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LLS Chapter 510 – Divine Equipment? I have never lacked them!

Chapter 510 – Divine Equipment? I have never lacked them!
Translated by: Last

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“Since the Black Hell King is here to be the judge, we don’t have to worry about anything.” The Sky Emperor brushed away his long hair behind his ears. He asked Yue Yang: “Before we investigate, we should confirm one thing; Does the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master possess a Divine Equipment? If you had never possessed a Divine Equipment, then it proves that my men could never have stolen your Divine Equipment… This is because no one would be able to steal something that never existed!”

“Divine Equipments choose their owners. Maybe a genius junior like the Third Young Master would possess a Divine Equipment.” The Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor snickered.

“Yeah, bring out your Divine Equipment, then we will admit that we stole from you!” The Winged Clan warrior arrogantly provoked him.

They all thought that Divine Equipments are something that cannot randomly be picked up from the ground. Even the Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King had none, so the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master definitely had none. Now, they are forcing him to bring it out. If he did not bring it out, then everything he said was just slander. With this, the Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor could use it as a pretext to make a fuss and use this opportunity to attack.

The Southern Goblin King’s gaze slightly chilled.

There was no mistake in what the Black Hell King said a while ago about Divine Equipment choosing their owners, if that was the case Divine Equipment could not be stolen.

Divine Equipments have their own spirits and egos. Even if someone stole them, they would easily return to another person’s side. Other than having the equipments recognize them, warriors could not use force to steal them. Within the Sky Emperor’s words, he considered three points.

One, Yue Yang did not have a Divine Equipment at hand. If he had none, then Ba Yi’s men could not steal his Divine Equipment. Therefore, Yue Yang was intentionally slandering them.

Two, even if Yue Yang had a Divine Equipment, other people could not steal it, so Yue Yang was still slandering them.

Three, by asking this, the Sky Emperor was not only attacking Yue Yang but also cleverly probing him. If Yue Yang could not prove that he had a Divine Equipment, then he was not only slandering the Winged Clan and challenging the Sky Emperor, he was also letting the Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King have a clear understanding of inside information. If Yue Yang did not have a Divine Equipment, there was nothing that could protect Yue Yang’s life… The Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King could then use this as a pretext to make a move.

The Southern Goblin King knew that this wretch was not easy to deal with.

However, she never imagined that just one move was very hard to deal with. His words not only succeeded in counterattacking but also forced Yue Yang into a difficult spot.

“Since you have a Divine Equipment, why don’t you show it to us and expand our horizons? Right here, not only this emperor but also the Southern Goblin King is probably longing to see a Divine Equipment.” The Sky Emperor looked at the Southern Goblin King. He and the Black Hell King had intentions to kill Yue Yang, but they were not sure of the Southern Goblin King’s thoughts. If it was someone else, the Sky Emperor would not worry about anything, but since this person was the Southern Goblin King, who was an expert in using demonic music to kill people, they felt that it was best if they didn’t touch her.

“Is that so? Third Young Master has a Divine Equipment? I haven’t seen one before so I wonder what it looks like.” The Southern Goblin King’s words made the Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King relax. This woman was very clever and stayed neutral.

This kind of result was already very good.

If by any chance that the Southern Goblin King becomes fascinated by Yue Yang’s charisma and protect him, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master would most likely be able to run away.

If it was like that, the future would be troublesome… Zhi Zun, that extremely frightening woman, would probably charge into the Guang Ming Continent or probably annihilate the entire Black Hell Army.
(Last: Guang Ming means radiant/bright)

If they did not worry about this, then the Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King would have already made their moves!

The Southern Goblin King appeared to maintain neutrality but she was secretly sending mental messages to Yue Yang: “Idiot, you still won’t run away? If you delay anymore, the Black Hell King’s men would return. It is also possible that the Emperor of the Underworld would also join in. At that time, let alone escape, your life would also be forfeit.”

As if he did not hear Southern Goblin King’s secret message, Yue Yang slowly placed his hand into his chest.

When he moved, the Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor tensed up. They felt that the brat was going to shatter a teleportation crystal to escape. As a result, they were secretly on guard and preparing to attack at any second.

Unexpectedly, Yue Yang brought out an imperial seal that shone with great brilliance: “Divine Equipment? I have never lacked them!”

When he brought out the imperial seal, the entire sky above the glacier canyon seemed to be pressed down by the invisible hand of a god. All the lifeforms in the area couldn’t budge. Even those ice dragons, who were not restricted by the Ancient Code, sharply fell from the sky without being able to put up any kind of resistance against the mighty force. If Yue Yang’s Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus was compared to this imperial seal, the Fire Lotus was like a sailboat while the imperial seal was a ten-thousand-ton ship.

Although they both possess suppressive powers, their levels were completely different.

