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LLS Chapter 513 – Sleeping Ancient Giant

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Chapter 513 – Sleeping Ancient Giant
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
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“I’m choosing the silver chest.” Yue Yang looked at the four chests for a long while before confidently picking up his target, the silver chest.

“Wait!” Sky Emperor anxiously stopped him.

If treasures were really inside the silver chest, he would be giving the treasures to Yue Yang for free. According to the rule of probability, the previous two choices made by Southern Goblin King resulted in one being chased away and the other obtaining an empty chest, so there was a high chance for him to obtain the treasures on the third try. There was at least fifty percent chance of the treasures being in the silver chest. Now that Yue Yang took away the silver chest, the Sky Emperor felt idiotic. He had the opportunity but he gave it to Yue Yang.

Yue Yang snatched to hold on to the silver chest as if there were really hidden treasures inside.

He looked at Sky Emperor coldly. “If I remembered correctly, you guys voted democratically for me to go first ten seconds ago. Are you going back on your words now?”

Sky Emperor was slightly stunned but he quickly regained his composure. “No, of course not. But apparently you misunderstood my words. I meant for you to choose the chest first, but not for you to take it, so in other words it doesn’t mean that I’ll let you have this silver chest. Because we aren’t sure if there are any hidden treasures inside, so we should take the risk together since we are treasure hunting partners. We can discuss the allocation of the hidden treasures after we open the chest and obtain them.”

Black Hell King nodded in response indicating his agreement.

Southern Goblin King felt that they were shameless but she kept quiet and observed how Yue Yang would respond to it.

She became more and more interested in him now. His response always differed from that of common men, and sometimes it was a joy to see how he fiercely gave his enemies a fierce slap on the face.

Yue Yang handed the silver chest over to the Sky Emperor: “You just want my chest don’t you? Why bullshit so much, even I’m embarrassed for you! Take it if you want it, but do you know how to open it? You can only use the Heaven Runes to open it, do you know how to do it? Illiterate!”

Although the Sky Emperor couldn’t understand the heaven Runes on the crystal pillar, he was still able open the chest.

He didn’t even have to resort to violence as the Black Hell King pointed his finger in the air numerous times.

A bright light shone through the tip of his fingers.

The rays took shape and shot onto the silver chest.

The rays then shot towards the Heaven Runes on the silver chest as the dots connected together. The silver chest gradually gave off a blinding light… After the Black Hell King took a minute to unlock it, the silver chest was finally opened.

A white light pillar shot up to the sky. This was an important sign indicating the moment a hidden treasure was unsealed.

Sky Emperor could faintly see that there was a golden object at the bottom of the chest.

Sure enough, choosing the silver chest proved to be the right choice.

There was really a treasure inside!

Sky Emperor reached his hands into the chest at breakneck speed. He then held onto the golden object before Yue Yang and Southern Goblin King could respond.

“We made contributions to finding this treasure too.” Yue Yang was unhappy towards the Sky Emperor’s action.

“Our quest hasn’t ended yet, I will safekeep it first, and we can discuss the allocation of the treasures after this ends.” The Sky Emperor was very pleased, he actually wanted to say that he and the Black Hell King would kill him first before the quest even ends, even Yue Yang’s Prison Emperor Divine Seal would be theirs, let alone this ancient hidden treasure.

“I think it’s best for you to quickly let go of this treasure now…” Yue Yang smiled coldly.

“Oh is it? I feel that it’ll be safest with me!” Sky Emperor didn’t bother about Yue Yang’s threat as he shrugged his shoulders causally.

“This may not be a treasure, put it down quickly.” Black Hell King’s expression changed suddenly. It was a pity that his advice came too late as the Sky Emperor disappeared with a white ray before he could continue showing off in front of Yue Yang. The golden treasure in his hand landed on the ground. When Black Hell King saw the Heaven Runes on the golden mirror like treasure, he took a deep breath.

The Heaven Rune on it was ‘Hell’s key’.

This should be the key that could be used to open Hell’s Gate, and the Sky Emperor should have been teleported to the legendary ‘Blood Lake Hell’. This place wasn’t Demon Abyss but a horrid place in Heaven Outside Heaven where numerous ancient beasts were imprisoned.

Comparing this terrifying individual world, ancient ruins, to the Blood Lake Hell, the ancient ruins could be considered as a safe paradise.

Even if the Sky Emperor could return from the Blood Lake Hell, he would need a long time.

Yue Yang laughed wickedly. “Sky Emperor must be enjoying his stay there, let’s wish him a pleasant journey!”

Black Hell King stared at Yue Yang coldly, like a poisonous snake staring at its prey: “You did it on purpose… Yue Clan’s Third young Master, you are very smart, but sometimes intelligence is nothing in front of sheer power, do you understand me?”

“You opened up the chest, he snatched the treasure away, no one forced him into it, everyone here can be the witness.” Yue Yang indicated he was an obedient child.

“Southern Goblin King, if you were to choose, which chest will you get?” Black Hell King turned towards the Southern Goblin King.

