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LLS Chapter 516 – The target to beat is the Heaven Ranked Ranker!

Chapter 516: The target to beat is the Heaven Ranked Ranker!
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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People of the Soaring Dragon?

Yue Yang’s heart trembled slightly upon hearing such words.

Why did the enemy call them the People of the Soaring Dragon instead of Demon Abyss, or perhaps the Eastern Goblin Tribe? Could it be that since ancient times, the Soaring Dragon had the most powerful Rankers?

Before Yue Yang even had the time to think, six shadows raced past the Southern Goblin King and Elder Nan Gong who were guarding the crystal passage. They moved at a speed a hundred times faster than lightning. They appeared instantly at the center of the crystal plaza. The Southern Goblin King and Elder Nan Gong noticed that the other party had no signs of fighting so the pair did not stop them. However, they quickly returned back to Yue Yang’s side.

Within the square, six shadows appeared.

They stood together, in a circle, facing the opponents. As if they were afraid of the enemies’ sneak attack.

Yue Yang, the Southern Goblin King and Elder Nan Gong did not make any moves yet. They decided to observe silently first.

Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor, as well as their two subordinates, War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North, reunited with the Emperor of the Underworld, who re-emerged out from the crystal passage. Meanwhile dozens of non-human Innates and human Innates stood hidden among the ancient warriors, refusing to reveal their identity. They were deeply afraid of being exposed by their enemies. They also wanted to be the first to attack.

The ancient warriors quickly returned and surrounded the six enemies.

Unfortunately, although they won by quantity, in terms of quality, they were pale in comparison.

Basically incomparable.

The six opponents were all powerful fighters who were Innate Elders… So much that there was a silver haired man whose eyes were closed. His appearance was delicate and pretty. His skills were way beyond that of the Black Hell King. This pretty man, whose long silver hair dangled to the ground seemed to be at Heaven Ranked Level 2. However, with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang saw that his real strength was actually Heaven Ranked Level 3. Even though he was wearing an ordinary scholar robe, there was an invisible pressure from him. It was even stronger than the Black Hell King covered in Dark Sacred Armor.

Yue Yang could not imagine, what kind of power this person could unleash if he used Holy Equipments or Divine Equipments.

Not counting the pretty boy with long silver hair, there were two other people with strength equivalent to that of the Black Hell King,

One was a man burning with flames from head to toe. He appeared similar to a fire elemental. However, he was a real living organism, and he was an actual human.

The other one stood besides the burning man. He appeared to be entirely normal. However under Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision. He was in fact an odd life form which was covered in metal.

Yue Yang felt that this guy was similar to the T-1000 Advanced Prototype from ‘The Terminator’. They all had the ability to freely change their body.

The only difference was that this guy was a perfect living organism made out of silicon.

He was not a robot.

This silicon based life form was incredibly powerful. His strength was equivalent to that of the burning man and Black Hell King. Their strengths were about the same.

The Black Hell King’s hidden ability would make him more powerful than the burning man and the silicon-based metal man. However, when compared to the strongest, the silver haired man whose eyes were closed, there would still be a certain difference.

Although the silicon-based metal body was incomparable to his Divine Molten Meteorite Gold, Yue Yang still had the urge to pluck out a piece of him to investigate. Perhaps he could make use of this special fluid metallic body to manufacture even better weapons or even more perfect humanoid Battle Dolls.

Other than the three people standing in front, the three other enemies who stood behind were not weak either.

Every single one of them were real Heaven Ranked Rankers. They were slightly weaker than the Black Hell King but compared to the Sky Emperor and the Emperor of the Underworld, they were much stronger…

The tallest of the three was a towering half human, half robot fighter.

His height exceeded ten meters.

Yue Yang could not imagine, how could flesh and blood integrate so perfectly with metal machines.

Although reality was right in front of his eyes.

Perhaps this guy’s universe was a dimension just like Bio Booster Armour Guyver?

Yue Yang turned and looked at the fighter who was 5th in rank based on ability. He was a half skeleton, half specter freak. After his waist line there was no lower body, he did not have a actual arm either. There was only an energy arm and a skeletal hand in front. The skeletal hand which was half hidden in his energy glowed faintly with blue light… The appearance of such a freaky creature stunned the Emperor of the Underworld.

This was because he realised that this enemy had evolved to a much greater level than a Lich King. The opponent has already fused his skeletal bone, energy and soul together perfectly.

