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LLS Chapter 519 – Unparalleled Might!

Chapter 519 – Unparalleled Might!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The Ancient Slaughterer responded extremely fast and waved away the black dot in front with his claws.

The human body was as small as a mosquito to it, that possessed a gigantic body. The black dot flew once his hand swept it away. His ten meters long palm was like a moving wall, it was impossible for humans to defend against it.

A black dot flew off more than 1000 meters away and smashed onto the crystal passage.

The passage shattered into a million pieces!

Southern Goblin King and Elder Nan Gong watched in horror. Yue Yang was actually instantly sent flying into he air with just one hit from the Ancient Slaughterer? This outcome was unbelievable, but everyone could see how agile this Ancient Slaughterer was. Although it had a huge body, its response weren’t similar to that of other giant beasts. It was more similar to a monkey.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North retreated in horror, they were afraid that they would be killed instantly by this monster too.

“Goddamn…” Southern Goblin King was furious.

Her right hand fluttered over her jade pipa. The pipa music turned from annoying to being terrifying.

Every note was like a deadly sharp weapon that shot everywhere.

Although the Ancient Slaughtered had an extremely strong in defense, it took three steps backwards uncontrollably.

Its ears could withstand the smashing of a 5000 kg hammer and also the slashing of sharp swords, but towards this ear-piercing music, it felt a throbbing headache that made it very upset. Its mouth, that was even wider than a city gate, opened up as blazing red flames shot out like a volcano towards the Southern Goblin King.

Elder Nan Gong’s expression changed slightly as he blocked in front of Southern Goblin King.

He drew a circle with his fingers.

A giant circle of light appeared below his feet. Afterwards, numerous golden mirror appeared like war soldiers and spun.

The blazing red flames heavily knocked onto the golden mirrors, causing an abnormally terrifying tremor.

The golden mirrors were almost crushed.

Only three remained after barely reflecting the blazing red flames away.

Elder Nan Gong was shaken back more than a hundred meters away. His face was pale. Although he had the golden mirror army to block against the blazing red flame, the attack was still quite fierce. Luckily, under his defense using the golden mirror, both him and the Southern Goblin King were safe and sound. They could easily escape from the attack range of the Ancient Slaughterer. Storm Mermaid was still summoning as her loud Storm Conch resonated throughout the entire crystal passage.

A storm approached as rain poured down, causing the ground to be flooded with water.

The water gradually rose up to the thighs of the Ancient Slaughter… The Ancient Slaughterer still chose to give up chasing after Southern Goblin King as it went for the Storm Mermaid.

Although it wasn’t intelligent, it realized that things would be bad if it continued like this.

Southern Goblin King and Elder Nan Gong had been attacking it consecutively but the results weren’t showing. The Ancient Slaughterer set its heart on killing the Storm Mermaid that could summon storms. In its heart, she was the biggest troublemaker, if it didn’t kill her now, things would become more troublesome. So instinctively, it made its decision and charged towards Storm Mermaid crazily. Of course the Thunder Naga wouldn’t let it happen as she sent a bolt of lightning onto the head of the Ancient Slaughterer. However, it was like an itch to it as it paused for a moment before ignoring it and continued to proceed.

“What should we do?” Southern Goblin King and Elder Nan Gong were at out of ideas.

“…” War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North looked at each other. Both of them had intentions of leaving the battle and ending their partnership with Yue Yang and the rest who were destined to fail. They still hoped to work hand in hand with Black Hell King because he was the strongest after all.

“Awwwwwww!” An agonizing cry resonated throughout the crystal passage. It was only until then did Elder Nan Gong and the Southern Goblin King realize that the one that was being swept away was a puppet beast in human form and not Yue Yang. The real Yue Yang had been hiding under the eyelid of the Ancient Slaughterer, he waited until it was distracted before giving it a lethal stab.

The Ancient Slaughterer became blind in the right eye.

It was left with a single eye.

Black light engulfed its pupil, causing it endless agony. Possessing a strong and sturdy body didn’t help a single bit at a moment like this.

