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LLS Chapter 507 – Come, let’s go play too

Chapter 507 – Come, let’s go play too
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The group, each carrying with them different motives, left the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and arrived at the Tenth Floor.

This was the most dangerous treasure hunt Yue Yang will participate in ever since he entered the Tong Tian Tower. It was because his so-called teammates were War Tiger of the East, Fierce Tooth of the North and the Black Hell King. Yue Yang knew that the three of them would grab onto any opportunity to kill him. Of course, he too would definitely kill the Black Hell King if he gets the chance to.

The Southern Goblin King carrying the jade pipa took a neutral stand.

Yue Yang’s only ally was Elder Nan Gong.

If it wasn’t that Elder Nan Gong hinted Yue Yang to come, Yue Yang wouldn’t have agreed to go on such a dangerous expedition… It was undoubtedly dangerous to go on a quest with the Black Hell King!

Yue Yang wasn’t stressed as he had entered the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian tower before.

The gravitational pull became heavier when they moved through the Eighth and Ninth Floor. In the Tenth Floor, the gravitational pull there was twenty five times of Soaring Dragon Continent’s.

Entering Heaven Outside Heaven, it was even stronger and was thirty times of Soaring Dragon Continent. Even War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North had to unleashed their power to Innate Level Seven in order to move on. The only ones who were able to continue moving without getting affected were Elder Nan Gong and the Black Hell King. The Southern Goblin King only had to unleash her power to Innate Level Five to be adapted to it. From this, it could be seen that she was much more powerful than War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North. It was therefore no wonder that Elder Nan Gong and Black Hell King thought highly of her.

“Are, are you alright?” The Southern Goblin King asked Yue Yang curiously.

Not only her, Elder Nan Gong and Black Hell King were curious too.

He had the power to defend himself against the thirty times gravitational pull, but why does he choose not to unleash his power to Innate Level?

Yue Yang didn’t reply. He was lagging behind the lot by a few steps as he walked forward with great effort. He kept persevering, even as he was perspiring profusely and his muscles shook from weariness, he wouldn’t unleash his power to Innate Level.

The Black Hell King frowned secretly. Yue Yang definitely wasn’t trying to pretend that he was capable.

Could it be that he was deliberately showing that he was weak? No, even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t have chosen such a stupid way.

Is he using the gravitational pull to train his body, such that he could be adapted to the thrity times gravitational pull below Innate Level? When the Black Hell King thought of this possibility, he was secretly shocked. Yue Yang was definitely an abnormal person, his thinking differed from that of a common man. Under the thirty times gravitational pull and being surrounded by enemies, he still had the mood to train, looks like he was trying to use this opportunity to make a breakthrough…

The Black Hell King definitely couldn’t let such a young man continue to live, he would definitely surpass him one day!

The Black Hell King got more scared the more he thought. The thought of killing Yue Yang flashed across his mind.

After half an hour, Yue Yang who was covered in perspiration finally had an easier time walking as his footsteps became lighter. He who had been lagging behind slowly caught up with the rest.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North looked at each other, other than the astonishment they felt, the feeling of killing Yue Yang overwhelmed them… He got used to the thirty times gravitational pull so quickly, he wasn’t a human being!

Elder Nan Gong didn’t speak but his gaze was filled with gratification. Seeing Yue Yang’s rapid progression and unique gift, his determination to protect Yue Yang became even more firm.

Only the Southern Goblin King acted as if she hadn’t seen anything.

In the Heaven Outside Heaven.

As early as ten minutes before they arrived, the entire world became a terrifying place.

There were occasional meteorite rains that sliced across the sky, causing a trail of blazing fire before falling to the ground with a boom.

The shock wave from the earthquake came wave after wave. There were rampant volcanic eruptions as numerous magma spurted to the sky and then splattered around the ground. Towards all these, although the group was mostly comprised of Supreme Innates, they had no choice but to dodge too. They weren’t willing to waste their effort in combating these world ending disasters. Moreover, this was still mild as compared to the most terrifying Shattered Void in the Heaven Outside Heaven.

“We are entering the official zone of the Heaven Outside Heaven soon, everyone be on your alert, although we may have some misunderstandings in the past, I hope that all our priorities will be placed on getting the treasures, we’ll talk about everything else after getting the hidden treasures in the ancient ruins“ The Southern Goblin King gave the lot a heads up.