The 6th fighter was a Beastman that was similar to the East Goblin Tribe.

He was a three meter tall Tigerman.

There were not much difference between him and the members of the Eastern Goblin Tribe. Using his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to see through, Yue Yang discovered that even his blood channels were similar to that of the East Goblin Tribe.

The only difference was that this huge and tough looking Tigerman had three eyes.

On the center of his forehead, was a golden eye pupil which had the size of a fist. It did not have an eyelid to cover it but it could swivel around to look at people. The Tigerman seemed to be uninterested in anyone except for the Southern Goblin King. The Tigerman glanced at her once again and sniffed. He seemed to be puzzled by the fact that the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s Southern Goblin King was biologically similar to him.

“What is all this about?” The Tigerman who just surveyed the scene noticed the huge loli sleeping on the ground. He was stupefied. “ Don’t tell me you guys fought with the war goddess guarding the Soaring Dragon Continent and made her faint?”

“AHAHAHA!” The huge half human half robot fighter could not help but laugh after hearing the news. He laughed so hard he could not straighten his waist. White smoke came out from his machine body.

“Idiots, borned Idiots…” The half skeleton half specter fighter also let out a snicker. It sounded like the cries of ghosts. He jeered mercilessly at Yue Yang and the rest.

Yue Yang was speechless. In reality, all these were due to the Black Hell King’s moronic actions. They were not related to him at all.

But now, everyone had to be ridiculed at by outsiders thanks to him.

It was really tragic!

Of course the Black Hell King pretended that he did not hear anything. He would never admit his mistake in public. Furthermore, there were six powerful enemies here. He was still unsure what they wanted to do so he was secretly on his guard. He decided to observe how things go.

The good looking man with long silver hair, whose eyes were closed and mouth shut all along suddenly spoke, “ I am Huang Quan, the first disciple of the clan leader of Heaven Realm’s Gui Zang Sect. I have trained in the Heaven Realm for eight hundred years. I am the Eastern Heaven Realm’s chosen one to initiate the ancient wars. I thereby politely ask who is the chosen one from the Western Heaven Realm?”

Elder Nan Gong, Black Hell King, Sky Emperor, Emperor of the Underworld as well as the rest were all looking at each other, confused.

Chosen one?

Heaven Realm?

Ever since the Prison Emperor fought with the Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm, after thousands of years, there had not been any news about anyone being able to go to the Heaven Realm, how could there be a chosen one to start the ancient wars?

“What is the chosen one? Must one enter the Heaven Realm to initiate this war? We know nothing!” The Southern Goblin King thought the four chests she triggered previously was the cause. She was guilty ever since. She felt that if she had not brought Yue Yang and the Black Hell King out for a treasure hunt, such things would not have happened. Based on the enemy’s words, it seemed that it had nothing to do with her. There was another inside story.

“Could it be that you people had never been to the Heaven Realm? You do not even know about the chosen one?” The three eyed Tiger appeared to be stunned.

“Bumpkins, which village did you guys came from? Are you trying to make joke and make me laugh to death?” The half human half robot fighter laughed so much he was rolling on the ground. One of the screws on his body came off because he laughed too hard.

“It appears that, in this battle between the North, South, East and West, the Western Heaven Realm would definitely lose. Before the battle, you people have to hand over thirty people for us to kill. We are stronger, we have the rights to gain more points. If not, we would kill all of you even before the battle begins. As for whether you people can even get past the death arena, it would be dependent on your ability. We, the Fire Clan, were never interested in forming alliances with weaklings.” The man covered with flames demanded the Black Hell King to hand over thirty people, right from the start.

The foreign Innates as well as the human Innates who were hidden among the ancient warriors were all terrified.

Right now, the Black Hell King could not even defend himself.

Why would he even bother about them?

The enemy’s threat was clearly a way to impair them but they could not resist.

Although no one was willing to die here but many have already understood. They would probably have issues just trying to run away. No matter where they were, ability was a must. Without enough power, they would most likely be eliminated.

Facing the burning man’s threat, Black Hell King and Sky Emperor’s side had another problem: there were not enough people.

The ‘people’ the enemy was referring to was probably not the ancient warriors but the allies who entered along. However, even adding up people who entered, there were only twenty five people. Even if they agreed to their demands, how could they get thirty? Even after the enemies killed thirty people, how could they be sure they would not decide to attack themselves?”

“What death arena? Can you guys explain clearer?” Yue Yang was still confused.