The most important thing is that the imperial seal carried an undefendable sealing power.

Let alone the beasts in the canyon, even the Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King were shocked to the point that they had the urge to escape. Facing this suppression and sealing power an uncontrollable fear welled up inside them.

This was especially true for the Black Hell King, who was once the Prison Emperor Divine General…

He was the one who thoroughly understood as to what kind of treasure the imperial seal, that Yue Yang was holding, is. This was the thing he feared the most, the ‘Prison Emperor Divine Seal’! Compared to the ‘Prison Emperor Divine Sword’ and the ‘Prison Emperor Divine Staff’, the ‘Prison Emperor Divine Seal’ was the most terrifying thing for the Black Hell King.

This was because if he was defeated by the two people in front of him, he still had a chance to live.

If he was defeated by the Prison Emperor Divine Seal, then what was waiting for him was either dying thoroughly or permanently sealed!

“The Prison Emperor Divine Seal. You have entered the Prison Emperor Divine Palace before?” The Black Hell King’s heart sunk down. If Yue Yang inherited the Prison Emperor Divine Sword and the Prison Emperor Divine Staff, along with his quick growth, becoming the next Prison Emperor was just around the corner. As a traitor general, he was in grave danger.

“It’s really a Divine Equipment?” The Sky Emperor’s pupils continued to shrink.

He also never could have imagined that Yue Yang would truly bring out a Divine Equipment. Moreover, it was an extremely high quality Divine Equipment!

The ancient beasts from afar already laid down on the ground from the Divine Equipment’s suppression and awe, and didn’t dare make any movements. The arrogant Winged Clan warriors behind the Sky Emperor Ba Yi were frightened yet greedily gulped their saliva. The legendary Divine Equipment was in front of them. Even if they extended their hands to reach out for it, they simply could never obtain it. How could it not drive them mad?

The most unfortunate thing was that these people said that if the other side was able to bring out a Divine Equipment, they would admit to stealing… They didn’t know what to do anymore.

The Southern Goblin King was also astonished.

It took a while for her to return to her senses.

She looked down upon the Winged Clan warrior’s greedy appearance. They didn’t have any strength at all yet they still wanted it.

Even if Yue Yang gifted them the Divine Equipment, they would never obtain the Divine Equipment. Divine Equipments have souls and choose their owners. It would absolutely never choose a weak owner!

As for why Yue Yang brought out the Divine Equipment, she could guess two points.

One was to calm her heart; Two was to defeat the opponent.

By bringing out the Prison Emperor Divine Seal, he was undoubtedly slapping the Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor in the face.

The villains, who were originally colluding with each other, would also split apart due to the Divine Equipment. If the Divine Equipment had chosen its owner then there was no problem, but it was ownerless. This means that the Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King had a certain chance to obtain its favor. Whether it was the Black Hell King or the Sky Emperor, the Prison Emperor Divine Seal was the best treasure. Even after a thousand years or ten thousand years pass, they would probably never obtain a better treasure.

Killing Yue Yang and stealing the Divine Seal was already a certainty.

The question was, who should have the Divine Seal?

If the Black Hell King agreed to give the Divine Seal to the Sky Emperor then he was an idiot. Giving it to the Black Hell King? The Sky Emperor was already weaker than the Black Hell King, if the Black Hell King obtained the Divine Seal, then the entire Guang Ming Continent would become his backyard and the Sky Emperor would become his prisoner, not an ally!

One Prisoner Emperor’s Divine Seal, two competitors, how were they going to split it?

Moreover, the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was not made of tofu.

Although he had not been recognized as the Prison Emperor Divine Seal’s owner, the Prison Emperor Divine Sword and Divine Staff had most likely recognized him as their owner…
(Last: This is why making assumptions is bad.)

The Southern Goblin King finally understood why this brat did not escape and remained with the two ambitious players. He actually had this kind of strength! When she thought about it, she smiled and walked two steps forward. She poured oil on the fire: “Oh! Is this a Divine Equipment? What a beautiful treasure. Third Young Master do you have any extras, you should gift me one!”

By declaring her position like this, the Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King became tensed.

When the Divine Equipment appeared, it seemed that this Eastern Goblin Tribe female goblin was slightly tempted… A handsome youth with a high quality Divine Equipment, when these two combine, no woman would stay sane else nothing could move their hearts!

“Not giving. Fourth Mother said that all treasures should be kept to attract a daughter-in-law.” Yue Yang indicated that everything was a betrothal gift.

“Stingy…” The Southern Goblin King pretended to pout playfully and used her white hands to lightly hit him.

The Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor looked at each other.

They would definitely steal it, but how were they going to do it.

Moreover, if they made their moves now, the Southern Goblin King would definitely assist the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. This was undoubtedly an unwise action.

