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LLS Chapter 518 – Strategizing

Chapter 518 – Strategizing
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Different from Yue Yang, the Rankers representing north, south and east had abilities that were far superior.

Let alone each of the three sides having three rankers that were Elder Innate Leveled, there were already ten Innate Level 10 rankers who had abilities on par with Elder Nan Gong and the Emperor of the Underworld. No one was weak, even the rest were all Innate Level Nine. In comparison, Yue Yang felt that his side was really shabby. Even Black Hell King, the only one he could even put up a fight was a traitor who pulled dirty tricks. To top it all off the ancient loli was still unconscious…….

Before even fighting, the battle was half lost.

Central plaza.

Without waiting for Yue Yang to wake the huge loli giant up, the ancient war at Death Battlefield has already officially begun.

The extremely tall domed roof cast down ten bright golden light beams.

“All of you are to stay, protect and heal the war goddess at all costs!” Yue Yang was very speechless at how there was no Innate Ranker in his team that was a healer, however this was not a time to be investigating why.

“Yes.” The numerous Innates were all very respectful of Yue Yang.

Other than his ability that called for respect, they shed tears of gratitude at how Yue Yang fought to save this crisis when he bravely stepped forward to fight against Weng Jin from Bone Clan.

If not for Yue Yang, they most likely have become the enemy’s points…… Black Hell King had already agreed tacitly of the enemy’s superiority. Only Yue Clan’s Third Young Master would dare to challenge a Heaven Ranked Level 1 Weng Jin with the ability of an Innate Level 10, and still win by a slight margin to gain the recognition of the enemies. He not only saved their face, but saved the lives of more than twenty teammates.

As for battles, these Innates Rankers knew their abilities well.

With their ability, to challenge the Ancient Slaughterers would definitely be delivering a meal.

There was no issue with staying behind to heal……. The only thing regretful is that no one was a healer, so there was not much efficiency.

Black Hell King, Sky Emperor, War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North have already gotten a head start, while Emperor of the Underworld was waiting for Yue Yang patiently. At this point in time, they would die unless they stayed as a team. Forget that they were already the weakest party, even the eastern, southern and northern rankers put aside their personal grudges to work together to face the powerful Ancient Slaughterers.

Ten metal-skinned Ancient Slaughterers appeared in the centre of the square.

They were shaped like an ugly Behemoth.

They had ape-like arms and pointed teeth. Their upper body was bigger than their lower body by several times. They also had sharp claws on their forelimbs that were up to 10 meters long.

While these Ancient Slaughterers looked a little crooked, their height was terrifying – each of them were a hundred meters tall. Looking at them was like looking at individual castles that were able to move on their own.

Using Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang realised that they were not Holy Beasts. They were obviously less intelligent than Holy Beast. Each of them were merely Platinum Ranked Level 10. Even the strongest one was merely Diamond Ranked. However, the ability of these Ancient Slaughterer were unimaginably powerful. The team leader among the Ancient Slaughterer was at the peak Heaven Ranked Level 2 which was comparable to Black Hell King’s strongest power.

Even the ordinary members were Heaven Ranked Level 1.

If the ability of Heaven Ranked Level 1 could be split into low, medium and high, these ordinary Ancient Slaughterer members were all medium Heaven Ranked Level 1. Their ability was similar to Weng Jin.

They were a notch superior compared to the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who had just rose to Innate Elder Realm.

“Fen Tian, Yun Xing, Black Hell King, the three of you come with me. We will join hands to kill the Ancient Slaughterer’s team leader.” Even the strongest Huang Quan was cautious. If the Ancient Slaughterer’s leader were to start a massacre, all rankers beneath Heaven Ranked Level 1 would be killed off in less than 10 minutes. Ancient Slaughterer’s leader was the greatest threat that had to be dealt with immediately.

“Understood…….” the burning man, liquid metal man and Black Hell King all moved forward quickly.

“Roar!” The war gods protecting the eastern, southern and northern areas began to approach the enemy, their footsteps shook the earth.

Guarding Eastern Heaven Realm was an enormous 12-Winged Angel.

It’s wings were silver with a golden body. A light halo was on its head as it blazed as brightly as the sun.

