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LLS Chapter 506 – Heaven Outside Heaven, Hidden Treasures

Chapter 506 – Heaven Outside Heaven, Hidden Treasures
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The beauty carrying the jade pipa first greeted Elder Nan Gong and then the Black Hell King.

When it was Yue Yang’s turn at last, she gave him a beautiful smile. “We have met again.”

“Do I know you?” Yue Yang pretended that he didn’t know her as he scratched his head and looked at if he was thinking hard. After a long while, he clapped his hands. “Eh, I remembered, aren’t you are the chick who went to a motel with me? I remember that you have a very sexy black mole on your butt!”

“What are you talking about!” The beauty was embarrassed after hearing his words. She blushed and rolled her eyes at Yue Yang shyly.

“Isn’t that it? Or you are the fat chick who secretly liked me and kept sending me love letters? When did you get your plastic surgery done? You have a hot body now, that curves and your smooth and tender face, I wouldn’t have rejected you had I known this. Fat chick, why didn’t you tell me that you had successfully lost weight?” Yue Yang acted that he was remorseful.

“Are you sure you didn’t recognise the wrong person? How about come closer and look at me more carefully?” The beauty knew that Yue Yang loves to play pranks, so she played along.

“Let me see…” Yue Yang recalled leaned in closer and looked at her carefully. He then suddenly slapped her shoulders and embraced her intimately as if he saw a familiar face again: “I was still thinking who you are, you are actually the tomboy right! I remember those times when we stood on top of a tree and peed towards a water jug, your body was as flat as a summoning grimoire. You had no chest and no butt, I didn’t expect the silly little girl to change into this kind of appearance, tsk tsk,….. Xiao Hua, surely your chest isn’t fake, is it? How can it be so big and full, be honest with me, aren’t these just water packs inside? Xiao Hua, don’t pretend to be someone you are not, these fake boobs can easily be identified by others, come, let me help you check it…”

“Pu!” War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North were amazed. This guy knew too many ways to flirt!

They had seen perverts, but none could even match him.

People said that the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master’s inherent skills were amazing and that he had limitless potential, War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North did not expect that the way he picks up girls would also be so impressive.

He was an expert!

Fierce Tooth of the North and War Tiger of the East had their fair share of fooling around with women, and they would even think of themselves as experienced playboys sometimes. Never did they think that in front of Yue Yang, they would all appear like newbies, especially like those beginner newbies who had just learned their first steps!

“Check your foot!” The Beauty slapped Yue Yang’s touchy hands away.

She wanted to look as if she was angry initially , but she couldn’t hold it in in the end and laughed out loud from Yue Yang’s prank.

“Xiao Hua, you don’t recognise me anymore? I am brother Titan! You were crying when you said that you wanted to marry me, how can you forget all of these?” Yue Yang was very upset.

“This is the Southern Goblin King from the Eastern Goblin Tribe, her identity is normally the Pipa Goblin General, you should have seen her when the Eastern Goblin Tribe previously came to the Soaring Dragon Continent.” Elder Nan Gong helped to hint Yue Yang . Yue Yang then had his sudden realisation as he nodded. “Yes, we have seen each other before. Her guard dog came to our plantation the other time and I cooked it. When she came over to settle scores with me, she realised that she was actually at fault, so she felt guilty and decided to make her sister my concubine as a form of apology. I accepted it half heartedly at that time. I would have forgotten about it if you didn’t mention it.”

“Does the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master always blackmail people like this?” The Southern Goblin King carrying the jade pipa laughed as she asked.

“It’s normal for a young man like him to like pretty girls. It would be nice if Third Young Master could marry the sister of the Southern Goblin King. It would sread far and wide inside the Tong Tian Tower.” The Black Hell King looked at the Southern Goblin King to see her response. If she also supported Yue Yang, then the Black Hell King would have gained another strong opponent unknowingly.

“It’s a pity that I don’t have a sister.” The Southern Goblin King smiled. “And it seems that Third Young Master already has a number of fiancees.”