“Definitely, if we’re treasure hunting, I’m willing to go through thick and thin with you guys.” War Tiger of the East spoke on behalf of the Black Hell King.

“Lead the way!” Yue Yang hadn’t been on the Tenth Floor before. He had previously heard from the Night Empress and the Phoexnix Fairy Beauty about how difficult it was to get through the Tenth Floor, he could understand why now.

The environment was already extremely harsh even before they officially entered Heaven Outside Heaven.

He could only imagine how harsh it would be in the Shattered Void of the Heaven Outside Heaven.

The Southern Goblin King led everyone into a canyon surrounded by five active volcanoes. In the middle of the a canyon was a dormant volcano, and half way above the vocano was an ancient passage. What one would have never expected would be that the teleportation point to the individual worlds were also the entrance to the ancient ruins… If it weren’t for the Southern Goblin King who led the way, nobody would have went into that place during a volcanic eruption.

The Black Hell King frowned his eyebrows slightly, he had never heard of this ancient ruins.

He had a very uneasy feeling…

He thought that the Southern Goblin King found a secret stash for treasures he already known about. Never had he thought that it wasn’t!

Was the Southern Goblin King plotting against him together with Yue Yang? Would Night Empress and Zhi Zun be in there, waiting to ambush him?

The Black Hell King hesitated for a few seconds. But when he saw that Yue Yang was secretly observing him and that he looked like he was on his guards as well, the Black Hell King became at ease. If there was really an ambush, then Yue Yang would definitely not be so guarded. He would either be scorning or be sarcastic.

After teleporting into the individual world, everyone except the Southern Goblin King was stunned.

It was extremely hot outside, so much so that it was as if they were being roasted in an oven.

But in the individual world, it was extremely cold.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North who unleashed their power to Innate Level Six started to shudder uncontrollably. They began to freeze from their feet that were stepping on the sturdy ground. They became ice men within a few moments.

“Howl!” War Tiger of the East unleashed power to Innate Level Seven and summoned for his Scarlet Flame Tiger to barely defend himself against the chill.

“….” Fierce Tooth of the North used his sharp claws to tear his body apart. The blood that dripped out then became fire.

As the Southern Goblin King already had treasures to protect herself, she didn’t react towards the sudden change.

The Black Hell King and Elder Nan Gong both unleashed power to Innate Level One to defend themselves against the chill. Of course, both of them had Holy Equipments with them, so the reason why their unleashed their power to Innate Level One was to guard against their surrounding. It was almost impossible not to have any Ancient Beasts in this frozen wasteland. The Ancient Beasts in the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower could be described as abnormally strong. Even those who were Gold-ranked Level Ten were a hundred times, and even a thousand time stronger than those of the same rank as them in the lower levels of the Tong Tian Tower.

Moreover, there weren’t much Gold-ranked Ancient Beast in Heaven Outside Heaven. Most of them would be Platinum-ranked.

For a sole Innate Level Eight warrior to enter the Heaven Outside Heaven, he would be dead meat if he were to meet a large group of the Ancient Beasts.

“Hoo!” Yue Yang heaved out a breath of chilly air.

Twirling his hands, countless strands of cold air entered his body.

The amazing thing was that not only did the chilly air not turn him into an ice sculpture, they became frost flowers that floated around his body, forming an ice cold space that surrounded him for ten meters. War Tiger of the East reached out his hands in an attempt to touch the flowers and his fingers immediately turned into a giant lump of ice. Everyone who saw this was shocked.

A murderous gaze flashed across the eyes of the Black Hell King. “Third Young Master indeed has great inherent skills. I have heard of your skills in controlling the Nirvana Flames, but I didn’t expect you to also be able control the chilly ice so easily as well.”

Yue Yang didn’t answer him as he was focussed on controlling the ice cold space around him. He made it absorb the Yin energy, and at the same time assist himself.

Of course, this was extremely difficult.

With Black Hell King beside him, it was even more terrifying thing to do it.

