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LLS Chapter 502 – Blood Oath

Chapter 502 – Blood Oath
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The visitors were Shark King, Hai Yingwu and the Big-headed Carp General.

Needless to mention, Shark King had a tall build with a peculiar appearance. He also possessed a super strong power, so it wouldn’t help no matter how much he tried to disguise himself, so he did not attempt to disguise himself this time and came straight over. Big-headed Carp General did not dress himself up and came in his normal self, with a funny appearance of a big head and small body. It was Hai Yingwu that made herself look very mysterious as she wore a thick cloak and copied Yue Yang as she wore a mask. But her mask was a Silver-ranked Coral Mask, so it only covered the upper half of her face. The part below her lips weren’t covered.

She did not wear the Ocean Emperor’s Holy Armor today, neither did she hold the Holy Halberd.

Like many elders of the Sea Clan, she held a White Whale Staff, but no matter how much she dressed up, Yue Yang was able to see through it.

When Yue Yang came out, everyone stepped down.

Only Xia Yi was still peeking at the corner. She wasn’t trying eavesdrop, she merely wanted to take a look at Hai Yingwu.

At the same time, Hai Yingwu’s eyes behind the Coral Mask were also looking at Xia Yi clad in her biker gang outfit. Both parties looked at each other in silence.

Shark King was someone who didn’t like to speak superfluous words, so he revealed his intentions directly: “The reason behind our visit is very simple, we want to collaborate with you.”

“Did I hear it wrongly?” Yue Yang laughed.

The chess piece he laid earlier on was taking effect.

And it came earlier than he expected. He thought that he would have to wait a while more, but he did not think that it would be this early.

“Let’s talk about the condition of our collaboration first. We have a common enemy, that is, the Sea Clan. They will definitely send out soldiers to attack the Soaring Dragon Continent since Empress Jellyfish will definitely use revenge as an excuse to continue to control them. Now that they don’t have a leader, they would definitely be in chaos and fall apart, if there aren’t any battles. Also, other than the Ocean Emperor, the most powerful Nine Headed Ocean Demon King is preparing to seize power. He is the lover of Empress Jellyfish, and has the power of a Level Nine Innate. Although he’s not bad, he does not have enough prestige, so he has to make use of the expedition to Soaring Dragon Continent to get the throne.” Shark King said truthfully.

“I thought you were the one leading the Sea Clan soldiers?” Yue Yang asked.

“On the surface, it may seem like I am taking the lead in the expedition to Soaring Dragon Continent, but that’s just a trick to get me away. Empress Jellyfish deployed me away from the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower just to make it easier for her to take control of the oceans there. Due to the death of the Crown Prince, she hates me to the core, so she won’t let me have any power.” Shark King smiled bitterly.

“What’s your plan?” Yue Yang asked again.

“I don’t care about anything else, I’ll be contented as long as I can accomplish my father’s last wish and help my sister become the Ocean Emperor again.”

Shark King similarly hated the Sea Clan.

The tragedy of the Ocean Emperor was caused indirectly by Empress Jellyfish. Shark King was especially furious towards the scandal that the Sea Dragon Crown Prince isn’t the real crown prince. The death of Guan Lan was due to grudges from the previous generation, he couldn’t do anything about it. But his father gave all his power and blood to his sister before he died, so the thing that Shark King wanted to do the most was to kill Empress Jellyfish and the Nine Headed Ocean Demon King and make his sister succeed the throne and become the real Ocean Empress who rules over the oceans.

Yue Yang muttered to himself for a while before nodding. “I’m fine with collaborating, but what’s there to collaborate?”

Shark King looked abnormally solemn. “Information!”

