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LLS Chapter 511- Ancient Ruins

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Chapter 511 – Ancient Ruins
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This man who named himself as You Ming was actually one of the Five Emperors of Tong Tian Tower, the Emperor of the Underworld!

He was on par with the Sky Emperor and the Ocean Emperor.

The Emperor of the Underworld was an extremely mysterious Supreme Innate.

Rumour has it that his father was a Ranker from the Demon Abyss who settled down in the Hei Ye Continent of the Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower two thousand years ago. He then married his wife, who subsequently gave birth to the Emperor of the Underworld. The Emperor of the Underworld was born with incredible gifts and he was far more outstanding than his parents, making him the strongest Innate Ranker in the Hei Ye Continent . This also made him one of the Five Emperors of Tong Tian Tower. As there were frequent battles between the opposing Hei Ye Continent and the Guang Ming Continent in the Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, the Emperor of the Underworld’s father died on the battlefield when he was a young child. Therefore the Emperor of the Underworld and the Sky Emperor were arch enemies even though the Sky Emperor did not kill his father.

Although the Emperor of the Underworld wasn’t very sure if he could kill the Sky Emperor, he would never become his ally.

He would oppose everything that the Sky Emperor approves.

He would give his all to make the Sky Emperor upset.

For example, him making use of Yue Yang to give the Sky Emperor a fierce slap across his face… Although the Emperor of the Underworld wasn’t aware that the Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor were scheming against Yue Yang and did not know why Yue Yang stayed after falling into their trap, and even flashed his Divine Equipment, these wouldn’t hinder him being supportive of Yue Yang in order to embarrass the Sky Emperor.
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“So it is the Emperor of the Underworld, welcome.” Although the Black Hell King was polite on the surface, he was silently sighing.

It would be harder to kill Yue Yang now that the Emperor of the Underworld was here.

If the Emperor of the Underworld were to find trouble with the Sky Emperor, it wouldn’t be easy for him to kill Yue Yang in front of the Southern Goblin King, and Yue Yang was not simple to begin with.

If he were to act with force, it would definitely push the neutral parties, the Emperor of the Underworld and Southern Goblin King, to Yue Yang’s side. Yue Yang had the Prison Emperor Divine Seal for quite some time already but as long as he wasn’t recognised by the Divine Equipment, the Black Hell King still had some chance.

The Black Hell King was upset, but he suppressed it.

The Sky Emperor Ba Yi was also dejected.

He felt that he got into trouble without benefitting from anything.

Had he known that the Emperor of the Underworld had been following behind him, he wouldn’t have to appeared at all. He could have also kept a neutral stance to avoid becoming enemies with Yue Yang. He could have let the Black Hell King deal with Yue Yang… Now that he had become the bad guy. He even formed a new enemy with limitless potential without gaining any benefits and became a joke in front of the Emperor of the Underworld.

“Let’s go!” The Sky Emperor felt too ashamed to stay as he brought his followers and tried to leave the glacier canyon.

“Wait.” Black Hell King wouldn’t let the Sky Emperor leave just like this. He had to try and form an alliance with him. Since he couldn’t obtain the Prison Emperor Divine Seal, it would be useful to make the Sky Emperor his ally.

He transmitted to the Sky Emperor.

“Since the Southern Goblin King found the ancient ruins left behind by our ancestors, and we had been brought together by fate, how about we venture around together to see if there are any treasures?”

Seeing that the Southern Goblin King didn’t object to it, he felt that she was very smart as she did not indicate her stand at all. She didn’t help Yue Yang nor did she try to secretly help the Black Hell King, she had only been enjoying the show all along. The Black Hell King looked at Yue Yang and the Emperor of the Underworld as if there weren’t any past feuds between them. He extended his invitation to the duo politely. “If there’s really any hidden treasures around, let’s see which one of us has the affinity to obtain the treasures from our seniors.”

His words made the Sky Emperor ponder silently.

