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LLS Chapter 517 – The weaklings have no rights

Chapter 517 – The weaklings have no rights
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Black Hell King was extremely pleased that he managed to stir up the murderous desire in the opponent towards Yue Yang.

He, the Sky Emperor and the rest retreated so that the battle can begin.

This move was indirectly recognized as the decision made by the opposing party to surrender thirty Innates to turn into Innate Ranker points. Although they knew that the Black Hell King wouldn’t protect them, the non-human and human Innates were upset when they saw it.

The feeling of being abandoned was extremely unpleasant. They’d rather the team on their side die on the battlefield as a result of not being able to defend against the opposing party.

Black Hell King was a Heaven Ranked Ranker, but he didn’t utter a single word…

He couldn’t match up to Yue Clan’s Third Young Master who took up the challenge.

“Let’s defend against the opponent together!” Southern Goblin King bit her lips and decided to work hand in hand with Yue Yang. She couldn’t bear to watch him fight alone even if it meant that she’d be killed by the powerful opponents.

“It’s okay, I alone will suffice!” Yue Yang waved his hand to reject the Southern Goblin King’s good will.

Yue Yang knew that he could do better in solo fights.

Southern Goblin King wasn’t like him, if she were to be the prime target of the opponent, her life would be in danger. Although her intentions were good, he would still pay antention to her safety and become unable to show his true power. This would become detrimental in battle. There were six strong enemies in front of them. Even the Black Hell King would take the opportunity to attack. Yue Yang felt that if he didn’t show off his abilities then the enemy would think that they were just pushovers.

Elder Nan Gong wanted to speak initially, but Yue Yang sent a sound transmission to him discreetly.

Elder Nan Gong then nodded before gesturing to Southern Goblin King for her to leave with him.

Southern Goblin King’s eyes were slightly red as she took in a deep breath. She fought hard to suppress her agitation as she spoke in a low voice: “I’ll listen to you this time around, but don’t you dare to go back on your words, you must come back alive…”

Weng Jin from the Bone Clan laughed evilly. “Sorry to interrupt, but let me tell you lovers that no man has ever gotten away alive under my attack. Other than the strongest Huang Quan who is slightly more powerful than I am, no one else, not even Fen Tian from the Fire Clan Or Yun Xin from the Metal Clan is able to win against me! I’m an undead that can never die. My body is made of God’s Bones that can’t be hurt in any way and my Goblin Soul causes me to be immuned against any energy based attacks, human tactics will never work on me, hehehe!”

As he was speaking, his body started to morph.

There wasn’t any shock wave from the upgrading like human Innates. It seemed that all the energy was sucked into his body.

The bones in Weng Jin’s body gradually appeared, forming a strangely unique bone armor

The bone armor and his energy combined perfectly. This was both Weng Jin’s armor and his body. The internal part of his armour was empty, it did not even have demon crystal or orbs which served as the source of energy.

Although the Heaven Ranked Weng Jin was very arrogant, he did not underestimate his ‘weak’ opponents.

Other than his skeleton which became his armor, he also summoned five skulls that floated around him as protection. The skulls were all Holy Equipments, their attributes were dark, poison, fire, water and metal. They rotated freely around Weng Jin’s body and they could attack and defend according to his will.

Yue Yang unleashed his power to Innate Level 5 before Weng Jin.

He was now on par to a Level 10 Innate.

Towards a young yet vliant human opponent, a opposite side we’re alerted. Even the calmest Huang Quan slightly frowned his brows.

Black Hell King’s gaze turned chilly. He didn’t expect that Yue Yang could continue unleashing his powers.

The Sky Emperor’s heart skipped.

No wonder Ocean Emperor Guan Lan would die in his hand, Yue Yang had actually attained Innate Level 10 long ago. Although Guan Lan was a peak Level 10 Innate, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the joint attack of Yue Yang and An Xi… Luckily he was going to die here soon. If he were to escape here alive, forget about him, even the Black Hell King would be killed by Yue Yang! The Sky Emperor was already considered a genius as he trained up to Innate Level 10 after 1000 years of cultivation. How exactly did Yue Yang cultivate?

Could it be that the gap between him and Yue Yang was really so big?

Everyone was moved, not only by the power Yue Yang unleashed but also his level.

Yue Yang only had to unleash his power to Innate Level 5 to be that of Innate level 10 of others, what if he unleashed his power to Innate Level 10? Who can win against him then?

“Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus…” When Yue Yang unleashed his power, he didn’t give off a terrifying shock wave like other Innates would. This was because that is a representation of the weak. Ever since he leveled up to Innate Level 5 the shock wave became more controllable.

