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LLS Chapter 51 – The Golden Bell

Chapter 51 – The Golden Bell
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango, Zaza
TLCed by: Zaza

The Barbaric Cow was brave beyond measure, and started attacking the blazing lion’s head, using her arms, head, shoulders, and knees to smash into it.

Yue Yang split a part of his consciousness to connect with her, adding onto her base attacking instinct by allowing her movements to be smoother. A string of attacks that rained down like a hurricane hit the blazing lion’s head until it couldn’t find its own bearings. Unfortunately, she was unable to synchronise with Yue Yang’s thoughts to use battle tactics. At this point in time, she did not have the added support of the Giant Shadow’s hundredfold strength, causing her killing power to be limited.

Not only that, even if her true power far surpassed Bronze-rank Level 3, compared to a Gold-rank Level 6 King Beast’s power, there was still a huge difference.

As the blazing lion’s head counterattacked by biting back, her body suffered heavy injuries.

What made Yue Yang’s head hurt the most was that the Barbaric Cow did not feel pain and did not know how to dodge. She would fight until the bitter end. Soon, she had been bitten so much that huge wounds could be seen on her body.

Not a single drop of blood flowed out.

At this time, she was still a half-living entity, and was slightly different from normal summoned beasts.

As long as the shadow energy did not run out, even if the body made from the Barbaric Cow was completely destroyed, she was still able to fight ceaselessly. Yue Yang also knew that she who had lost the Giant Shadow’s support, did not have enough power to fight against the blazing lion head. But, there was still a chance for her to invoke ‘Doom’s Eyes’ when attacking, which would be able to turn the situation around.

Doom’s Eyes might be able to instantly kill this blazing lion head.

“Hui Tai Lang, you coward. If you don’t want my dinner tonight to be grilled wolf thigh, go bite the Chimera’s butt now, and use your claws to slash its ass.” When Yue Yang saw Hui Tai Lang not moving at all, he was extremely angry. It was actually spectating from the sides?

“Awoo!” The moment Hui Tai Lang saw Yue Yang getting angry, it quickly sprang forward, using all its strength to bite the Chimera’s front claw, which was thicker than an elephant.

It was completely useless, but it tried to look as if it was proactive.

Although Yue Yang was angry, he could not be bothered to punch it right now. His mind was fully focused on controlling the Barbaric Cow linked to him through his mind, trying his best to dodge fatal blows coming from the blazing lion head. if the Barbaric Cow were to fight directly without his control, it was estimated that she would be bitten into a few slabs of rotten meat by the enemy within three minutes.

After Little Wen Li froze the dragon head, she did not move forward to assist the battle, but rather closed her eye and silently gathered spiritual energy… Yue Yang reckoned that she was preparing her grimoire or a finishing move.

He did not want to affect her, and tried his best to let her freely bask in her quiet meditation.

This Serpent Demon Little Wen Li, kept pleasantly surprising him.

Who knew in the future what kind of startling action she would take?

Yue Yang was currently rejoicing inwardly, and did not think that a crisis would approach faster than a wind wolf, being craftier than a fox. A long black shadow crept near quietly, when Yue Yang finally noticed it, this long black shadow had already started to engulf Little Wen Li at an alarming pace.

“The heck?!”

Yue Yang’s was panicking inwardly. He should have been able to raise his hand and project a wall of [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi to block it.

But, he had forgotten that he was unable to attack and was unable to assist her in time and instead lost the best time to react.

At this extremely dangerous juncture, Hui Tai Lang’s outline appeared. It came out from an unknown location and moved in front of Little Wen Li to block the shadow. That wolf who was originally a bully and a coward selflessly pounced towards that huge mysterious black shadow. Before it was even able to bite the enemy once, that black shadow opened up its mouth and swallowed Hui Tai Lang into its stomach.

“My god, Hui Tai Lang is finished…“

Yue Yang could finally see clearly that this was in fact a giant snake…

In fact, the Three-headed Chimera did not only have three heads, but also a tail that was a giant snake many times larger than the largest pythons seen on earth. A fully grown man would probably be unable to wrap his hands around it fully. Hui Tai Lang was not even large enough for it to be stuck between its teeth.

Yue Yang was unable to do anything, and could only order the Barbaric Cow that was riddled with injuries to rush over and hope that her brute strength could stall this giant snake monster.

If Little Wen Li were to cut it off, it might be possible to save Hui Tai Lang who was just swallowed.

The Barbaric Cow stampeded over, but the giant snake’s reaction was faster. The snake’s body moved and quickly coiled around her tightly, causing her body to make creaking noises.

If a normal beast was used, such a tight wrap would probably have killed it.

Luckily, the Barbaric Cow was only a half-living entity right now. Even if the body was wrapped until it changed shape, its bones breaking, she was still able to attack without caring. Yue Yang could see that the Barbaric Cow’s nose and mouth were like the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s previous attack. A fiery light appeared, following that the eyes glowed with a red light. As Yue Yang predicted, the power was finally unleashed against an appropriate enemy.

Doom’s Eyes was finally invoked.

The giant snake that was tightly coiled around the Barbaric Cow’s body painfully cried out, and fell onto the floor, powerless, its whole body continuously convulsing.

Yue Yang opened his eyes wide and was startled. What was going on?

This snake did not die at all?

It looked like it had only suffered a severe wound and was close to death, but was not instantly killed.

Could it be that powerful beasts that surpassed the other in strength by a few grades could resist Doom’s Eyes? Or was it an inherent ability of the Golden King Beast to resist Doom’s Eyes? Yue Yang was more shocked that after the giant snake tail fell onto the ground with severe injuries, besides the frozen dragon head still being frozen, the other two heads were completely devoid of any reaction to pain. It was as if they were not affected at all. That white sheep head continued to gaze at Yue Yang with serene eyes, causing Yue Yang to feel uneasy inside. Something was wrong, this white sheep head was too quiet.

