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LLS Chapter 520 – The Crazy Points Stealer, Yue Clan Third Young Master

Chapter 520 – The Crazy Points Stealer, Yue Clan Third Young Master
Translated by: Last, want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Naturally, Yue Yang had already sensed the Black Hell King’s ‘I want to exterminate you’ gaze.

But, he pretended that he did not see it.

Since the Black Hell King was his enemy anyways, Yue Yang did not care even if flames of envy would burn the Black Hell King into a widow. It would even be better if he was mad to the point that his seven apertures begin bleeding. In this death arena, even if they were teammates, Yue Yang and the Black Hell King were destined to never coexist. Did the Black Hell King want to escape alive? This decision was not something the Ancient Slaughterer can make but something that should be asked to Yue Yang first.

For every participant from the east, north, and south killed, it would only give one point no matter how strong the enemy was.

Even if the Black Hell King was able to kill everyone, he would not even be able to reach 100 points.

Whenever Yue Yang successfully kills an Ancient Slaughterer alone, he would obtain 2 points for the kill and another 5 points as reward for soloing. At the same time, he obtained a secret information as the chosen one. If he was able to obtain a score greater than 100, he would be able to give a third of his points to any teammate that lacked it.

Regarding this, Yue Yang would absolutely never tell the Black Hell King. With Black Hell King’s paranoia, he would never believe anyone’s words anyways.

Since the Black Hell King did not know his points, he would definitely go crazy in the end.

As for Yue Yang, who knew all the secret information, he would just do his all to steal other people’s points.

Moreover, the three team leader Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing didn’t get any points, as they were unaware of its existence… The death arena definitely promotes solo fights as those rewards from solo fights were far more than those for killing only. Under the handsome reward awarded for solo fighting and killing, Yue Yang would only have to kill fifteen Ancient Slaughterers in order to be awarded with hundred and fifty points, which exceeded the point he would require to survive. In other words, Yue Yang was still short of fourteen Ancient Slaughterers, no matter how the final battle would turn out to be, Yue Yang would be able to leave safely.

The reason why Yue Yang chose to reveal part of his true power was because he wanted to get the Ancient Slaughterer team leader and get to know how many points he would be awarded for killing it.

This point system mustn’t be made known to Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing.

More importantly, Yue Yang needed the Ancient Slaughterer team leader to level himself up quickly! He guessed that the Black Hell King wouldn’t be able suppress himself for too long and would soon take action against him, so Yue Yang had to rank up or make a breakthrough before that.

At the very least, he had to level up his beasts so that he would have sufficient power to protect himself.

“Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, we’ll leave the Ancient Slaughterer team leader to you, it doesn’t matter if you can’t kill it, we can rush to your sides as long as you can restrict it!” Fen Tian and Yun Xing weren’t modest either. They knew that it would be hard to get rid of the Ancient Slaughterer team leader, so they were more than happy when Yue Yang was willing to restrict it, even Huang Quan left hurriedly and went to besiege and kill the other Ancient Slaughterers. The entire group bonded together as it adopted the wolf pack tactic. They targeted the weakest one first before thinking of ways to kill the Ancient Slaughterer team leader.

“…” the Black Hell King’s expression was unreadable. He wanted to attack Yue Yang very much, but he was worried if he failed to do so, he would be besieged and attacked by Huang Quan and the rest instead.

If he were to stir up troubles in the group now, he would become everyone’s enemy.

He gritted his teeth hatefully as he decided to let Yue Yang live for while more before waiting for the opportunity to kill Yue Yang.

Of course, what made the Black Hell King most anxious was that he was afraid that Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing would kill all the Ancient Slaughterer and snatch all the points away. It would then result in him being by the Ancient Code killed due to lack of points.

After careful considerations, Black Hell King quickly chased after Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing.

The three team leaders were attacking an Ancient Slaughterer together with the three-eyed tiger man, the light man and the others. The Ancient Slaughterer whom the five were attacking jointly was the only one that appeared to be injured, the injury of the other seven were negligible. Of course Black Hell King wasn’t willing to be at the losing end as he quickly join them in attacking the Ancient Slaughterer while finding for an opportunity to kill Yue Yang… Nobody knew whether the points would be awarded to all those who participated in attacking or only to the one who made the lethal blow. But no matter what, the most urgent thing was to get rid of this Ancient Slaughterer first!

The six who were the most powerful ones took turns to attack.

The unlucky Ancient Slaughterer wouldn’t be able to take it no matter how buff it might be. As it got more severely injured, a huge wound opened up on its steel-like skin as fresh blood poured out.

