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LLS Chapter 527 – The Black Gui Cang and the White Shuang Hua

Chapter 527 – The Black Gui Cang and the White Shuang Hua
Translated by: Last

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Without knowing whether it was because the Southern Goblin King was here or because it had been a long time since they had met, the Phoenix Fairy Beauty begun to take the initiative.

She serviced her lover with all of her effort. All kinds of difficult movements, all kinds of arousing position, she tried all of them with him, making love to their heart’s content. After she became exhausted, she returned the dominant position to Yue Yang and comfortably enjoyed her naughty lover’s embrace, bringing her extreme happiness and pleasure……

They made love for a long time.

These heart-racing, ear-reddening sounds, from the very start, continuously came out from Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s mouth, making the eavesdropping Southern Goblin King extremely mad. She was suspecting that Sky Law was intentionally increasing her voice to provoke her. She wanted to run over there, kick the door open and roar at her: ‘Enough, don’t be too excessive!’

Naturally, this was only her imagination.

It was impossible for the Southern Goblin King to run over, kick the door and tell Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty to stop their lust filled war.

Whatever she says would only be a front. Towards those kinds of battles, other than longing for it and being shy about it, she was also slightly afraid, so much that she was worried that Yue Yang would be provoked if she kicked opened the door and disturb them. Then, if he was in a bad mood, he would catch her and make her helpless. In the past, if Yue Yang dared to push her down, it wouldn’t be weird for her to use her Jade Pipa and send him flying. However, after listening to Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s extremely joyous moans, her entire body weakened. She did not dare say that she could defend against Yue Yang if he pushed her down right now…….

“Aren’t you people done yet? Aren’t you people tired from doing it this long? Isn’t this kid’s stamina too high! Are doing those kinds of things that pleasurable?” She thought.

Southern Goblin King tossed and turned.

She could not sleep at all.

No matter how she shut off her senses or recite her pipa’s score ‘Silent and Serene Heart’, she still couldn’t help but feel something disturbing her mind.

She could have returned to her Grimoire World to sleep but doing this was equivalent to losing against Sky Law.

With Southern Goblin King’s pride, she would absolutely not allow herself to be outdone by her opponent.

However, if this continues on, she doubted whether she could endure under Sky Law’s intensely alluring moans and gasp for breath or not. Naturally she knew of Sky Law’s [Charm] Inherent Skill, but she would not yield to her opponent. This was because they both use mental type attacks, but she never imagined that Sky Law’s [Charm] Inherent Skill would create these kinds of results as she moaned and gasped for breath. If her mental defense was not this strong, she would have been like other women and joined in the battle.

“I will absolutely not lose……” Southern Goblin King clenched her teeth and bitterly endured the hurried beating of her heart.

She could not endure anymore and extended her small hands downwards.

She shut her lips tight.

She held back her voice and stealthily moved, not letting a single sound come out.

When Phoenix Fairy Beauty let out a loud scream during her orgasm, the Southern Goblin King would use this moment to hurriedly gasp for breath. His image flashed in her mind, remembering his heroic look when he had killed the Ancient Slaughterer before, remembering his confident look as he rode on the Fire Phoenix, remembering how he protected her when the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King appeared.

The feeling of his hand pulling her small hand was still there.

Very quickly, a tide begun to rise from inside, quickly accumulating more and more, waiting to erupt like a volcano.

The Southern Goblin King seemed as if she could not endure it anymore, but she still held it back. Although Sky Law and Yue Yang were in a fierce battle, their hearing ability could definitely still hear the sounds from next door. That loathsome Sky Law could even be eavesdropping to her movements. The Southern Goblin King absolutely cannot let her discover what she was doing.

After a long while, the Phoenix Fairy Beauty once again screamed with pleasure.

Taking this opportunity, the Southern Goblin King released a bit of repressed feelings.

She groaned with an extremely extremely low voice.

Although this was not enough to satisfy her, she was still able to successfully let it out. This made the Southern Goblin King felt upset yet comfortable. Her rigid body also trembled in waves and gradually relaxed……

Using this method, the Southern Goblin King repeatedly released the pressure on her.

In the end, she had truly successfully defended against Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s [Charm] Inherent Skill included in her extremely alluring moans. She tiredly fell into a deep sleep.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was also exhausted.

However, she still did her best to fulfill the mission of a young wife and serve her lover, so much that when her body could not endure anymore, she let the Charm Demon Queen substitute her in battle, until her lover comfortably released all of his feelings. After the heated passion cooled down, Yue Yang carried the Phoenix Fairy Beauty to wash her sweat and let her body carefreely and comfortably sleep. At the same time, he also fell asleep in the midst of the Charm Demon Queen’s massage.

In his Dream Realm, the big loli was waiting for him.

She seemed to be attempting a new sword skill.

When Yue Yang saw this sword skill, he felt a sense of familiarity and a sense of strangeness. This was clearly the Innate Invisible Sword Qi yet why was it so different?

Could it be the Innate Invisible Sword Qi that he had learned was fake? Impossible, the Sword Spirit Goddess would never have taught him a fake sword art. Moreover, a fake sword art would not possess that kind of might.

There was another possibility, the Innate Invisible Sword Qi that he had learned before was only the foundation.

The real Innate Invisible Sword Qi was much deeper and much more profound.

His distance towards the deepest comprehension was probably quite far.

Yue Yang decided to learn this new sword skill with the big loli. However, the big loli unexpectedly stopped, indicating that Yue Yang could not learn by following her.

“What’s wrong?” Yue Yang was a bit curious. Why didn’t she let him learn it?

