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LLS Chapter 528- Who is peeking through the door?

Chapter 528- Who is peeking through the door?
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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When Yue Yang woke up and opened his eyes, he realized that he had immersed in the joy of his enlightenment in the path of the sword for a long time.
That kind of joy wasn’t the kind of joy that would make one jump and cheer, nor was it a self-absorbed roar.
It was in the form of silent reflection.
It was an internal silence in which its power wasn’t any weaker than a volcanic eruption. It lasted a long time. Yue Yang felt that his thoughts entered a state between reality and dream. He knew that he was lying on his bed with the Phoenix Fairy Beauty lying on him, asleep. But it was as if his thoughts left his body as he rode on a divine sword, up into the sky, and out into outer space…
The shock Yue Yang received from seeing the pitch black Gui Cang and pure white Shuang Hua wasn’t any lesser than the time when he saw the Prison Emperor Divine Sword for the first time.
The Prison Emperor Divine Sword was a Divine Equipment with its own will and power.
It was the same for Gui Cang and Shuang Hua.

The only difference was that the Prison Emperor Divine Equipment possessed a fixed shape and its presence could be seen by anyone. Also, its power and will were already fixed, so no matter how strong they were, they wouldn’t be able to surpass their fixed value. On the contrary, Gui Cang and Shuang Hua were formless existences. They would only take shape when their masters need them. In other words, there would be a limit to the Prison Emperor Divine Sword’s power no matter how strong it might be; but Gui Cang and Shuang Hua weren’t limited by anything, they could power up limitlessly.
If Yue Yang used them while in the Innate Realm, the power that they could unleash would be relatively weaker.
Once Yue Yang reached the Elder Innate Realm, their power would grow exponentially. They would become completely different with every level up. At the same time, they wouldn’t be restricted by any form.
If Yue Yang could move pass Elder Innate Realm and reach even higher realms, they would also grow correspondingly.
They could grow limitlessly!
At the current state of Yue Yang’s understanding and utilization of Gui Cang and Shuang Hua, their power definitely wouldn’t be able to match up to the Prison Emperor Divine Sword. But when they were in the hands of the Sword Spirit Goddess, the two swords, Gui Cang and Shuang Hua, could easily destroy the world and everything that existed even the void…… Yue Yang was unable to imagine the Sword Spirit Goddess but understood that once she attacks no one would be able to block it.
The Scarlet Emperor who owns the Divine Equipment, Guardian Divine Shield?
Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao who escaped from the Prison Emperor Divine Palace and returned to the Heaven Realm?
No, although these people were far more powerful than the current Yue Yang, they wouldn’t be able to survive a single slash from the Sword Spirit Goddess’s two swords, Gui Cang and Shuang Hua.
Yue Yang could completely imagine the true power of Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao.
But he couldn’t imagine where the limit of the two swords, Gui Cang and Shuang Hua, was… After Gui Cang and Shuang Hua, there were still seven other even more powerful divine swords, Yue Yang couldn’t imagine where the end of the path of the sword was. All he could sense was that the Sword Spirit Goddess was still teaching him the basics of the way of the sword. In order to understand the way of the sword deeper, he needed to rely on himself and level up to higher realms.
Based on Yue Yang’s current realm, he was just like a junior high student.
So, he couldn’t understand the notes from university lectures.

