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LLS Chapter 525 – Sky Law, the power of Judgement!

Chapter 525 – Sky Law, the power of Judgement!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Just when Yue Yang was preparing to return to the Grimoire World, a mysterious message appeared again. ‘Addition of new team members…’
(Last: I would have loved to change this to ‘HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER’ but sadly does not fit)
Yue Yang was shocked. What was happening?
A golden pillar shot down from the center of the crystal plaza. As if realizing something, Black Hell King raised his Dark Sacred Sword and Heavenfall Thunder Hammer. With an earth-shattering force, he charged towards the slender figure that appeared from the light pillar. Of course, Yue Yang wouldn’t let Black Hell King succeed as he rode on the Fire Phoenix at a breakneck speed and overtook Black Hell King’s sword qi before embracing the slender figure directly, bringing her out from the attacked zone.
“It’s you? Sky Law, what are you here for? It’s dangerous here!” Yue Yang knew who it was when he hugged the figure. He was both happy and apprehensive.
He was happy as he did not have to continue his solo fight now that Sky Law was here.
But he was worried as the situation was getting bleak now, and they might not be able to turn the tables even with her around.
But no matter what, it was a good thing for the Phoenix Fairy Beauty to come.
Her arrival meant that Zhi Zun would come too. If Night Empress and Zhi Zun also came here, with the joint force of the three powerful women, forget about Black Hell King, they could even get rid of the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King.
The only problem was that Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian might come as well. And if they were to run out of points… Yue Yang shuddered. He wanted to send message to Hai Yingwu via the Three Colors Map, but it a day had not passed yet, so he could only wait anxiously. Upon seeing that there weren’t any further light pillar appearing, Yue Yang was at ease as he knew that only Phoenix Fairy Beauty came.
“I heard that you were kidnapped by the Black Hell King, so I had rushed over, I don’t want to become a widow.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty said with a smile, as she hugged Yue Yang and kissed him on the cheeks with her soft lips to indicate that she missed him. She then looked around curiously. “Where is this?”
“Death arena!” Yue Yang did not have time to be intimate with her as he quickly controlled his Fire Phoenix to fly higher.
“Sounds scary…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked indifferent.
“Do you see those giant monsters? I’ll have to kill at least fifteen of those by myself in order not to run out of points. If not, I’ll be killed by the Ancient Code.” Yue Yang tried to keep his explanations simple. It was only then did the Phoenix Fairy Beauty realized the presence of the Ancient Slaughterers. She shouted in shock. “They are all Elder Innate Level 1? No, they don’t seem to have any intelligence, so they aren’t Holy Beasts. This is so weird, why did these monsters come from?”
“They were released from the Heaven Realm. They call it Heaven Ranked Level 1. These monsters are super powerful, but they aren’t smart, and do not personify, so they aren’t Holy Beasts and can’t even fly. But due to their thick skin, it makes killing them difficult.” Yue Yang was secretly relieved that the Ancient Slaughterers couldn’t fly, if not the chances of him winning would be even slimmer.
What puzzled Yue Yang the most was that these Ancient Slaughterers couldn’t actually fly.
For human beings, a Level 6 [Elder] could already do short distance flight.
For those who were lesser Innates, they could do it easily and for longer distance.
Innate Rankers who were above Innate Level 3 could fly in the air as if they were breathing. Their flying skills could even be used during combats.
Innate Rankers above Innate Level 8 could fly in the air for a long time or suspend and rest in the air. They were even more adapted to the sky than the birds. They could live in the sky without touching the ground and do anything they wish without any restraints. So, the Ancient Slaughterer’s situation puzzled Yue Yang. They were Heaven Ranked creatures yet they couldn’t fly…
But fortunately, the situation was like this. If not Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing and Weng Jin would have had an extremely hard time.
Upon seeing the captain of the Ancient Slaughterers, Phoenix Fairy Beauty frowned her brows. “There’s even a Level 2 Heaven Ranked monster leader?”
“Girl, it is considered to be weak already. It is merely a captain, there are still four Heaven Ranked Level 3 Commanders and a Heaven Ranked Level 5 Beast King ahead of us.” Yue Yang rode his Fire Phoenix and flew to the highest point. He decided to stop messing with Black Hell King and returned back to the Grimoire World to discuss this issue with Sky Law.
