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LLS Chapter 526 – Beauties are like a tigers, two tigers can’t stay in the same mountain

Chapter 526 – Beauties are like a tigers, two tigers can’t stay in the same mountain
Translated by: want2eat
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Seeing that the Charm Demon Queen killing the two Ancient Slaughterers that were on the brink of death, the points for the solo killing these two Ancient Slaughterers went to Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Yue Yang then used his God Killing Dagger to dig out the black crystals in their skulls before using Nirvana Flames to refine them into fist sized dark gold crystals.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty slightly knit her eyebrows: “These monsters indeed have thick skins, I thought I could kill five or six of them, turns out that I can only get rid of two of them, and they weren’t even dead.” When she used her will to control her Sky Law energy to perform a large scale attack, she realised that it wasn’t powerful enough to kill all the Ancient Slaughterers so she switched to targeted attack and focussed on two of the most heavily injured ones.

In the end, she still needed the Charm Demon Queen to make the final blow.

This made Phoenix Fairy Beauty secretly worried.

But Yue Yang felt that this was impressive enough.

Yue Yang had deeply understood the level of difficulty in killing the Ancient Slaughterers. Even Huang Quan, Fen Tian and six other Heaven Ranked Rankers had to work together for a good ten minutes before they could win against a single one. It wasn’t hard to imagine how buff the Ancient Slaughterers were.

The Phoenix Fairy Beauty, solely relying on her Sky Law energy, could only barely kill two of the Ancient Slaughterers.

Yue Yang was overjoyed for the Sky Law energy to reach such a high realm. Moreover, Phoenix Fairy Beauty also made tremendous improvement that she could now use her spirit manipulation freely without restrictions, greatly improved compared to before. If not for Sky Law’s dominant appearance, how would the Black Hell King be scared away so easily? Yue Yang kept the dark gold crystals and glanced around the crystal plaza. “Girl, there’s no one else coming right?”

“Hehe, if I can’t fool a naughty boy like you, how would I be able to fool Black Hell King that cunning dog!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty shot Yue Yang a beautiful smile.

“Phew, thank God!” What Yue Yang was really happy about was not for the fact that Black Hell King ran off, but because there lesser the people, who enter the death arena, the better.

“Sky Law had already advanced into Elder Innate Realm?”

Light flashed as Emperor of the Underworld and Elder Nan Gong came out from the Grimoire World.

They were shocked when they saw Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s level. Previously, she was still weaker than them, but now, she was far ahead than both of them. They could not believe their eyes.

Among the duo, Elder Nan Gong realized that there was something intimate going on between Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty, as they acted like couples. He immediately guessed that it was Yue Yang who helped Phoenix Fairy Beauty to advance into Elder Innate Realm and became even more shocked. The Emperor of the Underworld wasn’t slow to respond too as he greeted Phoenix Fairy Beauty and deeply sighed: “Congratulations to Sky Law who finally reached Elder Innate Realm. Your long time wish had finally been granted! In retrospect, I feel ashamed for being in the same place for a hundred years… “

Sky Law greeted him back and smiled. “Emperor of the Underworld, there is only a fine line left before you advance to the Innat Elder Realm. You will surely level up after this battle, why bother being envious of me!”

Emperor of the Underworld looked at Yue Yang, as if desiring his affirmation.

Yue Yang was overjoyed.

It looked like reaching Elder Innate Realm was indeed the dream of all warriors. Even the powerful Emperor of the Underworld wasn’t an exception.

Yue Yang nodded his head and affirmed the Emperor of the Underworld. “Emperor of the Underworld, if there is a good opportunity, you should try killing an Ancient Slaughterers on your own, I believe you will reach Elder Innate Realm soon after.” Yue Yang tossed a piece of refined dark gold crystal to the Emperor of the Underworld: “Forget about everything else, we will definitely win this fight. I will use this as an early gift to congratulate you on reaching Elder Innate Realm!”

“For real? Thank you Third Young Master!” Of course the Emperor of the Underworld knew that Yue Yang was trying to pull him on his sides with this. But this made Emperor of the Underworld even more assured.

