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LLS Chapter 529 – Ancient Titan, Giant Loli

Chapter 529 – Ancient Titan, Giant Loli
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Just went Phoenix Fairy Beauty was tired and contented from the fighting and was about to withdraw from Yue Yang to let Charm Demon Queen take over, a great brillance flashed.

An entirely silver Hornless Dragon flew out from the golden grimoire.

It shot straight upwards to an extremely high place within the sky dome before quickly shooting down, only stopping to hover around at 100 meters. The Hornless Dragon turned into human-form. Spilling hot tears, she flew into the house and threw herself into Yue Yang’s arms. She bawled just like a little kid who had just seen her parents after being away from home for a very long time. Phoenix Fairy Beauty was stunned at first, but after seeing Yue Yang comforting her with a bewildered expression, she sniggered. She gathered her clothes and exited the room with Charm Demon Queen, leaving Yue Yang and Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying to spend alone time in the small space.

“Do not cry, be good, Jiang Ying. Do not cry!” Yue Yang quickly comforted her, while covering the Hornless Dragon who had not a single stitch of clothing on her.

“I was so afraid, muddled in the darkness. I missed you so much, but I was unable to come out. I thought that it would be the way forever! Boohoo!” Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying was reduced to sobs. Her wish had come true, under Yue Yang’s help, she successfully levelled up to become a Divine Beast.

But, while fulfilling her dream, she hed become muddled because she had rushed to level up too quickly.

In her consciousness, there was still a stream of clear-headedness.

She was just unable to control her body.

Her mind was in an entire state of muddle, and she was unable to use her consciousness to awaken her slumbering soul.

As one of the Guardian Beasts, she was aware that Yue Yang had met with all sorts of danger during his battle. Even though she desperately wanted to help Yue Yang, she could not do anything. Even though she grew up lonely and stubborn throughout the years, she had never experienced being unable to control her body. Of course, she had also developed a fear towards the future.

Only now, was she finally able to leave the chaos.

She was able to sense all of Yue Yang’s actions. Her consciousness begun to clear up and she began to slowly regain control over her body.

After awakening,

Jiang Ying could not wait to immediately leave her Bronze Grimoire when her freedom returned.

Ignoring that Yue Yang was still enjoying himself with Phoenix Fairy Beauty, she could not wait to jump into his arms to tell him about what she had been through……

Even though Southern Goblin King did not know who Jiang Ying was, but upon seeing Jiang Ying’s true form as a female Hornless Dragon, she knew that she also belonged to Eastern Goblin Tribe. Southern Goblin King did not have any hostility towards Jiang Ying’s sudden appearance, in fact she felt a faint familiarity towards a person from the same clan. When Southern Goblin King opened the door to see the naked Phoenix Fairy Beauty walking out from Yue Yang’s room holding her clothes, she could not help but snort.

“There is no need look, mine is bigger than yours!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty walked past Southern Goblin King arrogantly, waving her huge breasts extremely seductively.

“The damned dairy cattle…..” Southern Goblin King cursed silently. Even though she did not find hers small, it could not be compared to Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s at all.

In the room, only after Yue Yang’s comforting for half a day did Jiang Ying finally calm down.

When she saw Yue Yang’s naked body, her jade face burned red. A surge of bashfulness rushed into her heart, yet she could not bear to let go of him and leave. She simply buried herself in his arms to let him hold on to her. She basked in this blissfulness of being pampered by him.

If she had not been stuck in the state of muddleness and was hibernating, she would most likely have done that thing with him!

Jiang Ying’s heartbeat quickened. She was not unfamiliar with Yue Yang’s body.

She had already seen his body after doing [Body Fusion] with him to level up to Divine Beast.
(note that she is still a virgin)

If she did not have to worry that Phoenix Fairy Beauty would return, she would have already kissed him to relieve the yearning within her.

After Yue Yang’s comforting, the grievance and fear in Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying’s heart were already all chased away by this blissfulness. It was as if she saw a ray of light in the darkness, her spirits were now lifted. When she heard noise coming from outside, she actually started to worry about Yue Yang. She hurriedly got up and donned her clothes, and indicated for Yue Yang to bring her out: “Who was that big sister? She seemed to have been an Elder Innate?”

“She is Sky Law of the Demonic Palace.” Yue Yang led Jiang Ying out the door. He realized that Giant Loli had also awaken and was seated upright, looking around the Grimoire World in a daze.

“Oh my, who is that? An Ancient Titan?” Upon seeing the Giant Loli that was nearly 100 meters tall seated upright, Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying was shocked.

“She is really huge…..” Southern Goblin King could not understood how did the Giant Loli grow to such a size.

“At Heaven Tier Level 3, this could possibly be the strongest Loli in this world.” In fact, Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt that Heaven tier Level 3 was not her peak yet, she still had power that she had not displayed yet.

“Where is this place? Why am I here?” The most confused person was still the Giant Loli. Her question sounded like thunder rolling through the clouds.

First, she had suffered a concussion from Black Hell King’s all-out attack and lost part of her memory on the spot.

Then, she was saved and awakened by Yue Yang.

After changing into Titan Armor to prepare for battle, she fainted.

When she woke up again, she realised she was not in the familiar crystal palaza, but instead in a comparatively smaller world.

With so many changes, not to mention a Giant Loli that lost her memory after a head concussion, even a normal person would be completely confused.

