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LLS Chapter 524 – Let’s see who will remain laughing in the end!

Chapter 524 – Let’s see who will remain laughing in the end!
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Seeing the Black Hell King finally show his true colors, Yue Yang felt as if a rock had been lifted off his shoulders.

Even though the Black Hell King’s revolt would push the battle into a difficult situation. Yue Yang felt that it was better for Black Hell King to make his move earlier. At least now he would not have to always be on the edge, trying to guard against the Black Hell King’s plots.

Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing were shocked by Black Hell King’s actions. Why would the Black Hell King do this? He was also a participant of the death arena, how could he benefit from this?

“Black Hell King, have you gone mad?” burning man Fen Tian was furious, he would never have thought Black Hell King would be so ruthless.

“Damn it!” three-eyed tigerman and light man also glared at Black Hell King in fury.

“Perhaps Yue Clan’s Third Young Master would be clear what kind of person I, Black Hell, am…… I was born a betrayer. Not to mention, six thousand years ago, even the invincible Prison Emperor fell because of my plots. Are you all still delusioned in trying to coerce me? Stop overestimating your abilities!” Black Hell King sneered in disdained: “I have seen many young geniuses. But no matter how talented, how strong, no one can match up to me! This is because I have a unique and unmatched Innate Skill in the entire world – [Betrayal]. The stronger you are, the worse of a death you will suffer!”

“Do not forget, you are also a participant. Once we fail, you will also be wiped out by the Ancient Code!” Weng Jin was shaking from anger.

“Is that so?” Black Hell King retorted in icy arrogance.

He pressed his hands together.

Two short dwarf servants appeared by his sides.

Once the two dwarf servants appeared, they kneeled respectfully at Black Hell King’s feet. Under everyone’s stares, the two dwarf servants pulled out daggers and cut their throats without a single second of hesitation.

They did not die immediately.

Before they died, they struggled in great pain, staring at the Black Hell King.

Without any emotion, Black Hell King raised his legs and stepped on the two loyal dwarf servants, turning their bodies into minced meat.

He stepped on them again and again.

Fresh blood splattered everyone!

“The loyalty of servants is something I, Black Hell, do not need.” When the Black Hell King finished speaking, the black light on his Holy Armor darkened by several shades. When he pressed his hands together again, a beautiful young woman holding a newborn appeared. That beautiful young mother was quivering. She begged Black Hell King with tears streaming down her face: “King, what you need is just the blood of relatives. Let I, your concubine, take the place of the young prince, I beg you!”

“The tears of a lover……” Black Hell King reached his hand out to gently wipe away the tears of the beautiful maiden. In one swift move, he broke the neck of the beautiful maiden before raising the newborn high up in the air and throwing him on the floor. The newborn was smashed into a mess of flesh. “And the tears of my relatives, I, Black Hell, do not need any of it!”

Everyone was stunned.

Including Yue Yang, no one would have thought Black Hell King would do such things.

Was this still a person?

He was less than a beast!

Huang Quan, who had originally kept his eyes tightly shut was now staring with his eyes wide. His gold eyes were filled with astonishment!

After killing his servants, concubine and son, Black Hell King was emitting black light so concentrated it almost seemed to materialize. He looked extremely evil. A frightening energy accompanied the Dark Domain, shrouding the entire arena.

When Black Hell King raised his hand for the third time, everyone was already scared of this seriously abnormal guy. All of them could not help but move several meters back.

Weng Jin’s teeth were chattering in fear.

He knew that he was not a good person, but no matter what, he could not be as heartless as the Black Hell King!

“The protection of a Guardian Beast and the alliance of a team…… These boring things, I, Black Hell, do not need any of it!” Black Hell King pulled out the Dark Sacred Sword and cut across his throat. In that instant, black blood rushed out from his neck. However, Black Hell King’s life was not threatened. Instead, it was ‘Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger’, which was healing at the east side of the crystal arena, that howled out. Its body quickly distorted and swelled.

As swift as a sudden clap of thunder, it exploded.


A loud boom blasted the nine Innates who were healing it into minced meat before they even understood what was going on at the central plaza.

Everyone now understood why Black Hell King injured himself so seriously without a second thought.

It was to find an excuse to make the Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger self-destruct!

More black light emitted from the Black Hell King’s body, spilling around him like ink. The black light then started to form an exact replica of the Black Hell King. When the replica was fully formed, Black Hell King sprayed blood on its face, mumbling while doing so. A single strike of gold lightning shot from the extremely high dome, easily annihilating the replica into thin air.

What was freakish was that this lighting that possessed the power of the Ancient Code only wiped out the replica, leaving the Black Hell King unscathed despite how close he was.

The Black Hell King was completely unharmed.

A thought surfaced in Yue Yang’s mind: Your teammate has betrayed your squad…… Among the participants of death arena, over 50 have died. An additional four Ancient Slaughterer Commander, and an Ancient Slaughterer Beast King will be added to the arena as penalty.
(Last: Note: AS commander is higher rank than AS captain)

Under the observation of Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he realised that Black Hell King’s presence was already the same as the Ancient Slaughterers.