Numerous energy became lotus like fire under Yue Yang’s control.

Its petals filled the sky.

With Yue Yang’s body as the boundary, the left side was a blazing infernal hell, where high temperature fire filled the skies, and the right side was an extremely cold ice hell, where even droplets of water froze. When Yue Yang raised his hands, purple lightning appeared with a crackling noise on his fingers. It moved downwards like a snake, surrounding Yue Yang’s body. After that, it once again converged on Yue Yang’s head becoming a lightning ball. When everybody saw it, they profusely perspired. Forget about how strong the Yue Clan’s Third Yung Master was, his control had already reached an abnormal level.

Fen Tian from Fire Clan was confident about controlling fire, he felt that he wasn’t any weaker than the other party.

But he knew that it was beyond ten times harder to control fire and ice at the same time. It wasn’t something that he could achieve.

Moreover, as a young human being, the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master could not only control ice and fire, but even lightning… The level of difficulty stunned Fen Tian the Heaven Ranked Ranker. He was secretly doubting if Yue Yang was even human.

“Ha!” Yue Yang gathered an ultra huge ball of thunder, forming a purple lightning ‘weapon’.

He was actually materializing thunder?

Everyone was speechless.

Even Ancient Titans who were gifted with the talent of controlling electricity from birth would not easily reach this level.

“Very good, it will be satisfactory to kill such a human Innate Rankers!” Without waiting for Yue Yang to hurl the materialized purple lightning towards him, Weng Jin charged towards Yue Yang as his bony hands extended, extending a one meter long bone finger that pierce towards Yue Yang’s body.

Yue Yang raised the almost materialized purple lightning, With the support of the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus and the extremely cold frost flower, he chopped towards the enemy with the first form of the Armageddon Slash.

Earth Splitting Slash!

As if a giant hand was pressing down on the entire crystal plaza, the strength of the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus reached it’s peak. Even the Inante Level 8 War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North, who were 1000 meters away, felt suffocated.

In the sky, a humongous fire ice blade spanning over a few hundred meters was formed from the joint energy of the Yang energy of the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus and Yin energy of the extremely cold frost flower. Under Yue Yang’s wave, it heavily slashed Weng Jin’s body. Although Weng Jin was a Heaven Ranked Ranker, he had to retrct his bone hand under this might. He gave up on attacking and focussed wholly on defending. The energy on his bony hand returned back to his bone armor. As the bone armor was covered in his energy, he directly defend against Yue Yang’s Earth Splitting Slash.

The powerful slash sliced a hundred meters crack on the ground of the crystal plaza, and divided it into two sides.

But the bone hand Weng Jin used in defending didn’t move at all.”

“Could it be that those are really God’s Bones?” Elder Nan Gong sighed dejectedly, not because Yue Yang’s attack wasn’t powerful enough, but because Weng Jin’s body was too abnormal. Even if Weng Jin’s skeleton weren’t that of a God’s, it wasn’t far from it. It could never be destroyed.

“Again!” Yue Yang didn’t concede defeat as he launched his second strike after the first.

Yue Yang was slow in his action, the people around thought that Weng Jin had tons of opportunities to attack Yue Yang but the cautious Weng Jin didn’t launch any attacks he focussed on defending. He didn’t even retract his bone hand and directly summoned the five holy ranked skulls to protect his head.

But it was still too late… The materialized purple lightning in Yue Yang’s hand flashed across the sky and slashed Weng Jin’s head.

The five holy ranked skulls that could be controlled with Weng Jin’s will weren’t able to block Yue Yang’s attack.

As a Heaven Ranked Ranker, Weng Jin sunk one meter into the ground from Yue Yang’s slash.

Wng Jin’s skeletal armour actually had signs of becoming looser under the attack of the terrifying purple lightning. Moreover, Weng Jin’s sturdy skull which was rumoured to be made from God’ Bones had white scratches on it… A few Heaven Ranked Rankers’ eyes popped out as they couldn’t believe what was happening. Weng Jin’s skull was famous for being sturdy in the entire Heaven Realm, but now it had been injured by a slash from a human boy who wasn’t even a Heaven Ranked Ranker.

Although Weng Jin was only slightly injured, it was enough to prove that Weng Jin wasn’t undefeatable.

And it also poroved that Yue Yang’s attacks were effective!

The fight between Innate Level 10 and Heaven-ranked Level 1 was like a child fighting against an adult, who would have thought that the adult was actually the one injured?

“Get lost!” Weng Jin was extremely infuriated, he felt ashamed to be defeated in front of so many familiar faces.

