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LLS Chapter 514 – Death Arena

Chapter 514 – Death Arena
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Black Hell King instantly upgraded his ability, exploding with Innate Level 10 power.

A terrifying shockwave spread across the entire crystal plaza like a hurricane. Yue Yang and Southern Goblin King quickly retreated, staying away from Black Hell King. Even after upgrading to Innate Level 10, it was still not enough for him. Black Hell King pulled away his cloak, revealing his real body and continued to upgrade…… His aura turned into a tornado, madly spinning around him. Countless thunderbolts surrounded Black Hell King’s body, like silver snakes dancing wildly and crackling loudly.

A Dark Domain with a diameter of 100 meters slowly emerged around Black Hell King, rapidly rising above the ground.

It formed a semicircle, encasing Black Hell King within it just like a shield.

Countless dark energy exploded from the ground like a fountain.

After boiling over several times, the dark energy formed thousands of weird shapes. Some of it looked like weapons, some like beasts, some like ghosts, others like humans. But since they were all formed from dark energy, they were all controlled by Black Hell King. The black figures neatly gathered around Black Hell King.

Black Hell King’s ‘Dark Sacred Armor’ continuously sucked the dark energy around him, spilling out thousands of rays.

Those rays of darkness were tinted gold and looked as if they were of substance.

Countless weapons formed from dark energy sunk into the Dark Sacred Armor. The outer layer of Dark Sacred Armor kept growing, forming a pair of wings and shoulder pads, to a huge shield and sharp knuckle blades. After the Dark Sacred Armor turned into its second form, Black Hell King roared loudly again. His eyes turned bloody red and he forcefully unlocked his power to peak Innate Elder Level 1. The beasts formed from dark energy quickly pounced at him. When Black Hell King summoned his guardian beast ‘Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger’, they fused with Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger one by one to turn into an unusual tiger armor.
(Last: tiger armor = armor for the tiger)

Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger fused with the dark energy to instantly grow in size. It grew horns, wings and flame claws with an ice tail. On it, was a gold saddle with silver ropes.

It looked extremely formidable!

“A Diamond Rank Level 10 Holy Beast……” Yue Yang used Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to observe Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger. He realised that its abilities were super strong. It was stronger than Shun Tian’s Diamond Rank Level 9 Gold King by more than ten times, stronger that Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Charm Demon Queen who had just levelled up to Diamond Rank Level 10 by four or five times.

Even though both were Diamond Rank Level 10, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Charm Demon Queen, was the weakest one since she had only just levelled up.

As for An Xi’s Hell Black Dragon King, it was only a little stronger that Charm Demon Queen, the difference was not large; while the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan’s Three-headed Golden Dragon King was more powerful than the Black Dragon King and the Charm Demon Queen by a long stretch, most likely by three times. It was exactly because of Three-headed Golden Dragon King’s valiance that allowed the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan be able to defeat Tong Tian Tower’s top killer An Xi at Crystal Valley.

But this Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger was much much stronger than the Three-headed Golden Dragon King.

If they were to fight, even if the Three-headed Golden Dragon King, the Hell Black Dragon King and the Charm Demon Queen joined forces, they still might not be able to defeat this Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger.

“Strange, why is this tiger a holy beast even though it has no human form?” Southern Goblin King also seemed to have an ability that could read the enemy’s beasts. Although it was not as useful as Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision since she did not know the truth and could only sense that something was not right.

“There is an ancient hidden technique that can turn a beast into its beast form, never able to turn into human form again. This fixation could make the beast become more powerful, but it has to be exchanged with future potential and intelligence. Compared to a normal Diamond Ranked Holy Beast, this Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger at most only has elementary intelligence. Compared to some human-form holy beasts that were more well-rounded, with high intelligence and emotion, this tiger is mentally lacking!” Yue Yang knew about this from the memories that the tragic guy’s mother had passed down to him, but he was against this sort of heartless technique.

Since ancient times, this sort of hidden technique has been banned. This was because its usage essentially kills any possibility of the beast’s growth.

A beast’s future lies in turning into a human.

A holy beast was already very near to being human.

When a beast becomes a holy beast, it was no different from a human. It also had a high intelligence and emotion. It would be able to live and contract grimoires like a human, and also integrate into human society to learn and grow as a human. It could even get married and give birth like humans to produce offsprings.

The ‘Fixation Hidden Technique’ that Black Hell King used had locked the Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger in tiger form forever.

Even though by doing this, the Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger’s power would increase by many times, its future would be devoid of any growth.

Furthermore, this was a type of imprisonment akin to slavery.

Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger would always only be Black Hell King’s ride, and never his partner in battle……

Yue Yang would never do this. He not only treated Xiao Wen Li like his baby. Even Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo were also showered with love. He even treats the Spirit of Earth Fire and the Reaper Mantis that have not turned into human form the same way. All of this goes without saying for the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying who he treats just like his lover. Towards Jiang Ying and the girls, he treats them like humans and not as beasts……. Even though their forms varied, Yue Yang would never sacrifice any beast just because he needed power.
(Last: Poor Hui Tai Lang, at least thats what I think)

He felt that if he did not have enough power, he should train hard, to obtain power through his own hard work.

Yue Yang would never use a beast’s life or their freedom, or their future growth in exchange for power.

“Black Hell King is crazy!” Southern Goblin King shouted. She despised sacrificing a beast to obtain any sort of benefit. Not to mention holy beasts that could turn into human form, even normal beasts would cry in grief when their owners abandon them.

Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger was not only Black Hell King’s Guardian Beast, it was also a holy beast. Yet, Black Hell King still wanted to reduce Heaven Engulfing Demon Tiger to only become his ride.

From this, Black Hell King’s strong desire to obtain power was obvious.

This sort of mentality could no longer be describe with words.

It was simply heartless and ruthless.


When the humans formed from dark energy fused with Black Hell King’s body, he instantly grew by half a meter and his muscles tensed up with an immense amount of power.

The entire Dark Sacred Armor levelled up to its third form.

It emitted an especially scary brilliance. It was as dark as ink, powerful as a demon and fast as an arrow.

Even though Yue Yang and Southern Goblin King have already retreated to beyond two thousand metres, they could still feel the dark light pricking them. Southern Goblin King’s jade pipa begun to vibrate and her face paled: “Looks like we have to be more careful…… Black Hell King’s Dark Domain is quite strange. Those beasts and human-forms are most likely lives he killed in the past. Those weapons are likely destroyed treasures…… He used some sort of magic to strengthen that Dark Sacred Armor. This Dark Sacred Armor’s power is completely different from what the legends say!”

Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision had already understood this.

Black Hell King’s Dark Sacred Armor was now very close to the power of a Divine Equipment.

Of course, this was not its original power. It was the result of Black Hell King’s reinforcement using the Dark Domain. The Dark Domain had a sacrificial ability. It could absorb a part of the sacrifice’s power to turn it into the owner’s. But for Dark Sacred Armor to reinforce to such a state, it was hard to even estimate how many lives and treasures Black Hell King sacrificed.

By this time, Black Hell King had already upgraded to Innate Elder Level 1.

He was just like a black sun!

He seemed strange, but also extremely powerful.

In his left hand, he pulled out Dark Sacred Sword. In his right, he raised Heavenfall Thunder Hammer.

When that floating huge light ball landed on the ground, it gradually disappeared. The Ancient Giant that had just fallen into slumber did not look to be close to wakening.

“Die!” Black Hell King shouted loudly, his voice exploded through the air. He raised Dark Sacred Sword and Heavenfall Thunder Hammer together, shooting out a dozen sword lights and hammer strikes. Thunder rolled through the skies, seeming to tear apart the sky and earth. Those hits heavily landed on Ancient Giant’s head. The Ancient Giant, who had not even opened its eyes, fell heavily to the ground.

Under Black Hell King’s deadly stealth attack, the Ancient Giant fainted from the serious damage.

Black Hell King still did not stop.

He waved Heavenfall Thunder Hammer and Dark Sacred Sword like rainfall, heavily striking Ancient Giant’s head continuously. He looked determined to kill Ancient Giant on the spot.

Yue Yang frowned: “Something is wrong…..”

He noticed that those monsters like Ancient Ice Demon King who had rushed out from crystal spiral stairs all stood staring at Black Hell King, completely stunned. As if they had turned into stone, no one went up to stop him and only stood there watching Black Hell King attack Ancient Giant.

At this moment, an energy that was vast as an ocean surged into the entire crystal plaza.

Compared to this surge of energy, the strongest Black Hell King was only like an ant.

At the same time this energy appeared, Yue Yang heard a mysterious voice say to him: In a minute, the death match will begin. Participants have to kill all enemies in order to leave. When the time limit of the match is up, all participants with less than 100 points will die immediately under the Death Code.

Before Yue Yang and the Southern Goblin King could react, crystal plaza quickly rose and expanded.

The east crystal wall shattered silently and disappeared.

A 1000 meter crystal tunnel that pointed east appeared. 10 kilometers away, an arena larger than crystal plaza by more than 10 times appeared. At the same time, Yue Yang sensed that countless powerful presences have emerged dozen of kilometres away. Among them, 3 presences were especially powerful. They were comparable to the existence of the Ancient Titan, Wu Su.

If Black Hell King had not heavily injured the Ancient Giant, there should have been 4 of such presences.

One each for north, south, east and west.

After a moment, Yue Yang quickly came back to his senses. He shouted furiously at the Black Hell King: “Black Hell King, you idiot! The Giant you attacked was one of our seeded players. Do you really not have anything to do. Why did you attack! Now one of our seeded players is almost dead! Stop, that is our helper. Without this Giant, even if you have 100 lives it would not be enough to survive!”

“What?” Black Hell King was stunned.

He was someone who would kill the opponent at the slightest threat. Seeing that the Ancient Giant was about to awaken, he felt threatened and attacked with his all.

How smart was he, not only had he gotten embroiled into this death arena, he had also injured his ‘ally’.

Southern Goblin King was extremely troubled.

Now she understood why people said ‘a boneheaded teammate can do you more harm than the most formidable opponent’.

To be on the same side as a selfish brat like Black Hell King was really burdensome…… She summoned her grimoire and looked at the information on it. Indeed, the map was covered with enemies. As for their side, the Ancient Giant was really a seeded player. It was a harmless existence just like Ancient Ice Demon King and the other warriors.

“Heal the Giant quickly!” Yue Yang itched to kill Black Hell King. Upon closer inspection, he realised that the Ancient Giant was a newborn Giant Loli. He raged at Black Hell King: “Did you eat too many retard pills, how could you hit a child? Scram, go and block the tunnel. If we cannot save this Giant Loli, all of us will die!”

“……” Black Hell King was speechless. He never thought such a thing would really happen. He was just enjoying the attack, how would he have known this giant was his ally!

Different from Yue Yang’s situation, footsteps of giants echoed from the north, south and east directions.

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