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LLS Chapter 509 – Upholding justice like this?

Chapter 509 – Upholding justice like this?
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Ding Ding Ding…

A few extremely high-pitched sound from the pipa flooded through Xiu Da’s eardrum.

Xiu Da’s entire body shook as he felt like he was struck by lightning. Even with the an energy barrier, his ears weren’t able to take the demonic sound as his eardrums broke in an instant and fresh blood splattered out.

Time seemed to stand still as Xiu Da floated up in mid air without moving. Yue Yang stared at him coldly. Even the Innate Ranker, Ocean Emperor, Guan Lan, fell victim to Xiao Wen Li’s Binding Inherent Skill, let alone Xiu Da. Under the situation of the demonic sound inundating the atmosphere, Xiu Da was confused and became even more defenseless.

“I’ll slaughter you!” Yue Yang had always been an honest man who does not stand on ceremony. He struck with his deadliest move as he attacked.

With the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus and the frost flower in his hands, he sent them towards Xiu Da’s body. Although the mighty and powerful Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus wasn’t as strong as the frost flower in this individual world, the mental shock wave it gave out wasn’t any lesser.

Even the Southern Goblin King behind Xiu Da felt suffocated as if the entire sky was pressed down by a giant hand.

This was even before Yue Yang launched his attack.

She couldn’t imagine how agonising it would be for Xiu Da to be powerlessly hit by Yue Yang’s direct attack.

The shock wave propagated out as both sides of the sky looked as if it was torn in half. It was a blazing hell on one side and cold hell on the other. All the Winged Clan rolled on the ground in pain, and even the strong Mountain Shaking Bear and Thunder Gold-eyed Leopards couldn’t take it as they had to press down on the ground in order to defend themselves against the power of the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus. The ancient apes, ancient demonic bear and ice dragons in the distance fled as they laid on the ground weakly, letting out weak groans. They looked completely different compared to before when they acted all mighty and arrogant.


Xiu Da was struck.

Half of his body was burning hot while the other half froze from the chill.

Yue Yang was merciless towards the pathetic Xiu Da as he launched a powerful kick at Xiu Da’s chest, causing a purple lightning to strike his heart.

Without a body like the Ancient Titan, Wu Su, and being bound, forget about Xiu Da, the leader of the Winged Clan who was just Innate Level Eight, even the strongest Sky Emperor would be severely injured.

Without requiring further intervention by the Southern Goblin King, Yue Yang turned around as his World Exterminating Wheel beheaded Xiu Da who had lost all of his combat power.

“So fast!” The Southern Goblin King seemed to understand something. She knew why the Black Hell King was wary of Yue Yang. The reason was that just with one chance, he would turn into a terrifying killer and kill his opponent instantly. If it was an opponent of the same power instead of Yue Yang, Xiu Da would at least be able to last for half an hour. But facing Yue Yang, once they faced each other head on, he was insta-killed before he could even react.

Xiu Da was a Level Eight Innate Ranker that was ranked within top five among the Winged Clan.

Who would have thought that he would be so easily killed by Yue Yang?

This was the power of Yue Yang!

And also one of the reason why the Black Hell King was wary.

The Southern Goblin King also knew that this wasn’t Yue Yang’s full power. There were still the Nirvana Flame and terrifying Invisible Innate Sword Qi that wasn’t used.

If not Xiu Da would have been more thoroughly defeated…

Yue Yang kept Xiu Da’s dead body. As the body of an Innate Level Eight Ranker was extremely valuable, he couldn’t waste it. Taking out Crescent Moon, he raised it high as he struck his first move, the Earth Splitting Slash!

“Ding ding ding…” With silky long hair, the Southern Goblin King went behind Yue Yang’s back in the blink of an eye as she assisted him with her demonic music.

Her fair fingers fluttered around as she struck onto the chords of her pipa rapidly.

There were demonic music in the distance and sharp blades slashing close up, together with attacks by both the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus and the frost flower.

The most tragic thing was that there was a unique no flying restriction in this Glacier Canyon that made it a nightmare for all the Winged Clan. Under the situation where there was no escape, the disturbed Winged Clan bonded together reluctantly and defended against Yue Yang’s Earth Splitting Slash together.


