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LLS Chapter 508 – Truth and Mutual Understanding

Chapter 508 – Truth and Mutual Understanding
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Below, the Winged Clan and the Eastern Goblin Tribe were involved in the violent fight.

There were even human Innate Rankers.

Yue Yang didn’t know anyone from any one of the camps as he only saw them busily fighting against each other, with the ancient beasts besieging them. This made Yue Yang shocked. Are these people dumb? Didn’t they want to live anymore? When he stepped onto the back of the Ice Dragon and glided down all the way, he realized the ice wall on the side of the valley had a huge teleportation circle. It seemed to be an entrance to a secret place.

Could it be that there’s another ancient ruin in this individual world?

No matter what it was, Yue Yang realized that they were only fighting over the teleportation circle. As for the ancient beasts, they couldn’t be bothered with them already.

As the Winged Clan were at the greatest disadvantage due to the restrictions that prevented them from flying, their combat power were halved. But they were at an advantage in terms of numbers, thus the team comprising of over twenty Winged Clan gained the upper hand, with the Eastern Goblin Tribe following closely behind. Although they only had three men, making them the minority, their combat power was strong enough and at least four or five Winged Clan were required to guard against one of them.

The weakest were the human Innates comprising of six men.

Four of them were only Innate Level Six and all of them were injured. The remaining two were Innate Level Seven and were struggling to stay support the group.

They were considered superior in the lower floors of Tong Tian Tower. But the only thing they could do here was to defend themselves, if not they would be killed right on the spot.

Forget about the fight between the Winged Clan and the Eastern Goblin Tribe, even the attacks from ancient beasts posed a great threat to their lives… Luckily the fighting between the Winged Clan and the Eastern Goblin Tribe was very intense, so they didn’t have time to bother about the six Innate Warriors, if not they would have died long ago.

“Ridiculous, you all actually came to Heaven Outside Heaven with a power like this?” When Elder Nan Gong reached the valley, he summoned his Grimoire, forming a shield. He then made all the six human Innates hide inside before gently unleashing an undefendable energy that repelled all the Ice Dragons and the ice hurled by the Ancient Apes, forming a huge empty space in the center.

Although the ancient beasts weren’t Holy Beasts, they were still very smart.

They retreated when they saw the arrival of an Innate Ranker who was too powerful for them.

They watched at a distance, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

“Mister Nan Gong…” The six Human Innates who had a narrow escape were overjoyed and quickly greeted Elder Nan Gong.

“Could it be that the teleportation circle here leads to the ancient ruins?” When the Southern Goblin King descended, the expressions of the three warriors from Eastern Goblin Tribe changed. As they were all followers of the Dragon Emperor, they were sworn enemies with her.

“Black Hell King, Xiu Da greets you on behalf of Ba Yi the chief officer.” The leader of the Winged Clan was an Innate Ranker of Innate Level Eight. When Xiu Da saw the Black Hell King descended majestically from mid air, he immediately took a few steps forward and led all his men to greet the Black Hell King. Yue Yang raised his eyebrows a little. He knew about the alliance between the Black Hell King and Ba Yi, who was also known as Sky Emperor, long ago so this was totally expected.

“Xiu Da, what’s going on?” War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North descended too.

“We received information about an ancient ruin, that was why we came to this glacier canyon. Never did we expect to meet the Eastern Globin Tribe here too. They were very rude and prevented us from entering, so we started to fight. As for the ancient beasts, they were attracted due to the commotion, but it seemed that they didn’t really dared to go near the ancient teleportation circle on the ice wall, so we were lucky that we weren’t attacked by them directly.” The Winged Clan leader named Xiu Da had four wings on his back and was clad in a jewel armor. He was holding a shining golden crystal sword uniquely owned by the Winged Clan. These made him look smart and majestic.

“If that is so, let’s kill the trio together!” War Tiger of the East turned to face the three people from Eastern Goblin Tribe.

“Nonsense…” One of the trio was the Mountain Shaking Bear with power at Innate Level Eight. The two other were Thunder Gold-eyed Leopards with power at peak Innate Level Seven. They weren’t far from becoming Innate Level Eight. Although they were afraid of the Black Hell King, their expressions were extremely resolute.

They immediately unleashed all their power as they prepared for the battle.