Even if there weren’t any treasures in the ancient ruins, it would all be worth it if he could kill Yue Yang and obtain the high quality ‘Prison Emperor Divine Seal’.

If he were to leave hatefully, then he would never get the chance to obtain the Divine Equipment…

In the end, the Sky Emperor decided to stay.

“As a witness, You Ming is more than willing to go along. Perhaps the Sky Emperor will have the affinity to obtain another Supreme Divine Equipment so that you can return it to the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.” the Emperor of the Underworld did not forget to be sarcastic towards the Sky Emperor.

“…” Yue Yang remained silent as he slowly put away the Prison Emperor Divine Seal.

Nobody could guess what Yue Yang was thinking. They were puzzled over why he didn’t run, but showed his Prison Emperor Divine Seal to the lot instead.

It was precisely because of this that the Black Hell King found Yue Yang terrifying. There were a lot of amazing things that were associated with the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. Now that he saw him today, he finally understood that the way he did things were different from common men. With such strength and mentality, it was therefore no wonder that he could even kill the Ocean Emperor. The Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor looked at each other discreetly as they felt shiver down their spine after seeing Yue Yang’s calm reaction.

There had never been a young man who was able to shock them so much.

This guy was very dangerous!

Black Hell King was determined to kill Yue Yang using his fastest speed when the opportunity comes, in order to prevent future worries!

If he couldn’t find the best opportunity to do so, then he would kill Yue Yang once he leaves Heaven Outside Heaven… He couldn’t let him leave Heaven Outside Heaven alive, if not there was a high chance that he would be defeated once Yue Yang matures.

“Seniors, and Third Young Master with a house full of Divine Equipments, let’s proceed to the ancient ruins shall we? I no longer wish to get the Divine Equipment that could only be used as a nut cracker. My biggest hope now is to obtain a Holy Equipment.” Southern Goblin King smiled as her slim hands struck the chords of her pipa lightly as gentle music gradually sounded. It was pleasant to hear and it soothed the souls of those who heard it.

Southern Goblin King ordered for Mountain Shaking Bear and the Thunder Gold-eyed Leopards to leave while the Sky Emperor ordered his men who pretended to faint to leave.

The teleportation circle in the glacier canyon had already been destroyed by Yue Yang and couldn’t be repaired.

Luckily the Southern Goblin King knew of another teleportation circle.

While she was leading the way, she asked Yue Yang a lot of questions and it made her attitude change tremendously. This caused Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor to feel threatened.

It seemed that the Southern Goblin King still had a little interest in Yue Yang as he was a handsome guy with Divine Equipments after all. They did not have any way to stop them from communicating. The only way was to kill Yue Yang together after they enter the ancient ruins. That would be the best way.

Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor would be put to shame if Yue Yang were to get both the beauty and the hidden treasures…

They were discussing in discreet along the way, planning on how they would kill Yue Yang together.

The Emperor of the Underworld followed behind and kept quiet.

But the Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor were able to guarantee that if the situation was unfavorable, the Emperor of the Underworld would definitely be the first to strike and he would definitely attack the Sky Emperor.

The lot walked for another hundred kilometres before they entered another teleportation circle and went into the ancient ruins.

“…” Yue Yang realised to his dismay that the real test had only just began. The threat of the hostile environment was on par to the threat posed by the Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor.

The ancient ruins was located in a similarly unfathomably huge glacier canyon. The previous glacier canyon that spanned over more than ten kilometres previously wasn’t even one percent of the current length. The top of the glacier canyon couldn’t be seen when one looked up to the sky; if one were to look across, the other tall cliff would at least be a few hundred kilometres away, its borders couldn’t even be seen.

If one were to look to the opposite side, one would also discover a snow white monument covering the sky in the distant horizon, shooting up through the clouds.

The hostility of the environment was horrifying.

Numerous tornados spiraled down from the clouds and continuously sucked in the snow on the ground.

Moreover, the frozen ground would break without warning, with an icy storm bursting out like a volcanic eruption.