As Yue Yang attacked its weak spot, its eyes, the sharp black light coupled with his Innate Invisible Qi broke through all of its defenses as it sunk deeply into its pupils.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North were shocked.

Because they didn’t realize where Yue Yang was hiding at all.

In other words, Yue Yang’s camouflage not only managed to fool the Ancient Slaughterer but also even human innates with higher intelligence…

If this guy were to be an assassin, who can avoid his ambush?

It was only until now that War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North gained the sudden realisation why An Xi ,the top assassin in Tong Tian Tower, chose to work with Yue Yang to kill Guan Lan. It was no wonder Guan Lan would be dead in his hands. They didn’t know that Yue Yang’s original hiding skills were far more inferior to An Xi in the past. He had only learnt from An Xi discreetly during the battle against Guan Lan.

If Yue Yang was still seen through with his hidden skills and his [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill, he wouldn’t have bothered doing this.

“Ahh!” The Ancient Slaughterer became extremely crazed. Although it was in pain, its claws still caught Yue Yang who attempted to escape.

It then crushed him into a million pieces.

But it was actually a shadow that Yue Yang used to confuse it.

His real body was under the other eye of the Ancient Slaughterer.

Although he didn’t use black light this time, he used the God Killing Dagger that wasn’t any weaker than the Black Light… It wasn’t very helpful to make his opponent blind in one eye. He could only win this fight if he could completely destroy his opponent’s vision.

The air filled with sword qi as the God Killing Dagger combined with the Supreme Sword. In one strike, Yue Yang cut open the Ancient Slaughterer’s left eye.
(Last: To those who forgot Supreme Sword was the first skill he learned from the Innate Invisible Sword Qi)

A surprising thing occurred.

Elder Nan Gong was stunned while Southern Goblin King almost fainted.

The Ancient Slaughterer, that was completely blind, stopped howling as it pressed on its left eyes before grabbing Yue Yang together with its eyeball and stuffed them into its mouth. It started chewing. It seemed to realise that its greatest opponent was the little human boy, so it decided to eat him up at all cost.

This crazy act shocked everyone.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North felt that their body turned into a jelly as they stood there, at loss.

The Southern Goblin King’s shook as she couldn’t accept this outcome. What’s the use of blinding the Ancient Slaughterer? What meaning was there to win this match? She only hoped for Yue Yang to live, there’s no meaning to victory if he were to be killed.

“Howl!” The Ancient Slaughterer beat its chest crazily as it cheered for itself for killing a cunning opponent. Although it became blind in both of its eyes, it finally managed to avenge itself!

The loli lamia Xiao Wen Li shot in front of it in a flash as she glared at it furiously.

She unleashed her Binding Inherent Skill!

The Ancient Slaughterer’s cheering action stopped… This was originally the best time to attack but Elder Nan Gong and Southern Goblin King did nothing as they were in a daze, War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North watched like fools, as if they were just onlookers. Only the Emperor of the Underworld, who had been watching the battle, suddenly moved forward and sent War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North flying into the air.

In the next second, the Ancient Slaughterer regained its movements as both of its arms crashed down heavily, targeting the previous locations where War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North were located.

It turned out that its cheering action was actually a cunning disguise. Its motive was to kill its opponents.

Luckily the Emperor of the Underworld was quick enough to help, if not War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North would be history.

Once they were killed, there would be another two Ancient Slaughterers who would enter the battle. If this happened, they would lose for sure.

“Be logical, that little boy isn’t dead yet, his beasts are still fighting!” Elder Nan Gong regained his composure quickly. He was euphoric when he saw that Xiao Wen Lin was still floating in the air.

“You are right!” Southern Goblin King realised it too. If the owner was dead, the Guardian Beast wouldn’t be alive.

Yue Yang definitely wasn’t dead!

But where did he go to?

