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LLS Chapter 531 – 500 billion? What a frightening bounty!

Chapter 531 – 500 billion? What a frightening bounty!
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
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Black Hole Sealed Space.

“Death arena?” After Empress Fei Wen Li listened to Yue Yang’s account of what had happened, she smiled sweetly: “No need to keep guessing, I am sure someone is causing mischief in the dark. Someone used your blood to start the ancient war, making you the team leader of the death arena and forced you to join this battle…… Actually, strictly speaking, this is not only a ruthless battle, it is also a desperate battle. In ancient times, Heaven Realm and the world of mortals were linked. Even the Rankers from Heaven Realm often participated in the battle at death arena…… As for the Supreme Innates, accumulating 100 points was not a difficult thing to do. The harder part was how they could hunt the enemy, or even to escape from the hands of a powerful enemy!”

“Someone used my blood to start the ancient war?” Upon hearing this, Yue Yang frowned.

“If up till now, no one from Tong Tian Tower has reached Heaven Realm, then the person who began this ancient war is definitely your enemy such as those who escaped from Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

Yue Yang estimated that if it wasn’t Xu Kong, it would have been the mysterious Jiu Xiao.

During the fierce battle at the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, they must have collected his blood.

And then, they used his blood to begin this ancient war.

This also explained why he was the leader instead of the stronger Black Hell King. Also, it was practically impossible for him to begin the ancient war since he had never been to Heaven Realm. This must have been because of either Xu Kong or Jiu Xiao.

The problem was, if it really was them creating mischief, things would be even more complicated.

How would the enemy only set a single trap?

Obviously Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao were not the kind to let Yue Yang off easily when he had such immense potential. Their scheme will definitely develop over time.

“After Black Hell King betrayed us, the situation has become very dire. I wish to understand the weakness of the Ancient Slaughterers, or the different rules of ancient arena.” At this critical point, Yue Yang was going to skip all the formalities and ask the main questions.

“It is very easy to kill Ancient Slaughterers. Such creatures of low intelligence are not to be feared. Even the Ancient Slaughterer Commanders and Beast King are not much of a threat to you. On the other hand, you have to be careful of the betrayer Black Hell King. I feel that if he was not very certain, he would not have betrayed. He must have something else up his sleeve.” Empress Fei Wen Li muttered to herself quietly, and said: “Actually, what you really have to worry about is not the Ancient Slaughterers Beast King nor the Black Hell King. You should worry about the Heaven Realm Innates that come down from Heaven Realm……”

“What?” Yue Yang was shocked. Even Heaven Realm would send their Innates?

“Heaven Realm Innates could appear as the sixth party. They are not allies of any of the four parties, but they are also not the hunters. However, they can enter when there is an imbalance. They are the interferers.” Empress Fei Wen Li nodded her head.

“What the, right now we cannot even win. Now that they will come in to interfere, are they trying to kill everyone?” Yue Yang was sweating profusely.

“In the past, humans were very strong. Under Tong Tian Tower, the humans of Soaring Dragon Continent, the demon clan from Demon Abyss and the Shan Ze Fairies of the Heaven Stairway were the three strongest clans. Any warrior from these clans were able to disturb the balance between the many Ancient Slaughterers and the warriors from north, south and east. So, Heaven Realm had to send down Heaven realm Innates to interfere with the war to ensure north, south and east were not too much on the losing end.” Empress Fei Wen Li’s words made Yue Yang ashamed. Now that Soaring Dragon Continent was destroyed, if the humans did not have Night Empress and Zhi Zun, they could not even compare to north, south and east.

“In the north, south and east, are there still 3 other Tong Tian Towers?” Yue Yang asked.

“No.” Empress Fei Wen Li waved her hand, denying it: “There is only one Tong Tian Tower. It is the ‘special bridge’ between Soaring Dragon Continent and Heaven Realm. There is no such Tong Tian Tower elsewhere. The north, south and east are considered the lower levels of the Heaven realm.

“What about Heaven’s Stairway?” Yue Yang asked again.

“Heaven’s Stairway was the original world where the Shan Ze Fairies resided. It was a world that was linked to Tong Tian Tower’s first to tenth floor. It has a similar relation that Tong Tian Tower had with Soaring Dragon Continent and Demon Abyss. It formed a stable three-sided world. In the middle was God’s Ruins. Later, after the great war between Ancient Rankers, Heaven’s Stairway suffered great damage and the Shan Ze Fairies clan was almost entirely wiped out. This was why they broke off all contact with Tong Tian Tower…… As for what the situation currently is, I am not aware of it either. But I know that ten thousand years ago, the Shan Ze Fairies were extremely endangered, there were only an extremely small number of them left.” Talking about the past made Empress Fei Wen Li sigh.

“Your majesty, what level is your ability at now?” Yue Yang was very curious, just how strong was Empress Fei Wen Li?

Using Heaven Eyes Divine Vision now, he still could not see through her power even though she was at a weakened state.

From this, he knew that Empress Fei Wen Li’s ability was at a level that Yue Yang could not even imagine!

Empress Fei Wen Li smiled at Yue Yang’s question. She tactfully replied: “The me back then, strictly speaking, was the Rebel Empress that led many clans against human warriors. In Heaven Realm, I think one of the bounties amounting to 500 billion belongs to me.”

500 billion?

And a Heaven Realm bounty at that?

Hearing this, Yue Yang was close to fainting.

