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LLS Chapter 503 – Xia Yi and Hai Yingwu

Chapter 503 – Xia Yi and Hai Yingwu
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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After the blood oath, Yue Yang, Shark King and Hai Yingwu discussed for a while more and decided on all kinds of secret languages.

The Shark King then proceeded to find the Hybrids.

After fighting with them, he left the Thunder Fortress. Since he couldn’t hide his identity, Empress Jellyfish would definitely suspect something if she were to know about his visit. So he pretended that he was here to seek revenge and let Octopus Man Boss and Swordfish Man injure him before leaving to make it seem more logical. As for Hai Yingwu, she did not follow her brother back to the Flame Island and stayed behind.

When Yue Yang returned to his room, Xia Yi dashed out from the hallway and called out to Hai Yingwu, who was following the maid back for a rest.

“Hey, you, why do you want to stay?” Xia Yi asked. Xia Yi had asked Yue Yang about her before and according to what she heard and saw a while ago, she already knew that Hai Yingwu was the daughter of the Ocean Emperor, so she was even more guarded towards her.

Xia Yi wasn’t hostile towards the half elf girl at all.

She was merely a little female slave that was ordered around by Yue Yang, and she’s gentle and obedient, so there were no problems with her.

But the one before her was the daughter of the Ocean Emperor, not only was she extremely powerful, she was also ambitious. Most importantly, the big pervert was her arch enemy since he killed her father. Now, she was asking to collaborate with Yue Yang, could she really not have any ulterior motives?

“Since my father left, there’s no place in this world for us. Brother and I felt that this is the safest place. I guess I will stay here temporarily for a year before I leave. Rest assured that I only have hatred towards Titan Jr., so I won’t steal him away from you. There are two reasons for my stay here. First, I need the protection of my ally; Second, I’m here to be a hostage, this is to show the sincerity of my brother and I.” As Hai Yingwu’s Coral Mask only covered half of her face without covering her mouth, her bitter smile could be seen.

“Is he really your arch enemy that killed your father?” This was what that puzzled Xia Yi the most. How could they collaborate with a man that killed their father?

“My brother told me that father killed himself. He was conpired aganist by the bastard child of Empress Jellyfish. This cause everyone to leave him. Coupled with the fight with An Xi previously, father was heavily injured. If Titan Jr. did not assisst him at that time, brother wouldn’t have been alive. It was because of Titan Jr.’s help that my father was able to die with dignity. So he isn’t the enemy of my brother and I. Regarding the issue about my father. He’s merely a compeititor in the fight for treasures!” Hai Yingwu paused for a while, as if she was hesitant, before she explained.

“So you are saying that you don’t hate him at all?” Xia Yi still felt that this woman is a big threat.

“Yes I do, but it isn’t anything related to my father, it was what he did to me.” Hai Yingwu explained.

“…He did it on you?” Xia Yi felt jealous. That pervert really like girl with big tits so much? Forget about the half elf girl with big boobs, even this daughter of the Ocean Emperor had huge breast, it was only her who was always laughed at by him for being too flat-chested.
(Last: Flat is justice)

“No.” Hai Yingwu muttered to herself before continuing: “It’s my personal matter, I don’t wish to say it.”

“What’s your rank now?” Xia Yi asked again.

“Innate Level One… Is this important? Oh, I undertand now, you are suspecting that he helped to level me up? No, I inherited it from my father.” Hai Yingwu was very smart as she knew what Xia Yi was thinking.

“I don’t know what he is thinking, neither do I care about it.” Xia Yi looked at Hai Yingwu. “But, I will keep me eyes on you.”

“I can understand that you don’t welcome me.” Hai Yingwu suddenly smiled and changed the topic. “Your clothes are very unique, did he design it especially for you? I have never seen such a peculiar outfit. It’s filled with style. It is also very sexy and wild, very attractive.”

“None of your business, guest.” Xia Yi turned and left.

Hai Yingwu sighed as she saw Xia Yi’s completely left.

She had expected Xia Yi’s response, so she did not take it to heart.

It was just that her last word made herfeel a bit wronged… Guest… if Yue Yang had agreed to her at the Flame Island, then her father might not have died. She might even be able to convince her father to give him the Mother Earth Potion and things wouldn’t have turned out like this. It would have been a perfect ending where he would work together with her father. She would help him, serve him… it was a pity that he rejected her, and made her fall back to the cold hard reality from cloud nine.

Of course Hai Yingwu understood that even if he were to agree, things might not turn out better, it was a hope after all.

Now, her father died, and he became a stranger that doesn’t belong to her. She had brushed past happiness.


Hai Yingwu started to sigh as she felt undescriably lost.

What did the future hold for her?

She had no idea. Even her father couldn’t truly rule over the oceans. Could she become the new Ocean Empress? Moreover, is becoming Ocean Empress really what she wanted? Rather than becoming a almighty Ocean Empress, she’d rather be the naive, dreaming girl guarding outside his room that day on the Flame Island… How good would it be if she could rewind time, but it was impossible…

Lakeside residency.

In the study room outside the masteroom.

“Isn’t this business too good!” Yue Yang would probably be the only person on Earth to be unhappy over his prosperous business.

Because Yue Yang was this impressive. He first killed Nightmare and Tiger Nian before slaying Demon Eye and Sky Dragon. Even the Ocean Emperor died in the end. This attracted all the merchants as they flooded the place and were fighting to work with the Titan Merchant Guild. They knew about Titan Jr. being wanted by the Sea Clan but it didn’t matter at all as even a blind man could see that the Sea Clan were just putting it up for show.

If the Sea Clan were really capable, Empress Jellyfish would have killed Titan Jr. to avenge the Ocean Emperor long ago, why would she issue a wanted warrant?

