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LLS Chapter 522 – Xue Wuxia is back

Chapter 522 – Xue Wuxia is back
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Clan Castle.

On martial arts field, a tied-up robber was crying bitterly.

“This is injustice, I really am not a spy. You guys are too unreasonable, would the Black Hell Army want a level 2 [Braveman] like me? I really am just a messenger!” The little robber’s face was covered in tears as he sobbed.

“Maybe he really is wronged…….” Liu Ye was getting a little soft-hearted. This little robber seemed too weak to be a spy, right?

“Look at how hard he is crying. He is too pitiful even if he really is a spy, let him off to turn over a new leaf!” Bao’er’s heart was simply as soft as silk tofu.

“Turning over a new leaf is a waste of time, how about you just die!” Fatty Hai pulled out a dagger and waved it in front of the robber’s body as if thinking where to land the blade. His actions shocked the little robber into screams, almost peeing his pants. Ye Kong, Xue Tanlang and Tian Luo Prince gave each other a look, they all found this strange.

To claim that this little robber was a spy seemed like a stretch when he was so weak.

But to say that he was not a spy was difficult when he was so suspicious.

Even though the kid claimed to be a messenger, there was no letter even after searching his entire body. He only said that two female Rankers from the sixth floor made him pass the message verbally to Yue Clan’s Third Young Master’s companions. That is for them to look for Zhi Zun immediately. This was the biggest lie. Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the rest did not feel that they have the right to ask to meet Zhi Zun, even a fake message would not ask them to do that.

Moreover, no one knew the two women the little robber was describing. Even his description was very vague, as if he was making things up.

What cloak covering the entire body, masks made from coral on their faces and hand holding a white whale staff…… doesn’t it all sound crazy? Which woman in Soaring Dragon Continent would dress like that?

In conclusion, this little robber was lying. Only after being caught red-handed did he come up with such an extremely stupid lie.

There were 2 other points that were very suspicious.

Firstly, this little robber was from the Zi Jin Kingdom. Why would someone from the Zi Jin Kingdom send a message to the Yue Clan Castle? If a robber from the Zi Jin Kingdom was not a spy, then what else could he be?

Secondly, this little robber claimed that two women from Tong Tian Tower’s sixth floor came down to the Soaring Dragon Continent. With this robber’s ability, not to mention Tong Tian Tower’s sixth floor, even the third or fourth floor would be too unbearable for him, how could he even adapt to the sixth floor’s gravity? There was no doubt he was lying and talking nothing but nonsense.

“I really am wronged, do not kill me……. I am only greedy for money and did this for 100 gold. Moreover, I have no grudges with Da Xia and the Yue Clan. Why would I be a spy for Zi Jin Kingdom? Even a fool would know how powerful the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was, just a single breath from him would kill me. How could I even dare to oppose him?” The little robber was still sobbing.

“Nonsense! I have never heard of a quest that is worth 100 gold by just leading the way, do you think I am a fool?” Fatty Hai was furious and kicked the little robber many times.

“This fellow needs to be sorted out. Most likely when we skin a layer of his skin later, only then would he tell the truth.” Yan Pojun and Feng Qisha also found it impossible. How could the remuneration for just leading the way be 100 gold? Tong Tian Tower never had such a quest, even if there was, how could this little robber go up to the Tong Tian Tower’s sixth floor to receive such a quest. Did he think all of the guards of the Tong Tian Tower’s sixth floor were blind?

“What happened to the two women you brought down from Tong Tian Tower’s sixth floor?” Anna asked patiently.

“They had a teleportation scroll and left immediately once they reached Soaring Dragon Continent. They only instructed me to come to the Yue Clan Castle to pass on the message.” The little robber swore that he was speaking the truth.

“Impossible. If they had a teleportation scroll, this means that they know people from the Soaring Dragon Continent. Why would they need you to lead the way?” Lin En immediately dismissed his words.

“They said that they knew the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master……” The little robber tried to explain himself.

