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LLS Chapter 523 – Vicious, Black Hell King’s counterattack

Chapter 523 – Vicious, Black Hell King’s counterattack
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Special Note: Changed Ancient Slaughterer team leader into Ancient Slaughter Captain because it sounds better

Death arena, crystal passage.

Yue Yang felt that things were going way too smooth. Although they survived through two waves of attacks and everyone was exhausted but the mysterious thing was that, other than a small number of Ancient Warriors which were too slow to react and were eliminated by the Ancient Slaughterers; the participants from the north, south, east and west did not suffer any losses. To obtain this kind of results, not just Yue Yang, the others were also surprised. After attacking and killing twenty plus Heaven Ranked Ancient Slaughterers, they could still manage to have zero casualties… Were the representatives all too strong? Or were the Ancient Slaughterers too weak?

Of course, this type of result would be affected by a number of factors.

Firstly, the participants lead by Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing have been preparing for a few hundred years. They had plenty of preparations. The nine Heaven Ranked Rankers’ skills were all out of the ordinary.

Secondly, the Ancient War Gods were impressive. Other than the huge loli who was still unconscious due to the cerebral concussion caused by the Black Hell King’s attacks, the other three were able to take on two or three Ancient Slaughterers at once. Whether it was the 12-Winged Angel, the Tiger-Lion Man or the Giant Skeleton, they could all handle two or three Ancient Slaughterers on their own.

With their presences, it was equivalent to having a protector god.

Taking advantage of their ability to restrain the Ancient Slaughterers, the participants from the different regions could quickly besiege and eliminate their enemies.

Thirdly, a special character emerged from the Western Heaven Realm: Yue Yang.

Before that, no one knew that such an abnormal genius existed in the world.

Due to the fact that Yue Yang had to enter the death arena, he was forced to use his full power. If not, no one would have found out about Yue Yang’s real strength, even including Elder Nan Gong and the Black Hell King.

Yue Yang fused his Innate Invisible Qi, World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flames to his body, as well as the awakened ancient code power of the card of fate. After Yue Yang found out the Ancient Slaughterers’ weakness– their eyes. He, who possessed the God Killing Dagger, Black Light and Prison Emperor Divine Seal, turned the tables and greatly influenced the battle.

In the two waves of battles, his role even surpassed that of Huang Quan, who was the most powerful fighter.

The entire team of Ancient Slaughterers had their eyes destroyed by him. He even rejected assistance.

On his own, he eliminated two Ancient Slaughterer Captains and four Ancient Slaughterers.

This insane accomplishment could not be obtained by anyone else.

After the secretive Black Hell King decided to put his own safety before anything else, on his very own, Yue Yang supported the Soaring Dragon Continent, which was no longer as glorious as its former time. Yue Yang even supported the entire Tong Tian Tower which represented the lower levels of the Western Heaven Realm!

“Abnormal potential and an incredible might.” This was Huang Quan’s opinion of Yue Yang.

Although Huang Quan made reservations in the battle, but when he asked his own heart, even if he fought at full power he may not be able to perform as well as Yue Yang.

To protect himself, and to gain power to level up and break through, Yue Yang fought without holding anything back.

By hook or by crook, Yue Yang eliminated the enemy.

Of course, all of his battles were done alone. He attacked in secret, not working with anyone else.

Thus, Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing and the Black Hell King did not have the time to peek at Yue Yang’s moves. Even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

Yue Yang possessed the skills that they would not want to provoke. More importantly, they did not know that even if they wanted to kill Yue Yang, the immortal beasts present. Qilin girl and the Phoenix sisters. They had no chance in hurting Yue Yang. As long as the Ancient Code does not kill him, Yue Yang need not be worried about people trying to murder him… the Ancient Code was different. It was too powerful. It made Yue Yang feel insecure.

Whichever the case, he decided to collect enough points.

Elder Nan Gong, the Southern Goblin King and the Emperor of the Underworld were secretly aiding him. They knew that if they wanted to get out this place, Yue Yang was their only hope.

Therefore, the three had been assisting Yue Yang with all their strength.

They did not rush to collect points, but instead, helped to restrict the enemies’ movements for him. They let him kill the Ancient Slaughterers on his own and pushed him, one step at a time, to the final victory.

“Thud!” The very last Ancient Slaughterer collapsed.

