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LLS Chapter 515 – Expedition Song

Chapter 515 – Expedition Song
Translated by: Last

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The Black Hell King also panicked.

Based on the presences, the east, north and south giants were very far from him. However, if they joined hands to attack, their entire side would be wiped out.

“What should we do now?” The Black Hell King hoped that Yue Yang would have a plan in this kind of desperate situation.

“You have already beaten her brutally yet you still have the nerve to ask? Go away! Don’t hinder me!” Yue Yang was anxious and angry. If Black Hell King didn’t think himself clever, this situation wouldn’t have happened yet he still dared to ask what was going to happen him. The most important thing now was to save this huge loli Ancient Giant and borrow her strength. Only then would they have any hope of withstanding the enemy.

Regarding Yue Yang’s angry scolding, indignance flashed with the Black Hell King’s eyes but he silently endured flaring out. Moreover, with the urgent situation, he also hoped that Yue Yang’s Nirvana Flames and World Exterminating Wheel would be effective in killing the enemy!

The Black Hell King retreated a hundred meters while his expression continued to fluctuate.

He couldn’t understand Yue Yang’s earlier words when he told him to guard the crystal passage.

Now, even an idiot would understand how dangerous defending the passage was. There were three giants. Once they joined hands, no one could be their opponent.

As a result, the still Black Hell King decided to first protect himself. He looked at the situation and decided…… In this death arena, the winners were those who could stay alive till the end. He absolutely disdained guarding the crystal passage like a hero.

Just like this, the Black Hell King stood still in his original spot.

He did not follow Yue Yang’s plans to protect the crystal passage nor did he escape into his grimoire world.

“Let me guard the crystal passage!” Seeing that the Black Hell King was unwilling to risk his life to guard the passage and seeing Yue Yang was trying to save the giant, the Southern Goblin King could only grit her teeth and volunteer to defend the passage.

She understood that defend for too long.

However, it was still better than dying without any resistance…

The Southern Goblin King shrieked. Her strength instantly rose to peak Innate Level Nine. Her fingers danced on the jade pipa. The song ‘Expedition Song’ was being played and resounded in the entire crystal plaza. The song was played intensely yet carried a heroic passion.

The Southern Goblin King appeared like a descending fairy and floated towards the crystal passage.

Accompanied by a strong and clear pipa strums, a sweet-sounding voice spread across the passage.

Her voice was heartbreaking, almost moving anyone who heard her to tears.

“On the yellow sand, on the lush green plains, our troops set forth, singing courageously. Looking around the millions of men, I noticed a few of my age…”

“Carrying our flags and banners, whipping our horses, watching our comrades’ back as the sun sets across the horizon. Away from home, we slept on a faraway mountain…”

“Amidst the autumn wind, along the long streets and halls, I hear the voice of my elders, crying through the whole night as they launder their clothes…”

“After years of singing and dancing our battle cry, and countless warriors soaked in blood, our territory expanded by three thousand miles. But who would remember our faces…?”

“The general led the attack, fire beacons were set off continuously. The new recruits who were fighting their first battle, were as courageous as a castle moat. Blades and shields clashed on both sides, bodies collapsed to the ground, pierced by spears and pikes. Arrows rained down from the sky, hitting their targets as quick as lightning. War cries shook the heavens, as the troop continued their bloody battle, although dead bodies covered the whole land and bones piled up to a mountain. Our battle song died down, along as the citizens in the country went back to their daily life of farming. As white lotus bloomed on our ponds, our families also slowly forget our existences.”

Behind her, countless ancient soldiers fearlessly entered the crystal passage with her.

Yue Yang did not know who these people were.

Nor did he know why they would appear here. He only knew one thing, that these people awakened from an ancient seal. They did not complain and joined the battlefield without turning back. Who were they fighting for? Who had built this death arena? What was the goal of this mutual slaughter? Yue Yang couldn’t completely understand this right now. He could only feel that he was a threatened follower!

Hearing the Southern Goblin King’s soul resonating song and the heartbreaking calls from the pipa, he couldn’t help but grow an uncontrollable bloodlust. He itched to charge forward and fight alongside her.

As a man, how could he let a woman protect the crystal passage and hide at the back?

Yue Yang’s hands were shaking!

His heart was burning.

Xiao Wen Li tightly hugged Yue Yang’s thighs and silently dissuaded him. Right now, the most important thing to do was to wake up the huge loli Ancient Giant. If she couldn’t join the battle, the war would be as good as over. Yue Yang bit his lips to the point that blood came out, only then was he able to endure the blood rush. He spared no effort to help her recover and transferred all his Innate Qi into the her head.

Under Yue Yang’s command, Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, the small golden beast (Tong Tian Beast), Spirit of Earth Fire and Reaper Mantis all rushed to help the Southern Goblin King in defending.

Even the Golden Thorny Flower Queen, who was hibernating to evolve, couldn’t help but stop evolving and join the battle.

As for the Hornless Dragon jiang Ying, that was still in a muddled state while hibernating, she was affected by Yue Yang’s state of mind and let out a deep worry. However, she was still unable to wake up even though her body continued to shake as if she was about to wake up but unable to control her body…

The Black Hell King still did not respond and quietly stood on the spot as he coldly observed. Xiao Wen Li returned to the grimoire world and summoned out Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon. Only the Storm Mermaid, who knew how to cure people, stayed beside Yue Yang. While the other three quickly joined the battle.

Seeing Yue Yang have so many beasts, the Black Hell King’s gaze grew colder.

He had thought of making a move against Yue Yang for a while now.

In the end, he still endured it.

The one thing he could determine was that Yue Yang had become a thorn to his side and became the biggest threat. If they did not encounter this death arena, the Black Hell King would have done his all to kill Yue Yang.

