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LLS Chapter 512 – Really? You guys are so nice to me!

Chapter 512 – Really? You guys are so nice to me!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The entrance of the ancient ruins.

In the center of the vast glacier canyon, there stood a tall conical crystal mountain. Its entire body was clear and pristine with a height of over a thousand meters. Under the reflections of the snow, it appeared light blue and was indescribably beautiful. If not for the crystal pillars that collapsed and caused it to appear a little ruined, nobody would believe that it was an ancient ruin.

A tornado was swirling around the mountain, wreaking havoc on the glacier.

Shattered Voids appeared occasionally, but the strangest thing was that it always appeared around the mountain and hence did not cause any damage to the crystal-shaped mountain.

Southern Goblin King brought everyone to enter through a crystal gate from the west, which was one of the only three entrances into the ancient ruins. It was said that there were the north, south, east and west gates in the past but the north gate had been completely demolished so nobody could enter from there. The east and south gates were also in shambles, causing the passage to be extremely dangerous. The only safe route was the entrance via the west gate that the Southern Goblin King entered in the past.

“Be careful everyone. There are a lot of internal passages, and if you were to enter one of those passages, you will be confined within them for a few days.” Southern Goblin King alerted everyone.

“….” Yue Yang suddenly summoned Xiao Wen Li.

Black Hell King , Sky Emperor and Emperor of the Underworld were slightly shocked.

Why did he summon his Guardian Beast without any monsters appearing?

Yue Yang had been to the Five Elements Palace and had suffered losses there before. If the Ancient Code inside the ancient ruin restricted the use of summoning, then no matter how strong his beasts were, they would be useless. The Ancient Ice Demon King that had just killed the foreign Innate just now wasn’t a Holy Beast. It was only Platinum-ranked Level Ten beast, but its power was akin to that of a Innate Level Eight Warrior.

If hundreds of such beasts or those even stronger than it were hiding inside, and with nobody who could summon their beasts… Yue Yang couldn’t imagine what the consequences would be!

Forget about how the Black Hell King would think of him, his safety should always come first.

Not only did Yue Yang summon Xiao Wen Li, he also summoned the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, who possessed the Heart of Earth and never grow tired.

“Let’s go in!” Southern Goblin King did not react to it, but the Black Hell King and Sky Emperor were exceptionally cautious of Xiao Wen Li as they stole glances at her various times, as if to confirm if she was a Holy Beast or a Divine Beast. Xiao Wen Li laid on Yue Yang’s back like his daughter. Her eyes remained close as if she was in deep sleep.

The first reaction the Black Hell King had when he saw Xiao Wen Li was to stay away from her.

Although they hadn’t fought against each other before, Yue Yang’s loli lamia was very impressive as she possessed the immensely powerful [Binding] Inherent Skill that could restrict her opponent. The Supreme Innates in the higher levels of the Tong Tian Tower had long heard of it. Shun Tian and the Black Prince were past victims of Xiao Wen Li’s Binding Inherent Skill, even the great demon king of the Demon Abyss was no exception. There were even bold guesses that Guan Lan died under the joint attack of Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li using the World Exterminating Wheel and Binding Inherent Skill respectively.

Sky Emperor was also wary of Xiao Wen Li.

After being binded, the Black Hell King was still protected by his body full of Holy Equipment, it was just that his becomes slightly weaker. The strength of the Holy Equipments weren’t as powerful as the Black Hell King.

He who was known for his speed, skills and light energy didn’t possess any advantage when facing the Binding Inherent Skill.

It could be said that he would be completely restricted by it. This was why he didn’t want to rashly find trouble with Yue Yang.

Only the silent Emperor of the Underworld looked at the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man.

“How weird… There are no guards in the crystal passage.” Southern Goblin King brought Yue Yang and the rest in through the west gate, but she stopped dead on her track uneasily after a few hundred meters. “There should be ‘Demonic Shadows’, that could hide within the crystal passage, here. They can copy the skills of those who enter and will never die, so they caused others a terrible headache… They are now nowhere to be seen, what’s going on?“

“Are you sure we aren’t walking the wrong way?” Black Hell King asked.

