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LLS Chapter 521 – Posthaste

Chapter 521 – Posthaste
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Huang Quan and the rest realized that even before they reached the central plaza, the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master had already made two Ancient Slaughterers blind.

It remained unknown how he did it.

But this made the everyone overjoyed.

They all knew how hard it was to defeat the Ancient Slaughterers. To be able to make it blind was undoubtedly the best tactic.

Losing their vision was a detrimental injury to the Ancient Slaughteres. Their combat powers would at least be halved.

They did not suspect anything.

They never would have guessed that Yue Yang wasn’t doing for everyone to easily kill the Ancient Slaughterer but was just making sure that he could get points for the death of every Ancient Slaughterer. In other words, no one else but him would get the rewards awarded for solo killing an Ancient Slaughterer. This way, Yue Yang would be able to keep the reward for solo killing a secret for longer time and also have a grasp on the most of the points in this death arena. Yue Yang knew very well the difficulty he was facing…. The representatives from the east, south and north were harder to deal with than the Ancient Slaughterers; Also, the Black Hell King who would seize every opportunity to attack him was undoubtedly a ticking time bomb as well.

If Yue Yang didn’t become more proactive, he would be in even graver danger.

Without the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia by his sides, he could only fight this battle alone as he was couldn’t escape from the death arena.

It could be said that this battle was ten times more life threatening than his quest to the Prison Emperor Divine Palace in the past.

“Third Young Master, use your strength to create more opportunities!” Burning man Fen Tian wasn’t willing to expose his entire power, he wished for Yue Yang to launch more strikes. Fen Tian wasn’t alone as the strongest Huang Quan and Yun Xing bore this attitude too.

They all knew that the battle wouldn’t end after this fight, there would at least be another two waves of Ancient Slaughterers arriving in the next few hours.

After a short three day break, another three waves of Ancient Slaughterers would be released again.

This uphill battle would continue until either all the Ancient Slaughterers or the participants were dead.

Excluding the additional Ancient Slaughterers from the death of participants, there would be ten waves of Ancient Slaughterers being released into the death arena, and their strength would only become stronger towards the end. There was a high possibility that the last wave would be completely made up of Ancient Slaughterer team leaders or even stronger.

If they don’t conserve some power, and give their all now, they wouldn’t be able to sustain for future fights.

Moreover, there was still the battle between remaining four sides after all the Ancient Slaughterers were dead.

Only that was considered to be the final fight.

Yue Yang’s performance was impressive, but this was only the start. Burning man Fen Tian and Huang Quan weren’t envious. On the contrary, they were secretly happy as it would diminish his power greatly and reduce the threat he would pose on them.

Compared to Yue Yang who gave his all, the secretive Black Hell King alerted Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing even more.

“…” A chill flashed rapidly across Black Hell King’s eyes.

But Yue Yang caught it and smiled coldly in secret.

Pleased? I’ll see how long it could last!

Yue Yang knew very well that he couldn’t ally with Black Hell King and he would definitely try to kill him, but Yue Yang couldn’t act first and kill Black Hell King. There were two reasons to it. First, the current circumstances were too dangerous, killing the Black Hell King would only land them in a more unfavourable situation; second, it was hard to kill Black Hell King who was protected by his Holy Equipments. Coupled with his hidden powers, even the strongest Huang Quan couldn’t confidently say that he could kill Black Hell King.

Even if Black Hell King didn’t act immediately, that doesn’t mean that Yue Yang doesn’t have a say.

Once he got all the points, the Black Hell King would be killed by the Ancient Code no matter how powerful he might be.

So what Yue Yang wanted to do was to make use of the battle with the Ancient Slaughterers to level himself up, and use the fastest way to catch up with Black Hell King and surpass him. Only then could he gain the most out of this battle and emerge as the final winner.

In the central crystal plaza, the heated battle was still ongoing.

At the same time at an individual World in Heaven Outside Heaven.