Millions of ice crystals and groundwater shot to the sky. The power was so immense that being hit by it was akin to being hit by the full power of a peak Innate Level Ten. Even the Black Hell King, who was clad in holy equipments, was wary towards the ice crystals storms that shot up from the ground.

The more terrifying thing was the strange ‘disintegrating space’.

Yue Yang couldn’t understand why it was like this even with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision. A huge part of the sky shattered without any warning.

In the shattered sky, anything would disintegrate.

And then vanish into thin air.

This was the most famous most terrifying scene known as the Shattered Void of the Heaven Outside Heaven!

Luckily this teleportation circle discovered by the Southern Goblin King wasn’t damaged unlike before. The place it would teleport people to was fixed, so Yue Yang, Southern Goblin King, the Emperor of the Underworld, the Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King landed in the same region that wasn’t far away from each other.

With the Southern Goblin King around, Yue Yang and the lot were able to land safely.

Yue Yang saw the Black Hell King’s attempt to attack him several times, especially when the Shattered Void appeared.

But once Yue Yang turned to face him, he would feign ignorance. The only thing he lacked was a tag saying ‘I would never launch shady attacks’ on his forehead.

“What’s that?” Yue Yang saw a giant tornado pillar that was perpetually rotating in an extremely distant place. He asked inquisitively. “Could that be the entrance into the ancient ruins?”

“We haven’t reach the real entrance yet… The real entrance into the ancient ruin is even more terrifying than that. Ice crystals and groundwater accumulates there, and Shattered Voids could be seen at any time. An Innate Level Eight warrior would be instantly killed if he were to encounter an Ice Crystal fountain or a Shattered Void. Even if he were to defend with all his might, he will most likely die if he were to be struck once.” The Southern Goblin King had already unleashed her power to Innate Level Eight, and it seemed that she still had power to go up to Innate Level Nine. Looks like this pipa girl is not a simple person, she could be on par to the Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

“Third Young Master seems to have control over fire and ice, you definitely live up to your name.” Black Hell King said with unknown intentions.

“That can’t compare to the thickness of your skin, it couldn’t be corroded by any fire or water.” Yue Yang retaliated.

The Black Hell King wasn’t angry when he heard it as he laughed it off.

On the topic of self control, the Black Hell King was the strongest contender that Yue Yang had ever met.

If it was others, they wouldn’t be able to take such a critical personal attack, but as an Elder Innate clad with holy equipments and his allies by his side, he could still stand Yue Yang’s provocation, one could see how shrewd he was from this.

After walking for a few kilometers, half of the body of a frozen man appeared before them.

There were a few broken ice pieces lying around.

It most probably belonged to an Innate Ranker that got hit by the ice crystal groundwater, causing him to fall headfirst, shattering his head, neck and half of his chest. Only his abdomen and feet was left dangling outside.


A dark shadow escaped from the edge of the perpetually spinning tornado and ran towards Yue Yang’s direction in dire straits.

But before Yue Yang could figure out what was going on.

An Ancient Ice Demon King with a height of around sixty meters chased after him. The Demon King held a long curved ice blade and an ice crystal tornado swirled around him. Yue Yang immediately raised his Hui Jin Magic blade, but was stopped by the Southern Goblin King. “This Ancient Ice Demon King is probably the guard of the secret passage, he will only go after those intruders, so he won’t attack us… If we were to strike, it may then alert the entire team of guards and if that happens, we won’t be enter to ancient ruins even if we fight for three days and three nights.” 

Even before the Southern Goblin King could finish her sentence, the Ancient Ice Demon King had already caught up with the foreign Innate who ran away.

With a slash, the ten metres long ice blade cut the foreign Innate into half.

After killing the foreign Innate, the Ancient Ice Demon King sunk into the glacier and gradually disappeared, leaving behind the corpse of the foreign Innate that was slashed into half a hundred metres away.

Yue Yang suddenly developed a weird feeling. The Ancient Ice Demon King seemed to have looked at him before he sunk into the glacier.

Was it his misconception?

Or could there be more than meets the eye?

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