Compared to Yue Yang, Innate warriors were like primary school students while those Elder Innates were just senior high students…
Although Yue Yang was still a junior high student, his abnormal understanding skills and timely opportunities allowed him to understand senior high materials completely. It was just that he wasn’t in senior high yet and had already started to study university level materials.
For example, a higher level of Innate Invisible Sword Qi, black Gui Cang and white Shuang Hua!
“What is this?”
The Phoenix Fairy Beauty was terrified by the Sword Qi which caused her to be jolted awake. She realized that numerous innate qi rushed like a flood into Yue Yang’s palm. A tiny black sword appeared out of nowhere. It was initially smaller than a pair of chopsticks and its blade was blurred with faintly discernible runes on it. Phoenix Fairy Beauty was entirely shocked. This was a supreme ancient sword qi that was completely materialized… Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt a sense of unimaginable power from the tiny sword as she became genuinely fearful of it even if she had reached Elder Innate Realm.
Charm Demon Queen hid behind Phoenix Fairy Beauty for the first time.
She wasn’t afraid that Yue Yang would hurt her. It was an inherent instinct of revering divine swords.
Yue Yang felt as if all the energy in him was being sucked away but he still wasn’t able to smoothly condense the black Gui Cang… It was already so difficult to make a such a tiny one, how much innate qi would it take to make the giant Gui Cang that were in the hands of the spirit sword goddess? How high was the level of control needed?
Southern Goblin King next door, who was similarly awoken by the sword qi, dashed in.
She ignored Yue Yang who was lying on the bed naked as she watched unbelieving at the condensing Gui Cang he was struggling to maintain.
“This is a Divine Equipment?” She was unable to believe it. How could sword qi gather to form a real divine sword?
Southern Goblin King gasped uncontrollably, disturbing Yue Yang who was already at his limit. His focus was shaken and he lost control of the tiny Gui Cang, and then it disappeared into thin air. It reverted back to pure qi and returned back to Yue Yang‘s body.
Yue Yang’s perspiration flooded as his breathing quickened. This was even more tiring than his battle against the Scarlet Emperor.
“Are you okay?” Southern Goblin King knew that it was her who interrupted him. She was secretly guilty as she went forward and asked if he was alright.
“I’m fine.” Yue Yang panted heavily as he almost couldn’t reply her.
“Ah, why aren’t you wearing any clothes?“ Southern Goblin King realized that Yue Yang wasn’t wearing anything. Of course, it wasn’t solely him. The Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Charm Demon Queen were similarly completely naked. After all, they had sex and cuddled each other to sleep. When Yue Yang woke up, he wanted to try to gather the Gui Cang but he didn’t expect it to alert the Southern Goblin King and that she would barge in and see him naked.
“Someone who barges in is also wearing her sleeping gown…” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty wasn’t as awkward as Yue Yang so she reminded Southern Goblin King not to go into other people’s room in their sleeping gown.
“Oh!” Southern Goblin King looked down and saw that she was wearing her sleeping gown. As it was made of silk and was a little translucent, her figure was entirely exposed.
She was utterly embarrassed as she ran out of Yue Yang’s room.
Phoenix Fairy Beauty laughed in discreet.
She reached out her fair hands and massaged Yue Yang. She used Body Fusion to channel some of her energy to him in order to reduce his exhaustion.
Before the enlightenment disappears, Yue Yang decided to try again.
He had already condensed the Gui Cang, he just lacked more control. It shouldn’t be of a problem if he practices further.
But he still hadn’t condensed the Shuang Hua.
He had to complete it no matter what. He couldn’t afford to lose this hard to gain enlightenment…… Without resting, Yue Yang tried to condense the second type. This was completely different from Gui Cang. It was a white Shuang Hua!
Gui Cang was large and pitch black, big and crude, completely natural and had no tip. The entire sword let out a powerful oppressive force on all living things, making everyone believe that it was indestructible.
Shuang Hua was the opposite. It was outstandingly magnificent, had a brilliance that dazzled the eyes, as smooth and clean as ice. Yue Yang felt that it had the ability of killing demons and exorcising ghosts. But this was not all, unlike the Gui Cang, which had destructive properties, Yue Yang felt that Shuang Hua also possessed a unique ability to cure all kinds of harmful things. This ability was an extension and also a qualitative change in using innate qi.
Towards opponents, Shuang Hua was used to kill the demons; Towards Yue Yang or his teammates, it was a treasure that could purify and heal.
With this Shuang Hua, not only would Yue Yang’s combat power rise, it would also be beneficial to the entire fight.
Compared to the black Gui Cang, Shuang Hua was harder to condense.
It required even more innate qi.
Yue Yang tried his best to condense a two meters tall and slender, tiny Shuang Hua. This was completed only thanks to the help of body fusion with Phoenix Fairy Beauty. When the Shuang Hua appeared, the entire room lit up as a faintly wonderful scent filled the space, Yue Yang’s previously tired body quickly recovered… Finally, the Shuang Hua that help to lift Yue Yang out of his negative stage became as thin as a fine line, but it was still powerful.
Although Southern Goblin King was shy and ran out of the room, she unable to suppress her curiosity when Shuang Hua appeared. Suppressing her shame, she hid behind the door and witnessed the birth of the Shuang Hua.
Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man and even the ancient female soldiers all gathered outside the window as they held their breath and watched the Shuang Hua moving swiftly in Yue Yang’s hand as if it was alive…
Under the help of the Elder Innate Leveled Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Yue Yang finally managed to gather the Shuang Hua successfully. Although it was as thin as a fine thread, Yue Yang could see with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision that the words ‘Shuang Hua’ was carved on it. Compared to the Gui Cang gathered by Yue Yang alone, the Shuang Hua gathered by Yue Yang on the second try was way better. The sword was more solid and its shape was clearer, even its name was visible.
“I did it, I did it!” Yue Yang gradually returned Shuang Hua into his body. Compared to Gui Cang which previously dissipated, Yue Yang was now able to truly put away and bring out the swords with ease. Although he spent a long time and did it with the help of the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, it was no easy feat.
“Congratulations! With these two divine weapons, the Black Hell King will be dead soon.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty hugged Yue Yang as she kissed him passionately.
Although Yue Yang still couldn’t use Gui Cang and Shuang Hua to deal with Black Hell King right now, as long as Yue Yang continues to level up and master the two swords better the Black Hell King’s luck was going to run out soon.
Could the Black Hell King still rely on his Dark Sacred Armor to defend against Yue Yang’s attack?
The Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel were also weapons that could kill people instantly, but their targets were too obvious so the opponents would often end up escaping; Gui Cang and Shuang Hua were different. If Yue Yang were to control them and make them act instantaneously, or condense them early and launch a sneak attack on the Black Hell King, the Black Hell King would suffer a lot. Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel could only weaken the sly Black Hell King but it would be hard for them to kill him instantly… They were more suited to be used in dealing with those Ancient Slaughterers with only low intelligence and buff bodies.
Yue Yang had more than enough time to kill the Ancient Slaughterers who couldn’t fly or teleport.
Even if they were to run off after seeing the Nirvana Flame, Yue Yang would be able to catch up with them, but this wouldn’t work on the Black Hell King.