Sky Emperor stared in awe, and was almost about to go on his knees to kowtow.

This 12-Winged Angel was the strongest among the three war gods. Its strength was at peak Heaven Ranked Level 2, he was much stronger that the Ancient Slaughterer team’s leader. The only disparity was their height. This 12-Winged Angel was only around fifty meters tall, merely half of the team leader. Most probably in terms of strength, the difference between the two would also be very big……. It was like this, so Huang Quan was unwilling to let him face the Ancient Slaughterer’s team leader. This was because if they were to fight, it would be a lose-lose and might even end with the two of them losing their lives.

Guarding Southern Heaven Realm was a huge Tiger-Lion Man. It was eighty meters tall with extremely defined muscles.

While his ability was slightly weaker than 12-Winged Angel, he was still at least medium Heaven Ranked Level 2.

Guarding Northern Heaven Realm was an enormous skeleton cloaked in black armor, wielding a pitch-black giant sword. It was a hundred meters tall and had eyes that emitted a green glow.

Among the three war gods, he was the weakest.

But he was still a low Heaven Ranked Level 2, so he was still much much stronger compared to Weng Jin.

This Skeleton Giant stayed at the back, but his attacks were the fastest. Before the 12-Winged Angel and the Tiger-headed Giant went into battle, he would send out a biting cold shock wave with a swing of his sword. This shock wave sent an Ancient Slaughterer that had rushed forward many steps back. The Sword Qi that could split heaven and earth broke the crystal ground, yet it only left an almost entirely negligible white mark on the Ancient Slaughterer’s body.

Yue Yang’s heart shook at the enemy’s terrifying defenses…..

It appeared that normal attacks were ineffective against them.

1 Ancient Slaughterer leader and 9 Ancient Slaughterers could still be dealt with, this battle was not a problem.

However, after an hour, when the second wave of Ancient Slaughterers come, would everyone still have the strength to fight them? And then two hours later, when the third wave of Ancient Slaughterer comes, what would be the outcome?

Yue Yang did not think that an hour was enough to deal with 10 Ancient Slaughterers.

If one hour was not enough, two hours would still be not enough. More and more enemies would appear, and the scale of victory would always lean towards the Ancient Slaughterers.

Among the 9 Ancient Slaughterer members, 3 of them were stopped by the war gods. Another 3 were led away by the guy who was a half robot and half human, Bone Clan’s Weng Jin and a Heaven Ranked Ranker Golden Corpse Emperor.

There were 3 left.

“Yue Clan lad, we must slaughter these three Ancient Slaughterer within an hour. Otherwise, we will suffer a complete wipeout. No matter what hidden abilities you have, use them now because this is your last chance. Alone by myself, it is impossible to handle more than two Ancient Slaughterer in one go!” Three-eyed Tiger Man looked at Yue Yang, and waved his hand to his comrade, who previously did not participate, signalling them to attack.

“Okay.” Among the three Elder Innates who did not come forward to threaten Yue Yang earlier, other than the Golden Corpse Emperor, there was also a light man whose entire body shone with splendor, and an insect man that was close to human form but had its entire body covered with eyes and body that kept on morphing.

Huang Quan, the tiger man and the light man all belonged to Eastern Heaven Realm camp, and were the strongest three.

The second strongest were the liquid metal man, Yun Xing, the guy who was a half robot and half human and insect man who belonged to Southern Heaven Realm camp.

Ranked third were the burning man, Weng Jin and the Golden Corpse Emperor, from Northern Heaven Realm camp. Their strength was very similar to the Southern Heaven Realm camp, losing only by a slight margin.

At Western Heaven Realm camp where Yue Yang was at, there was no Heaven Ranked Ranker other than Black Hell King. The team was in disunity. Yue Yang, Elder Nan Gong and Southern Goblin King were a team, Black Hell King, the Sky Emperor, War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North were another while the Emperor of the Underworld was neutral. Adding to the fact that the war god, huge loli had been knocked out by Black Hell King, their ability was at the level of them being looked down by the opponent.

Three-eyed Tiger Man, light man and Yue Yang were to join forces to attack an Ancient Slaughterer, hoping to concentrate their firepower to kill the target within half an hour such that they could then help their other companions.