Maybe there was still a slight difference.

But there was no doubt, that Black Hell King was no longer on the same side as Soaring Dragon Continent. Instead, he had betrayed them to side with of the Ancient Slaughterers. He had made use of [Betrayal] Innate Skill and that strange black blood substitute. He not only escaped the punishment of the Ancient Code, but also changed sides to ally with the Ancient Slaughterers. If he got his way, he would become the final victor of this death match and would likely obtain the Divine-ranked weapon!

“Oh my god!” Southern Goblin King finally understood why the Prison Emperor died under Black Hell King’s schemes, it was because this [Betrayal] Innate Skill was really too malicious.

“Huang Quan, what do we do……” Fen Tian was extremely worried, pinning his hopes on Huang Quan to make a decision.

Another fourteen light pillars shot down from the sky.

Among them were 5 especially huge pillars, obviously they were the Ancient Slaughterer Commander and the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King.

Even now, Yue Yang still did not know how many people there were in Black Hell King’s grimoire. He estimated that all of the people Black Hell King brought in his Grimoire also counted as participants. This was because the loyal servant, concubine and son, including that black blood substitute the Black Hell King had killed were all included as the participants of death arena. If there were still people in Black Hell King’s grimoire, as he killed, the number of Ancient Slaughterers would continue to increase because of the death penalty. In fact, they would be even more powerful…… Ancient Slaughterers were Heaven Ranked Level 1 while the Ancient Slaughterer Captain was Heaven Ranked Level 2; if so, what were the levels of the Ancient Slaughterer Commander and the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King?

All of the Ancient Slaughterers bowed down in respect to welcome the arrival of Ancient Slaughterer Beast King .

Even the four Ancient Slaughterer Commanders also bowed down.

Among the four commanders, one had a dark green body covered with countless strange streaks, while another’s skin glowed blue and had extremely long claws. As for the other two, one had blood red eyes burning with raging flames and the other had a sculpted body with clearly defined muscles.

Their ability was Heaven Ranked Level 3.

They did not pale in comparison at all to the strongest Huang Quan.

As for the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King that was larger than the normal Ancient Slaughterers by two times and had shining gold hair and skin, his ability was a terrifying Heaven Ranked Level 5.

Even forgetting the rest, just him alone was enough to kill all of the participants in the blink of an eye.

This Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was an invincible existence, his strength was enough to make one depressed…… Once he appeared, even the calmest Huang Quan’s face paled. He shouted at burning man Fen Tian and Yun Xing : “Bring the Ancient Guardian Beasts away immediately, we need to flee for now.” He flashed to appear before 12-Winged Angel and brought this fifty-meter tall Ancient Guardian Beast into his grimoire to save it from the fate of being killed by Ancient Slaughterer Beast King.

Burning man Fen Tian and Yun Xing rushed to the Tiger-Lion Man and the Giant Skeleton .

But with a cold sneer, Black Hell King slashed the Dark Sacred Sword towards the burning man, stopping him in his tracks.

Yun Xing risked the allied attack of the four Ancient Slaughterers Commanders and was just in time to save the Tiger-Lion Man by putting it into his grimoire.

The Giant Skeleton was not so lucky.

Even though three-eyed tiger man and Weng Jin reacted quickly, their speed was still much behind Ancient Slaughterers Beast King. Giant Skeleton was unable to defend himself and was brought to the floor instantly by the Ancient Slaughterers Beast King. With just one heavy strike, the Giant Skeleton’s body, that was supposed to be able to withstand any attack, was immediately fractured. The skeleton broke and his breastbone fell to the floor in one huge chunk. Under the Ancient Slaughterers Beast King’s heavy attack, the Giant Skeleton’s body was as weak as a strawman.

A biting cold shockwave immediately threw away the three-eyed tiger man and Weng Jin, who had rushed forward to help……

“Go, everyone go to the east side of the crystal arena into my grimoire to discuss the situation.” Huang Quan turned to face the Black Hell King to let three-eyed tiger man and Weng Jin who were in danger escape. Huang Quan then remembered something and warned Yue Yang: “Third Young Master, quickly return to save people. I will go look for you later!”

“Sure!” Yue Yang rode a Fire Pheonix formed from Nirvana Flames, forcing back the Ancient Slaughterers that have begun to surround him. He pulled Southern Goblin King up and retreated quickly.

Since the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King had arrived. This battle could not be fought in the same way as before.

If Black Hell King did not create trouble, things would be easier. But the Black Hell King just had to change sides to ally with the enemy. Now, no matter what strategy they come up with, Black Hell King would be able to see through it. Before he could come up with a plan to kill Black Hell King, Yue Yang would not fight him head-on. However, Black Hell King hated Yue Yang the most. He delightedly chased after Yue Yang, waving the Heavenfall Thunder Hammer and the Dark Sacred Sword: “Third Young Master, why are you escaping like a stray dog? Didn’t you want to avenge the Prison Emperor? Here is a chance for you now!”

Yue Yang despised him. If not for the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King, would you dare chase after me?

In reality, even if Black Hell King chased him, he did not dare to get to close. He only dared to disturb him from afar with sword qi and lightning.