The Ancient Slaughterer dug its eyes so quickly, did Yue Yang really manage to escape in such a short period of time? If he really escaped, why didn’t anyone see him? Could it be that he was in the stomach of the Ancient Slaughterer? When the Southern Goblin King thought of this, she immediately sweated, but since Yue Yang was alive, her heart calmed down and emotionally played her jade pipa. She attacked the Ancient Slaughterer like a tempest.

Xiao Wen Li moved instantaneously as she held on to the hand of Southern Goblin King and ran away…

Southern Goblin King couldn’t understand why initially. But suddenly, an suppressing force appeared.

She felt suffocated as she turned and looked great difficulty. She realized that the bloodied eye sockets of the Ancient Slaughterer had a brilliant light shimmering. It was the glow of the Prison Emperor Divine Seal.

In the next moment, a Nirvana Flame pillar rose in from the left eye socket of the Ancient Slaughterer.

It pierced through its forehead, through its skull.

It then rose from the Ancient Slaughterer and shot up to the crystal roof.

When it rose a thousand meters, it morphed into a humongous Fire Phoenix that reversed its direction. With a boom, the head of the Ancient Slaughterer started to burn.

The strong Ancient Slaughterer lost its might in this moment. It stood there in a daze as it slowly kneeled down under the burning of the Nirvana Flame. Its knees gave out and finally with a boom, it fell into the water heavily, sending crashing waves of up to a thousand meters.

In the sky, Yue Yang rode on the back of the Fire Phoenix.

He was holding a burning black crystal the size of a house on his right hand and the Prison Emperor Divine Seal on his left hand… That kind of might was unparalleled under heaven!

Countless ancient soldier kneeled down and serenaded Yue Yang.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North shivered and almost kneeled down.

Sky Emperor was so shocked that his lips twitched uncontrollably. The current Yue Yang reminded him of the Prison Emperor six thousand years ago who almost exterminated the Winged Clan of the Guang Ming Continent. The Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was unexpectedly the new prison emperor, and he still possessed the additional World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame that the previous Prison Emperor did not have. He was even more terrifying!

The Black Crystal the size of a house melted rapidly under the Nirvana Flame, and then finally refined to become a fist sized dark gold crystal.

The souls of the Ancient Slaughterer was completely extinguished.

There were 10 Ancient Slaughterers.

The first to kill one of them was Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, Yue Yang, from the Western Heaven Realm!

Southern Goblin King was move to tears. This was his power. No matter how impoverished the Western Heaven Realm was, there still the unparalleled Yue Yang that no one could match up to!

Xiao Wen Li flew towards Yue Yang and hugged his neck.

Together with him was the Fire Phoenix formed from Nirvana Flame. It flew straight out into the battlefield.

The battle had not yet ended…

In the central plaza, although the Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing and the Black Hell King worked together Ancient Slaughterer was only injured but not defeated. It did not fear their attacks. Relying on its strong body, it continued to retaliate as he was being bashed up. It completely ignored anyone’s attack, causing the four strongest Rankers to retreat as no one dared to fight against it directly.

“All of you move away!” Yue Yang shouted in a loud tone, shaking the entire central plaza.

Seeing the Fire Phoenix made from Nirvana Flame, the crazy Ancient Slaughterer turned around and ran off immediately. It was previously arrogant and barbaric, yet it actually didn’t dare to fight against Yue Yang now.

It seemed to have inherent fear for this fire that could destroy the world and purify all life forms.

The entire lot was shocked!

Fen Tian was stuttering. “What? Y-y-you really killed that Ancient Slaughterer?”

Huang Quan who was normally mild and calm also complimented Yue Yang: “You live up to your name of being the genius of Soaring Dragon Continent that could only be seen in ten thousand years. This, this is truly amazing. It has only been ten minutes and you killed an Ancient Slaughterer all by yourself… If you can survive in the end, I’m willing to fight against you with all my might to see who deserves the Divine Equipment!”

The gaze, Black Hell King shot at Yue Yang, wasn’t filled with surprise, instead it was filled with jealousy and endless hatred.

This was how he looked at the Prison Emperor in the past.

It reappeared after six thousand years!

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