They knew that they weren’t going to win, but they weren’t willing to wait for their death or surrender on their knees.

The Southern Goblin King didn’t speak. But Yue Yang stood out and reached out his hand. “Wait… If we are all treasure hunters, why do we have to kill each other?”

A hot-tempered tall Winged Clan warrior stood out: “Who are you to be the middleman here? They killed two of my friends, our vengeance won’t be eased if we don’t kill them! The Winged Clan and the Eastern Goblin Tribe will definitely not be able to coexist. If you still want to side with them, then we’ll grant you your wish and kill you too!”

Yue Yang spat in contempt: “With all the wretches here?”
(Last: For the record Yue Yang used the word ‘鸟人’ here, which literally translates to bird men but at the same time also means fucker/wretches)

The word ‘wretches’ angered all the Winged Clan.

They all hated to be called wretches. Now that Yue Yang said it out in public, it placed them all to shame, making all of them incensed.

The three people from the Eastern Goblin Tribe were appreciative of Yue Yang’s words because not many dared to speak up in front of the Black Hell King.

The trio stood behind Yue Yang.

They were prepared to fight together with him.

The four-winged Xiu Da looked at Yue Yang and felt that he was not a simple person. He then stopped his furious followers quickly .

He then asked War Tiger of the East confusedly: “Who is this young human being?”

“You guys are blind. This is the Third Young Master of the Yue Clan, the guy with the most potential in the Tong Tian Tower. He is also Titan Jr. who successfully assassinated the Ocean Emperor. You all have to be more respectful towards him, especially now that no one is his match now. Except for Sky Emperor and the three chief officers here, no one can fight him.” War Tiger of the East appeared to be a good guy when he helped to introduce Yue Yang to the lot, but he was actually secretly sowing discords to make the Winged Clan more hateful towards Yue Yang the young junior.

“Oh, I was still thinking, so you are Titan Jr.! You live up to your name indeed…” Xiu Da laughed coldly.

The Mountain Shaking Bear and the two Thunder Gold-eyed Leopard quickly greeted Yue Yang and used human’s ethics to bow to him respectfully.

“No biggie, I have always dislike trash that liked to bully the weak.” With this, Yue Yang infuriate all warriors of the Winged Clan completely .

They didn’t really like him initially.

Now, all the Winged Clan Warriors took the Black Hell King’s side.

Elder Nan Gong quickly came and waved his hand. “Everyone leave here quickly, I sense an abnormal sound in the distance. If we were to alarm the king of the ancient beasts, I’m afraid we won’t be able to avoid a long-drawn battle.”

The six human Innates fought to reveal the secrets of the teleportation Circle.

The leader of the team spoke hurriedly. “Mr. Nan Gong, this teleportation circle leads to a place near the ancient ruins. According to the different rotation cycle everyday, the teleportation points will land at twelve locations respectively. If we don’t enter quickly, we will land ourselves in the furthest or the most dangerous region. Before us, there were two batches of people who went in. And this is the number of batches we are aware of, there may be even more…”

The Black Hell King glanced at the Southern Goblin King and saw that she was pondering over it.

He then looked at Elder Nan Gong. On seeing that he agreed on entering, he immediately indicated for Elder Nan Gong to lead them in.

Of course Elder Nan Gong wouldn’t be the first to enter the teleportation circle. It would be strange if the Black Hell King didn’t attack Yue Yang if he were to do so.

The six human Innates entered first, followed by War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North. When the Black Hell King saw that his followers entered safely, he looked at Yue Yang before disappearing into the teleportation circle on the ice wall.

“Little kid, if there’s a change in location of the teleportation point, remember to guard yourself against the Black Hell King. This is my indicator map, it will be effective for three days. After I enter, if I land closer to the north, I will wait for you at the north; if I’m closer to the south, I will be in the south; remember to come meet me quickly, be careful about everything.” Elder Nan Gong was caring towards Yue Yang. He had wanted to rush Yue Yang into entering, but thinking of it, Yue Yang would only enter after the Eastern Goblin Tribe. He should probably look after the six human Innates first to prevent any losses from attacks by the ancient beasts.

Human Innates were rare, and those that could go up to Innate Level Six were even rarer.