On the other hand, the blazing lion head was roaring and snarling at the Barbaric Cow.

Even when the large snake of the Three-headed Chimera was down, the other heads were not affected at all. Were their souls completely different, with each head having a soul?

Yue Yang could not understand this at all.

At this time, Little Wen Li’s Diamond Grimoire summoned by her flashed golden.

Within the golden light, a hideous monster with its head full of snakes, possessing a human torso with a snake’s tail was summoned. It held onto a silver bow and golden arrows. When it appeared, an arrow instantly shot out straight into the left eye of the blazing lion head. The blazing lion head painfully cried out, and immediately turned to attack it.

The snakes on that hideous monster started moving and showed the face behind the snake…

The blazing lion head was turned into stone in an instant all the way to the neck. It completely became an ashen rock statue. Even the golden arrow stuck in its eyes became a stone arrow.

“Stone Element Medusa. Wow, it’s too strong.” Yue Yang was extremely excited. Little Wen Li possessed four guardian beasts, and one of them was this Stone Element Medusa. Little Wen Li had never summoned it before, and he had thought that her current spiritual energy was not enough and thus was unable to summon it. He did not think that she would have sufficient spiritual energy to summon one of them. Even a single Stone Element Medusa was enough to shock the whole field… The blazing lion head that had endured all the mad blows from the Barbaric Cow without any problems was instantly petrified when the Stone Element Medusa came out.

The Stone Element Medusa then nocked its arrow and aimed at the white sheep head, preparing to shoot the second arrow.

But, Little Wen Li lightly groaned, unable to support her own body.

When Yue Yang hurried to hold her up, that Stone Element Medusa was unable to shoot the second arrow in time, and its body turned into a stream of light, returning into the Diamond Grimoire… Little Wen Li was still in her larva state. Summoning such a strong beast like the Stone Element Medusa was still pushing it too much right now.

Looking at Yue Yang’s face full of anxiety, Little Wen Li opened her big eyes that seemed to speak. Even without saying anything, a sweet smile appeared on her little face.

She slithered down from his arms and went towards the giant snake which lay on the ground. She swung the dual ice blades and cut off the snake’s body.

The Barbaric Cow took a long time to finally find the dying Hui Tai Lang, who was covered in acid.

“Whew, you weren’t killed off. I knew this cockroach-like wolf wouldn’t be that easily killed off.” Seeing that Hui Tai Lang was saved, Yue Yang acted as if he didn’t care on the surface, but he was still extremely happy inside. Although Hui Tai Lang was trash who bullied the weak, was afraid of the strong, and afraid of death, it was very obedient and always followed his commands. Its temper was also pretty good. No matter how much it was kicked around, it maintained the image of a loyal underling. As a non-contracted beast, being able to do all these was already not bad. If it were other beasts, under a situation without a contract, they would probably have fled when seeing a Golden King Beast like this Three-headed Chimera. However, Hui Tai Lang was still able to go forward and risk its life to save Little Wen Li. This caused Yue Yang to see it in a new light.

“Baa, baa baa” The white sheep head suddenly cried out.

“…” Something was not quite right, Yue Yang had a premonition of danger regarding the white sheep head. Seeing that it had finally started moving, he quickly picked up Little Wen Li.

The heavily injured Barbaric Cow placed the dying Hui Tai Lang on her back and followed closely behind Yue Yang.

From the mouth of the white sheep head, a beam of gentle white light flowed out and sprayed onto the snake tail that was split into two. As Yue Yang stared dumbfounded, the snake tail that was cut off quickly grew a new head, and two of them at that. As the white light spread around, the petrified blazing lion head and the frozen dragon head was dispelled of their petrification and freeze. The wounds that were caused by Little Wen Li and the Barbaric Cow were also quickly fully healed.

Yue Yang looked on powerlessly. One simply could not play with others like this.

After all the trouble to finally fight the Three-headed Chimera until it was half-dead, a single stream of white light allowed it to completely recover. This kind of abnormal monster, who could have won against it?

As Yue Yang was cursing the creator of Tong Tian Tower, the game company – Heaven for being twisted and unfair, preparing to protest violently, the Three-headed Chimera suddenly spread its huge wings that seemed to cover the entire sky. With one beat, a strong gale was created, and in the blink of an eye, it rose towards the sky and vanished without a trace…

In the hall, only a large snake head and a small golden item was left behind. That golden item was the golden bell that was originally hung around the white sheep head’s neck.

What, what did this mean?

Could it be that this was the equipment dropped after beating the monster? But the BOSS wasn’t killed. There was a reward even if the BOSS wasn’t killed? What kind of treasure was this golden bell?

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  1. My Comment says:

    “cursing the creator of Tong Tian Tower” – but Why?

    Wasn’t he given a cheat or instruction on how to defeat the chimera. The way to seal two of heads which included the sheep head. Isn’t it his fault for not trying the method he was told and doing his own thing.

    Anyways I do understand not doing the same thing may give other rewards and also informs what each head does but cursing. Really?

    Ya I am being a bit harsh.

    PS: What is with the dramatic fight, sounds too unorganized. It looks like MC is just doing whatever he wants and not forming plans properly.

  2. John Clune (@cookiemongster3) says:

    This kind of abnormal monster, who could have won against it? You could have won you moron! Keeps talking about how many games he has played yet he’s acting like an idiot while I could see from a mile away that the docile looking boss head sitting there doing nothing was obviously a healer. He at least knows that it was the most powerful one and he completely ignores it, using 2 OHKO moves on the chumps.

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