But it wouldn’t die from its injuries as it still attacked crazily…

Another ten minutes passed and the Ancient Slaughterer finally collapsed.

Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing and the Black Hell King stopped attacking at the same time. The three-eyed tiger man was shocked as he quickly jumped out of the battlefield to prevent himself from being targeted. As for the light man, he looked at Huang Quan, who was in the same camp as him and had always seen him as the leader.

“Because we are not sure of how the points are allocated, I suggest that we should all work together and attack the Ancient Slaughterer.” the burning man Fen Tian came out with the most reasonable solution.

“I agree.” the liquid metal man Yun Xing looked at Huang Quan.

“…” the Black Hell King was secretly unhappy. He who had always been superior had been ignored by the lot. The reason was that he was not the strongest Ranker, the strongest was the silver-haired Huang Quan, who had his eyes closed.

“Okay, let’s do that!” Huang Quan muttered for a whole before agreeing to it.

The other five people were secretly happy when they heard it.

No matter what, they had finally gotten the point for killing the Ancient Slaughterer. With this speed, they would be able to kill at least four or even more before the second batch of Ancient Slaughterer arrive. It was because many Ancient Slaughterer had started to become injured after the twenty minutes long battle. As long as everyone gave their all, there was high chance for them to kill all the Ancient Slaughterer after forty minutes…

Just when the six men were preparing to deliver the biggest blow to kill this Ancient Slaughterer, who had collapsed, a grievous moan sounded.

A suppressive energy pressed onto the entire ancient battlefield.

This was the power of the Prison Emperor Divine Seal! Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing’s expression changed slightly, could it be that Yue Yang wanted to kill the Ancient Slaughterer team leader? They immediately expanded their senses. They sensed that there was Yue Yang’s presence in the crystal passage of the Western Heaven Realm instantly rose to the peak. His ferocity was unparalleled and made others tremble.

A wave of cheer then sounded the second time in the crystal passage. The first time was when Yue Yang killed an Ancient Slaughterer.

Could it be that he killed the Ancient Slaughterer team leader?

How could it be possible?

He was only an Innate Level 10. Even with his Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel, his power wouldn’t exceed a Heaven Ranked Level 2 which was required to kill an Ancient Slaughterer team leader, which had the power of a Heaven Ranked Level 2, right? Even the strongest rankers, Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing and Black Hell King weren’t able to do anything to it when they worked together!

“Impossible! He must have injured it and gained the upper hand!” The three-eyed tiger man waved his hand.

Everyone also felt that it was impossible for Yue Yang to kill the Ancient Slaughterer team leader. It would already be impressive enough for him to injure it heavily.

Who would have thought that within seconds, the presence and soul of the Ancient Slaughterer team leader disappeared without a trace.

Although they didn’t see it with their own eyes, their sharp sense wouldn’t lie to them.

Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing’s expression ashened while the Black Hell King gritted his teeth noisily. He couldn’t hold it in any longer as he felt that his chest was about to explode. He was very unhappy about Yue Yang killing the Ancient Slaughterer before! The six experts only managed to severely injure one but had yet to kill any Ancient Slaughterer, and Yue Yang had actually gotten rid of yet another Ancient Slaughterer… If this continued, he could easily snatch away all the points, how would that do? Most importantly, if he were to continue growing like this, would the Black Hell King even have a place to stand in the future?

“Ahwooo!” the burning man Fen Tian was on the verge of madness as he grabbed onto the Ancient Slaughterer that collapsed and attacked it.

Huang Quan and the rest weren’t slow to respond as they attacked it simultaneously.

Only the three-eyed tiger was a tad slower as the Ancient Slaughterer was already dead when he hit it.

After killing the Ancient Slaughterer, the three team leaders Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing got points that were equally distributed among them. Each person got 0.4 points. In other words, only two points were awarded for the trouble of killing the Ancient Slaughterer, and it had to be separated among them.

The most pathetic one was the three-eyed tiger man who wasted his energy for nothing.

Of course Huang Quan and the rest of the team leaders wouldn’t tell him so.

“One Ancient Slaughterer for two points, so each of us will have 0.3 points.” Fen Tian was afraid that Huang Quan would reveal the point system to the three-eyed tiger man in discreet, hence he did it before Huang Quan did.

“When can we gather one hundred points…” The three-eyed tiger man was shocked. This point system was blood sucking.

Black Hell King laughed coldly on the inside.

They would never get one hundred points from killing the Ancient Slaughterer alone. The best way would be to kill people.

