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LLS Chapter 505 – Demonic music passing through the ears

Chapter 505 – Demonic music passing through the ears
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The man who came was Black Hell King, the last person Yue Yang wanted to see at the moment.

Not only did he possess lots of Holy-ranked Equipment, even the cloak he was wearing was a Gold-ranked treasure called ‘Phantom’. This made Yue Yang extremely jealous.

What a parvenu, so ostentatious, wasn’t he afraid that others would snatch it away! Yue Yang wanted to snatch the cloak away very much, but with his current power, there was still a gap for him to fill up before he could snatch the Black Hell King’s treasures. However, the battle in Soaring Dragon Continent was about to start, so if he could kill Black Hell King during the battle, forget about the Gold-ranked cloak, the real goal would be the Holy-ranked Equipments that he was wearing.

So long as Zhi Zun returns, Yue Yang would be eighty percent sure that he could get rid of the Black Hell King, step on his corpse as he climbs up the Heaven Stairway and enter the Heaven Realm.

As for the Sky Emperor, the Emperor of the Underworld and other whatnots, they would just be minr characters. They would only be able to sit and watch. Yue Yang would never share the fruits of his labour with them.

“….uncle, you are?” Yue Yang pretended that he didn’t recognize the Black Hell King.

“Haha, interesting young man.” The Black Hell King didn’t answer Yue Yang as he pretended to be open-minded and laughed loudly.

He knew that Yue Yang was pretending that he didn’t know him in order to bash his ego.

So he immediately laughed.

Not only him, his capable followers, War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North beside him laughed out loud too. When they knew that the Shark King went to the Thunder Fortress to challenge him but was defeated within a few moves by Titan Jr., they immediately teleported to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. Sure enough, they caught this crafty Third Young Master with limitless potential easily. The Black Hell King wanted to kill him numerous times because it was very unwise for him to let this potentially limitless junior grow and become the new Prison Emperor.

But there someone who made the Black Hell King heavily apprehensive.

This person was Zhi Zun!

She was the introducer of Yue Yang into the Tong Tian Tower. Although she hadn’t admit it publicly, she was actually his master.

The Black Hell King had reasons to believe that if it hadn’t been Zhi Zun, then no matter how much potential and gift Yue Yang had, he wouldn’t be able to progress so rapidly.

It would be easy to kill the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, but it would anger Zhi Zun. The Black Hell King guessed that she would take revenge for her favourite disciple at all cost.

This was what that the Black Hell King didn’t wish to see the most.

Who was the stronger one between Zhi Zun and himself? The Black Hell King couldn’t arrive at a guaranteed answer but he knew that if Zhi Zun were to go all out, his troops would definitely be wiped out and no one would be left behind. Before obtaining the Divine Grimoire, and obtaining treasures like God’s Blood or Martial Soul in the God’s Ruins, he wouldn’t want to fight against Zhi Zun. The situation where both sides get injured would only provide opportunities to be exploited by the Dragon Emperor, the Sky Emperor and the Emperor of the Underworld.

Moreover, the Black Hell King hadn’t return to his peak strength yet, so this wasn’t the best time to start the battle with Zhi Zun.

War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North looked at each other discreetly.

They began to test the water when it wasn’t a convenient time for the Black Hell King to do so.

They would have to test the strength of this Third Young Master no matter what. If he were to pose a huge threat to them, they would then kill him at all cost. It not, they would teach him a lesson, which would also serve as a warning to Zhi Zun.

“I have heard of your distinguished name for a long time now. I hope that Third Young Master can enlighten me with some of your moves.” War Tiger of the East was seemingly very polite, but his words were filled with hidden threats. Ever since Zi Jin Kingdom’s sub base was destroyed by Yue Yang. This event disgraced War Tiger of the East due to the huge losses. War Tiger of the East harboured a deep hatred for Yue Yang. Forget about the Black Hell King being here, even if he wasn’t here, War Tiger of the East would also want to test Yue Yang’s combat skills.

“This Feng Shi had also seen Third Young Master before. Please enlighten me as well.” A middle aged man of two meters tall, buff body and dark skin tone removed his huge cloak first.

“…” Hearing that his surname was Feng, Yue Yang secretly frowned his brows.

Another one whose surname was Feng?

He had just previously settled the issue between the young lady of Feng family and his Fourth Uncle, and then he caught the lunatic Mr. Feng Jin in the sub base of Zi Jin Kingdom. Now this Fierce Tooth of the North’s surname was also Feng. How was he related to the Fengs?

Could it be that there was an unknown secret in the history of the Fengs?

Facing three strong opponents, Yue Yang could only suppress his curiosity.

“Don’t mention about enlightening, my skills may not be fine enough, so I’m afraid I may injure the both of you. If that really happens, it wouldn’t too good.” Yue Yang smiled.

“If it is really so, then you will have to enlighten them even more, if not they will be too full of themselves!” The Black Hell King’s gaze was a little chilly.

“Please enlighten us!” Fierce Tooth of the North and War Tiger of the East looked at each other again.

If this were to be said by other juniors, they would have laughed.

But they couldn’t take the words of the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master lightly.

Even the Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian and the Black Prince mentioned that Yue Yang progresses rapidly, and they guessed that he would have a power of Innate Level Eight by now. Their comments even made the Black Hell King shocked. Regarding the progression of power, even the Prison Emperor wouldn’t be on par with Yue Yang. There had never been anyone in history who became an Innate at twenty years old, and then crazily rank up to become an Innate Level Eight just within two years… Forget about normal warriors, even the gifted Prison Emperor from six thousand years ago couldn’t achieve that.