The Sky Emperor felt his stomach burn with jealousy. When he opened his mouth to counterattack against Yue Yang, he secretly felt proud of himself and felt that he would be able to trap this young beginner. He never imagined that the other side would beautifully slap his face. Not only did he swallow a bitter pill, he also let the opponent sow dissent in their alliance.

Although the Black Hell King was an ally, he absolutely could not let him obtain the high quality Divine Equipment.

At the same time, the Black Hell King would never let him have it.

Regardless of the future, Yue Yang’s method succeeded today.

As for the future of their cooperation, the Sky Emperor would not one hundred percent believe the Black Hell King and the Black Hell King would also not one hundred percent believe the Sky Emperor… All of these was caused by Yue Yang bringing out the Prison Emperor Divine Seal.

The Sky Emperor would rather Yue Yang never bring out the Prison Emperor Divine Seal. If that was the case, their cooperation would not have any misgivings.

“Let me touch this Divine Seal, just let me touch it once.” The Southern Goblin King extended her hands, wanting to touch it, but Yue Yang would not allow it.

“No. A while ago, the wretches stole my ‘Prison Emperor Divine Staff. If I lose the Prison Emperor Divine Seal now, it would be disastrous. If the little girl at home wanted to eat roasted chestnuts, I would have nothing to smash the shells anymore.” Yue Yang’s words almost made the Sky Emperor and the Black Hell King vomit blood. Using the Prison Emperor Divine Seal to smash chestnuts, couldn’t this brat do something even more useless than that?

“We did not steal…” The Winged Clan bird men wanted to cry to death.

They had never even heard of the Prison Emperor Divine Staff before.

Moreover, Divine Equipments all have souls, how could they have stolen them?

Wasn’t the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master wrongfully accusing them too much. If this continues, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master would probably even want them to vomit out God’s Blood and Martial Soul. At that time, even if they wanted to hang themselves, they wouldn’t be able to find a rope!

Moreover, they even said that if the other side had a Divine Equipment, they would admit to stealing…

A few bird men quickly fell on the ground, pretending to have fainted.

“Who?” The Black Hell King suddenly roared angrily. He looked towards the northwest sky.

“Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. As expected, you are truly worthy to be called a genius that only appears once every ten thousand years in the Tong Tian Tower. I never imagined that you would have innumerable Divine Equipment, that are so rare in the world.” From the sky, a completely unclear image of a man slowly floated down. The image made slight movements as if it was greeting the Black Hell King and the Sky Emperor. Then, it sent its greetings towards Yue Yang and the Southern Goblin King: “I am You Ming. I have admired the Third Young Master’s reputation for a long time now. When I saw you today, you truly are a dragon among men! With Black Hell King as the judge, You Ming and Southern Goblin King as witnesses, Sky Emperor’s subordinates have stolen the Third Young Master’s Divine Equipment. If this is true, then it would smear the Guang Ming Continent’s name. Why not let your subordinates return the Third Young Master’s Divine Equipment?”
(Last: Here, You Ming AKA Emperor of the Underworld uses extremely polite words, and I am bad at writing them so assume that he is extremely polite.)

“You…” When the Sky Emperor Ba Yi looked at the person who arrived, his complexion immediately changed and his confidence disappeared.

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    • metazoxan says:

      Well they don’t have the staff, blood, or soul so clearly being revealed as a liar isn’t an issue.

      He just used their demand for proof as an excuse to show the seal in order to ruin their alliance. After this neither will be willing to go all out against Yue Yang and will try to hold back enough to deal with the other.

      At this point he’s just screwing with them by saying they have the staff.

  1. kirinashbell says:

    Thanks for chapter
    A wild future father in law appeared(just guessing here),yue yang has 5 divine rank equipment i think( prison seal,sword(its technically his),green divine light,the reward from 12 zodiac temple orb,mother pendant,zhi zun gift Crescent Platinum Ornament and black fake divine light(some may or may be divine equipments), so yue yang has the most divine equipments that has been stated in the story so far.

    • metazoxan says:

      Even though Tigress Waifu has it I don’t think you can say it’s his.

      Was the green light stated to be divine equipment? yes it’s valuable but I don’t know it it would literally be divine equipment.

      What was the zodiac temple reward again? The only ones I remember are some of the minor rewards from the individual temples and the three one use pearls he got.

      The pendant is certainly an interesting item but as it’s just a seal for the serpent empress it might just be a high level seal rather than actual divine equipment.

      What was this crescent platinum ornament? Was it stated as divine equipment either? I thought her policy was to let him grow by himself. I don’t remember her giving him much.

      The black light is an imitation of the divine lights like the green one. Meaning if the green light is divine equipment then it’s imitation divine equipment. But not real and might only be holy equipment or platinum.

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