“This has become a little tricky.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s expression became heavy when she heard it. Fighting against creatures of Heaven Ranked Level 5 was beyond her limits.
“So, it’s Sky Law…” Black Hell King recognized the Phoenix Fairy Beauty.
He did not look good too.
If she were to be the Phoenix Fairy Beauty of the past, Black Hell King wouldn’t have bothered.
Sky Law was only an Level 9 Innate in the past, even if she was at the peak of Innate Level 9, he would have gotten rid of her easily. But now, Sky Law’s power exceeded Black Hell King’s prediction. Although she had hidden more than half of her power, the powerful might she emitted when she tried to hold back her anger could be felt by Black Hell King who was also a Heaven Ranked Ranker.
That’s right, she was also a Heaven Ranked Ranker.
Although she was slightly weaker than the Black Hell King, he couldn’t afford to be complacent.
Compared to Sky Law, Black Hell King was more willing to fight against Weng Jin and the three-eyed tiger man who were also Heaven Ranked Rankers. Black Hell King didn’t want to become enemies with Sky Law.
Although Black Hell King hadn’t fought against Sky Execution, Sky Wrath and Sky Law yet, he was wary of the existence of the Demonic Palace, he suspected that they obtained certain ancient books or treasures from the God’s Ruins. If not, Sky Execution wouldn’t be so powerful.
According to credible sources, Sky Execution had looked down on the Sky Emperor in a conflict during a treasure hunt and knocked back the haughty Sky Emperor within one move. Sky Execution was hiding his power and identity so he did not strike a second time, but if he did, Sky Emperor would have faced an embarrassing defeat. After getting to know this information, Black Hell King suspected that Sky Execution had surpassed the three emperors and was closely behind the Dragon Emperor and human Zhi Zun. He could even be Heaven Ranked now.
This was especially so after seeing Sky Law who was ranked just below Sky Execution. It was only then did Black Hell King realize that he had underestimated the Demonic Palace.
Luckily Sky Execution and Zhi Zun weren’t here, if not the situation would have been entirely different.
“What’s the matter with this guy?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was surprised when she realized that the Black Hell King was on the Ancient Slaughterers’ side.
“[Betrayal] Inherent Skill.” With Yue Yang’s words, Phoenix Fairy Beauty immediately understood.
“It won’t do with just the [Betrayal] Inherent Skill, you also need the [Resurrection] Inherent Skill!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty smiled as she gave off a murderous vibe. She believed that her power, together with Yue Yang’s, would allow them to kill the Black Hell King under a constricted environment like this.
“Let’s return to the Grimoire World!” Yue Yang didn’t think that the Black Hell King was a believer of Chun Ge Cult, that he would immediately resurrect on the bloodied ground after dying. However, killing him would be no easy feat with his cunning nature and his teammates being made up of more than ten Ancient Slaughterers. It would be hard to get rid of him without a good plan. Yue Yang’s words were also a form of inquiry, so the Phoenix Fairy Beauty would definitely hint to him if there was anyone else coming. If it was only her, then she should agree to his suggestion.
(Chun Ge: https://kenengba.com/post/1382.html , chinese internet slang, its meaning is somewhat close to ‘dying and instantly reviving’.)
“Wait, there are still a few more coming, they are arriving soon, let’s play around with this traitor first.” A tinge of smile appeared on Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s enchanting face.
A chill rose inside the Black Hell King.
He would never allow them to gang up on him, be it Zhi Zun, Night empress or Sky Execution. He wasn’t one who could be trifled with.
With just two Heaven Ranked Rankers working together to attack him coupled with Yue Yang’s deadly World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame, he would already be in extreme danger. Hearing that there were still people on the way, he dashed back to the crowd of Ancient Slaughterers. He didn’t care about pride. All he wanted was the final victory and the Divine Equipment as a reward!
Phoenix Fairy Beauty raised both of her hands and gathered a giant thunder ball.
She didn’t compress the thunder ball like what other Heaven Ranked Rankers would, nor did she hurl it to her opponent.
She used a very special tactic where she forcibly tore open the thunder ball such that it could be released to the sky and form flashes of lightning….
“Eh?” Black Hell King’s pupil constricted several times when he saw it.