“That is even more unlikely. If they knew the Third Young Master, why they need you to lead the way?” Ye Kong also felt that this little robber was speaking nonsense.

“When they asked you to bring the message to me, was there anything other than asking us to look for Zhi Zun immediately? Is it that Third Young Master was in danger and needed help urgently? Make yourself clear and I promise that they will not harm you. In fact, they will return your 100 gold!” Anna’s intuition told her that something was not right. It made no sense for Black Hell Army to use this little robber that was so weak. On the contrary, it would be problematic if this kid was telling a truth.

“I don’t know, they only said to ask you all to look for Zhi Zun…… I know nothing, I was only leading the way!” Little robber tried his best to describe: “There were 2 of them. One of them was very tall, taller than me. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She wore a mask made from coral and held a white whale staff. She was formidable and most likely an Innate. I saw that even the people of sixth floor were very respectful to her. The other was as tall as Princess Bao’er. Even though there was a veil over her face, she still looked pretty. She was unlike the girls of Soaring Dragon Continent and she seemed very weak. Even when she spoke she was very shy, but she sounded so sweet…… They did not allow me to raise my head to look at them, so I do not know for sure. But I swear that all of what I have said is real, not half a sentence is a lie!”

“You are so dishonest. Not half a sentence is a lie, but every sentence is false!” Fatty Hai gave him a kick.

“You are only a Level 2 [Braveman], how did you go to the sixth floor?” Xue Tanlang asked the important question.

“ I have a Silk Smoke Elastic Monster that is able to resist gravity. By protecting my body with it, I am able to go up to the sixth floor. In the past my father was a travelling merchant and would bring me up there often. I have always been completing quests to pass items or letters from the first to the sixth floor. Just today when I was bringing alcohol for a mercenary on sixth floor, I saw Warrior’s Guild had just released a quest to lead the way for 100 gold. Since I was eligible, I gathered my courage and accepted it…… I really am not lying, how could I possibly dare to come here to be a spy. Moreover, Zi Jin Kingdom confiscated all of my father’s assets ten years ago. He almost killed himself because of his depression. I have never like them, why would I even be a spy for them…….” With shaking hands, the little robber summoned a Bronze Level 2 Silk Smoke Elastic Monster.

“Before we investigate matters thoroughly, you would have to stay here at Yue Clan Castle. If it turns out that you really are just a messenger, we will compensate you with 150 gold coins.” Tian Luo Prince passed the little robber a tranquilizer pill to consume.

“You really think we can believe him? Even fools would know that we can never request to meet Zhi Zun……” Fatty Hai still did not believe him.

“If they were unfamiliar with Soaring Dragon Continent, or the situation was urgent, only Zhi Zun could solve the problem.” Tian Luo Prince’s analysis made everyone’s heart sank.

If that was true, things were bad.

If Zhi Zun had to interfere, this could not be a small matter. It would definitely have to do with Black Hell King.

Could it be that Black Hell King was attacking Yue Yang? If those two were Yue Yang’s messengers, then why would they not come to the Yue Clan Castle but instead go somewhere else to seek help?

Xue Tanlang and Tian Luo Prince exchanged glances: “You all wait here, we will make a trip to the Tian Luo Palace.”

Everyone fell silent. Could it be that those two women have gone to Tian Luo Palace to look for the Night Empress?

Now everyone instead wished that this little robber was a spy, or that he was lying. They hoped that this was not real…… Ye Kong told Fatty Hai: “Fatty you stay here and take care of things. I will go look for teacher to ask for his advice.” The teacher Ye Kong was referring to was the Old Fox. Seeing how the situation has worsened, it would be impossible to not report to the Old Fox and the others.

“Be careful, this could be the enemy’s scheme!” Fatty Hai was unusually serious.

Two silver stars appeared in the sky.

They sped across the sky.

Before anyone could react, the two silver stars have already flashed in front of them.

Xue Tanlang reacted the fastest . He immediately filled the sky with frost and heavily smashed it towards the opponents. Even if the frost could not repel the enemy, it could still serve as a buffer for his companions.

