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LLS Chapter 504 – Mysterious Person

Chapter 504 – Mysterious Person
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Its not that there’s no work. I still lack someone to wash my back, will you do it?” Once Yue Yang said this, Hai Yingwu who was pretending to seriously look at the documents couldn’t help but to secretly laugh.

“You!” Xia Yi was so angry that she wanted to bite this brat to death.

“Actually, there is another thing that only you can do.” Once Yue Yang said this, Xia Yi once again became happy.

Something that only she could do?

Look at that, she was really a talented person.

Xia Yi shot a smug glance towards Hai Yingwu. Hai Yingwu was also surprised. What kind of job could that be, that only Xia Yi could do?

The two girls secretly competed. As for the half elf girl, she completely did not care about these things.

She even took the initiative to prepare a hot bath for Yue Yang.

Xia Yi quickly let go of Yue Yang and pulled out a ‘I am already prepared to set off at any time’ kind of appearance.

Yue Yang nodded his head. Then, he grabbed a small notebook from the desk and gave it to Xia Yi: “Tomorrow morning, head off to the Gu Feng Continent and help me inspect the continent’s Ancient Passage’s current situation. I need it as soon as possible. If you think that you cannot do it alone, then I can assign some people to you.”

“No need, I can do it alone.” Xia Yi patted her chest to show her confidence.

Let alone her current Lesser Innate Level strength, even her previous Level Six [Elder] strength was enough to complete the task unhindered.

However, she wondered why Yue Yang wanted to know the situation of the Ancient Passage.

Could it be that he wanted her to leave so that he can be in contact with the daughter of the Ocean Emperor? Thinking about this, Xia Yi became anxious and immediately asked: “Are you busy tomorrow?”

As if he saw though Xia Yi’s thoughts, he extended his hands towards her face and lightly caressed it: “I will return to the Soaring Dragon Continent tomorrow, but I’ll come back here after ten days. Within that ten days, you must grasp the situation of the Ancient Passage. If someone is currently using it, then immediately return to report it. Never let anyone notice you. If someone is using it, then you must record the situation down. The best thing you could do is draw a picture of the entire situation.”

Xia Yi, who had been caressed by Yue Yang on the face, immediately blushed red.

Normally, she would already be angry, but now, she bashfully lowered her head and looked at her feet. It was as if she could not think at all.

“Remember this. If you discovered someone using the passage, immediately return and report to me. Here’s the Eye Destroying Dagger, use it to protect yourself.” Yue Yang lightly inserted the Eye Destroying Dagger on Xia Yi’s belt.

“If you meet a Demon that you cannot beat in the Gu Feng Continent, just note down his name. It would probably have its uses.” Hai Yingwu suddenly added.

“…” Xia Yi was driven mad and thought to herself, ‘If you do not speak, no one would treat you as a mute.’

She was not a stupid girl so how could she not even understand this?

Naturally, completing the task would be her first priority. She was not stupid enough to act impulsively and create trouble for Yue Yang.

Xia Yi turned around and immediately prepared to return to Gu Feng Continent to inspect the Ancient Passage. Tomorrow? No, she wanted to quickly finish the task given to her.

Yue Yang suddenly shouted and chased after her.

Xia Yi was stunned. This brat hated to part with her? Or was it to cancel the task?

“Give me your hand.” Yue Yang indicted Xia Yi to extend her hand. Xia Yi looked at the notebook on her hand and felt that he must have regretted. He probably wanted to cancel her task, so she immediately resisted: “I can do it. Why don’t you let me try it? When she said that she could do it, you allowed her to help you. Why don’t you believe in me?” Xia Yi’s eyes were reddening. She felt wronged as her teardrops almost spilled out.

She wanted to throw a tantrum.

However, she desperately endured not to cry, not to let the teardrop fall down.

Yue Yang pulled her small hands and stared at her: “What are you talking about?” When she heard that it wasn’t to cancel the task, Xia Yi immediately stopped struggling and looked at him while pleasantly surprised. Yue Yang only placed a small pouch on her palm and urged her: “There are a few magic crystals and gold inside it. Try to make use of them as much as possible.”

“Ah, okay. Okay!” Xia Yi bashfully lowered her head. It seems that she was just thinking too much.