The lightning from the torn thunder ball did not disappear. Instead, under the willpower of the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, it became a ‘lightning storm’ that had the power of judgement. It expanded by tens, hundreds of times forming a lightning tornado that engulfed the entire crystal plaza. Tens of thousands of lightnings were twisted to form spirals under the control of the Phoenix Fairy Beauty. They entwined to form a giant lightning tornado.
Forget about the lighting tornado, even the flashes of lightning that weren’t part of it were capable of killing Innate Rankers under Innate Level 9.
Black Hell King felt that this lightning that carried the power of judgement was the same as the Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel. They were all his nemesis!
If he was struck, the consequence would be dire!
Black Hell King did not even pause to think or stop for a moment.
He teleported away instantly, away from the protection circle of the Ancient Slaughterers.
At the same time, the blood-thirsty and warlike Ancient Slaughterers ran off one after the other. They also didn’t dare to take on Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s, Sky Law, directly.
But it was all too late.
If they had run off when the Phoenix Fairy Beauty was gathering the thunder ball, they might have been able to escape the attack.
But now, under the control of Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s thoughts, no Ancient Slaughterer could escape the judgement power of Sky Law! Different from Yue Yang’s Card of Fate, Sky Law’s Judgement Power did not take the form of a man. It was in the form of thunder and lightning. It could be said that it was a spirit hurricane released by Phoenix Fairy Beauty. It carried the power of the Cards of Fate but was released in the form of lightning.
The booming thunder and lightning attack began…
The duration between the first strike of lightning and the final judgement was five minutes.
All the Ancient Slaughterers laid on the ground as charred bodies. None of them managed to avoid the attack.
However, they were still Heaven Ranked Level 1 creatures with buff bodies after all, so their extremely strong vitality allowed them to survive the judgement of Sky Law.
There were only two heavily injured Ancient Slaughterers lying on the ground, on the brink of death as they could no longer get up… One strike from the Phoenix Fairy Beauty managed to get rid of more than ten Ancient Slaughterers. Not only the Black Hell King almost received a heart attack from this result, even Yue Yang was tongue tied.
Yue Yang could confirm that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty had improved again. And it was a tremendous one that exceeded Yue Yang’s expectations.
The power of the previous Sky Law was definitely not this strong!
Could it be that the Night Empress or Zhi Zun had given her certain advice to make her fully comprehend the power of Sky Law?
Just when Yue Yang was puzzled, a big question came up at the same time. If it was Zhi Zun who guided the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, then what was Zhi Zun’s realm at now? If it was just a casual guidance that made her little sister make such a huge improvement, then the improvement her little sister would make if Zhi Zun were to go all out in grooming her would be unimaginable.
Sky Law made such tremendous improvements after a little guidance, what about Xue Wuxia then?
Yue Yang suddenly started to anticipate for the arrival of Zhi Zun. This girl was just too mysterious!
“You are strong!” Yue Yang stuck up his thumb to Phoenix Fairy Beauty generously. Even the strongest Huang Quan would blush in shame if he were to see that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty managed to defeat the Ancient Slaughterers within one move and even killing two instantly!
“No big deal…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty smiled at Yue Yang sweetly.
She went into Yue Yang’s arms willingly as she kissed Yue Yang with her tender lips, completely ignoring the presence of the Black Hell King. When the Charm Demon Queen appeared, all the Ancient Slaughterers that just got up started to kill each other crazily under her power. If not for the thundering shout of the Black Hell King that woke them up, they would have all died under the Charm Demon Queen’s Mesmerizing.
More than ten Ancient Slaughterers roared furiously at Charm Demon Queen.
They left unwillingly under the lead of their captain.
The smart Charm Demon Queen did not follow after them as she stared at the two Ancient Slaughterers on the verge of death… Within one minute, the more heavily injured one on the left died from its brains exploding as its giant eyes and brain fluid burst under the mental power of the Charm Demon Queen.
Black Hell King watched as his hands shivered slightly. It was only until then did he realize the kind of opponent he was going up against.
But he still remained arrogant and not discouraged by it.
Because he was the Black Hell King!
The man who successfully killed the mighty Prison Emperor 6000 years ago!
He turned around and left. It seemed that he had a new scheme to retaliate against the joint forces of Yue Yang and the Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

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