A jade hand condensed all of the cold frost in the air into a small ice crystal. Xue Tanlang was shocked, before he could retreat, that jade hand had already stopped in front of his face. He was covered in cold sweat. This enemy was extremely powerful that he could not even withstand a single hit. Things were over.

“How could you not even recognise me, you are asking to be hit!” The owner of the melodious voice flicked her fingers and sent Xue Tanlang flying.

“Sister!” Xue Tanlang took some steps back, and quickly stretched out his hands to stop Ye Kong and Fatty Hai. He then rushed towards Xue Wuxia in excitement, shouting: “Sister, why are you back?”

Beside Xue Wuxia were the two war God Guard Sisters, standing on her two sides.

Xue Wuxia’s appearance calmed everyone down.

Now that the gifted Eldest Miss of the Xue Family has returned to take charge of matters, things were now going to be settled.

Everyone started talking about what happened at once, hoping that Xue Wuxia would be able to make the right judgement. Xue Wuxia waved her jade hand gently, indicating for everyone to quiet down. She then said with certainty: “It is true!”

This sentence stopped everyone’s hearts for a moment.

Xue Wuxia pondered for a moment: “When I was returning from training at Tong Tian Tower’s tenth floor, a woman called Hai Yingwu passed a top secret letter to me as I reach Tong Tian Tower’s sixth floor. In the letter, it said that Yue Yang is at a very special place now and was fighting with the Black Hell King and unknown powerful enemies. She told us to look for Zhi Zun because Yue Yang’s message to Hai Yingwu could only show ten characters, the message was not very clear. But we could still deduce that Yue Yang was in a danger zone. When I returned to the sixth floor, Ou Gen from the Warrior’s Guild also verified that Yue Yang had been intercepted by the Black Hell King. After that Elder Nan Gong rushed over and for unknown reasons, they all left with the Southern Goblin King to Tong Tian Tower’s tenth floor’s Heaven outside Heaven.”

Fatty Hai started getting anxious: “What do we do now?”

Xue Wuxia indicated for everyone to calm down: “With your abilities, do not even think about Tong Tian Tower‘s tenth Floor. Even if I went, it would most likely be of little use. What you all have to do is mainly to prevent the Black Hell Army from attacking! I have already sent letters to Zhi Zun, Night Empresses and Sky Law, asking them to decide on the course of action. What we have to do is to wait for Zhi Zun’s signal because she is the person who can really help Yue Yang. With Elder Nan Gong there, I think Yue Yang should be okay for now, we must believe in him!”

Her words made everyone feel much better.

She was right, when had Yue Yang ever disappointed them? Even though Black Hell King was very strong, Yue Yang still had Elder Nan Gong with him. He should be able to hold his ground until Zhi Zun arrived to help.

The problem was, where in the world was he now?

The meticulous Anna and Liu Ye both noticed that Xue Wuxia did not mention the location. They immediately realized that even she did not know where he was, and started to panic.

The two girls understood that this was not the time to get to the heart of the matter, otherwise everyone would start worrying. They pushed away their panic and kept quiet

In the distance, a strange light flashed from the center of the teleportation circle.

“Wuxia, come quickly. “ Princess Qian Qian rushed our energetically from the teleportation circle. She pulled Xue Wuxia along with her, and shouted at Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tanlang and Tian Luo Prince right before she left via the teleportation: “You all stay behind and not cause any trouble for me! Report to the old guys and then wait here for news quietly. If the Black Hell Army really comes, that is your problem. If you do not settle it properly, when I come back, I will ruthlessly cut you all up!”

“Princess, can elderly me help?” Who knew where Old Cunning Fox heard news, but he rushed over.

“There is nothing you can do, just look over them……” Before Princess Qian Qian finished talking, she had already left by teleportation with Xue Wuxia and the War God Guard Sisters.

“Woof!” Only Hui Tai Lang rushed over like lighting, and disappeared with the teleportation.

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