He decided to act when the time was ripe and kill off all those participant below heaven-ranked. Once he finished gathering one hundred points, Yue Yang, Huang Quan and this rest would be struggling amidst various other opponents as they die miserably. With his unique Inherent Skills, Black Hell King was confident that he could achieve this. Of course, he wanted to snatch the points the most because with every points he managed to snatch, there would be one less point for others.

Black Hell King looked at Huang Quan. The only guy he was wary of was this silver haired guy who had his eyes closed.

But this guy was all focussed on Yue Yang, and Black Hell King could make use of this and scheme against them.

Three-eyed tiger man and light man rushed to their next target.

Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing rushed to the crystal passage as they wanted to see for themselves how Yue Yang managed to kill the Ancient Slaughterer team leader.

They saw a huge pool that could almost form a lake from afar. Storm mermaid and some other beasts were still summoning storms while the ancient soldiers were eagerly dissecting the Ancient Slaughterer team leader’s corpse that was floating on the lake. Yue Yang wasn’t around. Even Elder Nan Gong, Southern Goblin King and Emperor of the Underworld were nowhere to be seen. Only the Sky Emperor was present and didn’t look right.

“What exactly happened?” Black Hell King descended before the Sky Emperor.

“That guy has a hidden power, it was terrifying…” Sky Emperor looked at Huang Quan and the rest. He wanted to speak but held back. Recalling what happened before, he shuddered uncontrollably.

“A golden giant appeared on the Third Young Master’s body. It was a few hundred meters tall, and it killed the Ancient Slaughterer team leader instantly.” War Tiger of the East said with shaking lips.

“That might be a one time skill, and can only last for a short period of time. But the damage it can do is horrifying.” Fierce Tooth of the North’s face was similarly pale.

“Did the golden giant wring off the head of the Ancient Slaughterer team leader?” Huang Quan asked suddenly.

“I’m not sure because we were suppressed by the golden giant under its feet. We were submerged in water and with its feet covering the sky, we can’t see what happened above.” War Tiger of the East gulped on his saliva as he tried hard to quell his anxiety. “When we could finally raise our head, the Ancient Slaughterer team leader had already been killed and its head fell down… It was very fast, the entire process took only a few seconds.”

“The suppression wasn’t caused by the Prison Emperor Divine Seal, but the golden giant.Was this the Third Young Master’s beast or the real chosen one’s?” Fen Tian’s words made Huang Quan and Yun Xing felt threatened. The one who could open up the ancient battlefield would definitely be the chosen one. Yue Yang wasn’t a team leader, so the real team leader should be lurking somewhere around him. It was highly possible that the person would attack jointly with Yue Yang.

“There’s such a possibility!” Black Hell King felt a chill in his heart. It was no wonder Yue Yang had been so arrogant all along and wasn’t bothered by him. He had such a strong supporter backing him.

Was it Zhi Zun?

Black Hell King wasn’t sure since there weren’t many people in the Tong Tian Tower who could the Ancient Slaughterer team leader in one move.

Other than the most mysterious and strongest Zhi Zun, who else would it be?

But if Zhi Zun was here, would she hide herself? If she was that powerful, why would she let Huang Quan control the direction of the battlefield? Why didn’t she step up to lead?

No one could fathom why… They didn’t have the luxury of time to think further.

Time was running out fast. Only half an hour was left till the release of the second batch of Ancient Slaughterers, but they had only killed three opponent.

Talking about the points again, if they didn’t go all out for the points they would all be snatched away by Yue Yang. With that, everyone would land into a disadvantageous situation. Huang Quan and the rest left immediately as they looked for their next target. They could only confirm that even if only two points were awarded for killing the Ancient Slaughterer team leader, Yue Yang would at least have four points, which was ten times greater than what they had.

Of course, even the three team leaders, Huang Quan, Fen Tian and Yun Xing weren’t aware that there would be five points awarded right away for the solo killing of an Ancient Slaughterer while solo killing the Ancient Slaughterer team leader was as high as ten points.  

Yue Yang who had gotten such rewards became insane.

He decided to snatch all the points away!

Most importantly, he had to keep this a secret at all cost. It would be best if he could keep the secret until the last battle in the death arena.

It was very selfish to do this, but Yue Yang had never considered himself to be a saint. Moreover, to be generous to the Black Hell King and the rest would be akin to being cruel to himself. Yue Yang wasn’t dumb, so he would definitely not do it.

A bad person, well, Yue Yang was born to be a bad person!

‘Don’t think that I didn’t hide my true power’… Yue Yang decided to tell this to the Black Hell King at the moment when he kills him.

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