“What’s wrong?” The elder sister of the ‘War God Guard’ twins, who gave Yue Yang a mysterious crescent moon ornament in the past, heroically defeated an Ancient Ape and majestically landed beside Xue Wuxia. She asked confusedly: “Are you feeling unwell?”
(Last: refer to chap 213)

“…No, I just felt a very weird sense of unease. I suddenly couldn’t focus on anything…” Xue Wuxia couldn’t fathom why she was feeling like this either.

“Is it because Princess Qian Qian is returning to Soaring Dragon Continent today?” The younger sister of the twins blinked her doe eyes as she asked.

“No, I’m not sure.” Xue Wuxia had suspected the possibility earlier but it was soon excluded by her.

“You have been cultivating and it’s been a long time since you were back, why not go back today!” The older War God Guard sister suggested.

“Our cultivation mission has been completed!” The younger War God Guard sister added on adorably.

“…Hmm, alright then!” Xue Wuxia couldn’t explain the fear she was feeling, but after hearing their suggestion, she decided to return to Soaring Dragon Continent which she had been back separated from for a long time now and visit her lover. She wondered how he had been doing. Although she would often receive his mail, she still missed him a lot, could it really be that it was because Princess Qian Qian returned to the Soaring Dragon Continent and her heart was giving way too?

Carrying her doubts, Xue Wuxia and the War God Guard sisters left the individual world and back to the Soaring Dragon Continent.

Tian Luo Palace.

Princess Qian Qian walked towards the Mirage. She didn’t even return to the Da Xia Palace nor did she went back to visit her father. She came directly to see Yue Yang.

With the Prison Emperor Divine Sword on her back, she gave off a majestic vibe that combined faintly with her own.

Princess Qian Qian who had mastered the Divine Sword better was respected by people she met everywhere she went.

She had already levelled up to become a Supreme Ranker.

When Princess Qian Qian just left from the palace gate, two women run furiously towards her from Tian Luo Palace. One of them was clad in a black cloak and wore a coral mask while holding a white whale staff; the other one was the half elf girl who couldn’t hide her out of the world beauty even with a cloak and a white cloth covering her face. The guards of the palace only smelled an aromatic scent that caused them to immerse in it.

Only the gold-armored captain could still maintain his composure as he quickly pulled out his sword to block the two women. “You can’t barge into Tian Luo Palace like this.”

“We have urgent issues and are looking for fourth mother…” The one with the coral mask hastily indicated their intentions.

“There’s no such person in the Tian Luo Palace!” The gold-armored captain rejected her immediately.

Although they were two women, they were so powerful that it alerted him, especially for the one wearing the coral mask. Forget about her hiding her power, the power she showed was already that of a Lesser Innate. There weren’t many in the Soaring Dragon Continent. What made the gold-armored captain confused was that he hadn’t heard of these two women before, what was their motive now that they came suddenly?

Are they friend or foe?

He couldn’t come to a conclusion!

The woman wearing the coral mask spoke anxiously. “Fourth mother is the fourth mother of the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. If she isn’t around, then we’ll look for the Young Master’s sister, the second daughter of the Yue Clan, Yue Yu. If she isn’t around too, we’ll look for his younger sister, Yue Bing. Or, we can look for his teammates Ye Kong, Hai Dafu, Xue Tanlang, anyone of them, if all of them aren’t around, please report to Tian Luo Emperor or Da Xia Emperor, we have urgent matters to see them… This is an emergency, you have to report immediately!”

The gold-armored captain was confused: “Who are you all exactly? Where did you all come from? Reveal your identities now!”

The woman wearing coral mask paused for a while. “You have no rights to know my identity, this issue is confidential, report it now, we can’t afford to lose any more time…”

“No, if the two of you don’t reveal your identities, I will never report for you.” the gold-armored captain rejected directly. What if they were assassins from the Black Hell Army? Then he wouldn’t be doing his job. Moreover, those whom she requested to see were the top priorities the country was protecting.