Yue Yang had to kill the Black Hell King within one move in order to prevent him from escaping.
Gui Cang and Shuang Hua would be able to achieve this. The only problem was that Yue Yang had to master these two swords quickly, and the faster he could condense the swords the better.
Under the disguise of his [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill and his camouflage skills, Yue Yang decided to find a good opportunity to make Black Hell King taste what it would be like to have his heart pierced through by a sword!
“Scumbag…” Southern Goblin King, who was hiding behind the door, realized that Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty started to make love again amidst their cuddling and kissing. She watched dumbstruck as Phoenix Fairy Beauty unleashed her breasts and tongue on Yue Yang. Southern Goblin King completely forgot that she was peeking at them as she doubtfully muttered ‘that also works?’. It was only until she saw that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty sat on Yue Yang and sitting riding on him passionately that she regained her senses. Her cheeks instantly burned red and her body begun to burn up as she ran back to her room. She covered her blanket over her head as she couldn’t think straight for a long while. The steamy scene kept flashing across her head.
If you don’t understand, its a BJ w/ (.)(.)
As Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty were still busy making love, the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying, who was still in a hibernating with a muddled state, suddenly started to become better.
She started to wake up from her muddled state. It was unknown whether if it was due to the Shuang Hua gathered by Yue Yang that made her recover or due to the affair going on between him and the Phoenix Fairy Beauty that awakened her senses.
No matter what, the fact that she finally woke up was a good news.

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      However, we all know that he’s not adverse to stealing good stuff 😛

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