Tong Tian Tower’s highest bounty of 10 million was Yue Yang’s record!

This 10 million bounty was only awarded by Empress Jellyfish after Yue Yang killed the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan, and a dozen Sea Clan Innates, including royalty such as Sea Dragon Crown Prince, Sea Anemone Crown Princess to almost split apart the entire Sea Clan.

Old Man An Xi who also killed the Ocean Emperor, and millions of warriors only received a bounty of 5 million.

Receiving bounties was different from doing business. It was not difficult to earn 5 million or 10 million from doing business. But bounties had to be agreed by the elders of Tong Tian Tower Warrior’s Guild and the Innate Alliance, after they took into account of the target’s ability. It was definitely not a case of just putting any amount of bounty onto a person, there was also an extremely strict criterion. Not just millions, even a bounty of 10 thousand was impressive, even if they were not Innates they would be extremely vile and despicable lesser Innates. For example, Fatty Hai and Ye Kong they still had to prove that they had enough ability to reach a bounty of 10 thousand.

As for Zi Jin Kingdom and Black Hell Army’s bounty for them, Xue Tan Lang’s was the highest at 9500.

Tian Luo Prince, Fatty Hai and Ye Kong were all 8000.

As for Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun, whose cultivations were lacking by far, they were all below 3000……

Within Tong Tian Tower, since much of the bounty was covered by treasures, or at least treasures with gold coins, the bounty of gold coins would not be very high. But nonetheless, to have a bounty of millions would have to be those like the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian, the Black Prince, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader such levels of Supreme Innates.

A bounty of 3 million would have belonged to the Sky Emperor, Emperor of the Underworld, Ocean Emperor, An Xi, and other people with the ability of Peak Level 10 Innate.

A bounty of 5 million would be the stronger Dragon Emperor.

10 million would undoubtedly be the Black Hell King.

Only Black Hell King the betrayer of 5000 years and Yue Yang the upcoming Prison Emperor, were worth 10 million.

Deducing from here, with a bounty of 500 billion…… what was the true ability of Empress Fei Wen Li?

Not to mention whether anyone would take up this kind of assassination, just this quote was enough to scare people away. It was enough to make people tremble.

“There are too many people who want to kill me, so I think this sum is a little exaggerated. Actually I think 300 billion is more suitable.” Empress Fei Wen Li snickered. It would have been better for her to not say it, now that she said it, Yue Yang was sweating profusely. Was 300 billion not money? Moreover this 300 billion was definitely not just in cash, there were definitely treasures included. It was impossible to calculate the total sum.

“Fine, then what about the person who sealed you in this Black Space, how much bounty was he worth?” Yue Yang tried to test the waters.

“I think at least 900 billion!” Hearing Empress Fei Wen Li say this, Yue Yang really fainted this time.

“Such a monster, was he really human?” Yue Yang could not imagine how could a Soaring Dragon Continent human train to such a terrifying level. In comparison, he was really weak.

“How old are you even? In comparison, the speed of your growth is unprecedented in history. If I had to give you an honest estimate, your current power could reach a bounty of 100 million. As for your potential ability that you are unable to use for now, I estimate it to not less than a billion. That is to say, your current ability is only a tenth of what you can really do. As for your future potential, it exceeds a trillion. You are stronger than the one who sealed me for sure. Forget all this, continue to train. For now, you are still a sapling. Even though you already are standing tall and straight, you are still a long way from becoming a tall tree!” Empress Fei Wen Li caressed Yue Yang’s face and smiled: “Looking at you like this, even I am jealous!”

“Do not be jealous of me. Right now I am worrying over Black Hell King and the Heaven Realm Innates…… “ Yue Yang felt ashamed.

He knew that he was still unable to use all of his power.

When he was in an extreme state, his ability would burst out to 10 times.

Even Xu Kong, Jiu Xiao and the Scarlet Emperor could be fought with that state.

Why could he not use his full power when he was clear-headed? Yue Yang was still perplexed after thinking over it for so long. Perhaps, it was because he still did not understand himself enough! For now, Yue Yang did not have time to drop everything to slowly think through it. He just wanted to keep tapping into his potential and quickly obtain more things. Only when he had tapped into his potential to a certain extent, he would then slowly think through the situation.

Moreover, the answer would not come to him in an instant. It would have to be absorbed through repeated enlightenment during the process of cultivation.

“Going by your current situation, Heaven Realm Innates may not actually descend. Even if they descend, their highest strength would at most be Heaven Ranked Level 3. Their ability would not exceed the hunters, unless they deliberately wanted to kill you. Otherwise, among the sixth party interferers, the strongest would be Heaven Ranked Level 3. If you see a Heaven Ranked Level 4, 5 or even stronger Heaven Realm Innate descend, quickly retreat. Going by your current ability, if you do not have a strong support, your possibility of winning against them is very small. Also, they definitely intend to kill you!” Empress Fei Wen Li reminded Yue Yang to be wary of his enemies. No matter what the situation, he must not be tricked.

“I got it……” There was only one question left in Yue Yang’s heart. How strong were Zhi Zun and Night Empress exactly?

If they were very strong, then he could choose to lose himself under Pheonix Fairy Beauty’s [Charm] to get rid of Black Hell King.

Conversely, he would have to come up with ways to accumulate points.

Retreat safely first, and then get his revenge.

Zhi Zun should be close by now, what level was she at? Was she Elder Innate Level 2? Level 3? Or Level 4?

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