“What a stubborn fool…” The woman wearing coral mask raised her white whale staff. “If I were to be an enemy, I could have killed you instantly. We are allies, and we really have something very urgent!”

“That won’t do too, I will never let people of unknown identities in!” The gold-armored captain became more firm. Did they think that they were very impressive being Lesser Innates? This is the Tian Luo Palace, and he is the leader of the guards, he has to do his job even if they were innates! Moreover, everyone of the Soaring Dragon Continent knew that the guards didn’t have any rights to let any one into the Mirage, so if they didn’t even know this, even if they weren’t enemies, they weren’t allies either. They should go to the Yue Clan Castle if they wanted to look for Ye long, Fatty Hai and Xue Tan Lang, why are they looking for them in the Tian Luo Palace? These two women don’t know anything, were they really allies? The two of them were too suspicious, and should never be let into the palace.

Thinking of this, the gold-armored captain indicated to all the guards to be prepared for a fight.

The woman wearing the coral mask fought hard to suppress her anger. “We are really allies. If you all aren’t willing to pass the message, then we’ll go to the Yue Clan Castle where’s the teleportation circle?”

The gold-armored captain thought how could they be allies if they didn’t even know the teleportation circle of the Tian Luo Palace.

He became more restrictive in his speech.

If not for the huge gaps between his and their power, he would have nabbed these two suspicious woman and reported them to his upper management.

“What happened?” Princess Qian Qian, who had a sensitive sixth sense, felt a weird feedback before she entered the Mirage. Under her super sensitive sixth sense, she suppressed the urge to see Yue Yang as she turned around.

“Divine Equipment?” The woman wearing the coral mask was stunned when she looked at Princess Qian Qian.

“Prison Emperor Divine Sword, she is Princess Qian Qian.” The half elf girl dashed towards Princess Qian Qian immediately.

“Outrageous…” The gold-armored captain became enraged, thinking that they were going to assassinate Princess Qian Qian and snatch away her Divine Equipment. He brandished his sword and chopped.

Princess Qian Qian raised her hand and pointed in the air.

Her qi deflected the gold-armored captain’s giant sword.

In the same instant, the white whale staff moved to protect the head of the half elf girl. She tripped and fell into Princess Qian Qian’s embrace. She was crying hysterically and was too agitated to speak. She seemed to want to speak, but she couldn’t. Princess Qian Qian felt confused. Carrying her on one hand, she used her other hand to ask the gold-armored captain to back off: “She doesn’t have any ill intentions… Who are you all exactly? What happened?”

Her.. [Six Records] Inherent Skill could sense that these two women didn’t have intentions to kill, so they definitely weren’t assassins deployed from the Black Hell Army.

But she couldn’t fathom what they came for.

The woman wearing the coral mask was excited too when she saw Princess Qian Qian. But she immediately suppressed it and payed her respects: “Your Highness, as there are a lot of people here, it isn’t quite convenient for us to reveal our identity, but we have no ill intentions.”

“Princess Qian Qian, I am not a bad guy, master is in danger, go save him quickly…” The half elf girl couldn’t keep things to herself as she revealed everything when she was anxious. Princess Qian Qian shook as she heard it, before quickly covering her mouth. “Understood, we’ll discuss further inside, we can’t say anything here!” She then turned towards the palace gates. “All of you start doing shifts and take turns to guard the palace gates, no one is to leave for whatever reasons.”

“Yes!” Although the gold-armored captain didn’t know what happened, he realized the severity of the issue as he shouted to the guards who felt confused. “All of you listen up, from now on we are on alert level red. All of you immediately come with me to enter the quarantine room, no one is to communicate with people outside. Those who violates this will be seen as spies and will be killed without hesitation!”

Before waiting for the guards to act, Princess Qian Qian had already carried the half elf girl as she brought the woman with the coral mask into the palace.

They ran all the way through the palace and into the Mirage.

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