“Rest five minutes.” The Southern Goblin King was so tired her fingers were trembling non stop. She felt that she had already used up most of her energy, even though she just tried to restrict the enemy’s movements. Afterall, her ability was far weaker than that of the Ancient Slaughterer. If Yue Yang was not so powerful, and if Elder Nan Gong was not protecting her all along, she may have already been killed by the Ancient Slaughterer Captains.

“Everyone gather, let me restore your health…” Elder Nan Gong summoned a rain of light, which allowed the exhausted Yue Yang to relax.

Other than the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man who never feels tired, even Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’s face showed a trace of weariness.

Bloody Queen Red impatiently leaned on Yue Yang’s shoulders and was fast asleep.

Xiao Wen Li and Stone Element Medusa guarded the area on high alert.

As long as the Black Hell King was still alive, they could never feel at ease.

Anyway, even if the Black Hell King died, there were also other enemies such as Huang Quan… Compared to them, Yue Yang was still slightly lacking in power. The only drive was that Yue Yang knew the secret to gaining points, and Huang Quan and the rest were still unaware.

Before obtaining the final victory and leaving the death arena, Xiao Wen Li and the others would not let their guard down.

“Something is fishy. The Black Hell King behaves too normally.” Yue Yang’s words were directed to the Emperor of the Underworld. He wanted the Emperor of the Underworld to check on the Black Hell King.

“You should rest well!” The Emperor of the Underworld knew very well, the only one, who still had the strength to move, was him. The handful of non-human Innates and human Innates were too weak. War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North were all on Black Hell King’s side. Even if the Black Hell King and Sky Emperor wore only a single trousers, they could not be trusted. The Emperor of the Underworld quickly left and went to observe the battlefield in the distance. He brought back a piece of news: “They ended the battle too but strange enough, the Black Hell King seemed to be severely injured.”

“…” Yue Yang’s heart leapt.


Other than being covered by Holy Equipments from head to toe, the Black Hell King also had supreme defence. His real ability had also reached Heaven Ranked Level 2. He was right behind Huang Quan in terms of skills, how could he be heavily injured?

Yue Yang was very sure, there was something going on with the Black Hell King.

However, he was still unable to guess; what was the meaning behind Black Hell King’s injury?

The Emperor of the Underworld said he was injured. He definitely would not have misjudged. The Black hell King would not fake in front of Huang Quan and his allies. If he was really heavily injured, the problem would be even more puzzling. What benefits did would the Black Hell King get if he got injured? There were no benefits at all. He would be more likely to be abandoned by Huang Quan.

However, the clever and smart Black Hell King would rather get hurt than to use his hidden powers.

What exactly was on his mind?

“We have to be careful, that guy might make a move soon.” Yue Yang felt that something was off. The Black Hell King was gonna cause mischief and he could not even see through his scheme.

“This time, we should not race to attack. Let us observe first.” The Southern Goblin King was also very worried. Yue Yang was already exhausted. Even if Elder Nan Gong and the Emperor of the Underworld were to fight the Black Hell King together, they would be no match for him. Moreover, the Black Hell King still had Sky Emperor, War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North to assist him.

“If that is the case, let me deal with him.” The Emperor of the Underworld did not believe that the Black Hell King still daredto hurt people on the same side as him with a strong opponent in front of him. Unless he really did not want to live anymore.

Very quickly, the war started again.

The third wave of Ancient Slaughterers arrived, a new round of battle erupted.

Participants had to continuously battle and kill all the Ancient Slaughterer in order to get only three days of rest.

Even though Huang Quan, Fen Tian and the rest were all exhausted that they were gasping for breath, they still gritted their teeth, and carried on. This was a battle that allowed only victory. No one was an exception.

“Third Young Master, I’ll give you another five minutes to rest.” Huang Quan came specially to remind Yue Yang to rest. It was because Yue Yang was the key to victory. Without him blinding all the Ancient Slaughterers, everyone’s battle time would have been lengthened by more than ten times. Furthermore, there may not even be zero deaths. Even if it was Huang Quan, without the hidding skill and [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill, he had no chance of hiding under the eyelids of the Ancient Slaughterer.

“Eh, oh no…” Just when Yue Yang wanted to reply him saying that he got it, he suddenly felt a sense of doom.

It was Huang Quan’s second time coming over.

The first time, he came to express goodwill. He came over to let Yue Yang have a good rest, he even brought a ‘Blood God Pellet’ which was unique to the Eastern Heaven Realm.