“You people really don’t know anything?” The three eyed Tigerman made a “囧” face.

“We… It has been a few thousand years since anyone has been to the Heaven Realm.” Elder Nan Gong muttered, telling the truth.

“Impossible!” Who knew all of them would doubt them at once.

“The humans of the Soaring Dragon Continent were always the most powerful race. No matter how trashy they are there is no reason for them not to be able to enter the Heaven Realm! Moreover, if they can’t enter the Heaven Realm how could the ancient war be initiated? This is impossible!” The man covered with flames clung strongly to his own views.

“There must be someone from the Heaven Realm to initiate the ancient war, if not why would the ancient battlefield appear here?” The three eyed Tigerman did not believe Elder Nan Gong’s words.

“The person who initiated the ancient war, would be the chosen one!” The half human half robot guy added on.

“If it was the chosen one, then he would be able to hear the sound of the Ancient Code. He would be able to lead the entire race more efficiently to fight…” The three eyed Tigerman’s words made Yue Yang jump in surprise. He was the chosen one? Wasn’t that plain gibberish? He had never even seen the Heaven Realm before, how could he even start that ancient war they were referring to. This is freaking nonsense!

“Did you guys hear the sounds of the Ancient Code?” Yue Yang pretended to ask a question and hoped that the Black Hell King would raise his hand so he could be the black sheep.

“…” The people around Yue Yang all remained silent.

“Impossible, there is a chosen one. The chosen one would be your leader. Without your leader, you people would never be able to understand the different rules and requirements for the ancient war. You people are dead meat! The chosen one must be here. He must be hiding!” The burning man waved his hand, raging flames rose to the sky: “I do not care if you people have the chosen one or not. You are a bunch of weaklings, so you should have the consciousness of a weakling!”

“Battle to one’s death, never surrender.” Elder Nan Gong’s attitude was firm. No matter how strong the opponent was, he would never surrender.

“Allow Huang Quan to explain…” The silver haired man unhurriedly opened his mouth: ”You people may be drawn into ancient war without being aware of anything. I can assure you that this is a Death Battlefield. It is also the place where the low level races from the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Heaven Realm fight to their death. The winner would be able to obtain a Divine Equipment. The losers will remain dead for eternity, being sealed in this crystal plaza for millions and millions of years. Unless the losers have the ability to collect a hundred points in the coming battles, they would not be able to escape from the fate of being obliterated. Perhaps you would like to know, why is it that we have not killed you since we are your enemies. It is simply because even if we killed all of you, we may not be able to collect a hundred points…The first enemy we have to face is the ‘Ancient Slaughterer’ released by the Ancient Code. To prevent different races from forming alliance secretly, the Ancient Battlefield releases ten ‘Ancient Slaughterer’ every hour. These Ancient Slaughterer will attack randomly. Their mission is to kill all participants. Everytime they kill a participant, they will gain a fellow Ancient Slaughterer comrade… You people from Soaring Dragon have already lost the chance to compete for the Divine Equipment. By convention, you people must hand over thirty people for us to gain points. We would then decide if the stronger participants left would join in to kill the Ancient Slaughterers to gain points so as to leave.

“If this is the case, why don’t we all cooperate. Assemble the greatest powers and kill all the Ancient Slaughterer?” Sky Emperor felt that they should totally cooperate.

At the very least, they could cooperate now.

It would not be too late to decide who should be the final winner after everyone collected a hundred points.

Of course, the enemy must have wanted to cripple the power of Yue Yang and the others from the Soaring Dragon. Obtaining a certain amount of points first would be useful to suppress opponents as well as to escape afterwards. It might even reduce the chances of the number of Ancient Slaughterers from increasing later on.

The problem was, if Yue Yang’s side kills thirty allies, it would be just like having thirty points being minused off. And who would be able to make it out alive from this Death Battlefield?

“You must turn useless people into points for us, this is the very basic condition! If you cannot do so, we will do it ourselves and kill every single one of you! You people do not even have the chance to negotiate with us. We, the representative from each side have been preparing for this battle for hundreds of years! Every side has at least three Heaven Ranked Rankers, but you people only have one. You are no match for us!” The man covered in flames was keen to kill.

“Weaklings do not have rights!” The liquid metal life form who did not speak until now also nodded in agreement.

“Other than this person, the rest would not be of much use… I suggest we kill them all, in case the number of Ancient Slaughterers increases!” The half skeleton half specter pointed at the Black Hell King in a peculiar manner.

