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LLS Chapter 52 – Hidden Treasure Map?

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Chapter 52 – Hidden Treasure Map?
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango, Zaza
TLCed by: Zaza

As to what use this golden bell had, why did it drop?

Yue Yang couldn’t think of the reason even after scratching his head for quite a while.

But, he reacted quickly and ran towards it, picking this golden bell up. Although he did not know what it could be used for, Yue Yang was sure that this was a treasure.

It was slightly heavy when he took it. He could feel that the golden bell was brimming with energy and held a kind of mysterious power within it.

Yue Yang’s Divine Vision was incredibly useful in this situation.

What use did this treasure have?

After concentrating for a long period of time, Yue Yang was able to see through the golden bell that was originally unable to be seen through. Under his unwavering determination, he finally understood a large portion of the golden bell’s basic properties. At this instant, aside from the knowledge that was related to the golden bell flowing through his mind, a kind of ethereal comprehension happened within his heart, as if he had been enlightened… The whole of Yue Yang’s spirit world was awed. The region in his heart expanded considerably, and felt as if it was limitless, and could make him fly wherever he pleased… That kind of feeling was extremely wonderful, and had a kind of feeling that could not be expressed, like drinking a warm bowl of soup when being both cold and hungry, soothing the body and heart. It was also like being in a hot and stuffy room where a window suddenly opened, allowing all the fresh air in the world to enter, followed by a spray of cold water over the entire body, releasing the entire person from a dangerous place.

If one word were to be used to describe this, it would be refreshing.

When Yue Yang opened his eyes, he felt that his sight had become much clearer, and even the minute details that he was unable to see before, was being seen clearly.

The fluctuations of living beings’ breathing that was normally overlooked was easily captured by the eyes.

The Copper Grimoire suddenly appeared, and as Yue Yang opened it up to look…

As expected, Divine Vision had risen in level.

Divine Vision’s level went up from 1 to 2.

Actually, the inherent skill Divine Vision was already improved once during the battle at White Stone City’s Merry Forest, where Wu Yi had summoned the Bronze Barbaric Bull to use Doom’s Eyes on Yue Yang’s Phantom Shadow. However, it did not increase in level. Now, after seeing through an item for the second time, Divine Vision had finally increased in level, and this let Yue Yang secretly rejoice inwardly.

Yue Yang felt that Divine Vision had gained a large amount of strength, and had even awakened some kind of special abilities, but without the chance to use it, he was unable to ascertain what kind of ability it was.


On the blank pages of the summoning grimoire – perhaps due to the rise in level of Divine Vision, or perhaps due to the rise in rank of the Copper Grimoire from Beginner to Intermediate, the basic properties of the golden bell could actually be transmitted via words surfacing on the blank page. When Yue Yang looked at it, it was slightly different from what he had felt from the golden bell: Golden Bell, Beast Accessory, Light Type, Gold-ranked, Triple Curse Seal, Evaluation: Gold – 1 Star.

In Yue Yang’s mind, what he had seen from Divine Vision also had another weird title called ‘Runic Device’.

Perhaps, due to the Copper Grimoire’s rank being too low, its functions were incomplete and thus was unable to display everything.

Since it was a Beast Accessory… Yue Yang handed the golden bell over to Little Wen Li.

The little loli snake demon received it and shook it a few times with her small hands. Aside from the sound of the bell being crisp and clear, there was nothing fun about it at all. Her large eyes cutely blinked a few times, then handed it back to Yue Yang.

Clearly, she did not like this bell that much.

Are you disliking the fact that a Gold-ranked equipment isn’t awesome enough, and you actually want a Diamond-ranked treasure?

Yue Yang sweated profusely.

Just this golden bell had took such a great amount of effort to obtain. The Tong Tiang Tower’s abnormality, not even mentioning the sheer amount of monsters, even the BOSS was so strong that it made people speechless, how could it be easy to fight for equipment? As Yue Yang saw that Little Wen Li did not want it, he thought in his heart if this were to be hung around the neck of the Barbaric Cow, that would be pretty good too.

In contrast to Little Wen Li’s uncaring attitude, the Barbaric Cow showed a completely different attitude.

The Barbaric Cow could not think, but instinct drove her to take the bell.

The moment she took it, the bell shone with a white light which turned into a rain of light. It drifted over the tattered body of the Barbaric Cow. At this point in time, Yue Yang finally realised that this golden bell had the special healing effect of Holy Light. The healing effect of the golden bell was amazing. Within a few moments, those wounds on the Barbaric Cow where bones could be seen through became shallow and eventually disappeared. Even that feeble half-dead Hui Tai Lang slowly stood up, even if it looked slightly weak, it had recovered a bit of its appearance of a cockroach-like wolf.