Yue Yang did not want to carelessly eat the Blood God Pellet, but he appreciated Huang Quan’s kindness.

Having the Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang could tell that this ‘Blood God Pellet’ was the highest quality of medicine. It had the ability to revive one from his death. This time Huang Quan came again. He gave Yue Yang another ‘God Blood Pellet’. Huang Quan’s actions were normal, but Yue Yang thought of something else and jumped up right away, “Oh no, you should not have left, go back quickly!”

Huang Quan was startled but he immediately chose to return.

Even if he might be a formidable opponent in future, Huang Quan was still willing to believe in Yue Yang’s words.

Although he could not understand, Huang Quan could still tell that Yue Yang was not joking. He realised the seriousness of the situation instantly and returned in a flash.

At the center of the square.

The Black Hell King who was critically injured, charged head first to face the enemies.

Perhaps he wanted to prove his power, or perhaps getting injured due to his carelessness infuriated him, the Black Hell King awakened his terrifying Heaven Ranked Level 2 powers. He raced to make a move before anyone else. The Dark Domain rose up. As if it was omnipresent, it covered up half of the center of the square. Fen Tian, who was from the Fire Clan, and Yun Xing, who was from the Gold Clan, all kept their distance away from the Black Hell King, just incase they get affected by this mysterious Dark Domain.

Numerous sword shaped, monster shaped and human shaped shadows emerged. They all gathered by the Black Hell King’s side.

As if blinded, the ten Ancient Slaughterers were unable to detect the Black Hell King’s presence in the Dark Domain.

They striked carelessly.

Everyone was baffled. Perhaps the Black Hell King wanted the Ancient Slaughterers to destroy each other in the Dark Domain? Perhaps he wanted to defeat the enemies alone just like Yue Clan’s Third Young Master?

“Everyone come and attack, I can only freeze them for one minute. Hurry up!” The Black Hell King roared just like thunder.

“Alright!” Fen Tian and Yun Xing were feeling ecstatic.

What did it mean to freeze the enemies by a minute?

The enemies could not retaliate and would be beaten. Even if their defense was high, they would suffer heavy injuries… Not just Fen Tian, Yun Xing, and other Heaven Ranked Rankers. Even Innate Rankers who came to assist flocked over. Using their greatest strength, they attacked the Ancient Slaughterers who stood blankly. At this kind of timing, any kind of strength would be useful.

However, no one thought of this.

If the Black Hell King possessed such a powerful skill, Dark Domain, why didn’t he use it before? Why didn’t he use it after Yue Yang and Huang Quan arrived?

Yue Yang and Huang Quan were still not there yet.

All of a sudden, things changed.

The Ancient Slaughterers which stood motionless in the Dark Domain all vanished.

Within the Dark Domain, the scene fluctuated. The ten Ancient Slaughterers were not ‘held fix’. They hid in the darkness, waiting for the right timing.

Fen Tian and Yun Xing and the other Heaven Ranked Rankers sensed that something was off. They could still escape from the Dark Domain. However the Innate Rankers who charged in to attack but lost their targets were exposed in front of the ten Ancient Slaughterers. What made it worse was that, when they tried to retreat, the ‘allies’ in the Dark Domain, the shadows, restricted their body.

Almost all of the trapped non-human Innates were instantly killed on the spot by the ten Ancient Slaughterers.

No one dared to charge into the Darkness Domain to rescue their comrades.

The Ancient Slaughterer Captain, leading nine fellow slaughterers, madly massacred all of the non-human Innates. Together, the slaughterers let out an ear-splitting, bloodthirsty snarl!

Fen Tian, Yun Xing and the rest watched helplessly, they did not know what to do. They could only watch as their allies were torn into pieces.

There were only nine non-human Innates still alive. They were all mainly healers…

A single battle, almost a complete wipeout.

What made it more terrifying was that, another more than ten light pillars appeared on the center of the square all of a sudden. More than ten Ancient Slaughterers were added due to the deaths of participants.

“HAHAHAHAHA!” The Black Hell King laughed madly. He pointed at Yue Yang and Huang Quan who had just arrived,” Merely brats and you want to fight me? You are still young! Do you know what my inherent skill is? Did you guys really think I was afraid? I was just waiting for the right time. All of you go to hell. Not just you guys, in those days, the unmatched Prison Emperor also died under my schemes. Who do you think you guys are?”

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