He was terrified of the Fire Pheonix formed from Nirvana Flames.

He had an armor so he was not afraid of Yue Yang’s attacks, but this Nirvana Flame that could cleanse the world…… was his nemesis!

“Scram, Scram you bastard!” When Yue Yang saw that the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was still breaking Giant Skeleton’s bones while the four Ancient Slaughterers Commanders were chasing after Huang Quan, he begun to relax a little. Fortunately, it turned out that these guys were a little scared of his Nirvana Flames. The Fire Pheonix formed from Nirvana Flames could also force the Black Hell King back. Along the way, he recalled the Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo and the others back into the grimoire. With Xiao Wen Li beside him, Black Hell King did not dare to face Yue Yang for now by himself. He was afraid of suffering under Xiao Wen Li’s [Binding] Innate Skill and only attacked with his sword qi from afar. This sort of attack had little effect on Yue Yang.

“Let us gather the ancient warriors……” When Elder Nan Gong saw the situation of the battle fall apart, he invited the Innate Rankers into the Grimoire and quickly gathered up the ancient warriors with the Emperor of the Underworld.

“Damn it!” Sky Emperor originally wanted to rely on the Black Hell King, but he was afraid of getting killed by the Ancient Code since Black Hell King was no longer on the same side as them.

After exchanging glances with War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North, they escaped back into their respective grimoires pitifully.

Seeing the dozen female ancient guards still healing the huge loli, Yue Yang quickly invited them back into his grimoire too. Xiao Wen Li was also recalling the Stone Element Medusa and the other girls to avoid a head-on confrontation with Black Hell King.

Without their control, the sea of cold water that was like a vast ocean in the crystal passage immediately fell apart.

The water flowed in all directions.

Different from Yue Yang’s situation with Black Hell King, Huang Quan and Fen Tian’s side had turned into a bloody slaughterhouse.

Let alone the companions beneath Heaven Rank, even those ancient guards had been killed by the tens of Ancient Slaughterers. Only a few were saved by Huang Quan.

Central plaza.

The Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was still torturing the Giant Skeleton to death.

It tore the Giant Skeleton’s bones and raised its long backbone, smashing it on the ground. It then ripped away its legs and arms, before throwing the hardest part of Giant Skeleton’s body, its skull on the floor…… the Giant Skeleton’s eyes quickly dimmed. Death was imminent.

The four Ancient Slaughterers Commanders brought with it a dozens of henchmen to chase after Huang Quan and Fen Tian.

There were also a few Ancient Slaughterers Captains who have started to help the Black Hell King, who was being pushed around by the Fire Pheonix formed from Nirvana Flames.

But, their plan was simple unachievable.

Even without Yue Yang’s control, the Fire Phoenix had a conscience to automatically chase enemies away…… After all, the Fire Phoenix was a gift from the Phoenix Sisters to Yue Yang for his protection. Even though it was not alive, it still had their will. Because there were many enemies, Yue Yang was only using the Fire Phoenix to chase the enemies away from the crystal passage, preventing them from chasing after him. Only until he forcefully brought the huge loli into his grimoire was he able to heave a sigh of relief. He had no time at all to meet up with Elder Nan Gong and the Emperor of the Underworld. Yue Yang immediately rode Fire Phoenix and rushed towards the central plaza.

Elder Nan Gong and Emperor of the Underworld immediately returned to their own grimoires, retreating for now.

The Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was furious at Yue Yang’s arrival.

It roared at Yue Yang, trying to deter this tiny human boy away with his deafening howl!

“Roar you sister, what are you roaring for. If you can, come and play with fire!” Under the converging attack from Black Hell King and Ancient Slaughterer Beast King, Yue Yang forcefully landed. He also snatched the Giant Skeleton Skull that had been smashed and stored it in his storage ring, before calmly flying away. This move made Ancient Slaughterer Beast King almost implode with anger. It began to blow flames from its mouth. However, this was completely ineffective towards Yue Yang who was riding the Fire Phoenix. The speed was much too different!

“Third Young Master, you will not be smug for long……” Seeing Yue Yang’s actions, Black Hell King was grinding his teeth in hate. Yet he still could not do anything about this lad.

However, the Black Hell King was still extremely confident.

No matter how cocky he was, Yue Yang did not have [Betrayal] Innate Skill. Before the time limit of the death arena was up, it was impossible for him to defeat the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King and the four Commanders. As for Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing? The six Ancient Slaughterers captains and 54 Ancient Slaughterers would be able to turn them into minced meat! What set the Black Hell King at ease was that with every three days that pass, there would be three Ancient Slaughterers leaders and twenty seven Ancient Slaughterers joining in. They would only get stronger and stronger. With that, the possibility of success for Yue Yang and Huang Quan would become smaller and smaller.

No matter how much of a genius they were, they can only die in despair!

Black Hell King smiled very sinisterly.

He smiled, extremely pleased with himself.

Yue Yang was very unhappy. He pointed his middle finger at Black Hell King: “Do not fool yourself, the only one laughing at the end is the victor. Let’s see who will remain laughing in the end!”

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