Any losses would result in an unrecoverable damage to the human-inhabited continents. Because they would at least be Heavenly Imperial Guardians, or even Imperial Guardians of an entire continent. Once they die, people from the Demon Abyss would definitely launch their invasion relentlessly.  

When Elder Nan Gong left, the Winged Clan were slightly afraid.

But due to the conflicting interest between the Southern Goblin King and the three Eastern Goblin Tribe members, they weren’t afraid that Yue Yang and the three men from Eastern Goblin Tribe would attack them together.

If they were to start fighting, the Southern Goblin King would probably kill the Mountain Shaking Bear and the Thunder Gold-eyed Leopards.

Xiu Da was confident in dealing with Yue Yang. No matter how powerful he might be, Yue Yang was a newbie after all. The only tricky part was his extremely powerful World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame.

But Xiu Da had a way of ignoring Yue Yang in the battle.

He would be able to kill Yue Yang if he were to strike.

He was very confident of it.

Southern Goblin King looked at Mountain Shaking Bear and the two others and asked, “We have wasted quite some time, can we get going?”

“Yes.” Yue Yang instantly unleashed his power to Innate level Four and got out his Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel at the same time. He then smashed them towards the ancient teleportation circle. With a deafening boom, the entire glacier shook under the impact as the sound reverberated throughout the skies and the snowy ground. It was unknown how far the sound travelled.

The ancient teleportation circle collapsed.

While the Winged Clan were stunned, Yue Yang anchored his Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar heavily onto the glacier.

At the start, when Yue Yang was destroying the teleportation circle, Xiu Da didn’t react to it but a tinge of skepticism could be found in his eyes.

But when the Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar was used, his expression ashened immediately. The treasure he previously hid in his palm broke and turned into numerous golden light as it disappeared into thin air.

A light pillar shot down from the sky and the majestic vibe of the Black Hell King enveloped the atmosphere.

But when the light pillar descended, it became distorted under the effect of the Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar.

It moved around like a snake. The Black Hell King tried to reach out his hands to tear apart the space, but to no avail. He then let out a terrifying groan discontentedly. The light pillar disappeared, and his teleportation failed…

The image of the Black Hell King disappeared!

Yue Yang dug his ears casually as he then place his fingers by his mouth and blew it, as if he had a huge chunk of ear wax that could be blown away on his finger. Yue Yang then spoke disinterestedly to Xiu Da who looked all stunned. “Wretched friends, please don’t be so loud the next time you want to whisper secrets with others. Do you not know how irritating it was to listen to those boring secrets? If you wanna kill me, then do it, why do you want to waste so much effort? You think you can kill me by indicating your location to the Black Hell King and make him teleport back? You guys are old men of over thousands of years old, why are you all still so naive?”

Southern Goblin King laughed as she clapped. “It’s always nice to watch a good show. The three of you go up and attack them!”

The three people from the Eastern Goblin Tribe shot towards warriors of the Winged Clan like arrows.

Xiu Da finally realized. “You guys are allies…”

“That’s right.” Southern Goblin King smiled lightly. “You are all idiots. You probably would thought that I, a traitor king of the Eastern Goblin Tribe, innately cannot coexist with the Dragon Emperor… Even if I am a traitor king , I won’t help outsiders kill people from our own tribe. We were only intentionally putting up a show. If we, the Eastern Goblin Tribe, didn’t do this, then we’ll undoubtedly become the strongest and most threatening competitor in the Tong Tian Tower. We will then become the enemy of all of the clans there, so we had to make up some internal conflict in order to make us appear less threatening. Looking at your expressions, I can tell that our plan has worked well.”

“Ba Yi the chief officer will take revenge for us!” Xiu Da shouted anxiously.

“Yes, your last words are very interesting!” Although Yue Yang and the Southern Goblin King hadn’t work together before, they understood each other’s intentions very well. They appeared at the front and back of Xiu Da instantly as Yue Yang brought out his World Exterminating Wheel while the Southern Goblin King used her five fingers to strike her jade pipa, sending out waves of demonic sound. They all went toward Xiu Da, the leader of the Winged Clan!

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(Last: Wow, great plot twist from the Eastern Goblin Tribe. Clap, clap, clap, clap. Even though I expected it, it was still a nice reveal, anybody else expected this?)


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