Yue Yang smiled lightly to Fierce Tooth of the North who challenged him first. “This place doesn’t seem like a good place to fight right?”

“It’s lucky that I got to meet you guys. if it isn’t convenient here, how about going to my place and have some light snacks before challenging each other?”

A polite and gentle voice resounded from a faraway place.

It was as if it came from the sky.

But it was so clear as if he was speaking to them in person.

A black dot unknowingly appeared and walked towards the lot, one step at a time. With each causal step he took, he advanced forward by a hundred meters, and within a few moments, he was already beside Yue Yang.

The man who came was clad in a black robe with white hair. But he looked very youthful and didn’t look old at all.

While he was refined and courteous he was also naturally reserved.

He carried with him a sense of calmness that couldn’t be taken away even if the world fell apart.

He was none other than Elder Nan Gong who went to the Soaring Dragon Continent to invite Yue Yang into the Innate Alliance… His appearance made Black Hell King withdraw a bit as he immediately greeted Elder Nan Gong, who then returned the greeting to Black Hell King, War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North.

“Why would I reject Mr. Nan Gong’s invitation. Mr. Nan Gong, please!” The Black Hell King reached out his hands and pretended to be open-minded.

“You have already reached the Innate Elder level. Since we look at the power instead of the age at Tong Tian Tower, although I’m older than you by a few years, you shouldn’t address me as sir, just call me Nan Gong will do.” Elder Nan Gong’s words scared Yue Yang. The Black Hell King was already an old man from six thousand years ago, it was already exaggerated enough. Now, this Elder Nan Gong was actually still older than he was. Then how old would he be exactly?

It was therefore no wonder that even the extremely powerful Black Hell King had to greet him.

Yue Yang felt that he wouldn’t be able to see through Elder Nan Gong even after the levelling up of his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision.

From this, it could be inferred that this old man was indeed not a simple person. Yue Yang had previously underestimated him… Of course, he couldn’t exclude the possibility that Elder Nan Gong had some treasures or Inherent skills used to hide himself, such that other weren’t able to see through him.

“Mr.Nan Gong, please.” Fierce Tooth of the North and War Tiger of the East looked at Yue Yang before responding together.

“What about you Titan Jr.?” Mr. Nan Gong asked.

“I’m sorry, if there are no pretty girls, I won’t go to a place with uncles and old men!” Yue Yang rejected him.

Elder Nan Gong took it lightly as he had expected Yue Yang’s rejection already. His expression remained unchanged. The Black Hell King also acted like a mysterious man as he didn’t comment further. Only War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North were shocked. No one in the world would dare to reject Elder Nan Gong’s invitation. Yue Yang was really a freak. Mostly importantly, Mr. Nan Gong was obviously siding with Yue Yang but Yue Yang didn’t appreciate it at all, could it be that he was really that confident to escape unharmed under the joint attack from the three of them?

A wave of heavenly pipa sound resonated through the atmosphere.
(Last: pipa – chinese flute)

It was initially slow like gentle river flows.

It then gradually got faster, like the wind and the rain during Spring, making those who heard it indulge themselves in the song.

Its tempo changed again as it instantly got quicker, as if the strong wind during a chilly Winter.

Everyone felt as if they were in a world of ice and snow, with cold wind blowing by that caused them to be chilled to the bones. It almost made their blood froze. There was another eerie tone that became louder over time, as if thousands of soldiers were making a surprise attack in the snow, filling the place with deafening shouts and neighing war horses…

Suddenly, numerous terrifying horrid soldiers pounced towards them with a deafening roar.

They raised their bloodied sharp blades and beheaded everyone!

Even the strong-willed Yue Yang couldn’t help but immerse himself when he heard the demonic song.

The demonic music was pressuring!

He was a little dazed by it, but suddenly, the Innate Qi in his dantian erupted as if a volcanic eruption, dispersing the hellish cold he was feeling.

“Well played, what a well played ‘Snowy Journey’.” The Black Hell King clapped his hands. Yue Yang used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to capture the slight difference in energy between the Black Hell King’s hands in one thousandth second. The Black Hell King’s performance was worse than Yue Yang’s as he still required to clap in order to disperse the negative effect caused by the hallucinatory music. Of course Yue Yang knew that with his Nirvana Flame and Innate Qi, it would be normal for him to be better at resisting against the demonic sound than the Black Hell King. But he didn’t think that the Black Hell King, who was fully clad in Holy Equipments, would still be affected by this pipa’s demonic music.

“This song is mesmerizing… “ Mr. Nan Gong complimented it too.

“Hoo… “ War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North couldn’t speak. They opened their mouth only to breath out frosty cold air.

The curious warriors, who were looking from faraway, had all became ice sculptures.

Their expressions were frozen and their lives were lost unknowingly.

So this was the power of the demonic music?

Yue Yang was shocked, and shuddered uncontrollably.

He felt that the Black Hell King was secretly observing him. He was alarmed and quickly pretended that he was badly affected by the demonic music and his body couldn’t take it. He started to exaggeratedly shudder a lot.

The Black Hell King was sharp enough to differentiate the genuinity of Yue Yang’s responses. He was secretly shocked that Yue Yang could recover by just by shuddering once.

He realised that the rumors were real. Yue Yang really possessed a power beyond that of an Innate Level Eight. His recovery from the effect of the demonic music was better than War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North, if not for the uncontrollable shudder, he would have been deceived by Yue Yang. Looks like Yue Yang’s recovery skills was only behind himself and Mr. Nan Gong. Yue Yang was indeed as abnormal as the rumors said!

A beauty, clad in a snow gown and carrying a jade pipa, walked gently towards them,.

Before she arrived, her scent had already reached the lot.

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