“There are two Puppet Summoning Crystals inside. Each of them could summon two Gold Ranked Level Six “Earth General”. If the enemy is too strong, just summon them and let them slaughter without any distinction. You do not need to retrieve them. Safely returning and reporting to me is you most important mission! This golden bracelet is a distinguishing tool. You must wear it at all times and never lose it. It is the puppet’s true core.” Yue Yang softly helped Xia Yi put on the incomparably fine golden bracelet with a peculiar rune on her white arm.

“…” Xia Yi tightly bit on her soft lips.

She tried hard to endure her tears and prevent her overflowing feelings from bursting out in front of him.

However, there was still a single teardrop that didn’t listen and dropped down on his hand.

Hai Yingwu held onto two documents.

However, her eyes were not on it but on Xia Yi. She continued to look at Xia Yi, and at the golden bracelet that Yue Yang had put on her wrist.

After Xia Yi left, the place quieted down.

Hai Yingwu took back her gaze and suddenly asked Yue Yang: “Tell me, will she encounter any danger?”

Yue Yang muttered to himself for a while and shook his head: “Hopefully my guess is wrong. However, I have a feeling that nothing will happen to Xia Yi, or else I wouldn’t have let her go alone.” Hai Yingwu wanted to speak again but stopped herself. She immediately lowered her head and continued to devotedly work on the documents on her hands.

After five minutes, Xia Yi, who had changed her enticing clothes into a black thief outfit, once again appeared in front of Yue Yang.

She did not say anything.

Her bright eyes seemed to contain thousands of words.

Yue Yang recalled something and waved to indicate her to come over: “I remembered. I am currently researching on blood. Give me a few drops. A few drops would be enough!”

Xia Yi used the Eye Destroying Dagger to lightly prick her finger and squeezed out a few drops of blood on the jade bottle in Yue Yang’s hand.

She looked at Yue Yang as if she wanted to leave.

However, her feet did not move.

Suddenly, she charged into Yue Yang’s embrace and forcefully hugged him once. Afterwards, she left without looking back. Her stubborn figure gradually went further away.

Hai Yingwu kept pretending to look at the documents until Xia Yi left the second time. On the other hand, Yue Yang also prepared to take a bath so she spoke with a bitter tone: “She is very cute!”

“Sometimes!” Yue Yang replied.

“Are you the one who helped level up her body into one that could not be mind controlled?” Hai Yingwu calmly asked.

“You have the blood channel of the Ocean Emperor’s Golden Dragon King. She also has a good blood channel and its not that inferior to yours. The only thing is that she does not have a father like the Ocean Emperor.” Yue Yang removed the Gemini Mask on his face and confidently smiled.

“…” Seeing Yue Yang’s smile, Hai Yingwu’s expression became blank.

This was the second time her expression became blank. The first was three hours ago when he removed his Gemini Mask to show his true appearance.

After taking a bath, he enjoyed the half elf girl’s massage.

After collecting Hai Yingwu and the half elf girl’s blood, Yue Yang decided to leave the Thunder Fortress by midnight.

Although the half elf girl hated to part with him, she still sent him off with a smile on her face. Yue Yang even gave her a goodbye kiss. Despite the kiss being on her forehead, she still felt incomparably blessed, like a wife sending off her husband. The half elf girl kept waving her hand until Yue Yang finally left. She returned to the room with incomparable shyness and happiness. She happily climbed onto the big bed and used the blanket to cover up till her head, slowly reminiscing his embrace and kiss.

In the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower.

Yue Yang arrived at the Warrior’s Guild. After meeting Ou Gen, he decided to write letters to Zhi Zun, Night Empress, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian.

“Heyy gurl… I miss you. How much? As much as you miss me!” This was the letter he wrote to Xue Wu Xia.

“Tigress, it’s been a long time since I have heard your voice. I cannot get used to life without someone roaring like a lion beside my ears. Hurry up and come back! When you return this time, I will never let you go anymore. I will not allow those blind bastards to take away my house’s tigress! Right, I have a question that I never dared to ask. Since you can’t hit me right now, then let me ask you, are you really the flawlessly white White Tigress?” This was the letter he wrote to Princess Qian Qian. He predicted that Princess Qian Qian would explode in fury when she reads this letter.
(Last: I am not sure what he is talking about.)

