agitated and lose their cool. He wanted them to attack each other, and use them to reduce the number of Ancient Slaughterers. The Black Hell King also suspected that while Yue Yang was trying to weaken the Ancient Slaughterers, he was also looking for an opportunity to kill him…

But what can he do even if he found about about Yue Yang’s scheme?

The Black Hell King simply could not think of an idea to deal with Yue Yang.

His harassment tactic was just too shameless, the Black Hell King could follow his footsteps, but one problem was that Sky Law was still around, waiting for the Black Hell King to fall into their trap.

“Good idea!”

Huang Quan and the rest realized that Yue Yang had successfully harassed the Ancient Slaughterers. They suddenly realized this and praised Yue Yang tremendously.

They also followed Yue Yang’s lead and did the same thing.

After injuring a few Ancient Slaughterers together, Huang Quan and the rest were more proactive as they protected each other and took turn to fight against the Ancient Slaughterer consecutively, leaving no gaps at all. This incensed the Ancient Slaughterers. Without possessing any intelligence, they would attack anyone who appeared before them with bloodied eyes. They would chase after the opponents and none of them were willing to stay put in the central plaza anymore. the Black Hell King was secretly apprehensive, but what he could only do was to follow Yue Yang around in the dark, and try as much as possible to prevent Yue Yang from luring them into his Grimoire World.

Apart from Yue Yang, the Black Hell King believed that no one else would use this method to kill the Ancient Slaughterer.

Yue Yang was even more threatening than Huang Quan now.

The Black Hell King would rather ignore Huang Quan and the rest and follow Yue Yang around. He didn’t dare to be complacent… This guy would jump at every opportunity to cause trouble, so he could turn the tables anytime, how could the Black Hell King be lax about it?

One day passed by unknowingly.

After the deadline on the third day, ten more Ancient Slaughterers descended from the sky. And Yue Yang who had been harassing the Ancient Slaughterers for three days only managed to find a chance to kill one of the Ancient Slaughterer who ran the furthest. Yue Yang succeeded in his plans, but he wasn’t efficient enough. He only killed one while ten more Ancient Slaughterers arrived at the same time. The Black Hell King felt that he would be the last one smiling.

“We have to get rid of the the Black Hell King, with him around, the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King will calm down and sober up, and as long as the beast king is around, all the Ancient Slaughterer will still listen to it. Third Young Master has a good plan, but we can’t afford to wait any longer, we have to act quickly. Does anyone have any good ideas? As long as the Black Hell King is dead, I believe that this battle would be able to progress more smoothly.” Fen Tian and the rest found Yue Yang and gathered to discuss. They felt that the best way was to kill the Black Hell King. Only when the Black Hell King is dead would their harassment tactic work and make their opponent lose their mind.

“Hard.” Yun Xing was concise as usual. He directly pointed out that his idea wasn’t feasible.

“Would you like to share your thoughts with us Third Young Master?” Huang Quan knew that Yue Yang had reasons for doing it, since he would not shoot without aim.

“The Ancient Slaughterers aren’t very scary. The Black Hell King is the same, he could only grit his teeth in the dark as we gather together… My only concern is the interferer sent down from the Heaven Realm. I guess they will be around Heaven Ranked Level Three.” Yue Yang revealed the secret deliberately.

“Interferer” Huang Quan and the rest’s responses made Yue Yang realised that they didn’t know about the existence of the interferer from the Heaven Realm.

“I heard it goes like this…” Yue Yang told them what he heard from Empress Fei Wen Li with a little alteration. He had portrayed the interferer from the Heaven Realm as evil bastard. Taking advantage of the fact that no one knew who they were, Yue Yang continued to bluff them.

“Ah!” Huang Quan and the rest gasped when they heard Yue Yang.

Due to the pressure from the oncoming interferer, Huang Quan and the rest started to get scared as they decided to attack the Black Hell King with all their might. They planned to kill the Black Hell King before the interferer arrived.

They had to corporate with Yue Yang to kill a few more Ancient Slaughterer at the very least.

If not they would all be dead meat when the the interferer descends.

Huang Quan and the rest gave their all in attacking the Black Hell King without reserving any of their power. The Black Hell King couldn’t withstand it as he went to hide beside the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King temporarily. After realizing that Yue Yang and Huang Quan attempted to kill him numerous times, the Black Hell King returned back to his Grimoire World and decided not to fight against them at all. In the instant where he left the central plaza and entered his Grimoire World, Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Charm Demon Queen took the opportunity to appear and lured all the twenty crazed Ancient Slaughterers into her Grimoire world.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty had already shifted all her valuables from her Grimoire World into Yue Yang’s, so even if the Ancient Slaughterer were to wreck everything crazily, Phoenix Fairy Beauty would not feel any heartache.