“Being a womaniser, there are naturally lots of beauties around Third Young Master.” War Tiger of the East was assured. If this Southern Goblin King were to have a crush on Titan Jr., she wouldn’t have came over to find him so blatantly. He previously heard that the Dragon Emperor wished to make Titan Jr. his son-in-law, and even said that he was willing to marry off one of his princesses to Yue Yang as his concubine such that the royal family of the Eastern Goblin Tribe could form alliance with the Soaring Dragon Continent.

“I wonder what is the Southern Goblin King here for?” Fierce Tooth of the North feigned ignorance.

The Dragon Emperor thought highly of Yue Yang and wished to make him his son-on-law. So as the Southern Goblin King, she wouldn’t just sit there and watch.

She had three paths laid in front of her.

First, she could marry him before anyone else does;

Second, she could have a secret agreement with Yue Yang and disrupt the formation of an alliance between him and the Dragon Emperor;

Third, she could become complete enemies with Yue Yang and work together with even stronger Innates to kill him off, so that the Dragon Emperor’s plan will fail.

In these three paths, the first two were the ones the Black Hell King didn’t wish the Southern Goblin King would choose, because she was very powerful and even the Dragon Emperor couldn’t do anything to her. If she were to become allies with Yue Yang, Yue Yang’s strength will increase by a lot. And more terrifyingly, Yue Yang might ease the rivalry between her and the Dragon Emperor. Even if the rivalry ceased temporarily, it would still be terrifying. Once they started to work together to help Yue Yang, it would have great impact on the war. It might even allow Yue Yang to turn the tables around.

If she couldn’t co-exist with the Dragon Emperor and chose the third path, it would be beneficial to the Black Hell King.

If the Southern Goblin King were to join the allied forces of of the Black Hell Army, it would definitely cause a huge blow to the Soaring Dragon Continent. With the Eastern Goblin Tribe under her, he could restrict the Dragon Emperor and destroy Da Xia, Tian Luo and the four great clans in the Soaring Dragon Continent… Towards an ally like the Southern Goblin King, the Black Hell Army should try their hardest to win her over.

Not only War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North, even the Black Hell King was pondering over it.

He had been thinking of a way ever since the Southern Goblin King appeared.

“Actually I was just passing by the Sixth Floor, I didn’t think that I would unexpectedly meet with you seniors and the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master here.” The Southern Goblin King carrying the jade pipa smiled.

Her words didn’t rouse the suspicion of the Black Hell King as their plan to intercept Yue Yang was an impromptu one, so nobody would have known.

If Elder Nan Gong was here because he received the news, then the Southern Goblin King who was normally in the eighth and ninth Floor wouldn’t have come prepared. This was really a coincidence. The Southern Goblin King greeted Elder Nan Gong and the Black Hell King again. “Half a year ago, people found an ancient ruin in the ‘Heaven Outside Heaven’ of the Tenth Floor. It must have been left behind by a powerful senior, and I felt that it was a pity as I couldn’t explore it on my own… but since I met you all, how about we work together and hunt for the hidden treasure in the Ancient Ruins? “

“The Heaven Outside Heaven in the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower?” The Black Hell King started thinking.

“What’s Heaven Outside Heaven?” Yue Yang asked like a primary school kid that was having lessons.

“Titan Jr., Heaven Outside Heaven refers to the unknown region between Tong Tian Tower and the Heaven Realm. There is a vast space between Tong Tian Tower and the Door of Heaven Realm and there are countless individual worlds there with hostile environments that are unsuitable for any life forms. Forget about normal warriors, even Supreme Innates would be in danger in these death spaces.” Elder Nan Gong explained.

“I thought there’s a passage that leads to the Door of Heaven Realm from Tong Tian Tower?” Yue Yang raised a question again.