He pressed his hand onto Yue Yang’s chest at a breakneck speed.

He unleashed his immensely power Heaven Ranked strength as he intended to kill the goddamn human boy in one blow. In the instant where Weng Jin gave up defending and focussed wholly on attacking, Yue Yang did not retreat and attacked him again. He clasped his hands together and let out the Armageddon Slash’s third style: Lord of Rivers and Mountains!

Both parties struck at the same time.

Weng Jin’s body shook slightly, it seemed that he wasn’t seriously injured.

But fresh blood sprayed out of Yue Yang’s mouth but he didn’t stop his attacks. He leapt into the air and floated above Weng Jin’s head and then borrowed the energy rom Weng Jin’s attack. Yue Yang grabbed the blood that sprayed out when Weng Jin’s strike shook his organs and turned it into a blood dagger before he slashed it onto the white scratches again.

This was the fourth style: Universe Reversal!

The fourth style was ten times more powerful than the third style. Combined with both the Innate Invisible Qi and the attack power of the furious Weng Jin, he once again slashed precisely on the white scratch on Weng Jin’s head.

“Goddamn…” Never had Weng Jin dreamt that Yue Yang would be so hard to deal with. Not only could he not kill Yue Yang, he was battered to this point. This made him seething with anger. Weng Jin waved his bone hands wildly as he tried to send Yue Yang flying away. He didn’t bother the contempt of his teammates as he took his skull down and held it in one of his bone hands and used the other to heal the tiny crack on the top of his skull.

This was the first time someone cause a crack on his God’s Boned body.

Although it wasn’t lethal, it was the biggest shame in Weng Jin’s life. No one had ever damaged him like this!

“Goddamn person of the Soaring Dragon, I must kill you today!” Weng Jin realised that the crack on his head couldn’t be healed. Yue Yang’s attack had resulted in a permanent damage. It angered Weng Jin ever more.

He returned his head back onto his neck and pounced towards Yue Yang crazily. Under the stunned gaze of everyone, not only did Yue Yang not retreat, he welcomed Weng Jin’s attack.

With his current power, it would be futile for him to fight against Weng Jin with it. He was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

No one even knew why Yue Yang’s attack was able to damage Wen jing’s head and even caused a permanent damage to it.

There were too many unfathomable things that happened. None of the things that happened were normal. Looking at the fight between Weng Jin and Yue Yang, Southern Goblin King who was previously uber anxious started at be at ease. She was now full of anticipation, hoping that Yue Yang could continue to make miracles.

With a ball of destructive energy between in his bone hand, Weng Jin reached for Yue Yang’s head.

He was preparing to burst Yue Yang’s head to take revenge for himself as Yue Yang injured his skull permanently.

A dash of rainbow flashed across.

A loli lamia appeared behind Yue Yang. She opened her eyes widely as she glared at the bone hand Weng Jin was waving… Everyone saw that Weng Jin’s hand that was originally moving rapidly stopped as he became stationary.

Although he regained his ability to move quickly, that one second where he was stunned was enough for Yue Yang to strike over ten times.

The glow from the runes was shimmering off Yue Yang’s hand as the World Exterminating Wheel appeared.

The World Exterminating Wheel chopped down heavily onto the wound on Weng Jin’s head. A long halbered formed from Nirvana Flames pierced Weng Jin’s eyes, forcibly causing his skull to fly off from his neck. In the sky, Blood Queen Red brandished her Whip of Agony and sent Weng Jin’s head to the ground. On the ground, Barbarian cow Shadow Ah Man hit the skull like she was hitting a baseball and sent it flying for over 1000 meters.

On the other hand, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen waved the sharp dagger formed from the golden beast and slashed at Weng Jin, who lost his skull, with all of her might.
(Last: This all happened in that 1 sec)

The first response of Weng Jin who escaped from the Binding Inherent Skill was not to attack Yue Yang again, but to run away!

He relinquished one part if his spine as it had already been grabbed by Yue Yang’s right hand that was burning with Nirvana Flame.

Weng Jin’s entire bone armor split and shot to the sky, and then returned back to the his head. He once again restructured to form the original Weng Jin… but everyone was able to clearly see how sorry Weng Jin’s state was. His right eye was charred and was twice as large as his left eye. The Nirvana Flame had directly burnt a huge hole on his self-proclaimed, no energy would be able to hurt him, God’s Bone. Luckily Yue Yang didn’t have enough time to burn him, if not he would have been history.

There was a small hole on the top of his skull too.

This was caused by the World Exterminating Wheel.

“Goddamn liar, he is the chosen one. He definitely is, if not I won’t be in such dire straits!” Weng Jin scolded the other five people. “You guys actually didn’t help me when I was being abused so badly, are you still my teammates?”