Yue Yang smiled. “Then talk about it…”

Shark King reached his hands into his clothes and fished out a special Rune Scroll and passed it to Yue Yang: “This is similar to a Bloodrose Map. It’s called the Three Colors Map, there’s a total of three of these, yours is gold, mine is black, while the one with my sister is silver. When you write on the map within a word limit of ten words, the words will be shown on my scroll map; When I write on the map, the words will be shown my my sister’s scroll, similarly, you will see what she writes. This is the connection between the Three Colors Map. With it, you can ask me anything, and my sister will relay it to me. Of course it is limited to once per day.”

Yue Yang nodded, and agreed that the Three Colors Map was indeed good stuff.

With it, Shark King in the enemy camp would be the best mole, and would be able to deliver the most updated information.

The only shortcoming was that the word limit was too little, capped at ten words.

And it was only limited to once per day.

“Forget about information about the Sea Clan, I believe that other than the Nine Headed Ocean Demon King, the rest of the old guys aren’t your match.” Shark King looked at Yue Yang and spoke solemnly: “Now, what I want to say is the information of the other two races.”

“The Winged Clan and the Underworld Clan?” Yue Yang secretly frowned his brows when he heard it.

“That’s right.” Shark King nodded. “The Winged Clan have been living in the Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, and their ruler is the Sky Emperor. They are similar to humans only with wings on their back. They look handsome and are asexual. It’s said that there will be a batch of them born in the Birth Lake every five hundred years, and their average lifespan is around two thousand years. Generally speaking, they are very powerful and are Rankers in the Ninth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower. They occupy the largest Sky Island. It is said that they are the descendants of the Winged Clan in the Heaven Realm, and the Sky Emperor is the most talented of them in these thousands of years. He was born with a holy body and after contracting a Grimoire, he owns a Bright Angel as his Guardian Beast.

“…” Yue Yang listened in silence as he started to ponder.

“The Winged Clan descendants call themselves Angels, but actually there is a gap between them and those in the Heaven Realm. It is said that Angels actually have genders, but somehow the gender identity is lost in the Winged Clan, so they became asexual. They used to be an extremely powerful race in the Tong Tian Tower, and helped the Three Leaders of the Heaven Realm with attacking the Soaring Dragon Continent. But ever since their previous Sky Emperor was killed by the invincible Prison Emperor, they were almost wiped out. The entire race wallowed for five thousand years. They regained their strength around one thousand years ago under the lead of the current the Sky Emperor, Ba Yi.” Shark King stopped for a while before he continued. “The Sky Emperor Ba Yi’s power should be stronger than my father. He already possesses more than three Holy Equipment and formed alliance with the Black Hell King and Empress Jellyfish, and agreed to send troops from Tong Tian Tower.”

“How about the Emperor of the Underworld?” Yue Yang had already guessed that the Sky Emperor wouldn’t just sit still, so he wasn’t surprised by his decision.

“…” Hai Yingwu thought that Yue Yang would be astonished after hearing this, but never did she expect that he would react so calmly.

“Hmph!” Xia Yi felt that Yue Yang was just putting up a strong front.

If not it would be because he was numb to it already with the joint forces comprising of the Black Hell Army and the Sea Clan, he didn’t care about the Winged Clan coming into the picture.

Shark King paused for a while. “The Emperor of the Underworld is a very mysterious Ranker, he ruled over a region even larger than Demon Abyss in the Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. He could possibly be the strongest one among the Ocean Emperor andthe Sky Emperor, and following closely behind the Dragon Emperor. But since they had not yeet fought each other, it may not be accurate. He doesn’t have any plans of sending troops to the Soaring Dragon Continent, but towards the Black Hell King’s invitation, he said that he would come to the Soaring Dragon Continent to witness the battle and meet you in person!”

Yue Yang laughed loudly. “Alright, this guy’s zodiac sign is probably monkey, he’s too cunning! With this, he won’t offend any sides and can benefit from this without losing any soldiers. It’s hard not to admire him!”