Obviously, only Black Hell King could obtain their recognition, the rest all became the enemies’ sacrificial victim for their point collection.

Black Hell King rejoiced covertly.

He was safe. Perhaps protecting theSky Emperor, and his two subordinates, War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North would also not be an issue.

As for Elder Nan Gong, Emperor of the Underworld and Yue Yang, it was just nice. He could get rid of all of them now. It was just that the Southern Goblin King was a clever girl, if she died it would be a pity. If she was willing to join him, he might consider saving her. However, it was unlikely. It was the East Goblin Tribe’s nature to be extremely stubborn and firm. Even in face of desperation, they would just accept it. They embrace challenges and deal with them. It was the style of the entire tribe.

Nevermind, if something did not belong to him, there was no point to force it.

Anyway it was just a woman…

Black Hell King raised his chin arrogantly. He no longer looked at Elder Nan Gong and the Southern Goblin King.

Sky Emperor quickly stood by his side with some affection. He put on this look as if he was terribly heartbroken that his biological brother got injured.

The non-human Innates and human Innates were all in despair. They did not even need to look at Black Hell King’s facial expression. This Black Hell King was unreliable. Mister Nan Gong was the only one they could trust but sadly he was not an Innate Elder. He could not be recognised by them and could not protect everyone.

The half skeleton half ghost guy turned his finger of death and eventually pointed at the Southern Goblin King.

The Southern Goblin King’s body started to tremble.

Yue Yang stepped out bravely and stood in front of her.

“I wanted to kill the woman first, but this human child seemed to have a different opinion. Let’s kill him first!” The half skeleton half specter guy laughed evilly.

Yue Yang had to tolerate them for quite a while, after hearing this white bone saying that he wanted to kill him, he bursted out in fury: ”What the Hell, acting thug just because you don’t look human nor like a ghost? Sun Wu Kong could kill the Bai Gu Jing with three hits. He could take you on, I can too! Just nice, my guard dog back at home has got no more bones to nibble. Me, the young master will dismantle your stinky bones and feed them to my dog!”

“…” Black Hell King and the rest heard him. Everyone were so shocked their chin dropped onto the ground.

Isn’t this brat behaving too arrogantly?

The opponent was at least a Heaven Ranked Level 1 Innate, and with his small body frame, he wanted to fight them?

The Southern Goblin King quickly nudged Yue Yang, signalling him not to be implusive.

Yue Yang pushed her away,” You people stay away, Heaven Ranked Innates, so what? Me, the young master beats Heaven Ranked Innates!”

The entire square was silent.

Everyone was speechless.

From the opponent’s’ perspective, if this brat was not stupid he would be crazy. Either way, his brains was not normal. If not he wouldn’t have overestimated himself and made such a ridiculous challenge.

The half skeleton half ghost Heaven Ranked Ranker let out a laughter that resembled the cry of ghosts: ”I am Weng Jin, from the Bone Clan. I can kill you within seconds with a single finger. I hope you will tell me your name. I am very curious, what the name of this arrogant and conceited youngster, who does not know the immensity of heaven and earth would be called! Hehe, killing a weakling in a second was never thrilling, but you are an exception. Because you,a human child, is too egotistical, you give me the urge to kill…”

“This young man, is our Soaring Dragon’s youngest and most talented genius. At the age of twenty, he has already become a self-made genius. He became an Innate, and within a few years time, he reached this state today. He could be said to be the exceptional genius that appears only in a million years!” The Black Hell King helped sincerely to introduce Yue Yang. As if he was afraid that the opponents were not willing to kill him. He picked out the most important and vital pieces of information, “Yue Clan’s Third Young Master has battled numerous times, he had never lost before. Not only does he have strong beasts, he even obtained the treasure ‘Prison Emperor Divine Seal’ which belonged to the Soaring Dragon’s first ranker,the Prison Emperor. Within days, once Third Young Master’s contract with the Prison Emperor Divine Seal succeeded. He would emerge as the new Prison Emperor. Merely a Heaven Ranked Level 1, why would the Third Young Master even bother!”

Now, every single enemy stared at Yue Yang with the same look: he must die.

Such a excellent young man, was there any reason for him to stay alive?

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(Last: simple explanation to rankings: Earth Rank = Innate Rank, Heaven Rank = Elder Innate Rank. Earth Rank and Heaven Rank are used by those from the Heaven Realm.)


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