“Ahem, things are actually like this.” Yue Yang explained the entire situation, hoping that it would help the Giant Loli recall. The Ancient female warriors also supplemented the story. Among them, a beauty from dog clan wagged her tail, cutely affirming Yue Yang’s words: “Woof, he is right. You are the Imperial Guardian of Western Heaven Realm. We are all descendants of a sealed clan. Even though we have not participated in ancient wars before, we will still try our best to not let our father’s generation down.”

“You all are descendants of a sealed clan? What is a sealed clan?” Yue Yang was curious, where did these ancient warriors come from?

“Woof woof.” The dog clan beauty wagged her tail. She was the youngest among all the ancient warriors, and the cutest among all. Looking at her, she looked younger than even Yue Yang’s younger sister Yue Bing: “a sealed clan means our father or ancestor’s generation, had all done something wrong to receive the punishment of being sealed. They have to support Guardian War Gods to defeat the enemy and emerge victorious in order to regain freedom…… Looking at the situation now, it looks helpless.”

Until here, dog clan beauty was a little dejected.

Her cute little ears drooped down.

Yue Yang quickly comforted her gently: “That is not true, even though this battle is hard, victory will be ours. You will all regain your freedom!”

Hearing this, the dog clan beauty’s spirits lifted. She believed in Yue Yang: “Really? That is great!”

Other than her, the other ancient female warriors were not as optimistic. They did not dare believe in what Yue Yang was saying entirely. Because of Black Hell King’s betrayal, the situation was terrible. Of course, they did not dare expose Yue Yang’s words. After all, a little kid still had to be coaxed. They could not ruin a kid’s innocence with too much of the cruel reality.

“Am I really the Guardian War God of the Western Heaven Realm?” The Giant Loli was confused, she stood up, increasing her height to more than 200 meters.

Everyone was nervous seeing her scratching her head, confused.

Yue Yang quickly lied: “It does not matter if you cannot remember. First, you can be sure of one thing. You are very safe now, we are all your friends.”

Hearing this, Giant Loli clapped her hands together in delight: “Do I really have so many friends? I am so happy!” She started to dance happily, shaking the entire Grimoire World. Her shaking was scarier than an earthquake. Suddenly, this Giant Loli stopped. She leaned down, using her finger that was a dozen meters long and gently prodded at Yue Yang: “But, I do not know who you are?”

With just a gentle prod, Yue Yang almost flew a hundred meters away. This was even more ridiculous than that time he suffered a hit from Shun Tian’s Five Transformation Fists.

He supported himself with all his might.

Even with that he could not help but take many steps back.

Of course, on his face hung a smile that was as bright as the sun: “If you ask me for my name, you will know who I am!”

Giant Loli clapped her hands cutely, generating crazy winds, almost blowing Yue Yang, Jiang Ying and the others away: “You are right, then what is your name?”

Yue Yang was very nervous knowing that this Giant Loli had such a destructive power without her even realizing it.

After a tough period of communication.

The two of them became friends. Even though the Giant Loli still could not remember what she was called, but after she made a promise with Yue Yang, she recognised Yue Yang as her friend. On the other hand, Black Hell King who had injured her was automatically added to the blacklist.

“Brother Yue Yang, you are so small. If only you were also an Ancient Titan, that would be good. Then we would be able to defeat that baddie you are talking about, and also those monsters.” Using just her index finger, Giant Loli could hold up Yue Yang. In fact, it would not be difficult for Jiang Ying, Southern Goblin King, Phoenix Fairy Beauty and all of the ancient female warriors to all be seated on it with much space to spare.

“I am human, different from your species. For a human being to grow to my height is already considered tall.” Yue Yang laughed upon hearing her words.

“Hehe!” Jiang Ying and the rest laughed.

“You really cannot become bigger? Looking at you is so tiring!” Compared to the Giant Loli, Yue Yang was like the size of an ant to a human Loli.

“Ah, it is not really possible for me to become bigger. I do not have the ability to do it…… But, it could still be possible for you to become smaller temporarily.” Yue Yang recalled Qilin Girl Bing Yin had an interesting technique that could turn the target into a ‘mini shrunken’ version. Maybe that would be effective when used on the Giant Loli. To turn the Giant Loli into the same size as a human Loli might still be difficult, but with Qilin Girl Bing Yin’s current ability, it would still be possible to shrink her into a 10 meter giant.

“Really?” Giant Loli was unsure: “My Titan Armor is immune to all mental attacks. Any skill that would affect my body are all ineffective!”

“Forget that I ever said anything……” Yue Yang sweated profusely.

“Who says that shrinking is impossible. Forget an Ancient Titan, even those Golden Hercules that can move mountains could be shrunken by me!” At some point in time, Qilin Girl Bing Yin had ran out to defend her ability. She viewed all life in Heaven Realm or Tong Tian Tower lower level the same – with contempt. This was because she felt that she was the highest rank of life. Other than the Phoenix sisters, she also reluctantly viewed Xiao Wen Li as her equal.

As for the others, even if it was Hui Tai Lang, who was the World Destroying Demon Wolf; or Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, who had evolved extremely quickly, she did not care about them.

The bloodline of Immortal Beasts can be said to turn up their nose at everything else.

Qilin Girl Bing Yin reached out her small hands. Countless rainbow colored energy blossomed out from her jade palm.

Everyone’s jaw dropped to the ground. Something inconceivable was happening before them, Giant Loli was shrinking very quickly……

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