“No, although the crystal passage here is like a confusing maze, I’m confident that I did not go the wrong way.” Southern Goblin King shook her head.

“Could it be that the passage itself is moving, causing the location to change?” Sky Emperor suggested a possibility.

“No, there’s no such possibility, I did not feel any shaking… I’m very sensitive towards sound and scent, moreover the marking here isn’t gone, so this was the route I took the other time.” Southern Goblin King would put a note-like silver pin for every few meters she walked, they would then cause very weak vibrations which would serve as her marking. Yue Yang had noticed that she would collect all the pins she previously left behind, and would put new ones after every few meters, so according to these markings, Southern Goblin King believed that she did not take the wrong way.

“Let me ask you a question. The markings you left behind should be a song right? What song is it?” Yue Yang suddenly asked.

“Palace Misery.” Southern Goblin King looked at Yue Yang thoughtfully.

“Don’t doubt it everyone, we are walking on the correct path. But it’s just that the distance is wrong. It may seem that we walked for only a few hundred meters but we actually walked for a few thousand meters or even further.” Yue Yang pointed to Emperor of the Underworld behind him: “And he is the Demonic Shadow. I don’t know where the real Emperor of the Underworld went, but it was definitely him who copied Emperor of the Underworld’s hallucination ability and deceived us…”

“Come again?” Black Hell King’s gaze turned chilly instantly.

He actually did not realize that Emperor of the Underworld was silently replaced.

If the guards were to possess other even more strange powers, then wouldn’t that land him in danger?

Sky Emperor immediately unleashed his power to Innate Level Nine and attacked Emperor of the Underworld. Sure enough, his first strike made Emperor of the Underworld fly away from the impact. The Demonic Shadow could only copy the Emperor of the Underworld’s hallucination ability but not his strength. Without the Emperor of the Underworld’s strength, the Demonic Shadow that only had an Innate Level Seven’s strength was easily defeated and flew more than ten meters away from the impact.

After its exit, the entire space became clear, as if it was being cleansed by certain energy.

The ground they were standing on did not change, but the passage changed.

It seemed be similar, but it looked foreign.

The Demonic Shadow that disguised itself as the Emperor of the Underworld showed itself as a dark shadow that looked asexual. This was its original form.

Emperor of the Underworld was replaced by the Demonic Shadow and the location of the real Emperor of the Underworld remained unknown. Just when Black Hell King was about to speak, he suddenly realised that there were numerous Sky Emperor flashing in the crystal passage, they all went for Sky Emperor at a breakneck speed, causing one to be unable to differentiate between the real Sky Emperor and the phony ones. All the Sky Emperor roared loudly and attacked each other crazily, causing one to be dazed from seeing the scene.

“Take your time to fight, Sky Emperor. We’ll proceed to hunt for the treasures.” Yue Yang was pouring oil on the fire, causing the Sky Emperor to be even more incensed.

“Damn it, I’m the real one, help me get rid of the rest! Although they will not die, they have to take a long time to recover if you were to kill them!” Sky Emperor became frantic.

“I’m the real one…”

“You guys are goddamn phonies, I’ll kill you…”

All of the Sky Emperor claimed that they were the real one, even Black Hell King couldn’t differentiate between the real and fake ones.

Yue Yang did not bother helping when he saw that Sky Emperor was being targeted. One man less meant less competition. There might be just one hidden treasure, and even if there were millions of them, he wouldn’t spare one for the Sky Emperor.

Yue Yang grabbed Southern Goblin King and ran off, he didn’t care about the Sky Emperor no matter how crazed and angry he was.

Black Hell King was a little hesitant, but he decided to stay in the end.

He had a special ability which allowed him to sense his target, and although he could only sense one person, he had already locked on to Yue Yang, so Black Hell King wasn’t afraid that he would escape.

Moreover, it wasn’t guaranteed to be safe ahead…

But the Sky Emperor did not want Yue Yang to get the hidden treasure before him, so in a haste, he unleashed his power to Innate Level Ten.

“Grand Brilliance!”