Hai Yingwu finally couldn’t take it. She did not understand how Yue Yang could still remain so optimistic. “There’s still a lot of people out there like the Emperor of the Underworld. For example, the Emperor of Zi Wei Shun Tian, the Black Prince, Thousand Goblin Sect Leader and a huge bunch of other Innate Rankers, you won’t be able to fight against them even if you have three heads and six limbs! Do you know exactly why did they choose to collaborate? They are afraid that you will become the new Prison Emperor, so they want to kill you at all cost! As for the treasures in God’s Ruins, they can take their time to split it among themselves after they kill their greatest competitor, which is you!” Hai Yingwu warned.

“Ah…” Xia Yi’s face turned pale after hearing it.

All the names she mentioned were Supreme Innates that could shake the entire Tong Tian Tower.

If they work together to kill Titan Jr., the big pervert, then wouldn’t he be a dead meat?

Although Xia Yi was normally angry at Yue Yang and felt that he’s an eyesore, and would quarrel with him every time they meet to vent her anger, she felt uncontrollably anxious for him now that he’s facing a huge threat.

She hated the fact that she didn’t have enough power, if not she could help him.

It would be enough if she could just help kill one of his opponents. Why was she always the weak one? Why did she reject him when he told her that she could become powerful?”

Xia Yi stomped her feet and left quickly after leaving a footprint on the sturdy ground.

She balled up and fist and seemed to have made certain decisions.

“Shun Tian, Black Prince and the rest are just opportunists, so they aren’t the biggest threat.” Shark King shook his head. “The ones you should guard against the most would be the Dragon Emperor of the Eastern Goblin Tribe, and the Demon Kings in Demon Abyss. One of them belongs to the strongest race in Tong Tian Tower while the other one belonged to the largest and most despised race in the Tong Tian Tower, so you definitely can’t belittle them. But I don’t mix with these races, so I don’t have any informations about them. You can try it yourself, since the Dragon Emperor has a good impression of you, it will be worth trying. The Demon Kings are the most troublesome one and even the Black Hell Army and Sea Clan are wary of them. As Demon Abyss and Soaring Dragon Continent are all situated in the first level of Tong Tian Tower, the troop from Demon Abyss will be able to enter Soaring Dragon Continent via the Ancient Passage without having to pay a high price. As for the Winged Clan, the Black Hell Army and the Sea Clan, all of their soldiers will have to pay a price ten times higher in order to teleport via the Ancient Passage. If they were to fail, their strength will be lost tremendously.”

“Well said, I am the least afraid of the large number of soldiers. Let all of them come so that they will be more heavily injured.” Yue Yang laughed loudly: “Shark King, no wonder you are the most outstanding son of the Ocean Emperor! With an ally like you, why do I have to search for another one in a further place. Alright, we are allies from today onwards.”

“I’m willing to make a blood oath that no matter what the outcome of this battle is, I will never betray you. Even if I die, I’m willing!” Shark King sliced a dagger across his arms and fresh blood oozed out.

“Same pledge.” Yue Yang got out his Dragon Slaying Dagger and sliced his palm.

Yue Yang looked at Shark King seriously and then looked at Hai Yingwu.

He raised his right hand that was filled out blood.”No matter what the outcome of this battle is, as long as I am alive, I’ll never betray my ally. If I were to win, I agree to distribute the possessions I got from the battle to the son and daughter of the Ocean Emperor, Shark King and Hai Yingwu, and let them own the vast oceans. I will help Hai Yingwu obtain the throne. I will not go back on my words!”

A teardrop rolled down the Coral Mask of Hai Yingwu.

She walked forward and pulled away the Dragon Slaying Dagger in Yue Yang’s hand and similarly sliced her palm.

She then kneeled down, raised her bloodied hand and made her pledge firmly. “I make a blood pledge that if this man before me can accomplish the wish of my father and brother, the day I succeed the throne will be the day I worship him as the new Prison Emperor of Tong Tian Tower. I will lead my people in being devoted to him and never betray him. If i were to break this vow, the future generations of the Ocean Emperor will be cursed and be consigned to eternal damnation!”

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