“Awoo!” Hui Tai Lang stood up and immediately pounced towards the severed snake head and bit into it hatefully.

It looked like Hui Tai Lang was a narrow-minded wolf that did not forget its grudges. It wasn’t any better than the vengeful Yue Yang who would back stab other people.

Yue Yang felt that he should look at the right hall this time. There was still a ‘Blindness Rune’ inside. Even though he couldn’t make it in time to search for it before fighting the Three-headed Chimera, now that the Three-headed Chimera had gone, there wasn’t any reason to miss it. As for the Silencing Scepter, that was a one-time consumable item. After ten minutes, the Scepter that had lost all of its power shattered completely into pieces and fell onto the ground, becoming pieces of junk that were even more brittle than biscuits.

The right hall also had a group of Sheep-head Warriors.

They were more durable than the Sheep-head Shamans, but with the Barbaric Cow and Little Wen Li, the battle ended quickly.

What made Yue Yang astonished was that there was no need to answer any riddles in the right hall, and the Blindness Rune was floating in an extremely conspicuous location atop an energy cauldron.
(TL note: energy cauldron = 大鼎, something like http://img.qy6.com/new5/zidane/1313466065.jpg)

“Could this be a trap mechanism?” Yue Yang who had gone through many trials had already become slightly suspicious of everything, and felt that this was too easy. He searched meticulously within the hall. He found five and a half broken skulls, a few corroded weapons, a few arrowheads and a silver ring.

The silver ring was already deformed and was void of power. Disappointed, Yue Yang threw it away.

Finally, he set his eyes upon the energy cauldron.

‘To store or retrieve items, one gold coin must be offered as energy each time.” This was the sentence engraved on the energy cauldron. When Yue Yang saw it, he immediately flipped his middle finger at it. “Isn’t this bullying the poor? Which idiot would put items inside, isn’t it the same as wasting money… Eh, that’s not right. If this could store items, then wouldn’t it be like this? For example, if a strong person from some family came in and placed an artifact inside, then wouldn’t that allow the low leveled young descendants of the family to use it to farm BOSSes?”

As he thought of this, Yue Yang almost started drooling.

It was only a gold coin, he had loads of money.

First, Yue Yang took the Blindness Rune into his arms, then threw a gold coin into the energy cauldron.

An energy wave in the form of light appeared from within the cauldron. Following that, a letter was floating, suspended in midair where the Rune of Blindness originally was. This letter seemed brand new, and the ink on the letter had not dried. The bloody fingerprint on it could be clearly seen.

“A letter?” Not seeing an artifact float out from the cauldron, Yue Yang was slightly disappointed.

Unwilling to give up, he threw a few more gold coins into the energy cauldron. However, what he obtained were letters or parchment, wedding rings and daggers, and lastly there was even a beast egg that had not been incubated… After wasting fifteen gold coins, there was no sign of an artifact anywhere. Yue Yang felt that he had made a big loss this time. Opening up the letters, almost all of the content within the letters were wills. Yue Yang blinked his eyes a little, aside from hoping that someone later would see this letter and give the person mentioned in the letter a message or an item to remember them by, there was nothing in the contents of the letters that gained the interest of Yue Yang.

Only one letter where the author written arrogantly, “You want my treasure? If you want it, I can give it to you. Go find it in Death Canyon… Any item you take from there will make people will go mad for it.”

Yue Yang looked and shouted, “My god, do you think you’re Gol D. Roger from One Piece?”

However, this guy not only had a map drawn on parchment, but also a beast egg of the highest quality that could reach 5 stars as proof. It looked like there was such a thing. What kind of place was Death Canyon? Although Yue Yang had not been around the Soaring Dragon Continent for more than a few months, but with regard to that place, he had already heard about it far too many times. Death Canyon’s other name was ‘Graveyard of the Rankers’. Even the faces of those Rankers at the level of a Level 6 Elder would change when hearing of it.

Could it be that there really was a treasure trove hidden in Death Canyon?

Yue Yang imagined a treasure trove being full of gold and treasures piled on top of it, with most of them being artifacts. In the middle, a naked female dragon would be sleeping there, extremely lonely, waiting for himself to console her… my god. Yue Yang’s heart was full of sexual fantasies, and his little p*nis shot up on its own accord…

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