Right now the Titan Merchant Guild was just setting out, this was the best time to work with them.

There were also Rankers whose skills weren’t appreciated by others there, hoping to join Titan Merchant Guild… The successful case of Fat Toad Jia De had become the most inspiring example in the whole of Tong Tian Tower.

No matter how weak they were, they would definitely be more powerful than the fat toad, who only knew how to bootlick.

Even the fat toad could become the assistant Butler and the president of Titan Merchant Guild, how could those who were stronger than him by a hundred times not shine in the Titan Merchant Guild?

So the Titan Merchant Guild became famous overnight. There were merchants who came over for business opportunities, lords who presented money for protection, and warriors who offered their skills to serve under Yue Yang. They were truly countless. When Yue Yang wasn’t around, the butler Yan Zheng and the fat toad could still barely suppress them and didn’t report it to him. But now that Yue Yang was back, Yan Zheng immediately reported everything to him.

This troubled Yue Yang.

He came back to the Thunder Fortress to enjoy the gentle treatment of the half elf girl, he wasn’t back to painstakingly earn money…

It wouldn’t do if he push it aside, so this made Yue Yang very frustrated.

He sighed secretly. Why wasn’t there anyone who can help him with management issues other than the butler Yan Zheng!

Yan Zheng was a capable person, he was meticulous and detailed, but it was a pity that he was too old-fashioned and had to listen to Yue Yang’s opinion in everything. With him around, his business would become more prosperous but it would tire him out. Moreover, it’s true that he wouldn’t be able to manage so many things at one go!

The fat toad was an expert at bootlicking, his interaction skills weren’t bad, but his management skills sucked.

The Hybrids only knew how to eat and fight. They want to enjoy life more than he did, so they wouldn’t step out to help him with management stuff…

Xia Yi?

She wasn’t cut out for it!

Yue Yang tested her just now and realised that she only knew how to fight.

The half elf girl was very smart, and possessed a certain extent of management skills, but she didn’t like to do these things. She only wished to spend time serving him, and he wouldn’t be able bear to see her being busy over work all day. She was his female slave after all, not a money making machine! Yue Yang didn’t have any choice but to clear the mountainous pile of things himself. The half elf girl would gently massage his legs and feed him some food from time to time. She would also occasionally go in with a bowl of dessert. Yue Yang wouldn’t lack any gentle treatment with her around.

“If you don’t like to do these things, just burn them all!” Xia Yi felt that Yue Yang was asking for trouble, and was secretly pissed off that she couldn’t help him.

“Don’t shout, I asked you to help me categorize these but you told me to burn them. I’ll be better off without you!” Yue Yang was furious.

“If it’s not because I saw you being troubled, I wouldn’t have point it out!” Xia Yi also became angry and retaliated.

“Hehe!” The half elf girl laughed discreetly.

She had already witnessed countless quarrels between Yue Yang and Xia Yi.

It was like they were born to be at heads with each other. They would quarrel whenever they see each other, but no matter how much they quarrel, their hearts still lean to one another in the end.

Xia Yi sat in front of the table for the entire night, staring at Hai Yingwu silently. Hai Yingwu suddenly spoke. “Why not let me try it! I think they aren’t too difficult, but just a little complicated.”

Xia Yi felt upset when she heard it.

She was also a smart girl. She knew that it wouldn’t be hard to accomplish the task, but she couldn’t control her anger. She couldn’t help but flare up when she saw the self-recommendations of some arrogant, idiotic warriors; she would slam the table whenever she sees the trade bills that were filled with errors. They dare to deceive the Titan Merchant Guild? Do they think that the Titan Merchant guild is filled with rich fools?

It was because of this that she wasn’t willing to take charge of these. The best way to deal with these people would be to use violence.

Now that Hai Yingwu talked about it, Xia Yi was alarmed again.

Could it be that the daughter of the Ocean Emperor was really capable of this? She was good at these?

“Try it!” When Yue Yang heard her, he remembered the time they were on the Flame Island, she mentioned that if he were to stay, she would be willing to help him build his career. Could it be that the Hai Yingwu was really capable of doing so?

“You trust me so much?” Hai Yingwu looked at Xia Yi and the half elf girl before she asked.

“I’m giving you the all the oceans in the Tong Tian Tower, would I care about this small amount of money?” Yue Yang actually knew that Hai Yingwu’s intention was to quell Xia Yi’s hostility towards her using his own words. When he said this, Xia Yi really sent a disdainful glance towards Hai Yingwu. She was immediately assured. It’s impossible for Hai Yingwu to steal away his assets!

“I’ll try!” Hai Yingwu sat down after hearing it and picked out the huge stack of documents that required Yue Yang to look through.

“…” Xia Yi hmphed and sat down as well, patiently waiting for Hai Yingwu to embarrass herself.

It would be best if Hai Yingwu makes a lot of mistakes and make Yue Yang scold her till she’s ashamed. It would also make her less full of herself.

Ten minutes later, Hai Yingwu stood up.

She handed the documents in her hands over to Yue Yang: “Other than the agreement on top that needs your signature for verification, I have settled the other things.”

Xia Yi was stunned. So fast?

Yue Yang was also very surprised as he saw the documents. He saw that they were already settled and they were very well done. If it was him he would also have done it that way. Under the Xia Yi’s gaze, Hai Yingwu carried all the documents on Yue Yang’s desk and transferred it onto hers and immediately got started on them… Xia Yi was dazed for a moment before dashing towards Yue Yang. She grabbed him by the collar, and facing him eye eye and nose to nose, she glared at him. “What more do you have? Take them out immediately!”

The half elf girl laughed so hard that she bent over and continued laughing with joy in Yue Yang’s embrace.

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