A number of the weaker Winged Clan vomited blood as their internal organs were injured by the shock wave from Yue Yang’s blade.

Yue Yang who shot to the sky borrowed pressure exerted by the restriction as he dived towards the glacier. This was the second slash created by Yue Qiu, the Heaven and Earth Collapse!

It was unleashed in his hands.

With Yue Qiu’s self invented trump card coupled with the power Yue Yang gained from his enlightenment, the impact would definitely be world shaking.

The slash was unstoppable.

The Winged Clan couldn’t defend themselves against it even after gathering together to create a Giant Sword Tower. The giant sword broke into a million pieces as the surrounding Winged Clan were all sent flying. They subsequently smashed into the glacier and vomited large amount of blood. The more severely injured one even puked out broken fragments of their organs. The strength of the slash could be seen from here. The Winged Clan members at the front were slashed into half from top to bottom by Yue Yang… The Southern Goblin King was stunned when she saw it. She had seen powerful strikes like this, but she had never seen a Platinum-ranked treasure possessing the combat power of a Holy Equipment.

Just by comparing the power and majesty between those of similar strength, the Southern Goblin King believed that Yue Yang would top the lot.

Forget about Yue Yang hiding his true power, just the Innate Level Three or to be more accurate Innate Level Eight Power he showed had surpassed Innate Level Eights like Xiu Da. Even Innate Level Nines like Shun Tian and the Black Prince mightn’t be able to unleash their power to such an extent.

“Again!” Yue Yang jumped upwards again, under the no flying restriction, the height he leaped was nearly one hundred metres. Even the Southern Goblin King would admit that she wouldn’t be able to do it.

Third Slash: Lord of Rivers and Mountains!

After the previous two slashes, Yue Yang decided to kill his opponent directly to prevent future worries.

His third slash was ten times more powerful than the previous two slashes and Yue Yang believed that none of his opponents could survive the third blow.

On a faraway mountain top, an ice dragon-like tornado went towards the lot at a breakneck speed.

While Yue Yang struck down, all the Winged Clan warriors closed their eyes waiting for death to descend, the ice dragon had already surpassed the speed of shockwaves and sound, quickly rushing over.

In the blizzard, a tall shadow with wings on his back reached out his hand and blocked Yue Yang’s heaven rending slash… His golden palm collided with the Crescent Moon silently.

But an instant after, the centre of their collision exploded.

It was as if the entire space exploded as a circular shock wave expanded even before any sound arose. The ground and walls of the glacier valley shook from the shock wave as they collapsed. The ice dragons in the sky were drowned in the shock wave and snow that spread to the sky even before they could spread their wings and fly. The ancient apes and ancient demonic bears couldn’t even stand straight as they rolled around.
(want2eat: “couldn’t even stand straight as they rolled around” just imagine that haha XD)

The only person that could stabilize herself was the Southern Goblin King.

Even with the protection of her jade pipa, she glided three metres backwards before she eventually managed to stabilize herself.

Mountain Shaking Bear smashed into the ice wall, causing it to cave in. It was unknown where the Thunder Gold-eyed Leopards went. They’d probably flew more than hundreds of metres away.

The Winged Clan on the ground did not get shaken away as they were protected by an energy shield. It originated from the left hand of the mysterious man. His right hand was simultaneously defending against the sturdy Crescent Moon.

“Ha!” Yue Yang unleashed his power. The Crescent Moon did not manage to slash the mysterious man’s palm in half. Instead, Yue Yang was sent flying into the air from the impact.

It was only until he rotated around did he manage to get rid of the impact and descended gradually.

He realised that the mysterious man was a Winged Clan Innate Ranker with eight wings on his back.

He had a slender body with a height of around two metres. His legs were abnormally long and he looked otherworldly handsome. Coupled with his fair and pristine skin, he looked like a woman. There were eight wings on his back with snowy feathers that moved by itself. Other than the rainbow crystal sword tied on his waist, he didn’t carry any other weapons. He wasn’t even clad in an armour.

He merely used his body to defend just now and could easily take down Yue Yang’s third slash, Lord of Rivers and Mountains.

And he still had power remaining to protect his followers.

Such a powerful man?

Who was he exactly?

The Southern Goblin King’s expression changed when she saw the person who came.