Now, he was using the enemy to consume Yue Yang’s strength. This was what the Black Hell King was happy about right now, so why would he help?

“Third Young Master, please stay here and continue healing her. Leave the crystal passage to me!” A shadow suddenly appeared. It was unknown when the Emperor of the Underworld arrived but he showed that he was willing to guard the crystal passage and let Yue Yang heal the Ancient Giant. Not only him, even the Sky Emperor, who was battered and exhausted, also appeared. The Sky Emperor was clearly teleported to the Blood Lake Hell, so why was he here?

“This is bad……” A bad omen flashed in Yue Yang’s mind. When he saw Elder Nan Gong’s figure, his entire body shook.
(Last: What what what, what’s happening???)

“Little Yue Yang, what happened?” Elder Nan Gong asked as if he did not know what was happening.

He was even more confused when War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North appeared on the same passage.

Yue Yang originally thought that the enemies coming from the three sides were the Emperor of the Underworld, Sky Emperor, Elder Nan Gong, War Tiger and Fierce Tooth. He never imagined that it was a stupid thought. However, this was something that he did not want to see. The fact that everyone who entered had gather together made him think as to who the real enemy was. Yue Yang had thought of one possibility that signified the worst possible ending.

This was possibility was that they were fighting a war in a foreign domain.

The Tong Tian Tower might not just be a single existence.

In other spaces, there might be three other Tong Tian Towers and the people there would become his enemies… This never-ending war would determine the last victor, just like how nature’s survival of the fittest! Yue Yang believed that he was the most outstanding person but the amount of time he had cultivated was very short. If by any chance that the other Tong Tian Tower had another Black Hell King or someone that surpassed the Black Hell King, adding to the fact that their seeded player was injured, what were the odds of winning?

“I remembered now…” When Elder Nan Gong heard Yue Yang’s explanation, he actually nodded his head and spoke with a serious certainty: “I have heard of a similar legend. This is an ancient war that happened every ten thousand years. I had always thought that only Heaven Realm had it and never imagined that we would accidentally be dragged into this ancient war.”

“This was not accidental. There is definitely someone that caused this and triggered the conditions for this ancient war.” Yue Yang didn’t have any time to think about it.

This was because the war was about to begin.

Anything could happen at the moment.

Elder Nan Gong quickly advanced to help the Southern Goblin King defend the crystal passage. However, War Tiger of the East, Fierce Tooth of the North and the Sky Emperor stopped besides the Black Hell King and did not join the war.

After Yue Yang went all out to save her, the huge loli Ancient Giant opened her eyes.

Her eyes were filled with bewilder as if she could not remember anything.

She shakingly sat up.

Because she was dizzy, she once again fell on the ground with a loud rumble.

After a long while, she once again propped herself up and even tried to stand up. Her entire body tottered. Without even taking two steps, she staggered and lost her footing. Once again, she fell onto the ground and shook the entire crystal plaza… Yue Yang truly hated the Black Hell King to the extreme. This huge loli was originally very strong but now she was given a cerebral concussion by that bastard the Black Hell King.

“Quickly wake up!” Yue Yang jumped beside the loli’s ear and loudly shouted.

The huge loli randomly grabbed with her hands and grabbed Yue Yang in between her fingers. With a puzzled expression and a booming voice, she asked: “Who are you?”

Yue Yang perspired profusely: “I am your friend but that is not important. The most important thing is: do you remember your name? The battle, our battle is about to begin. Could you remember what you were supposed to do when you wake up?”

The huge loli gently rubbed her forehead: “My head hurts, I can’t remember anything!”

Yue Yang was now completely out of options.

He quickly comforted her: “You should rest properly. You must come help me latter because the enemy is about to approach here. Do you understand?”

When the huge loli heard that there was an enemy, she instantly looked around her surroundings with worry and shouted: “Titan…” This shout exploded and sent out shockwaves in the entire plaza. Yue Yang almost fainted from her voice. He could only see countless golden light rays emerge from the huge loli’s body. She was as bright as the sun and made others unable to look at her.

An extremely powerful energy directly sent Yue Yang flying a hundred meters away.

An extremely beautiful female battle armor appeared on the hug loli’s body. It was extremely big and shined brilliantly.

Countless Heaven Rune Circles became decorative marks on the battle armor. On the pit of her stomach, there was a mental protection mirror and a giant Ancient Rune. As for the helmet on her head, two palms and both knees, there were slightly smaller Ancient Runes.

Without a doubt, this was a Divine Equipment, that contained boundless power.

A feverish greed and desire appeared in the eyes of the Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor.

Unfortunately, they could only look at it because even if it was given to them, they could not even wear the huge divine-ranked armor. Moreover, the Divine Equipment were the ones who chose their owner.

“Yes, just like that. Battle. Let us go to battle!” Yue Yang was very excited. He felt that this huge loli was too awesome. She was wearing a Divine Equipment, what was there to fear? She could just directly charged ahead and smash the enemies with her fist! He was only happy for a few seconds. The huge loli, who was wearing the Divine Equipment, rubbed her own forehead as her body swayed: “So dizzy…”

With a rumble, she fell on the ground and fainted.

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Who would have known that this would happen…… Yue Yang shot an angry glare at the Black Hell King. He itched to tear that bastard to pieces. The Black Hell King was very embarrassed and turned his face, pretending to not have seen Yue Yang’s disdainful gaze and middle finger.

Countless enemies have already gathered on the arena on the other side of the crystal passage.

A sharp voice penetrated everyone’s ears: “People of Soaring Dragon, have you been scared to the point of peeing your pants already?”

A faintly discernible voice sneered: “It is rumored that the people of Soaring Dragon were the most arrogant. Who would have thought that they didn’t even dare come out of the crystal passage!”

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