“Actually there’s no exact passage. It is just a safer route explored by countless seniors using their blood and lives. And you will have to go through ten individual worlds through this passage, so it isn’t a direct route… And in the individual worlds, there are still a lot of unexplored regions, broken gaps and even spacial votices that we have limited knowledge of. But according to the annals, there is a ‘Shattered Void’ caused by an unimaginably strong ‘diety’ in a fight during the Tai Gu Period. Although the diety repaired it, the Heaven Realm that was originally in the Tenth Floor broke away from the Tong Tian Tower and became a new world by itself. It then became further and further from the mortal world… And later, the Heaven Realm didn’t recognise the mortal world and became a new realm by itself. If the warriors from the mortal world wishes to enter the Heaven Realm, they would have to pass through the extremely dangerous Shattered Void to reach the Door of Heaven Realm…” Elder Nan Gong explained patiently.

“Are there no other ways?” Yue Yang felt that it wouldn’t work just relying solely on the Door of Heaven Realm which opens only once a century.

“There may be. It was said that there’s a Heaven Stairway in the God’s Ruin. It can be used to enter Heaven Realm directly.” The Southern Goblin King revealed.

“It’s merely a legend. It may exist, but one wouldn’t be able to enter Heaven Realm without passing by the Door of Heaven Realm. This is the rule of ancient code, and no one is excluded.” Elder Nan Gong shook his head and indicated that it was ridiculous to think of using the Heaven Stairway to enter Heaven Realm. It could be that he was deliberately clearing things up to make fourth mother, who owned the secret of the Heaven Stairway, safer.

“Even if the Heaven Stairway couldn’t reach Heaven Realms, it wouldn’t hurt to try.” The Southern Goblin King said while smiling.

“Third Young Master, go back and ask your fourth mother, she may know.” The Black Hell King told Yue Yang.

“She’s a housewife that doesn’t go out often!” Yue Yang glared at the Black Hell King coldly while emitting a murderous vibe. He was warning the Black Hell King not to find trouble with Fourth mother.

“Please don’t be offended, my master was only making a joke. Seniors usually know more secrets than the juniors. Your Fourth Mother is one who studies a lot, so she may know. Let’s return back to the topic of the hidden treasures brought up by the Southern Goblin King. I’m most interested in the hidden treasures in the ancient ruins, so I will definitely go.” War Tiger of the East laughed.

“Feng Shi is willing to go too.” Fierce Tooth of the North looked at Yue Yang.

“If the Third Young Master is interested, then Nan Gong is willing to bring you around the Tenth Floor.” Elder Nan Gong was definitely taking Yue Yang’s side. Although Yue Yang hadn’t joined the Innate Alliance officially, being someone who appreciates talents, Elder Nan Gong would never let the Black Hell King harm Yue Yang in the Tenth Level. He guessed that Yue Yang would be willing to go, so he made his stand even before Yue Yang responded.

“I’m curious too. What kind treasures are there to the point that even Southern Goblin King is so hooked onto them?” The Black Hell King looked at the Southern Goblin King, but in his peripheral vision, he was still looking at Yue Yang. If he wasn’t going, then he won’t go too.

“How do we split the treasures?” Yue Yang’s question assured the Black Hell King. Yue Yang still had desires towards treasures.

Looks like this guy knew that he wasn’t powerful enough and requires strengthening through treasures.

With the secret protection of Nan Gong Luo Yun that old guy, Yue Yang would definitely take the risk to fight over the treasures with him…

Most importantly, this treasure hunt would be an impromptu test by the Southern Goblin King. She was unable to choose who to form an alliance with between himself and Yue Yang, so she decided to reveal the ancient ruins and hoped to use this quest to pick a good ally. He had to get his hands on the hidden treasures in order to make the Southern Goblin King form an alliance with him willing. Conversely, if it were to be Yue Yang who got the treasures, she would definitely turn towards him.

Tong Tian Tower only believed in one kind of man.

That is the Rankers!

The Black Hell King looked at Yue Yang and was determined to defeat him. He set his mind on getting the hidden treasures in the ancient ruins, conquer the Soaring Dragon Continent, then the entire Tong Tian Tower. And this officially marked the beginning of his journey! Everything will start from defeating Yue Yang, the young junior!

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