“Weaklings, have no rights! It’s normal for you to get beaten up if you are weaker!” The aloof liquid metal man still said the same thing.

“Damn it!” Weng Jin was furious.

He knew that he was stronger than Yue Yang, if he were to give his all and fight till the end, he guessed that he would still win.

However, if he did this, he would be severely injured would be easily killed by others.

Fighting so hard just to benefit someone else was his least desired outcome.

Weng Jin came here to take away the Divine Equipment, not to end his life.

Moreover, Yue Yang’s Beasts and combat skills were too impressive, and his World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame caused even more headaches. Even though Weng Jin was very furious, he didn’t dare to find trouble with Yue Yang.

He was genuinely afraid of Yue Yang the lunatic.

This brat was definitely a lunatic!

“I won’t fight with him before the final battle. The World Exterminating Wheel is already scary enough, and he has the Nirvana Flame too. I’d rather be burn for a day by Fen Tian than to let the Nirvana Flame touch me once. It’s really no joke.” The Three-eyes Tigerman shrugged his shoulders and indicated his respect towards Yue Yang’s Nirvana Flame.

“The Nirvana Flames are make me jealous.” Fen Tian from the Fire Clan hadn’t blinked his eyes ever since the Nirvana Flame appeared. He stomped his foot hatefully, causing the entire crystal plaza to shake: “Although I’m jealous, I won’t think of something I can’t possess, because it doesn’t belong to me.”

He knows himself well enough to say this.

Nirvana Flame definitely couldn’t be snatched away forcibly. It belonged to the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, so Fen Tian couldn’t do anything no matter how jealous he was.

“Say something Huang Quan.” The guy who was a half robot and half human decided to let Huang Quan, who had been closing his eyes, have the final say.

“Leave the matter on whether if he’s the chosen one aside. He has the right to attend the final round of battle. The ancient war allows us to compete against each other where the stronger one’s progress and the weaker ones were eliminated. However, before the final battle, I will not kill any competitors who are beneficial to the battle… Before turning into rivals, we have to be allies first because what we will be facing is the Ancient Slaughterer… The last survivor could be me, it could also be the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, or anyone here, so before that I have decided to give up my previous request. If we were to continue fighting, none of us will benefit, no one can escape the Ancient Slaughterer’s pursuit!” Huang Quan looked at Yue Yang in the end. “It’s a pity that you haven’t grown, if not you would have been my most formidable opponent. Try to stay alive, I hope that I will be going against you with your World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame in the final battle!”

Yue Yang heaved a sigh of relief. He had a narrow escape.

He used up almost all of his power, and even used the World Exterminating Wheel, Nirvana Flame and Innate Invisible Qi that were always hidden to make Weng Jin retreat temporarily.

In this ancient war, if he doesn’t level up his power fast enough, even if he wasn’t killed by Huang Quan and the rest, he would be killed by the Ancient Slaughterers or the Black Hell King who had always wanted to kill him. He was really in danger now.

Of course Yue Yang made certain reservations secretly.

If there weren’t that many strong opponents, Yue Yang would give his all if he was only facing Weng Jin, even if the Black Hell King was added.

Before the life and death battle on the ancient arena starts, Yue Yang couldn’t reveal all of his power…It was due to Yue Yang’s reservation that caused Black Hell King decide not to act rashly. Because even for Black Hell King, he couldn’t figure out where Yue Yang’s limit was, they we’re suspecting that Yue Yang had already attained Elder Innate Level and had been pretending to be weak. By seeing him defeat Weng Jin easily just now, they knew that he hadn’t shown some of his other powerful stuffs.

“The three of you, join in the battle too!” Huang Quan was speaking to Emperor of the Underworld, Elder Nan Gong and Southern Goblin King.

After Yue Yang’s stunning performance, Huang Quan and the rest of the Heaven Ranked Rankers didn’t dare to look down on anyone around Yue Yang. To them, although the group appeared weak, they possessed great hidden power that couldn’t be easily seen through.

Although not everyone could be as powerful as Yue Yang, Emperor of the Underworld, Elder Nan Gong and Southern Goblin King were recognized by the other party.

Black Hell King was definitely the most disappointed one among all the people.

But he fought hard to suppress it so he didn’t expressed his disappointment.

Yue Yang must be killed, but the Black Hell King had not yet found the best opportunity yet…Yue Yang, standing opposite him, thought the same as he decided to get rid of Black Hell King in this death arena… It all depends on who was the faster one in seizing the opportunity to kill the other party!

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