Of course she recognised this eight-winged man who resembled a woman. It was just that she didn’t think that he would appear here, and specially in this very glacier canyon…

“Ah, it’s Sky Emperor. My greetings, Your Majesty. “The Southern Goblin King changed her expression naturally as she smiled to the Sky Emperor.

“You are here too?” When the Sky Emperor Ba Yi saw Southern Goblin King he was a bit apprehensive. It seemed the intel he received on her had a few discrepancies. Nonetheless, he was rather polite as he greeted her, before looking at Yue Yang and asked knowingly: “Who is this young man? I wonder what kind of hatred drove you to kill my men, the descendants of Angels? Could it be that you are bullying us because we are the minority?”

“Sky Emperor, this is the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master from the Soaring Dragon Continent, he is also the famous Titan Jr. of the Tong Tian Tower!” The Southern Goblin King helped to introduce Yue Yang to Sky Emperor Ba Yi.

“Even for you, the famous Titan Jr., you can’t kill people without any reasons right?” Sky Emperor Ba Yi confronted Yue Yang coldly.

“Killing with no reasons? Sky Emperor, although your are part of the Five Emperors of Tong Tian Tower, you can’t lie.” Yue Yang laughed out loud as he used his Crescent Moon to point to a Winged Clan Warrior at the feet of Sky Emperor: “They stole my Divine Equipment in broad daylight and then ate my Black Turtle Pearl. Nobody would want such outrageous individuals to be around. Could it be that Sky Emperor, you want to be biased toward your men while a junior like me can only be taken advantage of without any power to hunt for treasures? There’s justice in this world, if you want to protect them from their crimes just say it, if you were to force me to comply, I’ll turn away without second thoughts.”

“Pu…” The Winged Clan whom Yue Yang pointed to with his Crescent Moon vomited blood in anger.

The Southern Goblin King also acted as if she didn’t know him.

She had seen shameless people, but none as shameless as Yue Yang. It was him who killed others and snatched away their treasures, and now he’s trying to push the blame to them. This would probably make the Winged Clan, who was made into a scapegoat. vomit blood in fury.

Sky Emperor laughed too. “So it’s like this! Titan Jr., if my men were to really steal your Divine Equipment and Black Turtle Pearl, I’ll definitely kill them personally to preventing them from tainting our name of being the continent’s angels. But if they didn’t do it, and if I were to find out that you are lying, what then? Do I kill you personally to compensate for the shame you brought upon us?”

Yue Yang shrugged his shoulders. “Go and check quickly, they stole my God’s Blood and Martial Soul, make them vomit it out!”

The Southern Goblin King was speechless.

It was exaggerated enough to mention Divine Equipment and the Black Turtle Pearl. Now he’s quoting God’s Blood and Martial Soul? He shouldn’t have exaggerate things so ridiculously, how was he gonna cover up for it later?

She poked out her fair fingers as she hurried Yue Yang via transmission. “Idiot, run away now, why are you wasting time with them, he is obviously trying to delay time, it would be too late if you don’t do it now…”

There was a tinge of mysterious smile that flashed across the depth of Yue Yang’s eyes. He replied the Southern Goblin King. “You can’t run away randomly, you have to choose the right timing to do it.”

In the sky, a dark shadow that was as gigantic as a Demonic Dragon descended.

It was none other than the Black Hell King.

He greeted Yue Yang in an abnormally gentle and polite manner. “Don’t be afraid, Third Young Master, I’ll uphold justice for you. Sky Emperor would give me some face. If it really were to be the Winged Clan who stole your Divine Equipment, Sky Emperor will definitely uphold justice for you!”

The Southern Goblin King was speechless again.

She wanted to speak to the Black Hell King very much about the level of intimacy between him and Sky Emperor to the point where they could form a Gay Alliance and talk about upholding justice?

She understood now, there was an affair going on between the Black Hell King and Sky Emperor, and they were fast enough to grab onto the opportunity to find trouble with Yue Yang. She didn’t know how Yue Yang would deal with it subsequently… There would be a high chance that he would run away, but she wasn’t sure how he was going to do it… The Southern Goblin King felt curious all of a sudden and wanted to see what would Yue Yang’s reaction be.

How would he deal with it?

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