With the betrayal of Black Hell King, they were facing numerous strong opponents. They were now in a life threatening situation.

Forget about Yue Yang fighting all by himself, he showed his sincerity by assuring everyone and even gifted him such a priceless dark gold crystal to help him reach Elder Innate Realm. Emperor of the Underworld would be a fool if he still didn’t understand what Yue Yang meant!

The Third Young Master’s future was limitless.

He would definitely be the New Prison Emperor of the Tong Tian Tower.

Emperor of the Underworld looked at his Inherent Skill, potential, character and other factors, he figured that he was lacking a lot if he wanted to dominate the Tong Tian Tower. He was no genius so he would skip the part of being a useless competitor and would rather focus on becoming allies instead. Now that Yue Yang showed his sincerity in forming an alliance and gifted him the energy crystal of the Ancient Slaughterers, the Emperor of the Underworld was definitely overjoyed as he decided to support Yue Yang fully. Of course, Emperor of the Underworld also felt that he was lucky. If he was not in a feud with Ba Yi, the Sky Emperor, and allowed the Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King to gang up against Yue Yang previously, Yue Yang wouldn’t have treated him as an ally nor would he have given him the precious energy crystal of the Ancient Slaughterers.

Emperor of the Underworld couldn’t predict what would happen next, but he was willing to follow Yue Yang.

Miracles. How many miracles had the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master created already?

Now that Sky Law was here to help, coupled with the possibililty of Night Empress and Zhi Zun coming, they might be able to turn the tables in the fight against Black Hell King and the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King!

“Congratulations Emperor of the Underworld. This object is of no use to me, please leave it for yourself Third Young Master!” Elder Nan Gong had a different response as he didn’t accept Yue Yang’s gift like the Emperor of the Underworld did but he handed it back to Yue Yang. Elder Nan gong wasn’t stubborn on attaining Elder Inante Realm and preferred to let nature take its course so he felt that rather than wasting the dark gold crystals on him, he’d rather Yue Yang use it to level himself up. It would be the best way to utilize them.

“You don’t have to worry about the ancient soldiers. We should meet everyday…” Emperor of the Underworld summoned an invisible spirit and let it float high in the air, keeping survaillance everything outside.

Elder Nan gong also summoned a firefly.

They all have ways of knowing what was happening outside even if they returned back to the Grimoire World.

After agreeing to meet up daily for further discussions, Yue Yang went back to the Grimoire World with Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

Although the Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked as if she won effortlessly, she actually exhausted a large amount of energy.

If not for her Charm Demon Queen, who used mesmerization to make the Ancient Slaughterers lose their mind and attack each other, causing them to run off and leave behind their two dying teammates in a haste, they wouldn’t have been able to kill the two Ancient Slaughterers. Considering their strong recovery ability, if they weren’t killed on the spot, they would revert back to normal after two resting days. Luckily the Phoenix Fairy Beauty managed to scare away the Black Hell King when she appeared, if not he would have caused disturbances in their fight and they wouldn’t have won so easily.

The Black Hell King was no fool. If he had regained composure and came back to fight, it wouldn’t have been easy for them to win.

The power of Sky Law was energy draining.

The Phoenix Fairy Beauty couldn’t use the Sky Law energy for the rest of the day, she had to recuperate… Yue Yang also felt that he had to take this chance to think of a good way to successfully kill all the Ancient Slaughterers.

With regards to monsters liek the Ancient Slaughterers, killing one of them was better than injuring ten.

Inside the Grimoire world.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Southern Goblin King looked at each other as sparks flew everywhere.

It was unavoidable. Beauties would always be rivals of each other!

As the saying goes, beauties are like a tigers, two tigers can’t stay in the same mountain.

These two women had known each other since a long time ago.

They had competed with each other on numerous occasions. Although they weren’t considered to be mortal enemies, they didn’t have good feelings towards each other.