Insect Man pinned down one, and fought under the secret assistance of ten other teammates.

The remaining one would not be a big problem if the huge loli was still here….. But now, the Western Heaven Realm camp was a tragedy.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North were completely unable to cause any damage, instead they would be killed in a single hit. Even more terrifying was that once a participant dies, there would be one more Ancient Slaughterer. The situation would become even more helpless.

“I will leave this one to you, no matter what, it has to be killed within an hour!” Three-eyed Tiger Man’s act was already giving the Western Heaven Realm camp the easiest task. But in reality, for Western Heaven Realm camp to do it was almost impossible. Their only hope was Yue Yang. But if he did not have an explosion of power, this Ancient Slaughterer would sweep out the entire Western Heaven Realm camp.

“Let us draw it to the crystal passage…” Even though central plaza was big, there were too many variables that made it easy to accidentally injure their companions. Southern Goblin King decided to draw the Ancient Slaughterer into the crystal passage first, and then think of how to kill it.

The best scenario would be for the giant loli to awaken and kill the Ancient Slaughterer.

Unfortunately, when she was at the weakest, Black Hell King had attacked her with all his power. After suffering from a concussion, even Yue Yang could not predict when she would completely recover.

Yue Yang had been thinking the entire time.

He was not trying to figure out the enemy’s tactics, but rather the strategy of the whole battle.

He had already predicted that his task would be to kill an Ancient Slaughterer.

What Western Heaven Realm camp had to do was to pin it down…… Huang Quan and the others did not actually expect Western Heaven Realm camp to kill an Ancient Slaughterer, especially within an hour, even tiger man and light man, the two Heaven-Ranked rankers did not dare to guarantee that they could do it.

But one must not let others decide their fate, fate must be controlled in your own hands.

What should be done?

How could they win?

When the war began, rumbles sounded one after another, sending shockwaves throughout the entire battlefield.

Yue Yang finally came to a decision: “You guys attract it, I will kill it. You all do not have to do anything and just think of how to attract this monster’s attention. I will do the rest……” Yue Yang was confident in killing the Ancient Slaughterer, even if it was Ancient Slaughterer team leader. However, to do it within an hour was unlikely. Yue Yang had to use the ‘Kite-flying’ tactic that was famous among gamers to torture the enemy to death.

To kill it head-on was unlikely given his current ability.

But time was not on his side, Yue Yang had to kill the enemy quickly and within an hour!

After using Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to observe the Ancient Slaughterer, Yue Yang finally came up with a solution. Even though it might not change things, Yue Yang still decided to try!

One must control one’s own fate!

Under Yue Yang’s signal, Storm Mermaid sounded the Storm Conch……

Water battles were the way to fully display Yue Yang’s current Guardian Beasts’ strengths. In such a large space, water battles did not have much of an impact to the Ancient Slaughterer since it was a hundred meters tall and not chained up like Ancient Titan Wu Su. However, this was still better than nothing. The ancient warriors that were familiar with water battles came to support, controlling the water flow, turning the entire crystal tunnel into a lake.

The water current slowly went over the Ancient Slaughterer’s ankle, all the way to its knees.

The movement of the Ancient Slaughterer was affected. It had to occasionally jump while madly attacking the flying Southern Goblin King who was using sound to disturb its mind.

When Southern Goblin King was in a critical moment, Elder Nan Gong would attack the Ancient Slaughterer.

What he needed to do now was to delay things for Yue Yang.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North could only attack from a distance, but they were completely unable to cause any damage.

The damage caused was extremely little.

“Kill!” Yue Yang exploded to his strongest power. With the Black Light in one hand, and Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus in the other, he blocked the Ancient Slaughterer’s vision. He pretended to attack the opponent’s mouth, and in reality, his target was the Ancient Slaughterer’s eyes. As long as the enemy was blind, with such an unintelligent enemy, its ability would decrease largely.

On the surface, Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus seemed to be going on a rampage.

Behind the decoy, Yue Yang was approaching the enemy. The Black Light in his hand shot at a lightning fast speed towards the Ancient Slaughterer’s right eye.

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