“Goddamn…” the Black Hell King realised that one third of the Ancient Slaughterers were gone when he was away for ten minutes.

“You are the one who’s damned!” Huang Quan unleashed all of his power to Innate Level 3 to attack the the Black Hell King. The four Ancient Slaughterers who were initially the the Black Hell King’s bodyguards were lured away by the three eyes tiger man. Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing and Yue Yang worked together and attacked the the Black Hell King. They aimed to defeat him before the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King arrives.

“Awwoooo!” The Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was lured away by the Phoenix Fairy Beauty too.

Charm Demon Queen continued to lure the opponent into her master’s Grimoire World.

The Black Hell King was super anxious but he didn’t dare to fight with them easily.

As compared to the Ancient Slaughterers, his life mattered more.

Moreover, the Black Hell King still had confidence. Because even if all the Ancient Slaughterers were killed there would still be three Heaven Ranked Level 3 Ancient Slaughterer Commanders and a Heaven Ranked Level 5 Ancient Slaughterer Beast King… No matter how powerful Yue Yang’s Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel might be, he wouldn’t be able to kill the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King as the gap in power between the two was too huge.

“You guys are working for the benefit of the Third Young Master, he has already killed so many Ancient Slaughterers and has gained enough points, but what about you guys? Congratulations for becoming the stepping stones in his path to obtaining the Divine Equipment!” The the Black Hell King didn’t forget to sow discords before he returned back to his Grimoire World.

“Blabbering bastard!” Yue Yang awarded the Black Hell King with a painful whip but the six thousand years old traitor wasn’t hurt by this at all.

“Third Young Master, what do we do now?” the three-eyed tiger man realized that the Ancient Slaughterers felt threatened as they let out reasonants roars when the Charm Demon Queen used her mesmerization to lure them into the Grimoire world. They were calling for their commander and six captains that couldn’t be lured.

They were very bonded and left Yue Yang no opportunity to lure them again.

They would take turns to shoot out burning flame whenever Yue Yang flew near them. They would also dodge together, splitting up and sticking together again. Yue Yang and Huang Quan weren’t able to kill them when they bonded together with each of them possessing strong powers. Additionally, with the occasional observation of the Black Hell King, the tired Huang Quan suggested for everyone to return back to the Grimoire World and fight again after resting for a day.

Just when everyone thought that their plan had succeeded and they could turn the tables, five rays shot down from the sky.

The light pillar in the center was as exaggerated as the time the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King arrived. It was even more ridiculous in fact.

The golden rays lit up the entire central plaza as all creatures in it looked as if they had seen a golden lining on them. Although the person in the middle who descended was clad in a purple glamorous cloak and didn’t show his face, his underlying power shocked everyone.

Another Heaven Ranked Level 5 existence… And he wasn’t of low intelligence like the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King.

He definitely possessed intelligence.

And only intelligent creatures could use words to quell the worries from both sides: “Don’t worry everyone, I will not interfere your fight in any way, I’m only here as a arbiter to make this game fairer.”

Huang Quan and the rest were euphoric when they heard it.

Luckily, the person who came from the Heaven Realm wasn’t a new opponent but an arbiter!

They couldn’t completely believe that the person who came was an arbiter. But before the situation gets worse, they’d rather believe that this person who came from the Heaven Realm was one!

Yue Yang wasted no time as he hid Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Charm Demon Queen into his Grimoire World. Empress Fei Wen Li’s words were ringing beside his ears: “If you see a Heaven Ranked Level 4, 5 or even stronger Heaven Realm Innate descend, quickly retreat. Going by your current ability, if you do not have a strong support, your possibility of winning against them is very small. Also, they definitely intend to kill you!”

The interferer From Heaven Realm had already arrived, and they definitely were coming for him….

Luckily, he managed to convince Huang Quan and the rest to previously lead thirty Ancient Slaughterer into Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Grimoire World. So, even if he couldn’t finish killing all of the Ancient Slaughterers, he wouldn’t risk being killed by the Ancient Code.

The interferer from Heaven Realm was here.

The situation had become more serious now, why weren’t Night Empress and Zhi Zun here yet?

Just when Yue Yang decided to return back to his Grimoire World and never come out again, a mysterious information filled his mind. “New team members have joined…

Yue Yang was excited. An indescribable sense of sanguinity overcame him. Night Empress and Zhi Zun finally came, they didn’t ignore his pleads for help!

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