“I won’t say too many things. Quickly bring small aunt Sky Disaster over the Tian Luo Palace and let me take liberties on her.” This was the letter he wrote to Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

“The world’s most beautiful, most generous, most kind hearted….(omitting 100 million more words) Night Empress, I am the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. I understand the warmth of the bed. I know how to flatter people. I ask you to please provide for me. That was wrong. I ask for guidance. I wish to ask about the usage of the Dream Jadeite. Could a person who never dream in his sleep use the Dream Jadeite?” Yue Yang felt that he should still ask this question to the most authoritative person, Night Empress.

The Night Empress’ Mirage was just like a dreamland that was combined with reality.

It was said that she used the Dream Jadeite and another treasure to complete it.

It could even completely ignore the attacks from a Level Six Innate. The amount of people, who could breakthrough the Mirage, in the entire Tong Tian Tower could be counted with one hand.
(Last: I could count to 100 with one hand though)

The most important point was that the Code inside the Mirage was following Night Empress’ will and thoughts. It was not a divine object but it was comparable to one.

As for the letter Yue Yang wrote to Zhi Zun, he could not mess around.

He diligently wrote: “Master Zhi Zun, the war is at hand. I sincerely invite you to visit. You disciple wishes to welcome you.”

Just when Yue Yang was about to send the secret messages, the receptionist, who recognized Yue Yang, felt a headache: “It’s you again? Even if you have money, you should not waste it like this.”

“This time you can just deliver all of them to the Night Empress.” Naturally, Yue Yang would never waste tens of thousands of gold to send a secret letter. However, this kind of letter clearly should not be seen by normal people, or else, the it would effect the Night Empress, Phoenix Fairy Beauty and the other’s images. Spending ten thousand gold would be safer. In any case, Yue Yang’s Titan Merchant Guild’s income was greater than robbing money.

“YES!” When the receptionist heard the Night Empress’ name, he was immediately surprised and quickly fixed his appearance. He respectfully bowed to receive the letter.

After writing the letters, Yue yang prepared to return to the Soaring Dragon Continent.

Suddenly, he saw three people waiting for him in front.

When these three people appeared, Yue Yang’s heartbeat immediately sped up. His body tensed up.

The two people on the side did not speak and only looked at Yue Yang. The tall man in the middle, who hid himself using a cloak, spoke in a warm voice. His incomparably beautiful voice carried a peculiar attraction and softly asked Yue Yang: “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. I have long heard of your distinguished name. I just happened to hear the news about Shark King’s defeat. As a result, I knew that you were in the Sixth Floor, so I intentionally waited for you here. Who knew that I would actually meet you. You are truly admirable. At your age, I was still a Level Five [Grandmaster] and worked hard to reach Level Six [Elder] and only succeeded after three years… A genius that only appears in a thousand years. I, Old Black, thought that the Prison Emperor at that time was the world’s most outstanding person. I never could have imagined that someone would be able to surpass him!”
(Last: If you still don’t know who appeared, then you are hopeless.)

Yue Yang’s pupils slightly shrunk as sharp as a knife.

He knew who the people in front are, but he would never have imagined that they would met like this on this day.

This opponent had used a good hand. It was truly unexpected, he was truly not simple!

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    on the “Flawlessly White Tigress”, I vaguely remember in other stories something about a bald tiger being a joke/slang about people not having hair in certain places

    not sure how true that is but with Yue Yang’s character and interactions with the Tigress. . . I could see him saying something like that, also since he knows she’ll get really mad at him about it

  2. dummy00001 says:

    > (Last: I am not sure what he is talking about.)

    About “white tigress?” In previous chapters there was similar wording about whether is she shaved down there or not.

  3. DocB says:

    Last: I could count to 100 with one hand though)
    hmph, you are so weak true master know binary and count to 1000

  4. WhatsUrPersona says:

    If she truly the white white tigress is basically asking if she really has no pubic hair

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    Thanks for chapter
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    Gotta admit, YY has a pretty high quality harem. Though I disapprove of his ambiguous relations with Yue Bing, wish he’d hurry up and snag her already.

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    Different reference but it’s a fairly well know book.

    The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress: Secrets of the Female Taoist Masters _ by Hsi Lai

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    A Taoist crossover between a brothel and a monastery owned by Madame Lin, where women learn to contain their energy (red drops – menstruation) by committing to a strict diet, lifestyle rules and playful lovemaking with men selected for their virility, strength and sperm.

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