With his trump card, all the ‘Sky Emperors’ who copied his high speed flying ability were sent flying, forcing them back to their original form. They were severely injured but not dead so they floated into the crystal passage one by one and went to hibernate. They could copy the special skills of those who barged in but not their strength, so this issue was still manageable for Sky Emperor except for the part that he was landed in a sorry state.

After defeating all the Demonic Shadows, Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor followed Yue Yang and Southern Goblin King anxiously. When they reached the crystal plaza, they were amazed by the view before them, just like Yue Yang.

It was definitely a unique sub-space. Just like the Twelve Zodiac Temples, it did not have any guards.

The entire crystal plaza was extremely huge.

But it was empty.

Yue Yang guessed that the entire space was the size of a hundred football fields, it might even occupy a larger space than the crystal mountain. There was a beautiful crystal dome above with thick crystal walls that were nearly thousand meters tall around… Talking about its current size, the crystal mountain outside wouldn’t be able to fit it, let alone the crystal passage spanning over a mere few thousand meters.

In the center of the crystal plaza, there was a six meters tall crystal pillar right before Yue Yang.

There were all kinds of Heaven Runes noted down on it.

There were four neatly placed chests below. They were the golden chest, silver chest, bronze chest and wooden chest.

“It was this easy to find the hidden treasures?” The Sky Emperor was stunned.

“…” Black Hell King felt that it was not quite possible too.

He was even thinking if these were Demonic Shadows or the illusion used by the guards of the crystal plaza in order to deceive everyone.

Yue Yang did not reply.

Southern Goblin King sighed softly. “I have been here previously and I chose one out of the four chests. A ray shot out and the next thing I know, I was in an individual world in Heaven Outside Heaven. I was expelled by that ray.”

“What if I were to choose all four?” The Sky Emperor asked.

Yue Yang pointed to the Heaven Runes on the Crystal Pillar. “Sky Emperor, I didn’t know that you were illiterate! You can’t understand what is written up there? It is clearly written that we have to choose one out of the four chest and the hidden treasure will go to the one fated to have it. If you have no affinity with the hidden treasure, you will be expelled, like her. If you choose wrongly, then you’ll be doomed as it will teleport you to the Blood Lake Hell, where you can enjoy a free tour there with white bones as souvenirs and flaying meal set! Also, if you opt for all of these, I’ll have to congratulate you even more as an extremely strong ancient beast will appear in the crystal plaza. I believe you’ll be so happy that you’ll pee your pants!”

“Since you are so scared, then don’t choose anything!” The Sky Emperor almost couldn’t suppress his anger towards Yue Yang’s mean words.

“Southern Goblin King, what did you choose the other time?” The Black Hell King was a shrewd man, he did not bother about Yue Yang’s sarcastic remarks. Although he wasn’t as proficient as Yue Yang in reading Heaven Runes, he could understand part of them and he realised the meaning of the Heaven Runes was the same as the one Yue Yang mentioned.

“I have been here twice, taking this time into account, I’ve been here thrice… The positions and order of the boxes are different. I chose the silver chest the previous two times. The first one chased me away and the second one was empty, now that this is the third time, I can’t say anything for sure. You guys go choose first, I’ll be the last.” Southern Goblin King did not have enough confidence so she decided to leave the opportunity to take the risk to the rest.

“You choose first!” Sky Emperor pointed to Yue Yang.

“Why?” Yue Yang was puzzled. Why would he be so nice to him?

“The three of us voted and we agreed on letting you choose first!” The Sky Emperor indicated that he was very democratic, and even used the tactic of casting votes to show it.

“Really? You guys are so nice to me… I won’t stand on ceremony then!” Yue Yang looked at the Sky Emperor sarcastically and laughed coldly. As if he already knew which box would have the treasure, he lurched forward. With that, the Sky Emperor was super regretful. Darn, Yue Yang might have some special ability and was able to identify which chest contained the hidden treasure. If he were to let Yue Yang choose, he would definitely be suffer a huge loss.

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  1. gundamman says:

    this is always the one thing i like most about the story that is different from the others, its like all of them are playing checkers but the characters in this are all playing chess, (the one exception being the MC in Emperors domination that guy is playing like 3D chess, while everyone is playing checkers)

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