“Oh yeah, why are you here by yourself?” Yue Yang quickly changed the topic. Phoenix Fairy Beauty glanced at the Southern Goblin King as she hugged Yue Yang as if no one else was there and replied intimately: “I heard that the Black Hell King had captured, so I quickly came over. I met with three men from the Eastern Goblin Tribe on the way and got to know that you were hunting for treasures here, that’s why I came… “

“Was it Mountain Shaking Bear who told you the way? They are my men!” Southern Goblin King emphasized to Yue Yang that it was her men who led the way, so she made the first contribution in the fight.

“I would have found the way without the three idiots too, they confused me even more and almost made me take the long way.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty indicated that she was born smart and it was a piece of cake for her to find her lover Yue Yang. She didn’t need anyone to guide her.

“Hmph!” Southern Goblin King hated Phoenix Fairy Beauty so much that she gritted her teeth.

She liked Yue Yang a little, but she doesn’t love him.

She only felt that he was one of a kind and wanted to know more about this young human male.

After entering the Grimoire World, the Southern Goblin King thought that she would be able to be alone with Yue Yang and have a good conversation. She could never have imagined that Sky Law would come. The thing that the Southern Goblin King couldn’t endure was that Sky Law had suddenly stepped on the Elder Innate Realm. In the past their strength were about the same, now the distance had actually widened. This was not the biggest blow, what made the Southern Goblin King truly jealous was Sky Law’s realtionship with Yue Yang and guessed that they must already be lovers.

The Southern Goblin King felt that the treasure that she had targeted was stolen by someone else. She felt extremely sour inside.

Moreover, she was completely unable to dennounce them.

This was because Yue Yang was not her lover and they were only friends. She was barely quallified as Yue Yang’s combat teammate……

“How did you enter?” Yue Yang was a bit curious. Was it possible to casually enter the death arena?

“There is a huge teleportation gate outside. At the start, I could not enter at all, but in the end, it somehow changed and I was able to smoothly enter.” When Phoenix Fairy Beauty said this, Yue Yang immediately guessed that the death arena had a limit on the number of people inside. If the Black Hell King did not craftily kill that many people, Sky Law wouldn’t have been able enter the death arena.

The Black Hell King made use of the Ancient Slauhgterers to kill more than 10 foreign Innates.

With the death penalty adding more Ancient Slaughterers and even Ancient Slaugterer Commanders and Beast King, the death arena wouldn’t simply all the participants die in despair. It probably opened up its doors to let more people enter and assist.

The problem was that with more people entering, the casualty rate would rise and the situation would become more chaotic.

Yue Yang couldn’t say for sure what would be the final outcome.

He could only wait for Night Empress and Zhi Zun to arrive and see how strong they were… If they were powerful enough, then it would be to his benefit, if not, he would have to think of another way.

Yue Yang suddenly yearned to see the Sword Spirit Goddess. She should have ways to deal with the current situation!

If Yeu Yang was able to deal with the situation, then he hoped that Night Empress and Zhi Zun would not come.

“Naughty boy, I’m dead beat, let’s go back and rest!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty hugged and kissed Yue Yang in front of Southern Goblin King, then she pulled his hand and placed it onto her big boobs. Although they weren’t husband and wife officially, they had done everything a married couple would have done so she wouldn’t be bothered by his touchy hands. Especially in front of the other beauties, it was a silent declaration telling them that this man was hers.

“…” Southern Goblin King felt as if she had gulped down three big bowls of vinegar.

Yue Yang pretended not to see it.

He didn’t have time to tease the Southern Goblin King as his current main goal currently was to take down the girl Sky Law. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time after all, and he missed her dearly too.

He carried Phoenix Fairy Beauty and walked back to his room. Southern Goblin King stomped her foot furiously as she cursed him ‘pervert’ in a low voice. Incensed, she was planning to return to her own Grimoire World, but on second thought, she turned her beautiful eyes and stayed behind, looking as though she wasn’t willing to concede defeat just like this.

The giant loli was still asleep and was snoring adorably.

More than ten female ancient soldiers leaned on her wearily. Occasionally, they would take turns to heal the giant loli…

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