“What about you?” Southern Goblin King returned the question.

Suddenly Black Hell King took out a golden shimmering thunder hammer and struck it toward the chests, completely smashing them to pieces.

All of the chests were empty.

There weren’t any ray that chases people away, nor were there any treasures.

Black Hell King fixed his gaze on Yue Yang. “Third Young Master, your hands are very fast aren’t they. I don’t know when you took the treasures away, but I know for sure that it was you who took them.”

Yue Yang dug his nose calmly and nonchalantly replied. “You have no evidence. Although we are familiar with each other, I can still sue you for defamation!”

Southern Goblin King couldn’t stand his arrogant attitude. She pulled his ears. “Great, you deceived me too! What treasure did you take exactly, surrender them now! I came here thrice and more than ten of my useful followers are dead. Now, I didn’t even get to see the shadow of the treasure, you are actually playing this swapping game with me? I’m not done with you until you surrender the treasure!”

Yue Yang and Black Hell King were stunned by Southern Goblin King’s reaction.

They really couldn’t tell that the Southern Goblin King who was usually demure and polite would become so ferocious with the mention of treasures…

Yue Yang quickly took out a Gold-ranked Golden Compass out from his chest and handed it over to the ferocious woman with shaky hands: “Big sister, there’s only this treasure in the four chests, there’s also a Banishing Scroll!”

“Banishing Scroll? Never mind, I’ll leave that to you as a reward!” Southern Goblin King snatched away the Golden Compass and looked at it with loving eyes as she kept cheering: “OK, I’ll give you a name, let me call you ‘Gucci Plate’, from now on you are my one thousand nine hundred and twenty fifth collectible…”

Yue Yang and the Black Hell King almost collapsed onto the ground.

Oh boy, they had been fighting with each other all along just to benefit her.

And listening to what she said, she actually had one thousand nine hundred and twenty five treasures, Yue Yang and the Black Hell King maliciously guessed that she must have robbed the treasuries of lots of kingdoms!

Seeing the gold-ranked treasure in the hands of Southern Goblin King, Black Hell King decided not to find trouble with her.

His main target was Yue Yang.

And especially the Prison Emperor Divine Seal with Yue Yang. Black Hell King wouldn’t feel at ease as long as Yue Yang held on to it.

Since they had found the treasures in the ancient ruins, Black Hell King felt that it was time for his attack. With the treasure, Southern Goblin King would be smart enough not to interfere in the matter between Yue Yang and himself. Moreover, even if she were to help Yue Yang, Black Hell King had the confidence of killing these two people in the crystal plaza. Moreover, there was only one crystal passage to enter.

There weren’t any restrictions here that restricted the summoning of beasts, so Black Hell King felt that if he could block the crystal passage, then Yue Yang and Southern Goblin King would surely be dead meat!

Just when the Black Hell King was about to attack Yue Yang, the entire crystal plaza suddenly shook.

The crystal pillar sunk rapidly as the ground crumbled.

A gigantic crystal spiral stairs appeared amazingly. It was unknown how deep it goes into the ground.

Could it be that there were really the hidden treasures below?

Before Black Hell King could think further, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

Numerous powerful auras appeared behind the crystal spiral stairs. It seemed as though a troop of a thousand soldiers would soon appear.

Every single one possessed power akin to that of the Ancient Ice Demon King, a handful were even stronger… Yue Yang used his hand to poke the Southern Goblin King who was still in her happy bubble: “Big sister, it’s time to go!”

“How naggy, just deal with the few rascals yourselves , you don’t have to ask for my opinion!” Southern Goblin King hated it when people interrupted her while she admired her treasures.

“Big sister look what’s on top of you… “ Yue Yang pulled her sleeves.

Upon hearing this, Black Hell King also raised up his head.

His pupils immediately shrunk.

It was unknown when a gigantic glowing light ball was floating on the roof of the crystal plaza.

Wrapped within the light ball was a huge Ancient Giant. It was curled up in deep sleep with a size of at least more than ten metres tall, if he were to stand up straight, he should be around the same height as an Ancient Titan.

Forget about Yue Yang, even Black Hell King was scared witless.

The Ancient Giant in deep sleep wasn’t someone to be trifled with, he would definitely wreck havoc if he were to be awaken!

“What’s wrong?” Southern Goblin King was shocked too as she shouted from a sudden realisation: “What did you all do? What happened here?”

“Shhh…” Yue Yang covered her mouth quickly. “This isn’t the time to talk about all these, we have to leave now!” Before he could finish what he wanted to say, the crystal passage one thousand meters away from them shut down with a boom. It closed so tightly that not even a hairline crack could be seen.

The light ball suspended in mid air gradually descended.

The hearts of Black Hell King, Yue Yang and the Southern Goblin King sunk too…

Which miser left this ancient ruins behind? There was only a Golden Compass and now not only did he release his dog out to chase after them, he also hired an Ancient Giant to bully them, did he still want them to live?

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