“……” The big loli did not speak and only shook her head.

Perhaps due to looking at Yue Yang’s puzzled appearance, she gestured seeming to say that what she learned was wrong and telling Yue Yang not to copy from her. If Yue Yang did not learn with the little girl, could it be that the Sword Spirit Goddess would personally come out to teach him?

Yue Yang thought that this was impossible.

Unexpectedly, a miracle really appeared.

The Sword Spirit Goddess, who was usually hidden, floated down in front of Yue Yang with shinning colorful lights as if a fairy descending into the human world.

She also did not say anything and only gestured, indicating that Yue Yang and the big loli should look.

Because she was personally going to teach them, Yue Yang’s heart beat quickened and became excited…… He was unable to take his eyes off and stared at her flawless snow white hands.

He could only see that sword qi was being collected in her palms and then ever so slowly change. With an incredibly profound method that was hard to explain, the sword qi gradually and gradually condensed, combined and arranged itself, forming a two meter wide, ten meter long black greatsword. On it, bright lights sparkled as countless runes, that Yue yang could not recognize, were inscribed on it to form a wonderful rune circle.

The only things that Yue Yang recognized were two ancient chinese characters: Gui Cang.
(Last: Gui means to gather, to belong or to return; Cang means to conceal or hide – read as tsang.)

This Gui Cang must be the sword’s name.

The black greatsword name Gui Cang!

Yue Yang’s eyes widened, could this be condensing qi and turning it into a sword?

He wondered what kind of realm must he reach to actually be able to do this.

Under the silent permission of the Sword Spirit Goddess, Yue Yang and the big loli placed their hands on the sword, sensing its existence.

When Yue Yang’s hand touched the black sword Gui Cang, he immediately shuddered. The sword’s supreme power made him feel incredibly small. Moreover, it had completely materialized and was even harder than metals by 10000 times. When Yue Yang had used his finger to touch it, it actually used a supreme will to closely examine him, appearing to have judge that he still did not have enough power to wield itself…… a greatsword with its own will, additionally it was created by condensing pure energy. Even in his dreams, Yue Yang never imagined that if the Innate Invisible Sword Qi was trained to its apex, it would actually reach this kind of supreme realm.

With this sword, Gui Cang, Yue Yang felt that he didn’t even need to fear the Black Hell King nor would he need to fear the Ancient Slaughterers.

Additionally, he would be able to cleanly kill them just like cutting vegetables!

Right now, the only question was if he could wield Gui Cang. The sword had its own will and was extremely similar to Divine Equipments, would it recognize him as its owner?

The Sword Spirit Goddess’s white hands slightly moved and Gui Cang immediately disappeared.

In a flash, she once again condensed sword qi and did it repeatedly.

“Wait a minute, I was not able to see it clearly!” Yue Yang hurriedly shouted.

As if wanting to let Yue Yang see clearly, the Sword Spirit Goddess was extremely patient and did it three times, condensing Gui Cang with and extremely slow speed.

Before Yue Yang was able to finish digesting this magnificent enlightenment, the Sword Spirit Goddess used her other hand to condense a long white sword. The sword was long and slender yet flexible as a rainbow. The sword blade was crystal clear, with a wave, myriads of brilliance shone dazzlingly. This white longsword was even thinner and longer than the black greatsword. Two beautiful characters were inscribed on the blade: Shuang Hua.
(Last: Shuang means frost and Hua means magnificent or splendid.)

Black Gui Cang and White Shuang Hua.

One black and one white sword, both were not Divine Equipment but superior to Divine Equipments.

If the Sword Spirit Goddess did not condense these swords, Yue Yang would not dare believe that there was such a mystical sword qi in the world……

After teaching about Gui Cang and Shuang Hua to Yue Yang, the Sword Spirit Goddess suddenly floated up, fluttering into the void. Countless beautiful divine swords condensed and rotated on her hands, the sight was indescribably wonderful. Other than the black Gui Cang and the White Shuang Hua, there were also red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple divine swords that were much more powerful. They slowly rotated around the Sword Spirit Goddess and as every single blade rotated, their power was even able to cut the void and annihilate the world. In front of these divine swords, Yue Yang felt as if a door to a new world had been opened in front of him. He felt that he was only moving around the door until today, when he was finally able to take a peek of the true way of the sword.

The way of the sword was boundless!

Yue Yang comprehended that Gui Cang and Shuang Hua these two swords that he thirsted for were not treasures.

This was the direction of his future cultivation……

The moment he possesses Gui Cang and Shuang Hua would be the moment when he truly mastered the Innate Invisible Sword Qi! Only then would he be considered to have started in the path of the sword, thus stepping forward the endless way of the sword, rising to the supreme realm where the Sword Spirit Goddess stood!

The Innate Invisible Sword Qi, other than having Innate Sword Qi, also had the power to cut anything. This was Yue Yang’s current realm.

He needed to reach the point where he can switch between corporeal and incorporeal forms.

And then he needed to combine to reach ‘qi to sword’, ‘sword with a will’, ‘sword with a name’ and then divide into Gui Cang and Shuang Hua. Only then would he have stepped on the path of the sword.

Yue Yang excitedly flew up and shouted toward the Sword Spirit Goddess: “I understand now. Treasures only serve as a support. In order to truly become strong, I could only rely on my cultivation! I will definitely possess my own Gui Cang and Shuang Hua!”

The Sword Spirit Goddess disappeared without a trace. Before she disappeared, her expressionless face looked back as if smiling……

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