While the Southern Goblin King was leading the way, Elder Nan Gong suddenly turned around. After listening for a while, he spoke in a low voice. “There’s a violent battle occurring ten kilometers away from us. I can’t confirm what they are, but I can guess that it isn’t a fight between the Ancient Beasts but Innate Rankers who are in trouble. Do we extend our help or continue our quest? With our power, even if we don’t succeed, it won’t be hard for us to escape. Holding on to the moral principle that warriors should help each other, I suggest we go forward and help them.”

Yue Yang initially thought that the Black Hell King wouldn’t agree to it. Never did he expect him to nod his head.

Could it be that he was using the Ancient Beasts to test me out?

Laughing coldly inside, Yue Yang nodded too. No one could say for sure who would fall into the other party’s trap first!

The Black Hell King would definitely be alright. But what about War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North? Yue Yang felt that this might be a chance for him to get rid of either one of them. That would be akin to breaking one of the limbs of the Black Hell King. Then it would make it worth the risk to come here.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North also knew that they are the ones with the highest possibility of being killed, so they immediately summoned their Grimoire and their Guardian Beasts before increasing their level to Innate Level Eight.

They had to go all out!

Both the Black Hell King and Elder Nan Gong levelled up to Innate Level Five, while the Southern Goblin King levelled up to Innate Level Seven. No one took this lightly.

This was the internal part of the Heaven Outside Heaven. Even a Supreme Innate who was Innate Level Ten would die.

Only Yue Yang stopped after unleashing his power to Innate Level Three…

Of course, the power of his Innate Level Three was akin to that of Innate Level Eight, it was just that the level was lower.

“What’s matter with you?” The Southern Goblin King asked inquisitively: “By looking at you your power is not bad, but why are you just Innate Level Three?”

“Sister, how old do you think I am? It’s not bad for me to be able to go up to Innate Level Three already!” Yue Yang replied as he slowly condensed the Crystal Armor from his body, and brought out the Hui Jin Magic blade that was burning with purple flame. In this chilly place, the power of Hui Jin Magic Blade weakened by a lot as the fire shrunk to become smaller. On realising that it wasn’t strong enough after waving it for several times, Yue Yang quickly took out the Crescent Moon blade.

Conversely, the Cresent Moon Blade with the Ancient Rune, ‘Permanent Hardening’ and Heaven Runes ‘Frost’ and ‘Sharp’, was ten times more powerful in this individual world.

This was also the first time it managed to surpass Hui Jin magic Blade ever since it was created.

The Black Hell King snorted discreetly.

It wasn’t that he was jealous of the of the Crescent Moon Blade, but he was feeling upset about the power of Yue Yang’s Innate Level One being the same as Innate Level Six of others! The Black Hell King had never met such an abnormal person. If Yue Yang were to go up to Innate Level Six, then wouldn’t he surpass Innate Realm and reach Innate Elder Level One?

If Elder Nan Gong wasn’t around, he would have killed Yue Yang immediately!

Of course, even if Elder Nan Gong wanted to protect him, the Black Hell King would still do it. If the Night Empress and Zhi Zun weren’t ambushing ahead, Yue Yang would be dead meat!

Ten kilometers away, there was a giant canyon made from eternal glacier.

Yue Yang and the rest arrived and landed on the top of the canyon. They gasped when they looked down.

In the canyon, a hundred giant Ancient Beasts were besieging the two sides of the canyon and there were also a few enormous Ancient Apes holding onto ice mountain and throwing them towards the Innate Warriors they were besieging. Additionally, more than ten Ice Dragon kept diving down and heaved out frosty dragon breaths.

The more terrifying thing was that the Innate Warriors weren’t united at all in a moment like this.

They were still fighting amongst themselves even with the threat of death looming ahead.

“There are restrictions in this ice canyon. Upon entering, men and beasts won’t be able to fly up into the air, but the Ice Dragons are an exception.” The Southern Goblin King’s complexion ashened.

“Danger!” Elder Nan Gong dived down after clearly seeing the two sides that were fighting.

“Come, let’s go play too.” Seeing the Black Hell King who was raising his right palm and preparing to attack, he gave a sarcastic smile. Yue Yang then divied into the canyon as he waved to the Black Hell King while he was still in mid air.

“….” The Black Hell King hesitated again, there’s a restriction preventing one from going up into the sky? That was his achilles’ heel, what if there really was an ambush?

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